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very based

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Windows and OSX users, how does it feel to know there's an entire group of individuals who are better with computers than you are? Meet GNU+Linux users. They are better than you.

They understand the hardware better. They understand the basic principles of computer science better. They know how networks work better than you. They understand the pros and cons of filesystems (including NTFS and HFS+) because with GNU+Linux you get to choose filesystems. They can probably program, too, since learning a scripting language vastly improves productivity under GNU+Linux (and this really pisses you off, since programming was one thing you always wanted to do but could never really find any practical projects to work towards.) Oh, and they probably know Windows better than you, too, since most advanced GNU+Linux users these days are ex-Windows and ex-OS X users who managed to learn GNU+Linux years ago when it was much less "user friendly."

At this point, a confident individual would admit to himself that he has a lot to learn about GNU+Linux and computers in general, but since you lack the self esteem to do that you run back to Windows or OS X, install a MMORPG and keep repeating to yourself "at least I can run games or look pretty. At least I can run games or look pretty." You're also probably very pleased about being able to sync with your horribly restrictive DAP... because Microsoft or Apple have somehow managed to convince you that being shiny is the most important thing to consider when buying a device.

At this point you probably rationalize "well the only thing I know is Windows or OS X, so I must be a Windows or OS X expert!" as if knowing only one thing makes you an automatic expert, or that learning GNU+Linux forces you to forget how to use Windows or OS X entirely.

Meet GNU+Linux users. They're better than you.

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