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What is this from?

>> No.78826338

mfw this is real

>> No.78826340

Yeah I guess defending child porn on your personal blog will actually not get you a good job.

The world sucks.

>> No.78826345

>I am a member of mensa
>I have anxiety and depression
>I think "grammatically" is spelled with one M
the absolute state of smartfags

>> No.78826374

>war and violence is always wrong
Yet I bet if someone stole his shit or beat him up he'd go to the cops.

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>things I like: gore
>things I dislike: violence
So this is the power of lefty mental gymnastics

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I didn't even realise the guy spelt `grammatically` with one M. Holy shit the sheer autism.
I like how he puts "but I wouldn't mind sex if you insisted" like any of the fucking 4 billion female humans on this fucking planet would even bother

>> No.78826393

Violence is the intent to do harm. Simply being harmed isn't "violence."

If you fall and smash your face that isn't violence.

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this makes me want to kill myself

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>like free software
>dislike anything with unity in its name
What about the GNOME shell Unity?

>> No.78826520

Second post avoiding the answer. Can we get a third one?

>> No.78826536

LOL you're dumb.

>> No.78826547

Strangely, I doubt this is real. I wonder why.

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>Holocaust Denial should not be illegal

Eh, despite everything else I'd not immediately send him to the firing squads

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>too much hygiene

>> No.78826789

>things I like
Based but it must be hard to live as a giga autist.

>> No.78827033

These people exist, /g/. They are real.

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>things I dislike

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Step aside Luke and Outlaw, there's a new sheriff in town.


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Stopped reading at "adhere to the suckless and Unix philosophies".
UNIX philosophy is a total buzzword. UNIX has some good ideas, but is mostly a user-hostile anti-design OS made by two dudes sitting in a basement at Bell Labs.

>> No.78827290

Absolutely based

>> No.78827412

Holy shit, this is lefty /pol/.

>> No.78827417

a bit too old for so much cringe

>> No.78827444

what is this from?
it reads like some school shooter manifesto

>> No.78827471

Thread yesterday, this dude made some Doom clone.

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>Be me
>cs student
>never worked in my life
>refused uni job offers
>Have depression and avpd
>Can't whistle
How fucked am i?

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Holy fucking kek lmao

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Weird, my depression pretty much completely killed my sex drive.

What exactly makes him an edgelord? Most of his opinion seem like rubbish to me... his online presentation is pretty weird, and his beliefs are quite extreme, uncompromising and don't seem well rounded...what do i have to avoid to have a chance of being happy again?

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In case you guys thought this was fake:


>> No.78827740

Exactly the reasons you've listed plus being obnoxious about beliefs.
Start listening to things you appreciate and filtering out the ones you don't. Endless arguments are not worth your nerves, Anon.

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kinda based ngl

>> No.78827775

Based on what?

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B-But i love arguing... It's one of the few things that can move me and bring me joy. There's no hope for me, isn't there?

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He truely likes blender. Listed it twice

>> No.78827986

>this user identifies as a child
So he's not a pedo then

>> No.78827992

he's right

>> No.78828285

lmao onions overload

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>post communist shitholes want to be overcontrolled

>> No.78828360

those hunter eyes tho

>> No.78828417

Pure autism.
I feel bad for the guy in America he would have a 6 figure job easily, but I imagine he's too autistic to acquire a remote job.

>> No.78828582

Never mind, found it.

>> No.78828613

The higher the IQ the higher the fsggotru why is that?
I have 150 compared to his 170 and I'm basically him just with some less autism.

>> No.78828699

It's not the IQ, it's the autism.
The autism pushes you from instinctual processing into purely intellectual due to the overload. The purely intellectual is not better for being purely intellectual as it's not designed for hugely complex, dynamic human processes. Without instinct to fill in the understanding the results are stilted and absolutist philosophies.

It's something that gets better as you get older.

>> No.78828888

this is what the political class does with smart people, in order to make room for connected midwits
as a consequence, everything is falling apart

>> No.78828955

Well he certainly sounds fucking autistic I'll give him that. "pacifist anarcho communist" retards clearly don't understand evolution in any way, shape or form. "pacifist anarcho-communism" fundamentally goes against the laws of thermodynamics at universal scale.

