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I was depressed so I bought 64MB more RAM for my VAX

maybe next weekend I'll have the energy to install something on it

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How fucking much did you pay for that? Even 16MB kits are like $50 on eBay. If you have a source I am desperate.

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srsly. its been years and years and they still don't have a vhdl model running on fpgas?

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Last thread we discussed ancient machines still in use. See

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Soon 20 yars, how long time is needed? Soon all their fundamental patents have all expired.

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Checked my attics I had found in the street:
Is there some way to bring that to some life with some gotek & sdcard reader ?
or remove CPUs to build some Amiga from those ready to sold cards available on Ebay ?

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pi zero

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But if you're just starting out please get a Raspberry Pi (Zero) first. They have a giant support community with guides and walkthroughs for everything

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imagine wasting money on pathetic boomer chips

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>Why is a ISA still under heavy development still so expensive

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The only commercialized RSIC-V chips are expensive because they're dev boards from a company who needs to recoup their enormous R&D. Look at how many core designs SiFive has actually done. Its remarkable.

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Some good news here:
>BeagleV is a $150 RISC-V Computer Designed To Run Linux (arstechnica.com)
>Seeed Studios -- the makers of the Odyssey mini-PC -- have teamed up with well-known SBC vendor BeagleBoard to produce an affordable RISC-V system designed to run Linux. The new BeagleV (pronounced "Beagle Five") system features a dual-core, 1GHz RISC-V CPU made by StarFive -- one of a network of RISC-V startups created by better-known RISC-V vendor SiFive. The CPU is based on two of SiFive's U74 Standard Cores -- and unlike simpler microcontroller-only designs, it features a MMU and all the other trimmings necessary to run full-fledged modern operating systems such as Linux distributions. StarFive's VIC7100 processor design is aimed at edge AI tasks as well as general-purpose computing. In addition to the two RISC-V CPU cores, it features a Tensilica Vision VP6 DSP for machine-vision applications, a Neural Network Engine, and a single-core NVDLA (Nvidia Deep Learning Accelerator) engine.

That DSP also looked interesting.

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Make some System 7 setups. These models should already have an HDD inside. Mac used good quality HDDs back then and those should still work. If you don't have a system disc, look online how to burn MacCDs, they're not Yellow book CD-ROMs but are macintosh partitions written on a CD. The quadra should be able to take a NuBus ethernet card.

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If they don't boot and just have a black screen, a new battery usually fixes it. That's the first thing you should test.

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I miss old CPU cards

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based Apple brought back cpu cards

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finally a /g/ thread where the people are actually technically competent
I love every single one of you.

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Damn, I was kind of thinking of caving in those too but then the same seller of those VAXen put up an AlphaServer DS10L and I got that instead. Maybe I will just wait for a 16MB kit to show up for $50 again and deal with it.

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Back when Wii hacking was huge there were a couple different OS for it. Does anyone know which one was updated last? I wanna turn my wii into a media server.

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Doesn't look removable in any way.

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It is up for reverse engineering, something of interest for this general:
>Early Work Is Underway On Reverse-Engineering The Apple M1 GPU
>Alyssa Rosenzweig who is known for her work on reverse-engineering Arm GPUs and in particular the multi-year effort so far working on the Panfrost open-source driver stack has taken up an interest in Apple's M1 graphics processor.
>Over the past few weeks Alyssa began exploring the M1 GPU with a new Apple Mac Mini. The ultimate goal she hopes is to create a Mesa driver for the M1 GPU, which will be critical if the Linux efforts to get the new SoC/devices working outside of macOS are to succeed... Without a fully-working GPU, Linux on the Apple M1 devices won't do much good for desktop/mobile use-cases.

Nowhere is as comfy as here.

And you love him too.

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I've never wanted to lick a CPU this badly. In fact I've never wanted to lick a CPU before.

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Too bad the Linux KEKnel is dropping support

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Thanks. I will work on all of those points.

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The only CPU similarly sexy is the mobile Pentium 1, but it looks too fragile to lick.

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when is RISC-V going to catch up to modern stuff

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Maybe when they finalize the vector extensions and catch up to 1996 standards someone will throw a pity implementation their way for $8,000 rackmount webshit meme servers.

