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No, the schools and people remain in California

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its just rich people dodging taxes as usual. california is paradise. you gotta pay if you wanna play.

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>elon musk moves to texas and takes his commie yuppie horde with him
bye bye texas

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You mean the homeless ones? Because no one who can afford rent has to be there now.

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Didn't a California politician tell him to fuck off on Twitter a while ago?

These people are blinded by their religion, they have no sense.

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>$2 amazon store credit has been deposited in your account

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>Not seeing the noose close during COVID for small businesses.
You're either stupid or willfully ignorant to what has been happening in this country.

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It would be paradise if it wasn't infested with fucking cockroach bean niggers.

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>california is paradise
Northern California is nice, LA is a fucking cesspool.

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it can. north texas can get pretty cold in dec - mar

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I was born in LA county, moved to NY for 3 years.
It was fine, quit being such a bitch

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your just a tourist. you can jet off to warm weather whenever you want so your opinion means jack. i've lived in the north east for 37 years...

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>makes $130 billion in California
>"Waaaah California is so bad why can't California be like Somalia where I have freedumb?"

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no it can't LMAO
>If that sounds cold, get this — the coldest temperature ever recorded in the country was in Alaska 48 years ago, when thermometers read 80 degrees below zero in Prospect Creek, near Fairbanks. The coldest temperature recorded in the continental U.S. was 70 degrees below zero at Rogers Pass, Montana, in 1954.

these are cold
texas' coldest is not cold.

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yes. the bioleninist convergence has advanced to the point where it is no longer possible for most of the large companies in the valley to function.

it won't collapse just yet, but you're looking at hollowed-out, rotting companies.

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>why can't California be like Somalia

just wait a few years, it'll get there

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This won't change anything.
The reason Silicon Valley is so popular is because it gives companies at least 25% boost on their value when they're established there.
If Texas becomes the next hub for this, we'll see the exact same thing repeat there.
Investors will flock there along with very well paying jobs and the prices will go up. The cycle just starts again.

Now would be a great time to buy real estate near the place where these companies are going to settle and then sell it for 10x the value in few years.

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SV will not be reestablished in the USA.

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As a European I never understood why all American IT companies went to Silicon Valley, when it doesn't make much sense when IT talent is spread across the country, the costs are through the roof and other states have better tax regimes.

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Taxes that pay for the services which attract the intelligent workers which enable you to make $130 billion in a decade.

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In Cali that money is better served being burned in a giant pile than actually being given to the state.

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which only is used to torture the middle class and give a pittance to the poor and homeless

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While that would be carbon neutral, California uses the money to reduce emissions.

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You realizes he scams right?

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Automakers were rather triggered over it.

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It depends. LA is full of homeless and faggots. North Cali is alright overall depending on where you go, Southern Cali is extremely dependent on where you are. It can go to redpilled aryan paradise to a jewish wet dream. San Francisco is a garbage location and I cannot recommend anyone even look in it's direction unless you are a diehard liberal and support trannies.

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you can spread HIV without any legal troubles

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No, he means like the rest of it. CA is a fucking shithole in the cities especially. There are nice places like around Chico, that kinda of northern CA, lake Tahoe. CA in general is a pass unless you like shit

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fuck. Well if I can score a remote job I can make Texas my home base then escape the hot months somewhere else. I don't like not being able to go outside, which is like for 6 months here

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There's already too many lightbulbs here

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>in california
No, he made 130 billion in SPITE of California. Don't you remember how California tried to kill his company early on in the year? His only factory was forced to bleed for a month while rest of the car industry kept rolling their cars down.

California doesn't understand what they want anymore. They think covid is more important thans sustainable energy/electrification of vehicles. Liberal prioritization is fucked up. Look at Germany's environmentalist today. They are trying to stopping Tesla from building their EV to save some snakes and lizard people. Like do they not realize those animals will die if we delay the electrification process?

