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That’s more sad than anything. Funny part is the most inclusive people are the most bigoted. I know hipster söy guzzlers don’t understand anything outside of their bubble but there are people who care about their relationship with our savior. Weird how it’s acceptable to just force your sins upon them.

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>with our savior
boy oh boy will you be disappointed

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inb4 *starts twerking* patch

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next they will add pedophilia or bestiality emojis.

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>oh no i'm seeing a picture of faggots
>oh no i'm seeing a picture without black people
i'm tired

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anti gay is anti white

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Ah yes, how could I forget the bible passage where jesus said to not use depictions of homosexuality in your letters, and that it is a sin to do otherwise.

Or was it some pre-jesus dude who gave hygienic prescriptions to jewish priests like not getting tattoos and not doing buttsex?
Which would make any notion of christians being "oppressed" by the existence and visibility of homosexuality a completely unfounded fantasy that has no religious grounding.
Remind me where it says this in your holy book?

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That's why I left FOSS

>> No.79877923

pro gay is pro black

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It's real. Room temperature IQ.

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That's just gnome devs being retarded.

>> No.79877943

*corporate-pegged trash

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i thought faggots were hated in the programming sector, how are they so prevalent on github or any other normie ameriburger company?

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That's a tranny, not a faggot.

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There's a push for more women in tech + a lot of tech people have autism = more trannies in tech

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Trannies are faggots twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of women.

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>It's another episode of anon trying to convince newfags 4chan was a leftard paradise before 2016

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>I don't know
>therefore god
the universe and the humans in it show no sign of being designed and show all the signs of something that was naturally selected.

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foss lost another booru downloader

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Go back to Tumbler, faggot

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>The entire religion, thought system and life philosophy that involves the purpose of life and the origins of the universe is based on the few words recorded of Christ, not on anything that came before (and he himself defended) or later works by other christians
Literally every branch of christianity adopts the old testament, the new teatament and works by other thinkers, faggot
At least don't pretend you know anything about it other than bubblegum activist bullshit from social media

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it was at one point but leftypol pretty much dissolved after the failure of occupy

>> No.79878374

im not saying there is god but..
> and show all the signs of something that was naturally selected.
and, what created nature itself?

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They are loud and promoted to positions of power. Nobody dares to question them because they want to keep their job. The people I've worked with don't talk about (identity) politics.
Maybe it's different in merrimuttland

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It never was. Mongolian throat-singing forums were, are, and will be contrarian.

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4chan wasn't left.
4chan definitely wasn't politically correct.
But it wasn't conservative either (maybe pre-revival /pol/ was?).
Words like nigger, faggot and tranny were tossed around with abandon but were generally stripped of their actual meaning.
People who're black/gay/transgender weren't treated in any particularly positive/negative way, unless they drew attention to this, which would always result in a negative response (for the same reasons as namefagging).
Conservatives and religious people were usually just made fun of.

I think the closest categorization was an identity-politics-eschewing sort of liberal. Certainly not a leftist paradise.

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It's a Jabber project and 99% of Jabber users are thirdies and slavs.

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This has to be fake lol

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Yes I do. There's billions of sinners such as atheists and faggots suffering daily in the depths of Hell.

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This entire issue is fucking hilarious. Webshits will never stop being funny.

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Good, I'm a proud anti gay then

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wm4 was special, he was taken from us too soon.

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The word you're looking for is "libertarian"

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If they like women and are men then they are heterosexuals

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>seriously entertaining the notion that god exists
and that's where you wrong

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nice fedora

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>dae trannies? lmao xd
2016 poisoned this site

>> No.79878753

I've been here since 2008 you fuckers are the one that should leave

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They're not women, so they're not gay

>> No.79878791

>2008 tourist
It all makes sense now.

>> No.79878811

How to spot the newfag LMFAO

>> No.79878812

Why don't you become a woman? You will finally be happy. You will finally have sex. And it's not like you're using that useless dick. Become a woman.

>> No.79878814

It doesn't matter, they are men, so they are heterosexuals. Men who know they are men while lusting after other men are homosexual. Ergo, trannies and fags are entirely different.

>> No.79878816

fucking newfags, i swear

>> No.79878887

I have 5 kids. I technically have no use for it anymore.

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Absolutely clown world

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Been on 4chan since 2008, /g/ since 2009.
I feel you my nigga.
But this place belongs to the phoneposters now, we're not going to reverse this trend.