>> No.78828986

>likes idealism
>is a commi
Big Think.

>> No.78829006

It's just your average leftist. These people need help.

>> No.78829028

Where’s your face newfag?

>> No.78829261

do people actually have themselves boiled down to such a fine grain like this? i probably couldnt list you more than 20 things "i like" before getting into vague nonsense like "red food".

>> No.78829381

>average leftist
>denies the holocaust and wants to legalize lolis

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>>This user sexually identifies as a child.
The fact that this is a thing on anyone's profile and that they would willingly put it on there proudly means they're a pedophile. Thus he's a pedophile.

>> No.78829464

>He's a high IQ schizo
Looking at all his programming and his depositories he's not very high IQ

>> No.78829516

peak atheism

>> No.78829552

Most of them couldn't make Mensa if they tried

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>> No.78830023

First off, he is obviously a smart and complicated man. He created a really cool game and got lots of good feedback.

I am not a communist but I can say that he is overall a man of principle and this is a rare thing these days and a hard thing to be.

I appreciate his views on free speech and his calling out of many disingenuous lefty causes.

He is a true principled man of /g/. This is why /g/ is so ruffled. He is /g/ personified in all ways.

>> No.78830088

>He created a really cool game

>> No.78830737

wow. I mean, based, but also, this guy has a serious mental illness.

>> No.78830788

every time

>> No.78830817

I don't understand, this guy seems based.

>> No.78831099

I'm a kissless handholdless disabled hugless (only ever hugged my mum, sister or grand mum) DevOps cloud engineer at 24 years...

I know how he feels. I even fucked myself with dildos but it didn't help my loneliness

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Mirdo look, I know you're reading this. Get your life in order. You are seriously deluded beyond belief. I won't debate your political opinions as many anons done that already, but just know this: if you won't try to get your life fixed, you will commit sudoku real soon. The pattern repeats itself. Remember Uriel? I unfortunately think it might be too late, however you should try real hard to get your world view fixed. As an autist, you probably lack many of the feeling and senses normal people do, but that is not a huge problem, just listen to them! Seriously, you are not alone on this planet, and you are a social specie. The only way to enjoy your life is to get along others.

Also holy shit, many of my friends considered me an autist but this shit is on a whole new level.

>> No.78831305

>hugged sister
you're a fucking chad, anon

>> No.78831316

>Some things I like: C99
Your average Cnile, everyone

>> No.78831662

>I live in Moravia

>> No.78831948

Dangerously based

>> No.78831981

mílo, if you support free information so much post your adress lmao

>> No.78831988

>Things I like: lolis
>Things I dislike: pedo witch hunt

Checks out.

>> No.78832005

Not the other guy, but I'll admit he obviously has skill to write a 3d game from scratch in C, but the skill could have been put elsewhere. Also, everything about his bio just screams onions so I see why people are making fun of him.

>> No.78832039

49.1181731N, 17.4640333E

>> No.78832047

He hates the lgbt

>> No.78832103

>Signed the address on openstreetmap with his surname
This is actually horrifying. You are dangerous both to yourself and everyone related. Seek help.

>> No.78832306

Reminder not to teach english to your children.

>> No.78832353

It's not even a Doom clone, it doesn't use BSP trees

>> No.78832511

>Communist anarchist
>Actually supports individual rights like free speech and hates censorship
I'll give him credit, just for the fact that a leftist that likes free speech is rare as shit.

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>> No.78832601

I made a Gentoo ebuild for OP's game.

>> No.78832699 [DELETED] 

Hello, I am a hoppean.

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>> No.78833031

He's a total Chad though

>> No.78833167

>unabashed pedo
>essentially says that everyone should be free from having to work, should be able to live in peace, etc
>somehow anti-lgbt
how paradoxically autistic

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Stop bullying him.

>> No.78833508

Things I like:

A religion that was created solely to remove kebab is not pacifist.

>> No.78833529

>due to the overload
can you elaborate on this?

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Sušice isn't that far from my grandma's place.
I hope most of this is autismo trolling and for some reason, I think that you just need a fren, Milo, and you are not a commieo-schizo-pedo.

