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confirmed, goat paste

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If she had VSC installed code would have opened it.

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>audiophile logic.

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Looks better than a troon (((neovagina)))

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>if ja/ck/ ran a computer hardware channel

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Any STEM field that isn't Physics, at least.

t. Physicist

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brainlet here, could the joke be explained?

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Imagine getting a group of people and sorting them by their height. Then getting all their driving licenses, sort by the number and give the nth person the nth license.

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It's a commit two days after his suicide

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whats the sauce on this?

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>not posting the obligatory

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Boxed Linux is kinda neat
But that is too expensive
Does it at least Include DVD sets with the entire repo or a big thick book?

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I don't know whether this is the case, but if the thickness is due to shielding, then that would explain it.
The size of it is excessive, however, and the frequency of anything that wants to couple into a wire of that length would have to be way WAY above the upper bound of your range of hearing. As in, 3-4 orders of magnitude higher. I don't care how much you've trained your ears, you're not going to be able to hear 10-100 MHz.

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In Soviet Russia, sudoku commit YOU

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Should've posted the full thing

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Needs new bushings

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Kek. Haven't seen that in a long time.

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lurk more

still posted often on /b

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>suddenly summer
/g/ must be eternal summer

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I non ironically believe these people should be put down for their own good and the good of future generations

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found it https://youtu.be/PF7EpEnglgk

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i love that feel
>he's not containing his emotions, so cringe
yea, i agree, filming yourself doing it is pretty cringe

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>implying that there is a linux not for human beings

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long known open secret. i have been making use of it in my COOOstom loop.

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That autistic audiofool is really fun to watch.

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I it's pretty funny if you think about it:
A 5 year old kid with airpods will have a better listening experience because unlike this old guy's ears, his hearing range is still perfect by human standards.

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I almost had something similar. Dad was mad for me because I'm a fast typist, uses vim, got key bindings for everything but can't spell good.

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Normie spawns
Only the asian kid can be saved

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kek I doubt that guy even had 100k doge on him

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I always imagine them listening to Barbie Girl by Aqua when I see GIFs/Webms like that

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cmon guys, wheres all the funny humorous images

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it's a very common pasta, you didn't need to spoonfeed him

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Has anyone got the variant of this titled at an angle and zoomed in on "semen"?

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why is he using his left to masturbate

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wow and she's polish too

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Where's the rgb?

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made me actually laugh

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Does it have an ass flap (for the lan parties)

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Hwat in the unholy name of pony in a cumjar is this preposterous eye-cancer-causing brony filth

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He understands how to stay employable in 2020+1. This bro is ahead of the game.

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Ok, I chuckled

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You do not talk about /b/
You DO NOT talk about /b/
If something exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions

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>look up pjreddie
>find twitter
>see this

what the fuck was this guy making

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Oh God I didn't notice it was RAID 0 the first time around.
This is amazing, the guys must've thought he was so slick when he set that shit up and only when it failed did the elementary math kick in.

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best post

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i'd post my whole dick covered in arctic silver from like ten yrs ago but worksafe board.

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How does that feel though?

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i dont remember it being too great.

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tell that to the Trump retards

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best thing I've seen on /g/ in ages

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It's the apartment from clockwork orange's rape scene.

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yeah man, you just gotta pee on you hdd first.

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If that magnifying glass was instead an electron microscope, yes.

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import abc

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i think the original is better

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ha, GAY!

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I remember coming across this a few years ago. This is the creator of the YOLO image recognition models

>> No.79933810

I've always wondered why the DHCP server is such a cunt here.

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Fuck you, that kind of imagery has existed on /g/ since at least 2011, which is when I started browsing here. Back then /pol/ was a libertarian board.

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idk why people meme on her so much, she seems pretty cool, nice person. kinda based with that brainfuck assembler

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It has been a good long time since I laughed this hard, never before have I had my sides actually go tender from laughing.

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Imagine you are sorting students by IQ and grades. this genius is matching IQ by grade. It destroys the data set.

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Bro do you still have the doge? Its way up

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Never forget, he got the job with that resume.

>> No.79935727

its a fucking man you freaks

>> No.79936117

im not trying to fuck with anybodies head, just saying a niceity. a white lie. they make pretty based software so i'd want em around

>> No.79937330

desu it might actually still work, current SATA SSDs take like 1/5th of their shell's size.

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this reminds me, fuck those IDE -> SATA power cables. literally, none of them worked. I bought like 20 of them from various brands and nope.

NEVER EVER buy these.

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you don't?

>> No.79937411

kek, what a turbo faggot

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odds are good your drive(s) actually needed the 3.3v line
a little research would've revealed that ahead of time
oh well

>> No.79939262

the 98C is with a 360mm AIO if anyone is wondering

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>starts twerking

every god damn time i forget about this shit and it fucking destroys me.

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still better than most box packers at Amazon.

>> No.79942261

fuck off back to reddshit you dragon dildo riding turbo sperm-sucker

>> No.79942329

nice but stallman wouldn't really promote gentoo

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I remember getting access to a datacenter in some shithole thru a friend, but it still had several dozen GB/s of bandwidth. This was over a decade ago, so that was a lot of thruput, plus not many countermeasures at the time.
Basically loaded a small script on each node that listened to a VM on site, any IP I'd put in would get DDoSed with the full bandwidth of the whole installation over several different connections, I basically became a God as far as the internet was concerned. Since it was also in a shithole that had no law enforcement that dealt with such things, there wasn't much you could do.
I held game servers and forums hostage for rewards, usually not even money but just rank or items in game, anything I pointed it at would just time out instantly and be inaccessible.

Even though I lost access to it a few weeks later, people didn't know that and didn't want to risk.
Good times.

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your brain on 4cuck

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>Is your son obsessed with "Lunix"?

>> No.79943163

Not directly the same, but this shit is ridiculous. I picked up Linux in the late 90's in my late teens while still living at home and somehow my father had heard that Linux is super popular in Russia and noticed it once, thinking I was conscripted as a Russian spy and reported me to the authorities. Not only did my mother cry for days, all my computer hardware was destroyed while they dismantled it, shit I had saved up money for, for years and my dad still thinks it was the right thing to do, patriotic moron.

>> No.79943685

>The nigger is the most retarded
Kinda impressive its not that surprising

>> No.79944395

This is definitely a real story.
t. anon's dad

>> No.79944694

Inner Fidelity

He's retired now though.

>> No.79944725


>> No.79944905

Yes, he's dead.

>> No.79945689

I used that DE back in university. everyone treated me like a massive autist for my librebooted x200 because they'd ask me why I'm using an old laptop as an icebreaker, then I'd go into a rant about the four essential software freedoms as defined by the FSF. My chinesium batteries for it finally kicked the bucket, should I replace them keep it running?

>> No.79946171

He's acting is worse than JAV acting

>> No.79946244

>I used that DE back in university
Isn't that just Vista?

>> No.79946771

thanks anon it actually isn't a virus or cp

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