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If only we could go back to having one or more dedicated coprocessors instead of bolting VE to the CPU making it more bloated

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2050 is the year of risc-v

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>dedicated coprocessors
I agree but I think the problem is that Intel et al fear they lose out on sales.

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Why the fuck would you want a slower, more expensive, more power hungry implementation of something so elementary?

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I see these threads all the time but I don't know much about architecture beyond some of the names that keep popping up. Can someone explain the appeal in this stuff? What's good starting place to learn more?

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Some retards can't separate instruction set from implementation and think backdoors are literally baked into the x86 and ARM specifications, therefore putting all of your eggs in some other megacorporate basket will free us from the botnet forever.

Others believe that migrating from the x86 duopoly to ARM or some other locked down shit IoT arch where fragmentation is rife to the point that every vendor is an effective monopoly will somehow save capitalism and cause the Invisible Hand(TM) of free market competition to grace us once more so they can all switch back to x86 when it's cheaper, if it isn't just dead and abandoned by the market at that point.

Others still saw an SGI once on an LGR video and after reading the same Wikipedia articles he did for a few hours have come to the conclusion that the Intel kikes have stolen all that was good in the world from us with dirty tricks like "aggressive implementation" and "competitive products" and "systems priced under $50,000 made of materials that don't melt in your hand."

I and some others in here just like playing around with weird shit and learning about it as a novelty.

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Informative, thank you. Time to do some reading.

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there's always NetBSD

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>create several primary partitions
>install OpenBSD on one
>install second OS and bootloader
>it detects OpenBSD

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>create several primary partitions
Does OpenBSD even support GPT?

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Why do you think co-processors would be better?
There's basically two ways to implement a co-processor. Either allocate ISA op-codes for co-processors (as done by MIPS, ARM, and x86), or the co-processor is a completely independent processor (like a heterogeneous computing system).

If the co-processor instructions are a part of the ISA's op-code map, then there's no real reason for the co-processor not to be integrated with the CPU, since the co-processor's instructions are a part of the CPU's instruction stream anyways. Having the co-processor integrated as a CPU extension decreases latency, and allows for hardware overhead to be minimized since expensive resources like cache and re-order buffers can be shared.

If the co-processor is completely independent, then you're just trading one set of overheads for another. Now rather than dealing with the overhead of taking up space on the CPU die and op-code map, you now have to deal with the overhead of bus latency and bandwidth, synchronization, and sharing the co-processor across multiple threads/contexts.

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>Are you unaware that Intel also can and has built coprocessors of their own when necessary?
I knew that.
>It's not some forbidden knowledge,
I never said that.
>we just don't do it much anymore
>because it's shit compared to integrating it on-die, especially something as basic as SIMD.
Your argument is broken. You can have it on the same die without the coprocessor being inside the CPU.

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Amigas with both m68k and PPC chips used to be pretty cool. Decoding a MP3 and chatting on a BBS with the 68k while using the PPC to play GLQuake in a window, with a dGPU for OpenGL. All transparently on a multitasking desktop.

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give it a decade, but by then modern stuff will be a decade ahead

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>Either allocate ISA op-codes for co-processors (as done by MIPS, ARM, and x86), or the co-processor is a completely independent processor (like a heterogeneous computing system).
Earlier discussions in this general suggested a third way that gives some integration without polluting the opcode map. Pic. related.

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Co-processors made sense 40 years ago when die space was at a premium. Because everything was fucking expensive, it made sense to make each customer choose which add-on accelerator they really needed.
Today? Not really. In fact the costs of designing and manufacturing each co-process and the surrounding infrastructure would be much higher than the minuscule savings you get on the CPU.

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>tfw add javascript acceleration and other hardware instructions to your machine with software updates

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how the fuck are you going to accel something like js? JS VM JITing is going to be faster than any general purpose V8 implementation on an FPGA.

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IBM z architecture has accelerators for Java because it makes business sense. Doing the same for JS isn't a long shot.

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>Doing the same for JS isn't a long shot.
already done and part of every shartphone

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like what? float|double to signed fixed-point? that's just a convenience for any langauge that uses floats for numeric types.

