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He literally had a stollen ARM macmini devkit and Apple sued him. So he knows what he's talking about.

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*Testing conducted by Apple in October 2020 using preproduction MacBook Air systems with Apple M1 chip and 8-core GPU, as well as production 1.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based MacBook Air systems, all configured with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD. Tested with prerelease Final Cut Pro 10.5 using a 55-second clip with 4K Apple ProRes RAW media, at 4096x2160 resolution and 59.94 frames per second, transcoded to Apple ProRes 422. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of MacBook Air.

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Why does /g/ hates this guy so much? He seems competent enough.

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Pls post his gf in bikinis. That's the only tech tip I need.

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Envy, he’s a self made millionaire that made his money from fucking around with tech and just shitting out questionable youtube videos all day.

>> No.78648287

Ugh I like him but let's be real he just married that hideous chink because he's a manlet and couldn't really aspire to much more. Plus western women are broken nowadays.

>> No.78648293

the devkit was using an A14 not an M1, so he actually has no idea what hes talking about

>> No.78648310

He's a reflection of this board. Uneducated and clueless when it comes to Apple. I rejoice using sponsorblock everytime I have to watch one of his videos.

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Indian S.0.Y.

>> No.78648429

Are you on the spectrum?

>> No.78648455

honestly can't tell if you're being ironic or not.

>> No.78648457

or maybe, just maybe, looks aren't everything? Maybe he's dating her because of her personality and similar interests? Maybe they were good friends that decided that spending time together in a more romantic way was the right step for them?

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I don't use reddit. Try again, faggot.

>> No.78648501


As someone who writes cross platform open source software that's fucking ridiculous. Fuck Apple and fuck their communist end users. It's like they want to be slaves.
>p-plz Apple, THINK FOR ME

>> No.78648550

Nah, he's a skinny manlet with homo energy who had to settle.

>> No.78648566

>Cope and seethe
Don't sign your posts.

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Once upon a time they were actually an interesting company keeping the industry moving, with the spirit of 80's hacker culture. Even though most of their "achievements" were stolen, like the GUI from Xerox.
But eventually they got complacent like any company that made it, and stopped trying. But because the industry is full of lemmings retards, people perpetually still copy them with the misconception Apple haven't changed. So you have the lazy and complacent greed, leading the uninspired.

>> No.78648904

Maybe people want a consistent good experience and hardware that’s not retarded or confusing.

An OS that isn’t stuck in 2001 and a smooth end user experience. Windows in trash and people know it.

Only GAMERZ!! Have a reason to be such Windrones.

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m1 has hw encoder/decoder for prores codec, like their afterburner card, so that's why it's faster.

>> No.78648926

What the fuck does Windows have to do with it? Are you fucking retarded or something?

>> No.78649028

Why is a comparison to iPad even negative when 2018 Pro matches any ultraportable laptop at performance while having more battery life with half the battery capacity?

Also why does anyone care about e-celebs again?

>> No.78649080

Pretty much this.

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On the last WAN show, Lil Linus explained that Apple doesn't sponsor him. They have no "relationship".This vid is a straight up shake down to get Cupertino to pay protection.

>> No.78649135

heeey OP
Linus here
thanks for the free ad!

>> No.78649143

Getting a little defensive there, bud.

>> No.78649256

This literal pajeet knows even less than linus about computers
He thinks he's safe from being "tracked" because he uses a windows VM for gaming and a VPN. Yet he still uses a smartphone and isn't concerned about it

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>1.2GHz quad-core
>1.2GHz quad-core
>1.2GHz quad-core
>1.2GHz quad-core

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pick one

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A "good fucking ultraportable CPU" is still shit for anything that isn't browse social media, for god's sake don't market it as OMG THAT PERFORMANCE!!!!

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The real problem is that we don't know if they disabled turbo boost or not, neither the power profile used on both devices. They could have limited Intel to 5w and let their chips watercooled eating 35w. The only way to know the truth is to run independent benchmarks

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>gaymer shit
>never used a laptop

>> No.78650167

Intel doesn't know what "TDP" means, their """""15W TDP""""" mobile chips have been recorded using 60 watts on battery power.