I will try to find some time when I am back there, wanna grab a beer?

>> No.78834179

This thread is precisely why I don't publish anything on the Internet under my real name.

>> No.78834525

The retreat inside oneself that leaves a somewhat wooden exterior is not because of unfeeling (actual woodenness), but too much feeling that cascades to a level where there's no clear response to the feeling. The result is a need to clamp down on the feelings -- to shunt them into meaninglessness to prevent the emotional overload. Things then become distant, but you still need to interact with people, but you lack the means to do it, so you need to build up your entire behavioral system (starting with justifications for your behavioral system) from scratch.
With interpersonal emotions suppressed the only thing left is intellect. Intellect tends to be limited in scope, though. It's good for solving one small problem at a time (which is why philosophizing breaks things down into their components and then builds the associations back up level by level), but this misses things that have too many small parts which add meaningfully to the whole and so they can only really be understood on a holistic level. This jump to the holistic level requires letting the emotions back in since they can "feel" the rightness of it and then the intellect's job is to check that emotion hasn't gone for free-floating bullshit -- to examine it to check it has some sort of actual connection to reality *and* to check that it is not self-serving right-wing propaganda. (since emotion is a TOTAL sucker for narratives which reduce a complex world to simplistic us vs. them narratives, if your intellect's only real check is, "Do I like it? Then I will believe it and I will be right until proved otherwise," and then the intellect is corrupted by emotion to build up confirmation bias and to come up with excuses not to listen to anyone saying differently, you've trapped yourself in the conservative bubble and can't really be said to actually be applying intellect to the issue.)

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Based as fuck ngl

>> No.78836167

euroleftist, not the wall street controlled pseudo ameri"leftist"

>> No.78836221

Moravians only drink wine

>> No.78836256

I remembered reading about how 5g won't cause cancer/mind control, but will make police surveillance a lot easier.
So yea fuck 5g I don't need 720 video if it means cops can get all my data easier

>> No.78836394

>Holocaust denial should not be illegal


>> No.78836428

Seems like a free thinking non-dehumanized individual although I disagree on a lot of his points I might get a long with him more so than I do people I have more in common with simply because this guy has broken his masters programming.

>> No.78836455

t. seething brainlet tranny webdev

>> No.78836487

Explain why.

>> No.78836489

>My Name is MiloSLAV Ciz, I was born on 24 August 1990 and I live in Moravia, EARTH
that's all you needed to know to realize the rest is not worth reading.

>> No.78836730

Is this what suckless does to a person?

>> No.78836738

>30 years old
What the fuck

>> No.78836751

>everyone is scared of getting cancelled
as it should be

>> No.78836784


>> No.78836797

>x witch hunt
"witch hunts" are group-revenge-as-entertainment, typically the revenge has only a veneer of justice. What are you, some crazed normie?

>> No.78837106

the only based thing is the absolution of free speech and IP sucks

>> No.78837177

i use arch btw

>> No.78837256


>> No.78837498

It's disability because he's mentally ill. Dude's website says he's been hospitalized multiple times in the last few years. Watching /g/ shamelessly bully a crazy person sure does make me nostalgic for Terry threads.

>> No.78837500


>> No.78837527

yea this shits fake

>> No.78837580

Hey OP.
I use librebooted x200 from Vikings too.
Currently run voidlinux glibc btrfs on it.

>> No.78837699

>not everyone is a PC brainwashed drone
how is being a walking contradiction not evidence of being brainwashed? just kys honestly

>> No.78837842

whatever you do stay away from Gentoo. There's no going back.

>> No.78837995

>not sharing information has to be immoral
>medical records should be public
This guy doesn't even know what shame is.

>war is wrong
INCITING war is wrong. Being a pacifist is the most absolute ticket to demise. It's better to be a soldier that farms than the alternative.

>proprietary games
although I agree with RMS that everything should be free software, for a limited time, I empathize with the sentiment of the creator to hide easter eggs and secrets by not OS-ing their software. For a limited amount of time. About a month maybe.

>Attribution is overrated
fuck you, this guy is a faggot. Having your name etched in your creation is a human nature that must be preserved and revered. Knowing who implemented ALGOL on some old machine for example would let us trace back the history of the software. The amount of knowledge is invaluable.