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the daddy of all zany ISAs doing zany ISA things? Still doubt it outperforms the JIT of OpenJDK on literally anything else.

>> No.79710179

the instructions are literally titled with JS in the name

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ok, and? what is the argument here? This could be used even in languages like awk as well.

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decoders and encoders are a very specific kind of problem vs a full blown general purpose programming language designed to glue user interactions and IO workloads.

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Talos II is probably the closest to "open" I can think of.

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Got it I found a Pentium 4 on craigslist

>> No.79711327

>Pentium 4
If you're gonna go with x86, atl least get a Phenom II
Those are the last good pre-botnet AMD ad shit on the Pentiums

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This, modern software is geared towards multithreading.

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I'm gonna use BSD without X Window System probably, w3m for web browsing, I don't think it'll make much of a difference

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>I don't think it'll make much of a difference
It will on your power bill

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>A on-core FPGA, either on the CPU or GPU or a FPGA add on card would be what I'd like to see, the latter would probably make more sense then.
This is something I'd like to see in the next Raspberry Pi (5?). Having an FPGA that is close to the CPU or the GPU (VideoCore) would be nice. Add a DSP and a RISC 5 for real time work and you are golden.

I see BeagleBoardV will have a vision oriented DSP onboard. This can have a lot of applications. Also it is handy for education, putting these things in the hand of people who would like to try it out without having to spend a fortune.

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that's not his aspect ratio though. it's far more cuboidal

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hi /aig/, I'd like a laptop that isn't x86. I already run Void Linux on my elitebook so I was considering looking for a PowerBook G4. are there any other better alternatives?

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who's that kike

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Not even power bill, having 1 3ghz core or 4 2.5ghz cores is a pretty big difference, specially if one of those 4 cores alone is more efficient per clock
Page loading and having multiple tabs is very heavy on threads and memory, both which the P4 is limited with

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>M1 Macbook Air
Can you boot into anything but MacOS?

>> No.79714613

Hi, I'm the one who started this chain. I don't think so at the moment, it's the reason I haven't considered one at the moment or else I would've probably had one by now

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Yes, pretty much day 1 someone already managed to boot a Linux kernel.
Get a M1 and start contributing to bringing a 100% supported distro and kernel to the M1.
Will probably have something usable in two months from now considering how things are going, it's not very public yet though, if you want to take part you have to join the Discord.

Too bad this isn't true. Would kill Apple more quickly.


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>few hundred MHz ebook reader class single core ARM chips from 15 years ago can do GBA perfectly with recompiler emulators
I used to play GBA on my Symbian s60 when the original handheld was still around.

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It's a spambot that automatically detects certain words.
Try it on another unrelated thread and you'll see.

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>artificial limitations

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>having to fire up the openfirmware and type the boot command everytime you want to boot your OS
The boot device should be stored in the NVRAM on computers that use openfirmware.

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hi, I don't think I can afford to buy a laptop just to contribute to a project I probably don't have the know-how to contribute to anyway, but I would like to observe. Can you send the invite link if I can join it?

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Doesn't it depend on the OF version?
My G4 Cube can boot either BSD or OSX holding the option key, but my G5 doesn't

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>doesn't understand *why* reddit is disliked
you sound new.

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Giving up on the Wii linux idea for now, the SD card reader seems to be janked.

>> No.79717500

ah that is unfortunate to hear, good work so far anon

>> No.79717923

>b-but there are good parts in reddit!
If you like this website so much then go back and stay there. This place have been the source of so much cancer for the past decade that simply going there should be a bannable offense.

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well this computer is 25 bux and I just wanna have something now to start screwing around with, so yeah

Do I have to replace the BIOS with OpenBIOS?

>> No.79718107

>This place have been the source of so much cancer for the past decade that simply going there should be a bannable offense.
yes, i agree with you. 4chan is cancer.

>> No.79718121

So is your reading comprehension.

>> No.79718168

Do you think AMD or Intel have secret RISCV programs? Or a M1 killer?

>> No.79718188

I suppose you can't understand sarcasm, anyway don't pollute this otherwise good thread with this banter

>> No.79718457

lmao, no.

>> No.79719079

Lol, did you just project? Who were you quoting?

