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It's pretty damn good.

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Pretty good but forever tainted by FX-81xx

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Intel is so bad now, FX was alright.

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>fx good because intel bad

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Imagine caring so much about an old CPU...... I bet you still got your v-card.

Why not focus on getting a girlfriend instead and lose that card instead of being angry at a CPU.

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You normalize expensive 200w CPUs, cheaper CPUs that use 125w are efine, I thought it was fine even in 2012, but It's interesting how the narritive changes when AMD's 105w parts are defeating Intel housefire parts, now TDP is no big deal.

>> No.79516387

>expensive 200w cpus

intel is the cheaper option now that AMD has out jewed them and my 10700k runs at 125w max stock. in no way is that a house fire.

>inb4 posting OC'd cpus to try and prove its a housefire

>> No.79516429

It is mostly gamers whining here. FX was decent for multi-threaded and server workloads.

If the price was right and you wanted it for these purposes than there was nothing wrong.

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>intel cpus are hotter than AMDs

lol, do you just shit out wrong info and expect everybody to believe it

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I'm talking about the FX8350 you tard.

>> No.79516482

>8-core processor

>> No.79516556

>tfw 4 module 8 thread
AMD should've just rolled with the whole modules thing, it scaled quite well

A stock FX-8350 is neck and neck with an i7 3820K, you get yourself a 990FX board with 40 lanes of PCIe when you combine the SB950 and 990FX northbridge, that's a pretty kickass little workstation machine for the 7970 and whatever cards you want tot put in.

>> No.79516559

Most talented CPU
That would be the 8051

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>A stock FX-8350 is neck and neck with an i7 3820K

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his hair has not aged well

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Look, I am an AMD fan but my main rig is STILL an i7 3770k because of the epic fail that was Bulldozer and Piledriver on desktop. As you mention though, it had value, but for a niche audience. For most users, gamers, ethusiasts, and professionals, Intel quantifiably was better in every way during that time.
TBQH though, AMD FX is largely the reason Intel is falling apart today. Had AMD actually made competitive products for that era, it would've forced Intel to move beyond 4 cores for consumers and necessitated an engineering-focus within corporate. Since AMD fell flat, Intel realized it was more economical to spend less on RnD and more on marketing, to the point they made a Marketeer their CEO.

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I've held on to mine for 6 years until I switched to Ryzen. Even I have to admit it's shit.

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>I've held on to mine for 6 years
You liked modules, didn't you Anon?

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Still rolling with a Phenom II x4 955 (95w version) w/32GB ram and a SATA III SSD. Why? Cause it works and due to me not playing new games anymore.

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Fuck. I remember my bro buying it on christmas and he got all the parts but me being fucking sick on the bed couldnt watch him build it. I want to go back.

>> No.79520982

Based and FX pilled

>> No.79521005

is this the best non-pozzed CPU available?

>> No.79521185

I remember my 8320. The thing was a fucking housefire but it was cheap enough, with cheap enough boards to OC to 5.0 ghz. I was mostly GPU bound until skylake was released. I dropped my skylake last year when 3900X was released. Still gpu bound by my 2080.

It was a great cycle before everything went to shit.

>> No.79522151

The best non-pozzed x86 one

>> No.79522504

>Unspecified load
>V CORE stock?

Tech power up needs to try harder. 66c on a 3700x..... ha, with 1.45v pumped into it perhaps off some shit biostar board.

>> No.79523677

>budget workstation CPU, Light server use CPU, AND a gaming CPU

You just described basically any mid range CPU

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