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vivaldi's music is digusting so a browser named after him can't be any better

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good browser, bad developers. lots of feature, too many bugs they don't care to fix and awful performance they don't care to improve.

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>awful performance

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I've read their blog about why everything isnt completely open source, just marketing related stuff really, but they have most of the code open source.
Everything seems pretty fluid and I kinda liked it compared to firefox which I'm using. ITs not like we have much options these days anyways, everything is a chromium/firefox reskin.
Im an open sores fag and it not being 100% open kinda puts me off

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It's far and away the most unique and featureful Chromium fork available. It's only telemetry component records CPU architecture and screen resolution (which it transmits to Vivaldi's Icelandic servers via piwik), which is fine by me, and is a hell of a lot less telemetry than FF and Chrome. I've seen no other traffic that wasn't manually initiated take place with Vivaldi running. The piwik stuff can be stopped via blocking update.vivaldi.com in your hosts file BTW.

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Every browser is a bad browser. But Vivaldi's plans its to actually improve, unlike Firefox. And unlike Chrome, Chromium, Edge and Brave it is actually a customizable quite a lot.
You can tweak the interface with css and js the same way you use userChrome.css and userContent.css in Firefox... actually more powerful than Firefox, albeit you're very limited by Chrome when it comes to extensions.

>> No.79734622

there are better options out there, and there are worse
IMO if you like it and it werks for you just continue using it

>> No.79734670

The only issue i have with it is closed source and sub par scrolling performance compared to chromium

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thanks bros i will move to this if faggots at mozilla will do anything to censor anything as they said

>> No.79740803

are they[1] spying[2] on users but pretending[3] that they don't, just like brave[4]?

1. the vivaldi team
2. gathering user data
3. behaving or speaking in a way which is dishonest or not in-line with reality
4. a browser which is based on tracking and gathering user activity in order to serve advertisements while positioning itself as the ultimate privacy tool

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more info on brave please. i thought it was a good one

>> No.79741910

Brave is fine. Mozilla cucks hate it.

>> No.79742020

>Are they spying on users but pretending that they dont, just like brave?

It’s always the faggots who hold up Firefox and Firefox clones as the end-all be-all and refuse to acknowledge how Mozilla has sold out who says this.

Look, either spyware is a default for every single browser out there and violation of your rights being a default of using the internet - in which case it ultimately doesn’t matter what software you use because the end result is always the same.


You’re just being an arrogant elitist prick

Either way, by using Brave I’m certainly having a superior and more secure experience to anyone who uses Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox.

Btw OP I’m not saying you are any of these things, I’m just speaking in generalities. I haven’t actually tried Vivaldi, only heard of it. Anyone wanna give a tl;dr and redpill on it?

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does this also block browser updates?

>> No.79742085

Here are two popular sources. Read, investigate, and decide by yourself:



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Just used mitmproxy on Vivaldi, on startup it just fetches a blocklist from their own domain.
I just saw once that it pinged Google's servers to update addons I assume, other than that there's nothing else it's connecting to. (I did disable google safe browsing and stuff in settings)

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it's slow and regularly makes my cpu go crazy but it's still miles ahead of firefox

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And afaik the only browser which lets you completely customize all keyboard shortcuts
Why this isn't standard issue in all browsers is beyond me. It's the main reason I used Vivaldi

t. Opera 12 veteran

>> No.79743715

I get where you’re coming from but there is a lot to be said for Googled chromium versus degoogled chromium. Firefox used to be cool before Mozilla hopped on the big tech train, tracking and sharing data while publicly supporting a ideological position. I know there are still ways to better secure your data in Firefox but it is my estimation my data is more secure in the case of Brave being degoogled (along with editing my hosts file of course) versus trying to fuck with Firefox.

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Good job anon for the research greatly appreciated

>> No.79745241

it is kind of true

>> No.79745818

The developers are quitters on 1 project and can barely maintain this one...it has no future just like them.

>> No.79745882

We have Vivaldi webmail, Vivaldi eMail client built-in to the browser, forums, built-in ad-blocking... updates every week on the beta side. You're retarded.

>> No.79746517

I like it a lot. Being able to move the URL bar to the bottom of the screen on Android is great

>> No.79747433

I can feel the bloat and spyware from here. Enjoy the overweight garbage that hides away from being open source.

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It has been analyzed by a lot of people. Even the DigDeeper guy on neocities says it's less pozzed than Firefox, Brave, Chromium and a bunch of other options. Stop being a hysterical woman.

>> No.79747524

It has a cryptominer. There is a reason so many people shill braves. They make money if you install it and not even use it!!

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