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Op is just fishing for (you's), you dumb faggots.

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>one step away from installing proprietary software
How about not a chance ?

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This is a side effect of kids being too sensitive on the internet and it pisses me the fuck off. When I was younger lots of people were assholes on the internet, I saw lots of spooky imagery (gore, porn) and mean words. And guess what? It toughened me up, now I'm not a pussy like all these other fuckheads.

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Gotta love how they have a filter for "white nationalism" but not a filter for black nationalism or asian nationalism or jewish nationalism.

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Sure buddy

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>"Activate Gamer Mode"

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>technology capable of eliminating wrongthink from media
We already have big corpos getting bribed by various regimes.
This technology, while not preventing individual wrongthink, can severely limit the spread of wrongthink. Which government wouldn't love to have this sort of power?
This isn't even funny. This is genuinely scary.

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>local law enforcement because you said nigger
Not illegal in burgerland

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Try walking outside and saying it to a black person in front of a cop.

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And now where is he?

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I rest my case.

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own gameservers, own voiceservers, own streamingserver, own dns-server, I just have everything hostet by myself. These fucking nigger trannys made me do it all and I will continue doing what I like. My server never make logs and you can say what you want on there. Call me a faggot all day long, we just have fun.

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Wow, did Intel really?

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>How is this based?
It's exclusively a problem with proprietary software, which was repeatedly dismissed as schizo paranoia before.
Lie in your bed, cuck.

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just don't buy the hardware?

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If Intel could make it happen so that all of you edgy obnoxious 14 year olds get round up and sent to FEMA camps with no internet access, that would be apex based on their part.

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Illegal in Bongland tho. I can see this happen in UK sooner rather than later. Also:
>Looks like you violated you renting agreements. Your landlord Mr. Sholmo Shekelstein has terminated your contract. Please evacuate the premises immediately or we will be forced to a arrest you.
B-but i have my own place
>Looks like you violated your Internet access agreement. Your ISP has terminated your contract for spreading hate speech and the city has placed a hate star on your door to show a racist is inhabiting this house.

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The Jews have started to abolish certain items within the mass media sphere. Such as Netflix banning American movie classics like Gone with the Wind. Or schools pulling books that were once considered standard reading assignments like 1984 or Brave New World.

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>Illegal in Bongland tho
It is a police state. Being a burger can suck but better than a brit
>renting agreements
I own my house lol. Even if you rent good luck kicking you out. Cant even kick out non-paying squaters
>ISP has terminated your contract
So i hack my neighbors wifi and in the mean time I sue them. One of the isps have tp give me service, illegal not to. Its an utility just like my gas company cant cut them off
>city has placed a hate star on your door to show a racist is inhabiting this house.
So i take it off.
>No one is obliged to provide services to you.
Wrong, not if you're an utility. If a baker has to bake a cake for fags I gotra be serviced by any company if racist

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>reality became a more hardcore version of 1984
This is why you were bullied as a child.

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literally read farenheit 451, it's literally what's going on irl :
people commiting overdose suicide
sjws cancel culture
revising old things to be "accurate" with the time
mass surveillance of people

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Wrong, I was bullying other kids.

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OP is retarded but you need to take your meds

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It's amazing how much sociopolitical shit you can predict when you have a slightest bit of understanding of human psychology and don't fall back on some imaginary best case scenario going instead with what would reasonably happen.

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Bradburry actually predicted a lot of things he couldn't, technology wise, 70 years ago, including:
wireless earphones
giant tv screens
neural network tailoring shit for you
unmanned drones used to kill people
personalized ads
literally pic fucking related, like wtf

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Also the idea of artificial human (artificial mind in particular) has existed since as early as concept of magic, much less technology.

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overpriced condom commercial

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my sides

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Do you own your backhaul fiber or point of presence or central office? Do you own your own interconnect?

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>All these retards agreeing with a schizo

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this isn;t the case, but if it was, no one would care. intel could do this and anyone calling it out would just be called a racist and it'd blow over by lunch. this is the level of concern the average person has for their own freedom, privacy and anonymity.

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>N-Word: On
>Racism: All
>Sexism: All

It's gamer time

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charge you with harassment/ disorderly conduct


>Ng arrested for disorderly conduct

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It's called a joke you retards

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damn that shit actually made me laugh

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i think that's the filter being turned on, it's just poorly worded. meaning when it's on you can't say nigger

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