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>The bill creates sweeping verification guidelines for any site that hosts adult material: any user who uploads material to such a site would have to verify their identity with the site, and every single video posted would have to come with a signed consent form from every individual who appears in the video. All pornography platforms would also be required to disable downloads of videos they host.
>Sites would also be required to post instructions for how to have a video removed from the site for any individual who did not consent to appear in a video and wants it taken down. Additionally, platforms would be required to operate a 24-hour hotline for individuals and law enforcement to use for requesting takedowns, and videos flagged to that hotline would have to be removed within two hours of the call. Anyone who indicates to a site owner that they do not consent to appearing in a specific video would also have to be added to a database that effectively makes a "do not upload" list, and any new material would have to be checked against that list before appearing on a platform.

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>Besides the $500M to Israel
Go right on back to your containment board nazi

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I don't see why it is a nazi thing to do to point out sneaking foreign aid into an unrelated bill. Seems like a legitimate thing to be concerned about. These bills shouldn't have anything unrelated in them but sadly the us isn't run by people it's run by money

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Did you even read the post? God you're retarded, not the least because you don't know what antiproxxies are, I miss old /i/

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>hating israel
Literally every political group a part from neocons hates them

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If you actually read the bills instead of clickbait articles you'd know they mean nothing.

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I thought piracy was already a felony. Doesn't that spook message at the start of the DVDs say you're liable for up to $200,000 in fines and several years in jail?

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lol check out this newfag.

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so all porn sites will be hosted outside USA now?

>> No.79332404

i think the change here is that instead of having to take you to proper court (which is a pain in the ass) they take you to small claims court (which is quite easy)

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>be American
>click a link
>spend 10 years in prison
Land of the free

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Not in the slightest

>> No.79333740

It's sucking the life out of me. Authoritarianism always fucking wins.

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Yes they can, but if this was a serious pirate site he would never set his paypal (or whatever the russian equivalent) visible to the public nor bother with credit cards thanks to cryptocurrencies, kind of like how you're not supposed to host a site these days without a reverse-proxy DDoS service like cloudflare or vanwatech to mask your server host from the public, he would give Bitcoin and Monero payment options.

Bitcoin wallet for donations/subcription -> Monero wallet (decoy) -> optional 2nd Monero wallet (decoy) -> Bitcoin wallet -> Paypal -> Bank account
Monero wallet for donations/subscription -> Monero wallet (decoy) -> Bitcoin wallet -> Paypal -> Bank account

The purpose of the decoy(s) is to keep your business activities private from Paypal (and financial cybersurveillance firms/agencies), and if you'd rather just declare this as income (at the cost of paying higher tax) from one customer and one sales tax standard, ex. pretending to be a freelance webdev with made-up invoices, instead of dealing with the hassle of keeping track of capital gains taxes which tends to trigger audits.

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>1. you'd be using a dmca-ignoring host from a country that ignores dmca like bulgaria, luxembourg and hong kong
Do those hosts face any issues related to dealing with US based financial companies if they don't take down content that's punishable by criminal penalties under the DMCA as opposed to just civil penalties?

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First they'd have to pressure the reverse proxy / cdn. Most cdn's such as cloudflare are not going to rat out who the server host is if they're just violating dmca (as opposed to terrorists, sex traffickers, etc.), they would just cut off service to the specific site and not the server host. Again, it still has not gotten to the point where visa would cut off service to cloudflare, but even in that what-if scenario, cloudflare will simply cut service to the site and say they're now compliant, they have no legal obligation to give information about a former customer to visa.

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>it still has not gotten to the point where visa would cut off service to cloudflare
Visa may well be customers of Cloudflare (along with a great many other big businesses). They have to be careful here or all sorts of things will backfire.

>> No.79335568

>First they'd have to pressure the reverse proxy / cdn.
No, they don't.

>it still has not gotten to the point where visa would cut off service to cloudflare
No one here is talking about financial companies ceasing to do business with Cloudflare.

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>Merely mentioning foreign aid unrelated to COVID means you're a Nazi
Oy vey it's only 500 million goy, relax!

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First of all, it's a budget bill for 2021, not a COVID relief bill, so of course it's going to have the usual money that the US pisses away sending to other countries on a yearly basis. Second of all, the US pissing away money on non /g/ related subjects isn't /g/ related.

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>>>The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Would Make Illegal Streaming a Felony
OP doesnt know how to read.

It literally says " .... for commrcial profit"

Your fucking anime videos streaming to your PC is fine.

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>and the porn one as well

explain how this is not concerning and would "not change anything"

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>streaming anime

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It's Cloudflare's policy to keep host information private, only the US government can demand it. The government is not going to waste their time putting sanctions on shell companies used for server hosting because they're a moving target.

>> No.79336676

Why would people worry about finding DMCA ignoring hosts if that was true?

>> No.79336768

this sounds like the biggest roastie giveaway ive ever heard holy shit, shameless

>> No.79336840

>it's almost as if you were waiting for me for turnouts 40 minutes
It's almost like someone completely different from the poster you replied to happened to be reading the thread and chose to call you out for being a complete fucking retard who can't actually read a bill before posting about it.

>> No.79336924

Explain to me how what I posted here: >>79336726 is a misconception you stupid nigger, because I read the bill myself.

>> No.79336956

Most likely applying to deepfakes when they mentioned generated images, still stop panicking, nothing significant will happen. Anyway I'm done now, doom post all you want, I'm just tired of pointless internet scares.

>> No.79336967

It's going to get vetoed. All of this has already been addressed and asked to be thrown out since it has nothing to do with Covid-19.

>> No.79336978 [DELETED] 

>fbi warning
my remux collection doesn't have this problem

>> No.79336985

This, sure there's stupid people in our government but not that stupid

>> No.79337110

>Most likely applying to deepfakes when they mentioned generated images
While being written broadly enough to cover tons of shit that's much more common without any effort made to narrow the definition to deepfakes. Eat a fucking bullet and stop polluting the world with your acceptance of broad sweeping shit like this in legal documents with the excuse of how it's only going to be applied in specific cases when the legal document gives them the authority to apply it in a massive amount of cases because of how broadly it's written.

> All of this has already been addressed and asked to be thrown out since it has nothing to do with Covid-19.
It's the 2021 federal budget you stupid nigger, of course most of it doesn't have to do with COVID.

>without filing a federal lawsuit. These claims would be decided by copyright officers, not judges and juries
This part is related to the new copyright small claims court bullshit and not the part making it a felony to run a pirate streaming site.

>> No.79337236

I haven't actually read through the text of the CASE act yet, but from my understanding they act as judges in the special copyright small claims courts that companies can sue you in with less effort than bringing the case up in a regular court. I'm not sure how much less effort though.

>> No.79337263

>hong kong
Except if you want to host anti-CCP content

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> those flagged videos will most certainly be available again once the reviewing process is done
If you think random re-uploads of other content will be able to be verified and thus made available again you misunderstand why pornhub removed them.

>you would rather see me panicking like a rat of a sinking ship claiming how it's the end of the internet blah blah blah
No, I would rather you acknowledge that this very real proposed bill has very clear and explicit laws that would fundamentally alter things. I never said this was the end of the internet as we know it either dumb dumb.

>hentai sites
I didn't bring up hentai you halfwit.

>community decency act (which will not be removed as that would be a rights violation) and the first amendment
The patriot act is a rights violation and is against the constitution, and yet it was implemented and enforced all the same. I could point to many other American laws that similarly are violations of rights. This is fallacious reasoning, with clear precedent to show why it is wrong.

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