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35 years in development

dead on arrival

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Tried it on GNOME with proprietary Nvidia drivers. Works fine but have some small major bugs. It's usable. Mr only complain is that's it's GNOME so the desktop looks like child toy.

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>some small major bugs
maybe in the next decade or so they will polish their tablet DE.

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Almost 30 years of development

dead on arrival

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I'm on Manjaro with Gnome and just switched to wayland. There doesn't seem to be any difference with X11, I'll just keep it on.

>> No.79025910

It's 12 years already.
Does this mean we now have 2 full years of Wayland bait threads on /g/?

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literally just works on every piece of equipment I have, for every single piece of software I ever used.
>runs over 90% of the internet (on any metric you want from traffic, to bandwidth, to server amount, to money generated)
>runs over 40% of personal computation devices on earth
>perfect balance between being configurable and being stable (unless you got out of your way to be a moron)

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this. xorg is just a shitty vnc program the 80s that can do anything without tearing the screen.

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Just need 10 more years in development!

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>can't game if nvidia
they need to fix it
>b-but it's nvidias fault
don't care

>> No.79027297

>they need to fix it
Who? NVIDIA? No one else can fix it, it's impossible

>> No.79027810

Sway is so unbelieveably good, Gnome and KDE should be embarassed with how far behind they are in their wayland porting efrorts. They should just start from scratch but use wlroots.

>> No.79028352

Works on my machine. No funky environment variables set or anything, I just use a compositor.

>> No.79028376

>not single malt
Shit tier whiskey also

>> No.79028378

i use a wayland compositor

>> No.79028414

Why would you subject yourself to that willingly?

>> No.79028456

for a board that complains about shitty software and bloat, it's pretty crazy the lengths /g/ goes to defend xorg. even the lead fucking developer for the last 15 years said it was unmaintainable garbage and X is just in maintenance mode now. it might not be wayland as the replacement but xorg's replacement can't come soon enough

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