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>Taxes that pay for the services which attract the intelligent

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NH looks pretty comfy too

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It's the free market at play, fuck it. Why don't you be the first person to help them in their plight? Are you willing to pay higher taxes to help them? If you aren't willing then why do you want the rich people to do it?
The problem with the economy is not what you grade school retards think. It's not rich people being rich that causes poverty. It's the amassing or hoarding of capital and not spending and reinvesting it that causes poverty. If you redistributed the wealth of Bezos you would probably get a few dollars per person. And now you have one less businessman with nothing to show for it. And now you have one less piggy bank to do the investing for you.
Its just pretty fucking dumb to think that contractionary measures like raising taxes can possibly revive a shrinking economy. The whole leftist agenda of taxing the daylights out of everyone is just a "feel good" thing just like donating to Zimbabwe by buying a coffee from Starbucks. Most of the time these people have absolutely no idea what the real consequences are going to be, they have no education on basic economics, and just shout for these things quite simply out of spite and hatred for the rich. Despite whatever they want you to believe, it's jealousy that fuels their rage.

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Anyone telling you education is a retard the real reason is that computer parts made in Asia are cheaper because it's their first port of call over sea. This gives you a massive cost advantage over any competitor in any other part of the country. this has largely vanished over the years as California's single party system has negated that advantage.

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California is ranked 47th in education in America, barely better than Alabama. California doesn't produce almost anyone of value for the tech industry they are all out of state imports with better educated and upper and middle management generally coming from the east coast with it's superiors schools .

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I love trannies but i'd kill any antifaggot i would see if they existed where i live.

Leftism is the true cancer of the lgbt community and all minorities and it's supporters should be punished.

Good to know california isn't 100% worthless though.

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>They think covid is more important thans sustainable energy/electrification of vehicles
We literally have a law to be full-electric by 2030.
You don't know what you're talking about and I suggest you fuck off.

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>everyone must use electric vehicles
also California
>rejects nuclear power and clean natural gas causing it to be a massive net negative producer of electricity such that it has to import all of it's energy needs.

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>California is ranked 47th in education in America, barely better than Alabama
Do you have a source for this? I can pull numbers out of my butt that claim otherwise.

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how based can one man get? silicon valley is a death sentence to your company. only ones who can survive it are the ones that got trillions and classified gov contracts.

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>Highest taxes in the union
>Worse education than North Dakota & South Dakota


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>California's 2030
what's that have to do with tesla? it's just a climate resolution, it should help tesla if anything

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>Taxes that pay for the services which attract the intelligent workers which enable you to make $130 billion in a decade.
Literally no one who isn't a tax burden on the country and state lives in California for their public services. Literally no one. Tech companies in particular, who prop up california, are so anti-public service they've created entire ecosystems within their private companies including free meals, usually at least breakfast and lunch, on site or subsidized gyms, even recreational areas. The big one companies are already planning cities where their employees can live around new campuses. The money makers and IP creators are literally as far attached from the government as possible

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>Nuclear power is expensive as hell per MW
In initial investment sure however the actual efficacy of solar and wind is questionable with solar being a massive money pit and DOE has already decided to wind down the sodium tower push as they simply will never produce the wattage promised such as Crescent Dunes which was a massive failure and is being shuttered.

Additionally neither of these options are particularly green the chemicals and materials necessary for solar panel production are very much a hazard to human health and are very socially irresponsible. And wind produces an incredible amount of waste the life span of blades is poor due to their construction which is generally composite resins supported by a glass fiber matrix which is impossible to recycle and takes up massive room in landfills frankly wind makes nuclear look like a joke when it comes to the space needed for waste and the amount of total land per megawatt
>There's no such thing as "clean natural gas."
Wrong, when your next viable options are importing coal and fuel oil derived power generation. Natural gas is amazing and it's become incredibly cheap due to fracking.

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Reminder that CA has 40M population and is the #5 economy.

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>california is paradise
the level of delusion you californians show is fucking amazing.
its at the point where delusion has become the defining personality trait of your people.

