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Feels good being a freelance chad.

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Being a rich NEET is even better. I am playing games on my powerful $7000 gaming PC, jerking off to pokemon hentai, drink expensive cognac and eat fastfood every single day.

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Nope. My rich grandma.

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I hope you're investing a good portion into a comfy index tracker and not just pissing everything away

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>be sole Systems Admin at company
>aside from syncing up with the helpdesk team and a manager never deal with much
>simply set up automated reporting for people to know what's going on
>just cc people on emails so it looks like everything I do is far more important
>people think I am working 12/hrs a day 6 days a week

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What is "the needful"?

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My grandma gives me exactly as much money as I need to buy the desired thing. I wanted a better PC - boom, it's here. I wanted expensive exotic food - okay, as you wish, grandson. I love my grandma very much - because I have no more relatives besides her. And also because she is rich as fuck(by Russian standards).

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mutually exclusive lol

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wow anon you have it good. Take good care of her because you may be all she has

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how exactly rich is she

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nah.. automating your high wage slave gig is where its at. the freelance hunt gets old

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Alert system for on-call personnel.

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Why would a dev be doing oncall?

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There must be some sort of tier between wageslave and contractor.
I spent the last 6 months coming into work an hour late (pretending it was flexi-time except not staying later to make up the hours).
After some rat complained my boss asked me what was going on and I just told them I get more work done than the rat so why is it an issue?
Boss caved and just didnt mention it again because they know my importance. My job is like some sort of reverse wagecuck.

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I'm sorry for stating the obvious, but what will you do after she dies? Do you honestly think you'll inherit her property? Because unless you're the only relative alive, you won't.

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I'm meant to do 8 hour days but started taking an hour for lunch instead of 30mins recently and leaving at the same time. We can come in any time we want but sometimes I'll come in up to an hour later than my usual start time (still before most people) and still leave at the same time. I can end up doing 6.5hr days sometimes kek. My boss does similar and doesn't care as I get the work done.

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freelance is a scam made by capitalists in order to deny all socialist rights a normal job will gives you
in the end, if you are in the middle class, you work harder and longer than a wagecuck for the same salary (if you convert socialist stuff a normal job gives you in their money value)

btw if you are a worker living in the USA, sorry for you : you have been cucked

also reminder that :
- if you are in the middle class you're best chance is to not downgrade from it, stop falling for the "you'll make it !" meme and fight for your rights instead
- the only interest of your employer is to make the best profit from your worker value, there is no equal share of interest like in the tier 1 of this pic (other else the employer wouldn't make any benefit from it), and its the same if you're a freelance

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There’s no difference between NEETS and people on this board who claim to be freelancing.

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You have to be a wage slave for a little before you can be the chad boss.

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>there is no profit in a plannified economy

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>ok guys to survive we need to organize us, we need someone for making food, some to take care of...

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What is the point of surviving if you can't have shiny shekels along side it?

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The business pepes are and have always been the best.

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Fascism solves this

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>working for a family company
Do you want to be a serf?

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in current year? dont come to g to larp, faggot

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yep but facism can't last long

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>fascism ended without ever seeing it's long-term potential
because of either war or riot (which are logical consequences of facism)

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Name a political ideology that has neither.

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>because of either war or riot
This is retarded, neither of these are inevitable. It's possible to win wars you know and be even more successful, although Hitler got too cocky. I'd say the only thing that makes it unsustainable is the personality cult around the founder (this applies to Leninism as well). Fascism's goal should be to establish an aristocracy that can carry the people beyond a single leader

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If he can see the "total stupidity" in it why does he do it?

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the country that made the more profit from the WWII is the USA, because they have sell stuff to UK/FR and Germany in the begining of the war and join it at the very end

at the end of the war the EU had only debts and death

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>don't hire normies or onions types
>get sued for hiring practices

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>anti-meeting culture.
I dont know how you would go about designing things coherently without some kind of meeting to brainstorm stuff. How would you go about stuff like that?

Also I agree with none or limiting social interactions outside of work.

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Europeans were pretty stupid desu. They could have had the whole world in their hands today, but instead decided to fight and kept fighting for centuries until they didn't even have enough people to go to war

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You can still talk and communicate without m*etings

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People who work from home are the real chads. All the benefits of being a NEET/contractor but you have a constant stream of income (unlike a NEET/contractor).

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>People who work from home are the real chads
>sorry anon we just find out that we can hire a third world worker for 1/10 of your price

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>ahah I'll just spam alt-right meme like a PNJ
>I'm so redpilled

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Not in my eastern european shithole.

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for now..

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ok lets make a deal, I'll leave /g/ and go back if you and the other alt-right pol-tard leave /g/ and goback to /pol/

we need to let them talk about Apple and Nvidia/Amd/Intel in piece

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>we need to let them talk about Apple and Nvidia/Amd/Intel in piece
There is no discussion. AMD is the winner, everything else is just autists.