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my ass doesnt have any js, he did remove the puzzles after that though

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>he thinks his dad is proud of him for spending all day arguing about men in dresses on the internet

>> No.79879018

No but hes proud I'm college educated, own my own house, own my vehicles, have a wife and kids and a good career.

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I'm an atheist but there's plenty that could be interpreted as being "designed" within our universe. In fact the older I get and the more I learn regarding the scale and scope of our universe the more I lean towards some higher power.
Because you're brainwashed into assuming God must be the Abrahamic type who is omnipotent and infinitely just. Not only that but you're assuming that God must be beholden to your personal ideals of morality. In most cultures the Gods were depicted as being flawed and especially pernicious.

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Ask me how I know the screenshot was made before "forked from" label was added.

>> No.79879100

if you wanted us to use female pronouns you could have just asked

>> No.79879116

>everyone on 4chan is just like me

>> No.79879165

>Matthew 5:28; Matthew 15:19
>But I say to you that jeveryone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
>For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.

Imagine the amount of cope needed to think that Jesus would condemn lustful thoughts about a woman but be okay with you sticking your dick in another guy's asshole and that wouldn't be considered "sexual immorality".

>Mark 10
>And Pharisees came up and in order bto test him asked, c“Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” 3 He answered them, “What did Moses command you?” 4 They said, d“Moses allowed a man to write a certificate of divorce and to send her away.” 5 And Jesus said to them, “Because of your ehardness of heart he wrote you this commandment. 6 But ffrom the beginning of creation, ‘God made them gmale and female.’ 7 h‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife,1 8 and ithe two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. 9 jWhat therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
>10 And in the house the disciples asked him again about this matter. 11 And he said to them, k“Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, 12 and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”

Jesus very clearly gave his stance on marriage and explicitly affirmed it is between a man and a woman.

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I just love how easy it is to bait people with replies like that.
Ever since that twitter shit getting (You)'s is too easy and I can't help my self to stop.

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>> No.79879192

There's something funny about European broken English when it's earnestly politically incorrect.

>> No.79879211

>Based retard not understanding cloudflare or any CDN

>> No.79879300

counterpoint: I don't care, therefore you have no right to hold me to your religious standard

>> No.79879332

you can disable that even in cloud-chinese-wall

>> No.79879334

28? that's pretty low, how can any living person even... be?

>> No.79879352

I think he meant burger units.

>> No.79879362

Autistic people are very prone for falling into the trans propaganda.
Among the "trans kids", it's a very high number, i think 80%¨is autistic.

>> No.79879367

That's not a counterpoint as the argument wasn't "You must abide by my religious standards".
The argument >>79877900 made was that Jesus didn't have a stance on homosexuality. He most certainly did. Anyone even remotely familiar with Christian texts knows this.

>> No.79879495

I wasn't saying that. Its fine being single or not falling for the college meme etc.

>> No.79879622

Not him but
Not all others are less valid
Only the ones that cause or actively promote harm to society

>> No.79879828

>github humor thread
>/pol/ bickering immediately starts turning it into the same fucking conversation they always have

This is why no one likes /pol/. Nothing can ever be fun or lighthearted, it has to go immediately to
Everyone has to know how based and redpilled you are all the time, then you get confused why you get asked to leave the party when you start goosestepping on the table

>> No.79879889

That's actually a good counterpoint, just not in the way you think it is, but against faggots and degenerates who demand acceptance of their lifestyle as equally valid as traditional nuclear families focused on the best possible environment for the children, and of the doctrines that support their hedonism and promiscuity

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You're the one who can't have fun or lightheartedness because you see everything as an attack
4chan has always pointed and laughed at degenerate lifestyles both straight and gay and always hated tripfags, namefags and identityfags, in /g/, /b/ and everywhere; it has never been a /pol/ only thing
Fag and tranny and gay have always been insults and no explanation was ever needed as to why

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if they are ready to go that road they should kill themselves

>> No.79880173

>always pointed and laughed at degenerate lifestyles
and at the same time partook in them
4chan - home of hypocrisy
and i wouldn't have it any other way

>> No.79880179

When it's the only road they see, they will take it.
But if you offer another road, they might not take it and regret and cut off etc..