>all software must adhere to UNIX philosophy

>> No.78838062

>not even the fun type of schizo

>> No.78838483

A slivovicu!

>> No.78838562

>can't whistle
Look at this fucking chump.

>> No.78838575
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>> No.78838617

Yea he'd go to the cops because it's wrong innit, he isn't saying go kill their family or some shit

>> No.78838766

What is it with you aspies and not being able to whistle?

>> No.78838800

lmao, as non-czech how different is Bohemia and Moravia?

>> No.78838814

I wonder if this could be used as a general test.
I can whistle. I'm in the clear!

>> No.78838902
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>> No.78839099

moravia? never heard of it. must be some village next to brno. i dont really talk to hillbilies.
t. prague born and raised

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czech anons, how ez is it to get a hot whore on my dick over there?

>> No.78839231

you're both pedos too
over the roof you go

>> No.78839476

His profile reminds me so much of Adam Lanza. It’s that certain combination of autism, schizophrenia, and intelligence.

>> No.78839503


the guy's website http://www.tastyfish.cz/

>> No.78839505 [DELETED] 

Extremely based. It’s weird to see all the run of the mill, common, boring, indistinguishable, worthless people in this thread thinking they’re better than him

>> No.78839599

>hugely complex, dynamic human processes.
I kind of know what you mean and I agree, but what are some examples of this?

>> No.78841326

>I have a master's in Computer Science from FIT BUT

>> No.78841358
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>things I dislike: Czech Republic, Bohemian dialect/accent
mfw I am Czech

>> No.78841395

These days when I see anyone support Stallman I automatically assume they are a pedo.

>> No.78842028

ježiši, vždyť má papíry na hlavu, si z něho nedělejte srandu

>> No.78842678

Fixed. Mistakes happen, you can see I spelled it correctly elsewhere on the page. What I am criticizing is persistent ignorance of simple grammar.

>> No.78842729

Keep up the good work. Your game inspired me to pick up C again and tinker with /dev/fb0

>> No.78842734

Let me explain. I am against violence against (and suffering of) any living being _in_real_life_. Watching a gore video isn't in conflict, it can actually help you prevent such things from happening or at least be better prepared and able to help when this happens. I also don't mind hardcore violence in games, movies and other art media, as any person should be able to strictly separate these from reality, and then these media can actually be used to e.g. relieve anger and need for violence that's inherently in us. I don't believe it fuels the need for violence, that's the job of politicians etc.

>> No.78842896

Thank you :)

>> No.78842899

ok Milo, now go take a shower and then rope yourself for being a faggot commie

>> No.78842926


this post is correct, remember it the next time something doesn't work for reasons best explained as "the person responsible is a moron"

>> No.78842928

All the same shit. Anarchists and piratefags are cringe, copyright is based.

>> No.78842939

GPL is communism.

Proprietary and BSD license are for the white man.

>> No.78842947

Thank you, I am working on "getting my life together" kind of. Still I think thanks to my isolation I am able to see some things with much less bias and thanks to all this attention I hope I can send a message of what I see to a few people. I just hope no one comes to my home at night and cuts my head off O_O

>> No.78842963

hey, i play xonotic with this guy, he's good

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i once played a game on psp that asked me to whistle a tune, so i squeaked while blowing and it worked lol

>> No.78843144

Milo, I am sure you are lurking.