>> No.78650170

Not even, it had an A12z.
It was two year old hardware

>> No.78650196

>Real workloads
If you're programming your own shit you'll know exactly how much faster general purpose computing is on Apple Silicon than x86 offerings.

>> No.78650252

You are correct in theory but also manage to make a stretch out of it. The way they written it suggests your average last gen - current gen comparison with everything being the same. Though in the end, yeah, gotta see real benchmarks to be sure.

Which is perfectly reasonable if it boosts there for a short period of time. The 15W is the average, so if you're rendering a movie on it, it might jump to 60W, throttle to 10W, be at 30W at parts, and so on, but the average will be the 15W. (Shit is a mess tbqh but there isn't a better metric now AFAIK)

>> No.78650256

They basically found the best possible Laptop (that's even remotely portable) CPU around and compared it to the chip they're using to replace everything Intel in those same devices.
You want it compared to a fucking desktop threadripper?
Wait till they show their desktop class chips then.

>> No.78650291

>Shit is a mess tbqh but there isn't a better metric now AFAIK
Peak power draw at peak performance?
>Zomg we can clock this at 800MHz and it only draws 5w that makes it a 5W chip!

>> No.78650367

>cant even watch the vid because jewtube is down

>> No.78650615

>A laptop chip usually can't sustain peak power for longer than a few minutes due physics.
Wrong, total peak performance is determined mainly due to cooling and power. Gaybook Air are limited in both aspects so winning against them is not a huge thing. The evidence is the Linus Shill Tips video where they improved the Gaybook air cooling and gained 20% performance but still lagged behing the U chips due to the low 10w power.

>> No.78650641

Unzipping files, Office and some others if I remember rightly.

>> No.78650645

>Wait till they show their desktop class chips then
At best they beat current Gen. Intel I5 and lower, and i'm being generous...

>> No.78650670

What I find weird is that apples presentation kept saying the M1 chip models are faster than the “best selling Windows competitor” I mean this could it means it’s faster than a fucking $300 toaster that most people buy so Linus is probably right

>> No.78650671

go ask here:

>> No.78650684

>Why are they such seething haters?
because apple is doing anti-consumer shit all the time, for everything
>He doesn’t know anything about the M1 keeps comparing it to the iPad. Why does anyone listen to him.
why do icucks suddenly care about performance? you were all about muh user experience life matters, fuck orange benchmarks when $3000 mbp had chromebook-tier performance...
the M1 is a SoC, everything is scattered accross the board AND MORE IMPORTANTLY EVERYTHING IS SOLDERED
this means no ram upgrade, no storage upgrade, no cpu upgrade, no gpu upgrade, no m2 slot or sata ports, you have to buy a whole new system every time...
tell me this is an upgrade over a typical computer with easy to swap components
they can't say in october that they care about muh planet then glue together everything and control the entire stack, this is not possible to hold both position at the same without being hypocritical
I won't start talking about anti-dev practices because I would need more than the remaining 900 chars I have left in this post

the all-in-one world is a few step closer to an orwellien-like dystopia, I'm surprise to see so many americans supporting apple dictatorial behavior, germans had more rights in 39-45 than apple cuckstumers, what happened to the land of the free to accept such cuckoldry...
clearly "freedom" only means "mindless patriotism over personal rights and freedoms", 100% sure apple would have failed a long time ago if this was not an murica company

>> No.78650805

Could only find stuff for A9X, and it performs worse than in old gookbench at unzipping but it's hard to tell how much it matters when the chip just wasn't laptop tier at that point either way.

More modern stuff but trickier to classify is

but again, pretty limited stuff. I'd actually love to test the stuff on muh 2020 iPad Pro but seems a bitch to find 1-1 workloads. Maybe opening a huge photoshop file could do.