>> No.79880186

>being this mad on internet

>> No.79880217

They're queer too :*

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>> No.79880277

You do get the difference between using faggot and tranny in a humorous way and just being blatant in saying that you think they are degenerates who need to be killed or whatever, with no pretense of any humor, right? One of the biggest things on here is slapping 'fag' onto the end of stuff, like macfag, buyfag, etc. There's an obvious difference between that and saying
>I want to round up all the faggots and lynch them because they are degenerates that go again the word of God

>> No.79880281

probabilities are against that

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>> No.79880344

It's a bit hard to get someone in a rope while being decapitated

>> No.79880350

>you're brainwashed into assuming god is god
almonds activated
>actively promote harm to society
niggers and slavs (i.e. drug addled criminals) are the most socially conservative people

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>> No.79880364

Where does math come from?

>> No.79880373

wtf is a lesbian smile

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Bitch /b/ has had countless threads were dudes would discuss how they would abduct, rape and kill chansluts cracky-chan and loli-chan from the very beginning
They still have daily rekt threads where people laugh about grisly murder and executions
That's contrarian edgy humor for you though it's not to my taste or yours

>> No.79880445

all trannies are faggots, not all faggots are trannies

>> No.79880452

>niggers and slavs are the most socially conservative people
No, they are not. They are the most homophobic, maybe. Conservatism is something else entirely.

>> No.79880469

ooooh they meant something like "lesbian smiley"
got it, thanks fren

>> No.79880478

thanks for the pape, fren

>> No.79880483

Comparing the way people talk on /b/ to the way people talk on any other board is like saying that, because a rabid dog is dangerous and should be put down, that every other dog should be put down too, regardless of if it has rabies or not

>> No.79880510


>using cuckfare

Bitmitigate chads unite

>> No.79880512

autism is closely linked with feeling like you don't belong in your body so it makes sense. also why the majority of agp transexuals are autistic and hsts typically arent. its super obvious but you cant say it.

>> No.79880561 [DELETED] 

okay, muslim

>> No.79880563 [DELETED] 


>> No.79880611

complexity is a trait of natural selection, not intelligent design. Stupid people interpret complexity and "scale" as intelligence.

>> No.79880627

>everyone who isn't me is a liberal
Coping retard.

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based ratman

>> No.79880661

human brains

>> No.79880701

3 in every 4 black kids being born in America today don't know their father, in other countries too their communities are at the forefront of the fatherlessness epidemic
You can't possibly say that they are the most conservative people
I say this and I'm part black and a proud father who puts family first
You can't claim people who fight daily against family, morality, freedom and selfsufficience in society to be conservatice just because they say homophobic things
Im fact the people who said the most slanderous homophobic stuff in my presence in two different occasions were both openly old-school communists

>> No.79880702

based accelerationist

>> No.79880728

You're a newfag, newfag

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i wanted to read some fucking funnies and somehow you faggots managed to shit up this thread

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Sorry OP

>> No.79880844

most people are hypocrites anon. same with how the average liberal is a closet racist

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>gnome-music cannot open music files
This can't possibly be real.

>> No.79880897

I think it's worse.
The Gnome-music technically speaking DO play music, but it does so by being a frontend to a software called MPD.

>> No.79880939

>3 in every 4 black kids being born in America today don't know their father
Fatherlessness is an American problem, not a black one. You retards would have less delinquent sprogs running around if you wrapped your cocks instead of preaching muh abstinence.

>> No.79881098

gnome-music is for streaming music iirc, it doesnt depend on mpd so its definitely not it
there is a gnome mpd client (gmpc) but im not sure if its maintained by gnome project

>> No.79881191


I'm sorry anon.

>> No.79881211


>> No.79881218

>windows 98 and evangelion
like clockwork

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This is impressive

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Based and cleansed

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holy fuck

and i thought my opinion on webdevs couldn't possibly sink any lower

>> No.79881284

How are there over 300 pull requests for a mirror repo? Are people actually that stupid?

>> No.79881286

ok groomer

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btw look what happened to krzysztofszewczyk


>> No.79881369

>"What in name of God"
[few months late]
>*becomes tranny*

>> No.79881370


romans 1:27 (that's new testament, faggot)

Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

>> No.79881379

>most shitty kruger minded devs are huge egoists with fragile tiny egos
Wow, that came at total news out of the blue, not

>> No.79881388

the original vscode jew deleted her account and some propably from /g/ maked a new
same like with wm4

>> No.79881409 [DELETED] 

classic from the VSCode christmas icon debacle of 2019

>> No.79881426
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classic issue from the vscode christmas icon debacle of 2019

>> No.79881435

ok, ive checked, i have no fucking idea what is this programs supposed to do

update: so ive left it for like 15min and it actually detected my files now (which have to be specifically in your music folder) but during the process it segfaulted or whatever
as expected, there is no volume slider
there is also no way to refresh database but as ive mentioned, it eventyally did

>> No.79881487

>gnome-music doesn't have a volume slider bawww linux bad
I sure the fuck don't use it and you shouldn't either. Get the fuck over it, children.

