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can't wait for the first raspberry hackintosh

>> No.79110087

does it really have rainbow colour around the chip like that???

>> No.79110104

yes, but it costs extra (except during pride month!)

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Works fine for writing C++ and Python, and watching porn. What else would you need to do? I literally can't imagine.

Posted from my M1 MacBook Air

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Gnu/linux is the final redpill. Whenever you need a stable, secure and fast unix-like operating system for desktop/server use, linux is your best choice

>built on top of a "rock solid unix foundation", even though the kernel is some weird abortion of BSD and Mach
>locked down to absolute shit, even android is more open
>claims to be open source, yet doesn't even release Cocoa
>crashes several times a day
>sends all your data to Tim Cock
>dumb gay fat titlebars
>locked to a few shitty laptops and pseudo-workstations
>used by niggers, chinks, fags, trannies, and other subhumans


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>take out loans to pay for new macbook every year
>pretend that you're richer than others

this is what all normies do. Do you realize this?

>> No.79113894

>it's easy to diagnose and fix the problem when it does
bruh you were already beating him to death with truth and you make this shit up

>> No.79113933

macbooks are budget laptops anon

>> No.79113958

correct. A $1000 macbook air btfos all i9 and amdshit laptops on the cheap

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cope harder inigger
a $300 HP i3 btfos all macshits all models

>> No.79113988

>posts an outdated graph for the wrong architecture
Should have spent the few dollars you have on education anon

>> No.79114209

>stable, secure and fast unix-like operating system for desktop
Just stop

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