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california has evolved into a real life cyberpunk dystopia.
>race riots
>rampant crime
>worst poverty in the country
>worst taxes
>awful quality of life
>horrific income disparity
>and then one day the sky looks like doom 2

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Move there and voter Republican and convince people around you to do the same!
If you do that Texas will continue to be based.
A Silicon Prairie would be cool.
Giving companies the chance to actually succeed the old fashion way instead of throwing millions
of investor dollars in the trash

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Honestly, the tech bros should just drop the facade, rise up, and exterminate the poor and homeless and declare California as a technocracy. What with all the CCP investments in SF I fully expect the bay area to become an autonomous Chinese colony in the next 30 years that does just that while all the chinks and their white pets cheer. It'd honestly be an improvement.

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It would be funny if the Hispanic migrants are what keeps Texas red in the face of Californian tax evaders.

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No, they were 2 to 1 democrat in the 2020 election. Any increase of mexicans is a net increase of democrats.

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Hispanics don't vote red unless commies are involved, because they know what communism looks like

It's hilariously backwards. They'd be a hugely strong conservative voting block if they didn't have to contend with "beaners stealing muh jobs" etc

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>>and then one day the sky looks like doom 2
ngl it was a dank skybox that day

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>homelessness and poverty
did you go to college?

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Being against deregulation as a whole shows lack of knowledge into most basic economics.

In short, most regulations favor corporations because these complicate matters for small businesses into convoluted bureaucracy, fees, inspections, licenses, lawyer fees, advisory (lest you, God forbid, get fined) and limiting flexibility to decision-making, all the while corporations can hire skilled lawyers and accountants to circumvent regulations with creative loop-holes and thus can find a way to crush small-fish competition even harder.

No competition --> monopoly/duopoly/oligopoly --> everyone but them is poorer overall (last arrow is explained in any book on basic economics).

Making the rules fair and simple, that any worker can read and understand can better keep corporations at bay than any good-willed regulation ever could.
Thus, deregulation is in most cases good. Simplifying tax codes, is good. We are already on at least a dozen books per industry. This is unacceptable and I applaud any attempt at deregulating, even if it cuts it just a bit.

I work in the food industry. We get Law courses up our ass. There are meticulous regulations on, say, the color of an apple even if it is perfectly tasty and healthy. WTF? Likewise, bananas got ranges of the angle of its curve. Totally unnecessary and only hurts the cooperatives, small businesses and such, despite all the good-will intended.

No self respecting economic-Marxist would support further regulating, as it crushes worker-owned factories. Neither would a capitalist, as fir them the more competitors the better. Neither would, darn, nigh anything that isnt a reddit memer.

Thus my question. You need to read a few economics books stat.

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God, I hope so.

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This. Texas is a shithole and Texans are worse than Californians.

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this dense motherfucker...
Basic shit like that can and should be covered with miniaturized regulations

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No o it shouldn't. Everyone complains about bureaucracy because it seems like too much. You literally can't streamline this shit or you get companies using weird bullshit to get around the law in the first place. The trend is towards more beauracracy not less being more effective. Minimalism is for living rooms not government.

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redpill me on this: why are some people against fracking?

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tech bros are the fucking worst things in the bay
I work in a research facility making 60k
Anyone I interact with in the private tech sector will make fun of the work I do and flout how much they're paid to be a code monkey just because they could pass a hackerrank quiz
They lack the self awareness to reflect on why they're being paid so much and have an absolutist my income is all that matters mentality
The reality is tech bros are the major reason for the housing shortage, the companies they work for lobby to build larger corporate campuses but do nothing to increase the number of units in the area to offset the new jobs they created
Secondly the jobs they do pay so much because the companies they work have found a way to skirt the laws around monopolization of markets and anti-competitive practices, the bros are paid to not start other companies, it's cheaper to keep all the possible competition on the payroll instead of having to buyout their startups.

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higher education != general education
California is ranked 37th for prek-12th grade and 4th for higher education with a general score of 21
we have a serious issue of a lower class that can't complete high school and an upper class that is education obsessed to the point where PhD holders in cybersecurity are making 90k because there are so many people with similar degrees and too few jobs to go around.

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their k-12 is dogshit tho.

Summer break is in full swing, but with August days away, the start of the school year is fast approaching. As kids beg for new backpacks and parents mentally prepare for another schedule shift, personal finance website WalletHub is taking a look at the country’s statewide school systems. And for California, the results are grim.

