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>applefags are soiboi skellingtons
makes you ponder

for real though how much money do you have to spend before macbooks become usable? i bought a new MBA for $800 on black friday and ended up returning it the next day, unironically the worst computer i've ever owned aside from the emachines i had as a kid

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Well, I guess /fat/ is better than /fag/. You tried.

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>AirPods Max
>spending more than 20 bux for on ear headphones when around the ear gives superior comfort AND sound quality

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Remember those, used to own one. I think they were made by Gateway or something. Like a shittier version of Gateway computers.

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This only happens if you leave the house after curfew. Just don't leave the house after 10.

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Wrong board currynigger.

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There is a stay at home order in California as well as a curfew. The fuck are you talking about.

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Try this one >>79110310

>> No.79110617

What didn’t you like about Safari?

>> No.79110650

Sheriffs departments have stated publicly they won't enforce a curfew or stay-at-home order
it affects businesses but private citizens shouldn't be having any issues.

>> No.79110665

Made by curryniggers.

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Why does this thing keep giving me an amber alert when I have amber alert turned off then? It used to be every 15 mins but now it seems to be every hour 15 after the hour.

>> No.79110688

It lacks significant extension support, and frankly it's pretty slow despite what Apple claims Firefox is fully featured and privacy-oriented. Plus I use it on my desktop at home so I have rough data parity.

You know that browser that you use for important stuff? That's Firefox, for me. Plus container tabs, and it looks nice on Big Sur

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>I don't use a smartphone anymore
I wish I had your discipline

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If you cared about privacy you wouldn't be using crapplejeet's spyware botnetOS.
Literally every mouse click and keystroke in crapplejeetOS is sent straight to One Infinite Loo where it's passed on to the NSA.

>> No.79110753

dont envy me bro i got rid of it because I work at home and it became too much of a distraction texting bumble sluts & porn

>> No.79110791

My Pixel is a great device but I admit I wish I could set it down sometimes. I've been turning it off and trying to read more. Just finished The Familiar Book 1 by Mark Z. Danielewski and was thinking of reading Team Rodent.

Forgot how much I enjoy a good book desu

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>another warning
>probably 20 warnings by now
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have these fucking amber alerts that you can't turn off?!

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>iShit is a locked down toddler toy with no user permissions
Android doesn't have this problem.

>> No.79111175 [DELETED] 

do androids even have a working web browser yet?

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Gnu/linux is the final redpill. Whenever you need a stable, secure and fast unix-like operating system for desktop/server use, linux is your best choice

>built on top of a "rock solid unix foundation", even though the kernel is some weird abortion of BSD and Mach
>locked down to absolute shit, even android is more open
>claims to be open source, yet doesn't even release Cocoa
>crashes several times a day
>sends all your data to Tim Cock
>dumb gay fat titlebars
>locked to a few shitty laptops and pseudo-workstations
>used by niggers, chinks, fags, trannies, and other subhumans


>> No.79114091

Before M1/Big Sur
>a good operating system tied to dogshit hardware

After M1/Big Sur
>good hardware tied to a dogshit operating system

What the FUCK is Apple doing?

>> No.79115667

M1 is just giving me crashes with x86 apps, other than that nothing of the sort.

>> No.79115805

Try >>79115733

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