Listen man, you have a high IQ but you have to let go of your political beliefs.
I've been in a similar situation. I used to be a huge tankie, would always support USSR and every discussion led to me talking about capitalism and shit.
This eventually made me lose many friends and become an introvert. The moment I quit politics, I found joy in life.
Politics is a huge scam and will change your whole personality. I know some anons will be like 'ITS AUTISMS FAULT NOT POLITICS' but those two are related trust me.
Stop being an anarchist and get your life together. You have a very high IQ and a degree. How many people do you think have both of those?
Keep programming, apply to high-paying jobs and you will eventually land a good job. This way you will make more money.
Also take care of yourself. By sitting in a room 24/7 and showering every now and then nothing will change. Find a fucking hobby apart from computers. You could try lifting or you could try any sport you like. Shower more, buy new clothes, get a haircut for fuck's sake.
Your face has good characteristics, if you get a haircut you'll go from a 3/10 to a 7/10.
Go outside. Talk to people. Don't let degeneracy fool you. Next time you think about 'lolis' or whatever the fuck you think about take a cold shower. Don't let it take control.
Meet new people, find something you both share. Become friends. Do not let autism prevent you. Talk to girls. I was shy too.
At the end of the day girls are boys without a dick. Yes, you'll face rejection but so has every man on this planet.
Finally you might wanna see a therapist. Idk, if you think your issues require one then make an appointment and visit him.
Godspeed Milo, I wish you the best and hope you manage to turn your life around

>> No.78843183

ebanaya klyukva
he's just russian commie, as in this language гpaмoтнo is written with one m.
>inb4 grammatically translates not as гpaмoтнo, but as гpaммaтичecки
he doesn't know

>> No.78843232

meetups kill the purpose of the imageboards - ability to be anonymous. why would you do that?

>> No.78843233
File: 448 KB, 455x395, laughing_reptiles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.78843279

might as well become a namefag, faggot

>> No.78843321

But wait, he does not look bad at all. I really thought he was pretty ugly.

>> No.78843337

Don't necessarily disagree with him, except for the competition thing. Life without competition is stagnation and death.

Also those people who think automation will result in the machines working for all of with a UBI, those people are really naive. There will be handful of overlords in control like always and the scraps get handed down to the poor. Unnecessary people get killed off in some big war.

>> No.78843362

of course he's crazy

>> No.78843406

holy mother of pleb

>> No.78843455

but this is obscenely based

>> No.78843470

>install gentoo
Gentoo doesn't have AUR

>> No.78843482

dangerously based. arch truly is the white man's distro. i have used debian long before but arch just works.

>> No.78843489

gentoo has layers, which are better. for anything that's not there, you can use git or flatpaks or whatever

>> No.78843497
File: 1.24 MB, 4032x2268, 20171021_144315-e1508687211805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rejected mensa invinte
>not being a certified genius

>> No.78843506


lmao why would I compile and package this myself when somebody already has a PKGBUILD for me
big cringe.

>> No.78843526

let's do this. how?

>> No.78843530

who said you need to fucking package it when using git, just install it. sometimes, aur doesn't work even

>> No.78843575
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>just make install bro!!
please don't tell me you're this retarded. There's a reason why packages are built in fakeroot...

>> No.78843580

I honestly never looked into Gentoo, but i might eventually. The thing is, I care more about that Arch simplicity and comfort than a bit of customizability and control that comes with Gentoo. I like being able to just install whatever from AUR with one command and have it manage all dependencies and all. Git isn't that fast to use.

You can't be serious.

What if your git dependent on other git projects? Just resolve everything manually?

>intelligent == genius
This is where they are all wrong. Having high IQ doesn't make you a genius, it just means you have more working memory and ways of utilizing it. Genius is someone who uses that power to solve problems humanity was stuck on to push it forward.

>> No.78843700
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>to be wrong
Anon I...

>> No.78843836

Spanish is great as a spoken and written language but it sucks for tech because of how many adjectives, verb conjugations and extra bullshit it has.
Very pretty, poetic and expressive bullshit mind you, which is what programs don't need.

>> No.78843922


Was there last night. Thanks for the laughs again bros

>> No.78845388

this guy is everything i am afraid of becoming. everything he wrote is a nightmare for my future, the future of my kids and even the future of the world. There is not even 1 thing that is normal with him and can lead to a productive future. My only solace is that he cannot ever find a woman because he is just too autistic for women. I hate women, but I at least have some normal-fag side to me and try to stay in shape and get an ok income so that i can be a boring provider to a 6/10 female.... this guy has 0 chance with even an average boring female.

>> No.78845403

there is a difference between being told you are smart and claiming you are smart. The 1st one is good: you are seen by others are smart and productive, the second one means that you do not know what Dunning-Kruger effect is and do not know how little you know.