>> No.79720178

I'm sure a couple people here would get some use out of this article.

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Agreed. But they should get rid of their PSP (Platform Security Processor)

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File: 57 KB, 600x400, lemote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Question: which consoles are worth jail breaking/putting linux on to turn them into INTERNET facing servers? of course, i refer only to the non-x86 ones

i was thinking the wii, or switch, or perhaps the ps3? tell me what you think, i want to do this and am researching it as an alternative to paying someone $5000 for a 33mhz alt isa machine

>> No.79721966

Well how much are you looking to spend? There are a lot of options between 10+yo consoles and $5000 workstations from the '90s

>> No.79721969

....wait... for WHAT exactly? a switch can be gotten for like 90 bucks, a wii less, and linux is stil ldeveloped for them

>> No.79722015

those 5000 dollar workstations from the 90s aren't really viable
why does it have to be a 10 year old console? modern consoles have been cracked too

>> No.79722039

Reread my post. I'm literally talking about anything and everything else between those prices

>> No.79722083

I have my eyes set on this baby:
Question: how do I install a RTX 3080?

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File: 47 KB, 611x588, China-s-First-Loongson-Powered-Notebook-to-Enter-Mass-Production-in-Q3-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Sun Fires and Netras are about as cheap but far more useful if you insist on altarch, otherwise I'd pick a nice thin client.
I mean, you can use them but they are still garbage. The PS2 only has 32 fucking megabytes of RAM which even if you went with something like NetBSD would be utterly useless, most other altarch consoles are similarly anemic in the RAM and storage department.

>> No.79722846

What shit chink distro is that

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Linux is the final redpill. Whenever you need a stable, secure and powerful desktop/server os, linux is for you.

>built on top of a "rock solid unix foundation", even though the kernel is some weird abortion of BSD and Mach
>locked down to absolute shit, even android is more open
>claims to be open source, yet doesn't even release Cocoa
>crashes several times a da
>works on a few shitty laptops and 8000k "computers"
>sends all your data to Tim Cock
>dumb gay fat titlebars
>used by niggers, chinks, fags, trannies, and other subhumans

>pure monolithic kernel derived from MINIX

>> No.79724985

OpenBSD and Linux are both nice.

>> No.79726593

Try Amibay

>> No.79726870

How would that even be possible?

>> No.79726895


>> No.79726903

They can't, PSP is necessary to boot up the processor since they are so complex these days. The G5 already had something similar, it sets all the speeds and boot the decoder and microcode.
They should just remove the remote access parts of PSP, but that would be stupid, because it's a very sought after feature on the enterprise market and they deliver a lot of high end CPUs like the TR and EPYC to that very same market.

>> No.79726930

PS2 used to be totally fine with Linux. Used it as a media center for years in the 2000's.

>> No.79726966

stop using distros and just do it yourself

>> No.79726994

You can bolt pretty much anything onto a bus you know...

>> No.79727210

Who are you replying to?

>> No.79727544

This. RISC-V is a meme until I can click a button and get a laptop with one a week later.

>> No.79727670

why would you want to? you said you wanted BSD, MacOS is BSD. QED

>> No.79728109

Amigas were cool in the sense that you could even plug in a network interface card with a PPC chip and use it as a coprocessor to run Quake.

>> No.79728547

Technically you can do it on any machine, it's just that Amiga already had the drivers for it there, just needed slight modification.
On a PC that same network cards PPC chip is used by the OS TCP stack and driver to en/decode packets.

>> No.79729025

The cool thing is that it uses a MPC8343E. That's one of those odd PowerQUICC II processors from Freescale, which were intended for very specialized tasks, unlike the MPC7448 and its relatives used in Macs.

>> No.79729076

Isn't that the granpa of Windows NT?

>> No.79730065

In that sense it's more like modern microcontrollers that use old ISAs because it's cost effective, because Freescale has access to PPC

>> No.79730654

Some people swap their 7455's with 7448's because higher clock. Also plenty of 3rd party accelerators for Macs used the 7448.

>> No.79731901

NT is not a microkernel either. In fact NT puts much more stuff into kernel mode than most other monolithic kernels, like half of the GUI stack and even a web server.
There was never a time when NT was a microkernel. Even the relatively pristine and sane 3.1 was monolithic, because more than just basic memory and hardware management was running in kernel mode.