>leave /g/ and goback to /pol/
Why would I go to that magatard ridden shithole? If anything it's you that should fuck off to /pol/. You're the one spazzing out about fascism and shit all of a sudden.

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Would last long enough for my age I hope. Diversity is seen as a joke around here.

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Which country?

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>if the profit from the making belong to the worker
That exists, it's called a co-op. I wonder why they aren't more popular? Workers should flock to those right? Maybe because it's not sustainable or feasible for a large scale operation of workers not in contact with eachother?

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Man, when I browse the technology board, I sure am looking forward to seeing ignorant americans speak about political systems other than "democracy" (your system isn't democracy, it's a republic) using nothing but propaganda, and some idealistic college kid promoting communism while using his parents' money to buy beer on the weekends. Real quality technology discussion.

"Anti-meeting culture" sounds like the gag from a Dilbert comic. Then again, so does the opposite. Meetings are an important part of any company, even just manager-employee meetings to discuss random work related shit. Anyone that gets stuck on pointless meetings that don't accomplish anything but taking up time that could be used for work is inevitably going to hate meetings. I distinctly remember having to delay preparations for a test environment upgrade (as part of preparations for production environment upgrade) to have a meeting about some vendor product bullshit we ended up not even using.

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Russia. And churkas are too retarded to be system admins.

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4chan doesn't have technology boards.
4chan is all /b or subsets of /b.

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Why are you being asked to go into an office during a pandemic?

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You'd be surprised how many companies are having at least some of their employees come into the office. For safety's sake I'll leave out most of the discussion and just mention that boomer management is the cause. These are the people that think you have to dress professionally or semi-professionally and be in the office to get work done because you're ignorant.

>implying time theft is a thing
Manager spotted.

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>If you do this as a new company, you will have no clue whether your employee is just slow or if they are stealing your time
Pro-Tip: 'Neither do you know when your employees are present.

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>I can't do it any more
This but for real. I'm currently coasting off my earnings until I build up the mental strength to kill myself. I can't fathom anything getting any better in any regard. Not for me, not for my country, not for the world or society at large. I do not want to suffer through all this shit for ultimately no reason.

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I feel you. I work hard to try and get into a better position or be assigned more fulfilling work and it always backfires, I just have to do the most horrible shit. I get raises, and it gets eaten away by my landlord and other cost of living increases. Nothing gets better. Housing goes up by like 20% every year, I need to cling on to my 12 year old rust bucket car, I can't justify buying nice anything, I've lost all of my friends. I fucking hate life. Wish I hadn't gone into cS

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Same my family comes from old money so I never have to work a day if I don't want to. I still work though bought myself a prime space downtown for my own hobby shop because I enjoy running it but I get my wagies to take over for the day any time I don't feel up to working.

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I would be content and motivated to support a NEET gf like that if I had one. Instead I work for no reason and the money does nothing but inflate my accounts. I've attained wealth but I'm miserable and going to die alone. I'd rather be like the people you're replying to.

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Getting laid has nothing to do with it.

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i understand what you mean and i was shitposting but trust me, you don't want to become the single neet anon i replied to earlier, a man needs to make something of himself, he needs an ego a self image, if you get spoonfed and vidya your life away so will your self esteem

>> No.79125015

>i was shitposting
>trust me

>> No.79125040

alright then, quit your job, find someone to leech and join neetdom, do it anon

>> No.79125169

I don't even know you. Fuck off.

>> No.79125437

>seething this hard when his neet fantasy is destroyed

>> No.79125488

What are you talking about? Some dude who admitted to shitposting is trying to tell me what to do in 2 opposite directions.
I'm telling him to fuck off. There's nothing "seething" about that and it doesn't have anything to do with NEETs.

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then kys faggot.

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my first gf was a artgirl NEET and I'm so glad I dropped her once I woke the fuck up in college. I still check in on her twitter from time to time and it's just her screaming about how much she hates being poor / hates having to work at Target while searching for new difficult-to-diagnose health problems. This picture is so spot-on, she ate like a child and got her first job at 21 because working 'scared her'. Things like 'straightening up her bedroom' were monumental accomplishments that she had to really celebrate.

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self employed just means being a wageslave to retarded clients

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the fuck is pagerduty?

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>he doesn't like Mr. Frog

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I'm a wage cuck and I live in a tiny studio apartment. They're paying me well enough that I'll be able to start my company soon. Then I'm gonna propose to my gf and knock her up. That's my plan.

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2016 brought in swarths of faggots that only like reddit frog and wojak edits. This is why OC is dead.

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Fucking hell this is depressing

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