>> No.79881505

Consider doing what I'm doing: Scroll straight past everyone rambling about US socio-political drama and just read the funny screenshots.

>> No.79881510

I aspire to be this autistic

>> No.79881511
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last year's hacktoberfest was a goldmine for third world pull requests.

>> No.79881549

>"Striped kneesocks making you better at programming" is something that people make fun of nowadays but /g/ used to roll with it in a good-natured kind of way.

now this is shitposting

>> No.79881551

Holy shit this is a gold mine: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/pull/695

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Why so angry?

>> No.79881576

I remember when one of the threads was something like "can you please change the name of your company Microsoft? I have micropenis and erectile dysfunction."

>> No.79881579

Most trannies are just retards with a feminization fetish. Notice that most of them are "lesbians" post-trancision.

>> No.79881614
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why is this guy so autistic

>> No.79881660


>> No.79881695

You are the real autistic here

>> No.79881721

You will never be a woman.

based and checked

>> No.79881823


>> No.79881852

Why are you threatening to rape children?

>> No.79881881


>> No.79881907

Yeah it's a good point. Progressives are unable to see that we find this as disgusting as this >>79877675 They have no concept except their current overton window.

>> No.79882034


There was never a "sudden" influx of /pol/, a lot of what people say is /pol/ shit has been around before /pol/ was even a board. I can remember when fags started saying "go back to /pol/" whenever we would call each other fags and niggers like we always used to, and it fucking pissed me off.


I don't know if we can say that 4chan was ever definitively bent in one direction or not. I know a lot of faggots tried to claim "leadership" over "anonymous," and most of them were huge commie faggots, but I always felt like the main attribute was being a bunch of edgy retards who liked pushing boundaries. Whatever we might've appeared to be was likely just in reaction to what were the popular values of the time.

>> No.79882053

Someone needs to murder this Pottery guy

>> No.79882093

It was attempted, but then the murderer discovered that the knife was also SystemD, and you can't kill poettering with SystemD

>> No.79882180
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>> No.79882186


>> No.79882222

its the best of both worlds.
Still hire men for their overall better programming skills while making feminists shut up with their diversity hire BS

>> No.79882270

go back to r*ddit faggot

>> No.79882281

go back to /r/rust

>> No.79882293
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>xD *starts twerking*
The end got me everytime

>> No.79882334

I don't know what these things are, just that you need to shut the fuck up.

>> No.79882354

Kill yourself tranny

>> No.79882418
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>Can't believe this shit excuse for homophobia thread is still open.

>> No.79882430

You fag apologists need to be put down. You're the reason the west is doomed.

>> No.79882432

I've know a hand-full of trans people and the topic has come up a few times. It's an interesting topic and outside of a few hyperwoke lost souls on twitter it isn't really a forbidden topic. But if you go into it like half the people here would and use it as an attack on trans people then of course they're going to tell you to fuck off.

Honestly I think that a lot of it stems from autistic people's issues with social interaction. I think that autistic people are less likely to pick up gender roles from socialization like playing with masc/fem toys, pretend play, or consuming media with masc/fem characters. They may do those things but are less connected and identify with them less.

As a result the concepts of masculinity and femininity are less ingrained in them which makes it easier to start identifying as something else and also to be open about it.

>> No.79882459


>> No.79882465

UK, why?

>> No.79882468


>> No.79882489

>There is literally nothing wrong with outlawing certain user names.
Change my mind.

>> No.79882568


>> No.79882600
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this is just how 4chan is ever since 2016. it will never go back to being a fun website because faggots on both sides always have to bicker

>> No.79882637

SHE deserved to be called SHE, because SHE is based.

>> No.79882660
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Take a look the link he posted to justify the removal of the Santa hat. For any zoomers who weren’t there and can’t put two and two together: these are the same people who kvetched until Christmas crafts were banned from elementary schools and Merry Christmas was replaced with Happy Holidays.

>> No.79882774

you will never get a woman

>> No.79882827
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>> No.79882853


spotted the burger

>> No.79882862

nvidiafags BTFO

>> No.79882871

This isn't about developers and users, did you even look at the topics?
It's about developers and project leaders vs other developers and project leader, people not getting along for political or world view reasons and then everyone else suffers because they don't want to work together.