>> No.78845443

>recording a video while wearing a mask.
Yea right. I am not even clicking this shit. The thumbnail was enough of a warning.

>> No.78845449

>i have never met a person who considered themselves smart and was smart
all you've met are fags faking false modesty then. you can definitely be aware that you're smart while also realizing that being smart does not mean you are omniscient or never wrong.
smart people typically won't go around boasting about how smart they are, but they also don't consider themselves to be dumb. there's too many actually dumb people around that serve as proof to the contrary.

>> No.78845461

stop calling everyone a pedo. This guy is 100% pure autism - not one brain cell in his brain is normal and not autistic, but pedo - nah, he just crazy.

>> No.78845584

jesus fucking christ this is the hardest I've ever cringed in my life

>> No.78845612

If this autism gets so much attention, maybe I should write a manifesto like this. Fuck privacy! What could go wrong?

>> No.78845617

The chances are high
But anyway:
Stop thinking that everyone is a pedo and calling everyone you do not like pedos. You are worse than leftits that see Hitler everywhere.

I only assume that someone is a pedo if he has a youtube channel full of kids and says that he likes kids "more than normally"

>> No.78845718

hey man, you actually are trying to help him. You are a good person.

>> No.78846100

I've actually never seen an image capture /pol/'s essence so well. This might just be clear enough for them to understand why everyone hates them.

>> No.78846204

his projects are kinda impressive tho

>> No.78846473

Replying on this post so that (you) read this. I see that you like Noam Chomsky, a well known anticommunist agent of the CIA that aims to turn possible revolutionaries into impotent utopians, which seems to have worked on you. Please read Michael Parenti. I hope some day you will stray from your naïve ultra left anarchist beliefs and embrace scientific socialism. It is foolish to cling to your utopian ideas when there are legitimate routes to socialism that have been outlined by those such as Lenin, Mao, and the Black Panther Party.

>> No.78846782

what a fucking loser holy shit..
typical naive kid that got brainwashed by the very same things he says he despises.

>> No.78846901



>> No.78846919 [DELETED] 
File: 1.34 MB, 1132x4524, tastyfish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off you degenerates.

Here's an infograph of some things that I found that are interesting about him. Take it as you will.

>> No.78847395
File: 148 KB, 410x598, based department.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>things I dislike: minorities and poor people
>things I like: rich people and jews
Ring Ring, Ring Ring

>> No.78847527

this has to be what the ultimate troll looks like. this is so far beyond the most autistic thing i've ever read. i don't believe a person that has these ideas can exist, it's just too stupid

>> No.78847634

>a guy who scooped a professor on the forefront of hep-th, as an undergrad, isn't smart
not so subtle bait, but here's (You)'re reward, sweaty

>> No.78848739

Why is this mf posting pics of him cutting himself on wikimedia?

>> No.78848842

češi v tomhle threadu, pamatujete někdo na Michala Kolesu? proti tomuhle chudákovi to byl úplný Chad.

>> No.78849112
File: 563 KB, 1438x913, Screenshot_20201110-020742219 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They look like this

>> No.78849145

please dont bully this guy who looks cool but i just dont know why he was forced to work like a slave in factory while having a masters degree i tried asking him but he didnt reply

>> No.78849418

anon i really admire people like you, but i cant relate to you in a way because i have never suffered from these kind of mental states, but lot of people are saying things about delusion are right, you seem like a capable man. don't fall for this "world is bad and unfair" narrative everyone goes through this thing but in the end forgetting about this stuff is necessary to even experience good things, have you considered therapy or something.
i too was raped not once or twice but daily when i was 4 year old but i don't think about it now because even if i wanted to kill my rapist not like it would change anything, in the end things like world is bad and unfair and bad things dont even matter, we are born with a responsibility and ultimate aim is just to survive have fun and forward your genes and leave your legacy, i am sure you must have weird ambitions like this too, like i do everything for my mom this thing keeps me going, if you look inside yourself i am sure it will give you good kind of motivation.

i am sorry if it came as rude. cheer up world is still cool.

>> No.78849448

also when you society when wants to be slave owner, thats because you earned it, dont see yourself as just a simple slave,
why would you choose to be a slave rather than a slave owner when given the choice.

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