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fuck you

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based stable poster

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"New Technology" my ass

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Obsolete my ass

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at least debian works better than the fucked mess that is ubuntu

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My company still uses Flash for an internal web app.
We gave the dev team warnings every week for SIX MONTHS, and they did nothing until last week.

They asked us to repackage it into an adobe AIR application for them. At 3PM, on the day before Thanksgiving. My boss sent them links to the necessary tools and documentation, and told them to pound sand when they complained.

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Looks like Hungarian

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wait what's the replacement for utorrent? I still use it

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Opera 12
Firefox 40.0
OpenOffice 3

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was my second guess, something south slavic
is it? Thought Hungarian had bigger words through based agglutination

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It is Hungarian. It's not Slavic, but the country is the same and even worse than some Slavic ones.

This anon is memeing

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Ah cool. Looks super difficult to learn, not a lot of cognates. Though based country and leadership. Have you ever heard of anyone learning Hungarian in less than 3 years?

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Its grammar is really not learner-friendly (i.e. it's kinda like hell), and yeah, it has many words that don't resemble the words of any other language, so it's a relatively hard language to learn. It is probably around same difficulty as Finnish, that's its closest relative, but no language will really give you an advantage. I've only met like 2 people who have learned it really well, but that's because there's literally no incentive in learning it because the country is shit. I just wish people who unironically calls this leadership based came to live and work here and experienced how based it is. It's can be funny as a /pol/ meme, but shit's seriously fucked up here, man.

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SimCity 2000

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