>> No.79882995

and that's good thing

>> No.79883007

What the fuck, this isn't humorous, this is mostly just depressing.

>> No.79883040

Flesh is the law.

>> No.79883072

>haasn: "This is basically DRM, and I'm not okay with that."
who cares what you're okay with

>> No.79883086
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Catastrophically based.

>> No.79883149

>Western English username

>> No.79883377

>As a result the concepts of masculinity and femininity are less ingrained in them which makes it easier to start identifying as something else and also to be open about it
This. I'm not trans, but I don't really feel connected to some concept of masculinity. There was a time where I started to worry that I might be trans, because some trannies said that this was a sign of suppressed gender dysphoria, but I decided that transitioning didn't make sense.

>> No.79883438

why do foss developers act so self righteous

>> No.79883464
File: 1.28 MB, 1024x1024, I CAN'T SNEED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.79883512

Why should I give a shit about society? You guys can all go to hell, as long as it doesn't affect me.

>> No.79883584

>I have 5 kids.
You mean your wife's boyfriend has 5 kids.

>> No.79883664

>worshipping a kike
how about no?

>> No.79883673

Actual engineering moved out of California years back. Tesla was the last holdover.

>> No.79883686

Then you should stop living in a society. There are societal norms and rules. If you don't like them then go live in a forest or something. Society has no obligation to accommodate those who are hostile to it. You sound like an edgy middle-schooler.
>You guys can all go to hell, as long as it doesn't affect me.
Do you actually think that society going to hell wouldn't affect you?

>> No.79883693
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>Why should I give a shit about society? You guys can all go to hell, as long as it doesn't affect me.

>> No.79883734

putting pictures of sodomites in your letters counts as filthy communication

>> No.79883822
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Quit with the retcon, tranny.


>> No.79883853


>> No.79883870

flesh wound is more convincing than big book

>> No.79883882

>People who're black/gay/transgender weren't treated in any particularly positive/negative way

That's because trannies and niggers didn't even go on 4chan you tard.

>> No.79883952

>Remove. clearly, they don't want users, and we're not gonna give them any
holy shit lel

>> No.79884007

Am I retarded or are you all Amazing Atheists missing the fucking point of religion? There's no need for it to be real, what matters is how it prolongs and keep society togheter. We won't survive without it.
Just look at all the cultural rot, the complete lack of common sense, literal clown world where we live in now. It's sad.

>> No.79884030
File: 74 KB, 237x166, 1611082649973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People on 4chan didn't care about trannies until it became a major political issue. Tbh I always thought (still do) that transvestites are inherently hilarious. Seeing a hairy grown man in makeup taking themselves seriously is fucking funny.

Nowadays, if you pay attention to any form of entertainment (vidya, television, politics), "trans rights" is constantly pushed as a serious human rights issue. It's fucking gay, much like everything else normies care about, and so people here will relentlessly make fun of it for lulz.

>> No.79884044

gnome-music dev detected


>> No.79884048

Well one of them is pointing at a bunch of circumstantial evidence and the other is making a statement about themself. Assuming that the person is being genuine then there's no reason not to believe them when they state their gender identity.

>> No.79884053

Sure, and I'm 145 years old.

>> No.79884063

Religion is beneficial for societies that can't be physically policed. Technically we don't need it anymore, but there's too much other dumb shit fucking it up.

>> No.79884079

Except one you can check

>> No.79884095

>but why do you think other's are less valid than yours?
If they aren't less valid why do they have higher associations with diseases, mental health issues and only exist when a society is about to collapse?

>> No.79884125

Tranny politics poisoned all culture. Get rid of them and we can all go back to normal.

>> No.79884166

go back to plebbit then, troon.

>> No.79884197

This just in: you can be a decent person without following a harshly mistranslated book to the letter and there can be morality even without dangling eternal damnation or salvation in front of people.
The common opinion that someone not joining you in your medieval Europe LARP has to have 100% opposite views than you do is bullshit and you know it.

>> No.79884205

Well not easily. People can present their gender in many different ways and it often depends on culture. Asking is a much easier solution.

>> No.79885105


>> No.79885127

>withdraw from society
>supported by pension

This may be true I can't find any examples quickly but I do see some research on it come up though a lot of it is quite recent. I'd be interested in seeing some examples if you know them off the top of your head.

>no response
>brain shut down
>make rope joke

The fact that success and wealth doesn't matter much supports the hypothesis that it's caused by gender socialization by parents.

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