>> No.79733460

POWER5 has more in common with PowerPC 970 in that they both have AltiVec, despite the 970 being based off of POWER4, that one didn't have native AltiVec.

>> No.79734010

this looks really cool, is it maintained?

>> No.79734775

The biggest problem is that any benefit is in very specific workloads, since the chips only have 1MB of L2, instead of 2MB L3 + 256K L2, like the 7455 and the G4 Macs, specially anything under 167MHz bus have huge bottlenecks.
So a 2GHz 7448 is barely better than a 1.5GHz 7455 and there were later revision (B, iirc) 7455's that clocked pretty high themselves, while still having working L3, like 1.75GHz high.

>> No.79735098

Interesting, I'm actually working with the risc v Sipeed M1W that seeed uses a lot for their embedded AI stuff, good to see they're covering this segmenf aswell

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This has been my database testing workhorse for over a year now and I'm quite happy with it. Can't wait to do more with it.

>> No.79735497

Mercury Systems built a few Cell servers and even a PCIe card based machine too, might be a little less cumbersome to search for.

>> No.79736354

The T2080 is gonna power the PPC Notebook someday.

>> No.79736693

Haha holy fuck, no thanks.

>> No.79736718

Yeah, GIMP sucks
More at 11

>> No.79736790

If a board with a T4240 and a few PCIe and memory slots was available for a reasonable price I'd jump on it.

>> No.79736846

The PPC notebook group picked such a horrible chassis. I would strongly prefer the smaller footprint brick that the MNT reform uses over some TURBO GAYMUR garbage, especially considering how low power the device will be.

>> No.79737674

At this point someone is probably going to make a a laptop or other portable housing for the BeagleV and BTFO them

>> No.79738072

Unless they sell the DIY laptop kits for retarded prices such as:

>> No.79739005

>Sun monitor
Those are such a rarity nowadays
Even SGI monitors are more common to find

>> No.79739119

How much is a CRT like that? What frequency is it?

>> No.79739327
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I used to do schoolwork on a v100 hidden in my desk but I haven't used it or my T1000 in a while.

>> No.79739334
File: 2.31 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20210106_131439_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately I own some Itaniums...

>> No.79739365
File: 1.30 MB, 3788x1678, IMG_3464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me too
at least those run HP-UX and VMS

>> No.79739378

post paws

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File: 1.28 MB, 1636x768, 1598157759307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that even cheap CRTs are better than expensive modern gaming LCDs.

>> No.79739404

go back to >>79731113 don't shit up our thread holy fuck

>> No.79739418

I'm running 11i V3 on mine. It's a weird OS, but here's a fun fact. HP-UX has a translator called ARIES that lets it run PA-RISC binaries. Think of like Rosetta on UNIX.

>> No.79739714
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Was thinking about getting the MNT reform for freetard autism until the price was set at $1000 for an unassembled unit

>> No.79740386

I use 11i v1 a lot, it's pretty fun. The IBM Itaniums can only run Win2k3 or Red Hat.
They show up on eBay in the $100-$200 range from time to time.

>> No.79741256

Bigger isn't always better. There are a few 21 inchers that only do 96KHz.

>> No.79741947

True. Though I'd think an originally quite expensive Sun-branded one like that would be one of the better ones.

>> No.79742742

These Suns were 130kHz, Sony GDM rebrands.

>> No.79743282

Are you setting up a VAXcluster?

>> No.79743449

What's the most powerful non-x86 non-ARM system you could get for desktop usage?

>> No.79743466

Talos II POWER9 workstation.

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It's pretty much a mixed race X86-ARM chip now

>> No.79744678

I always found Unreal Tournament to be the patrician choice

>> No.79744966

IDK back then, but there are modern ports for POWER now:

>> No.79744967

They're both good in their own way.

>> No.79745008

There was a PowerPC port back in the day for Classic Mac OS, I'm guessing porting it over to modern non-x86 systems would be relatively simple.

>> No.79745816

>That’ll be $1000 plus tax
>t. ebay scum

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>> No.79746731

Yeah, it's not even the dual 1.6 GHz.