According to WalletHub’s analysis, California has the 9th worst school system in the nation, thanks in part to low reading and math test results, a high dropout rate and an abysmal score (worst in the nation) for the high number of pupils per teachers in our classrooms.

Besides those mentioned above, WalletHub’s ranking examined a variety of other factors, like SAT scores, the percentage of graduates to complete an AP exam and overall safety. The latter, which included the percentage of high school students who reported being threatened or injured with a weapon at school, bullying incident rates and youth incarceration rates, definitely played a role in California’s inclusion in the bottom ten. The state ranked 49 of 51 for safety, making it the 3rd worst, ahead of Indiana (50) and Washington, D.C. (51).

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>The trend is towards more beauracracy not less being more effective.
That's so blatantly untrue I can't even entertain the possibility that you actually believe it, and am forced to assume that you're trolling or something.

>> No.79114455

The UC system is great, but the public schools are trash unless you're in a very wealthy suburb.
I could live in a $300k house in the Midwest and be in a great school district, or I can live in a million dollar 2BR townhouse in San Jose and be stuck in some inner-city dump of a school.

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It's not the company, It's just himself. No company is moving anywhere

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>It's not the company, It's just himself.
Yes and no. Plans for Tera Texas were made there.
So he will still have operations, but his largest giga factory is planned to be in texas

>> No.79114830

Elon is saving something like $2 billion a year on taxes by moving

>> No.79114854

Not to mention it can have the interesting side effect of making your water flammable.

>> No.79115604

grew up in north texas

never want to leave the bay area if i can. the access to nature, ambitious peers, etc can't be matched

>> No.79115669

sadly true

>> No.79115811

>t. onions who only dates asian women

>> No.79115898

>i was horrified that she was a racist who had targeted me for my religion

man they really can never settle on which one they are, huh. are they a race, or a religion? whatever benefits them, i guess.

>> No.79115918

it's all one and the same and you're lying to yourself if you think it isn't, you degenerate.

>> No.79117139

the more burcacy you have, the more holes to exploit.

plain simple language, clearly telling you what you can and cant do is the way to go so you cant argue your way out of shit.

>> No.79117413

i hope not
i don't want that lefty cesspit expanding eastwards to the rest of the country

>> No.79118279

>elon musk moves to texas and takes his commie yuppie horde with him
It's funny you think that because Musk is as venture capitalist as they come.

>> No.79118403

Even without that they already don’t build dense housing. How many beltways has Houston gotten to?

>> No.79120077

Boo hoo dont care. Billionaire faggots should eat their fucking lumps like the rest of us.

>> No.79120366

If you're just going to be retarded and fall for dumb 4chan meme instead of actually doing any research whatsoever then you might as well stay in fucking canada.

There is a lot of employment in Nebraska anon, Warren fucking buffet got his start in nebraska.

Anyways, you're retarded, stay in canada or move to the coasts.

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woah where were you when big bankers moved to new zeland ? oh right , it does not matter , literally , unless it is muh eceleb , kys

>> No.79120686

>>inject high-pressure water into earth
>>magically believe it won't leech into natural waterways.

But even if you didn't believe fracking causes damage to your water table(though it does, that's why a lot of texas water is crazy hard and gets chlorinated and flourided to fuck and back), property assessors note it as a minus, lowering your property value. Also, people don't like owning property near fracking areas for the same worries above.

>> No.79120705

Holy shit,
Musk dick munchers are about as retarded and guillibe as Nitendofags.

>> No.79120732

This is the exact opposite of reality though. Simple language leaves room for interpretation. There's a reason the trend is towards more specific regulation not less. Because it works.

>> No.79120886

well your example, no fucking lead paint. 4 words is all you need, no wiggle room. dont push feciese in the food, X number of bugs/droppings per Y is acceptable, you have another one.

the excessive regulation and non plain english nature of it makes it far easier to interpret, and fucklods of regulations end up conflciting with eachother, you get loopholes. bureaucracy for bureaucracy sake just hurts everyone involved, de regulation is almost universally the way to go, many rules were made decades ago and are now able to be phased out due to new techniques/processing methods/science/ability to see the regulation did more harm than good. i'm not saying put lead in water bottles to make the water sweeter, or add nicotine to kids lollipops, but almost univerally regulation just fucks us and we end up sending jobs to places that lack said regulations anyway.