>> No.79746930

Everyone I know plays both UT99 and Q3A, when it comes to old arena shooters.

>> No.79746947

Macs used to get way more game ports, specially turning the PPC era.

>> No.79747047


>> No.79747065

it's a vax 4000, not one of the big machines, they're not that rare or valuable, and nobody has nostalgia for them since they were used mostly for expensive boring business shit

probably going to use a few pis to make a cluster, it's not worth buying multiple machines just to mess with something useless

>> No.79747098

The lack of symmetry triggers my OCD.

>> No.79747127

A slot machine manufacturer I used to work for used i860 and i960 chips in a lot of their machines.

>> No.79747474

Overpriced and outdated, lacking promises.
Exactly what we already though 5 years ago when it was already running late.

>> No.79747626

That's a Sun SPARC machine, not a PPC Mac.

>> No.79747663

source? 130khz crts are quite rare

>> No.79747676

Such a shame. I remember being so excited 8 years ago, if it actually released back around 2014 it would have been good. Now it is pretty much DOA.

>> No.79748587

Are those heatsinks simply cooling the back of the card?...

>> No.79748677

Looks like thermal vias.

>> No.79749529

Yes, anon posted a SPARC machine, then there was a question about said SPARC machine, the reply to said post was a video about POWER.

>> No.79749546

VRM cooling, modern motherboards have it too

>> No.79750631

Right, but I was asking why using Linux somehow puts you in the "stone age of computing" despite being an actively developed, feature-rich modern operating system.

>> No.79750707

Ignore anon, just another UNIX hater who didn't get the original point of either UNIX or Linux

>> No.79751111

Interesting development, not involving silicon:
>Superconducting Microprocessors? Turns Out They're Ultra-Efficient (ieee.org)
>The 2.5 GHz prototype uses 80 times less energy than its semiconductor counterpart, even accounting for cooling
>The AQFP-based MANA microprocessor seated on a chip holder. The microprocessor die contains over 20,000 superconductor Josephson junctions. It is the first ever adiabatic superconducting microprocessor.

>> No.79751257

>the original point of either UNIX or Linux
playing Ken Thompson's games and typesetting man pages?

>> No.79751340

not him but after using VMS over the last year going back to Linux and BSD feels ass backwards particularly in security. managing users and file permissions feels much nicer where in the *nix world it's a bolted on afterthought, even if it still works fine in the end.

Unix has always been the x86 or operating systems. it wasn't adopted because it was the best, it was adopted because it was cheap and good enough.

>> No.79751636

>but for the fact that, at present, these designs require ultra-cold temperatures below 10 kelvin
lmao stop falling for buzzword shit

>> No.79752159

We continue to discover warmer and warmer superconductors every so often, materials are miraculous.

>> No.79752441

Well, yeah. All of them seem to require very extreme, impractical conditions. I doubt there is one I could hold in my hands.

>> No.79752529

Not now, no, but things like these show slow and steady improvement, so it's nice to see.

>> No.79752919

You did realise the much published quantum computers also operate in cryogenic conditions, right?

>> No.79754817

>How is linux on powermac g5?
Totally usable and up to date, not very painful. Don't fall for shit like Gentoo or Void though.

>It's a decently powerful computer still and I want to use it as my daily driver but that older macos isn't so fun.
Not really, it's okay, but a netbook from 6 years ago will wield you better performance. Imagine a low end C2Q and now cut the performance in half.
Yes, adding a modern GPU under Linux help, but only if you want to watch YouTube or play Minecraft.

Basically a G5 with Linux and upgrades is like a 12 year old ThinkPad, except it concumer 15x as much power and doesn't have a trackpoint.

>> No.79754846

All I do is shitpost here and do js debugging, and lower power is better since I'd have less distractions

>> No.79755201


>> No.79755589
File: 46 KB, 500x476, 1604691295393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no G5 Cube

>> No.79755948

wrong thread

>> No.79758338

When I tried running linux on a G5 the graphics were all fucked up.

>> No.79758456

wrong gpu or driver's is definitely the fault of the cpu!

>> No.79759162

Of course

>> No.79759628

No, it's the fault of the operating system.

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