>> No.79121189

Thought it was serious cold for a moment but it's just retarded burger units.

>> No.79121785

>fracking water breaks the laws of physics and crawls back up hundreds of meters because I don't like oil companies.

oke dude, hit the doob and call it a day.

>> No.79122056

Looks like he's due for another hair transplant

>> No.79122872

his assembly lines are a semi-cleanroom environment with masked workers spaced ten feet apart. this is before the coof.

additionally, the state already gave him a green light to reopen, but some county official wanted to cockblock him to build her career.

take your commie seethe somewhere else.

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A lot of places are paradise if you're rich. Otherwise they fucking suck.

>> No.79123214

this is fucking stupid lol, you can ship to the east cost for at most an extra $1000-2000 per container, much less if you have big agreements with the steamship lines. it's a completely negligible cost for big tech companies.

>> No.79123333

more like silly con

>> No.79123555

do you know what a water table is?

>> No.79123770

its the new Florida
gonna be no industry or innovation, just a giant retirement park in the sun for boomers.

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>businesses only get to stay open if mandated by the government
>free market

>> No.79124086

>Because it works.
It mostly does not.
To quote the professor that did the law stuff at my university: Nobody, not even lawyers, really know what's contained in the ten thousand pages of civic law in my country. And that's just one of the several tomes that cover the various legal matters here.
Overregulation is mostly driven by outrage and then just fucking sits there, decaying, and being used to fuck people over. When it really matters, it rarely does its job.

>> No.79124115

Companies used to do that and then other companies showed up that supplied better quality food and overtook them.

>> No.79124344

>largest giga factory
please be anime catgirl factory

>> No.79124477

Do you know how deep fracking reserves and water tables are located?

>> No.79124704

>it's jealousy that fuels their rage
This 100%. If you ever talk to a leftist, notice how irrationally angry they become whenever they hear about somebody being more successful than them or having more money than them. Normal healthy people are usually inspired when they see others achieve success, but these mentally ill degenerates can only feel jealousy and hatred towards anybody who isn't as miserable as they are. They're always looking for someone else to blame for their own failings in life.

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Fuck you, you faggot cuck. Both Oregon and LA are cancer.

>> No.79124952

Biden won, get over it.

>> No.79125000

agreed but oregon is a better place to live if you value silence and nature

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File: 21 KB, 714x366, Adult+Drug+Users.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you overlook having druggies for neighbors, i guess.

>> No.79125047

Gabe Newell is permanently staying in New Zealand now

>> No.79125175

>New Zealand
Seriously? Based. It's like a national park.

>> No.79125523

That was literally debunked. The water had done that before fracking too because of natural run off from the oil deposits. Whether fracking caused it to increase or not is up in the air and depends on which paid shills you ask

>> No.79125695

>55 yrs old
>no kids
>make $20/hr as a disposable retail admin
>spends extra cash on weed and video games
Im 22. Id rather blow my brains out than be an adult weed smoker. Nothing is more pathetic than men who fail to progress past childhood.

>> No.79126382

Because he actually uses his incredible wealth for cool shit instead of boring shit like gates the vaccine man, or bezos the literal bond villain

>> No.79128240

they will all move to texas and ruin the state. then they will move to florida or georgia. then north carolina. then virginia.

>> No.79129914

Can all these mouth-breathing retards who name drop “deregulation” all the time even name one law that was repelled without being replaced other than net neutrality?

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Austin to San Antonio will be the next tech mecca just in time for secession.

>> No.79130086

Bullshit. He moves to GET RID of commies.

>> No.79130141

the funniest musk thing was him buying filtration systems for flint schools that don't block lead as a PR move after his pedo guy meltdown

>> No.79130156

uhm dude

>> No.79131514

>t. government pencil pusher

>> No.79131565

>Giving companies the chance to actually succeed the old fashion way
You mean with corporate lobbyism, bribes, and crooked politicians? Cuz that's how business plays in Texas.

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