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Maybe instead look at how other companies are failing if people always prefer Apple. Cope.

So nobody knows what CPU that kit has, lol

>> No.78651414

>Maybe instead look at how other companies are failing if people always prefer Apple
who is failling at what exactly, the fuck are you talking about?
also opinions don't change facts, apple is a shitty company with shitty products, it does not matter if people are more receptive for this kind of shit or if they pretend to not care about anything
I would totally ignore them if other companies were not actively trying to steal npcs from apple, many are following apple in the quest towards less and less user freedoms, I wish the situation was different but we can't ignore them anymore
they're doing more harm than good, apple would not even exist without open ecosystems and now they shitting on everything for no fucking reason, even mohamed zealots are not that aggressive towards freedom restrictions and genociding things, apple is going way too far

>> No.78651420

Your clitoris doesn't count. You don't either

>> No.78651450

everyone wanted ipad pro hardware, but with macOS instead of the neutered ipadOS. now you're getting just that

>> No.78651489

>posts on beard care specialist website
>neckbeards don't comment

do you go into the hood and shout NIGGERS NOT APPLY as well?

>> No.78651504


> uses a windows VM for gaming
what the FUCK
with the display lag and everything?

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>So nobody knows what CPU that kit has, lol

>> No.78651544

>m1 kit
>only dev kit was A12Z just to get apps working
>phone cpu

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>> No.78651552

Can't make this shit up.

>> No.78651559

Good old macOS is dead, the new one will be locked down just like iOS

>> No.78651567

Make your own free linux company. Seethe harder.

>> No.78651576

It’s entertainment

>> No.78651592

>special module on SOC
>can encode faster
>nooo not fair bitrate so bad

>> No.78651649

It does so at the huge cost of quality. We've had this on computers for a while now. We refer to it as NVENC from nvidia, FMA from AMD, and quicksync from intel. All of them result in 4-10X higher bitrate for the same quality as as a high quality sw encode. The exception is turing nvenc which has b-frames so it only requires 2-4X higher bitrate.

Phones in large part have the fastest but the lowest quality of these hw encodes so they end up requiring 10X higher bitrate for the same quality as a SW encode. This means that phone 100Mbps (~50GB/hour) HEVC 4K video has the same quality as 10Mbps (~5GB/hour) HEVC 4K video.

>> No.78651652

lol their twitter is so salty

Just replying to every apple with salt but still posting all apple news

>"Look it's a bargain please beta test it for us"
>"The cleanest energy is the energy you never use", says the company who doesn't want you to repair your old phone
>It's OK, they're still including chargers for Macs.
>For now.

they litearlly live tweeted the event but hate on apple

canadian versions of louis cept less knowledgeable

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Update on the pole. So as suspected these things are going to be a joke, shame on apple for duct taping a $300 iPad on a laptop chassis and then demanding $1,000+ for it.

It's still going to sell like hotcakes isn't it?

>> No.78651992

>Post a comparison between an iphone encoded clip vs a software one
Would love this. If any anon wants to provide some sample footage, I volunteer muh iPad for iMovies test.

>> No.78652495


tech tip

>> No.78652562


alright let's see then


>> No.78652708

>locked down soldered hardware running a walled garden os
It's not a general purpose computer.

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>it’s a /g/ takes a tech reviewers opinion over actual engineers episode

Remember how “right” Linus was about the PS5’s SSD architecture and claimed to know more than Sweeney?

>> No.78652805

/g/ is all about e-celebs these days after all.

>> No.78652848

Just stay in your PC world, GAYMER.

Honestly, people tend to overestimate these e-celebs a lot.

>> No.78652910

As flawed as x86 is I can make an x86 computer with any specs I want, run any OS I want, any software I want, repair it, upgrade it, etc. That's the point.

>> No.78652933

crApple is garbage for homosexuals, posers, and morons with more money than sense.
t. PC Master Race

>> No.78652978

Well said.

you got Shitdows 10 that’s does have its purpose, I guess... or any of the Linus kernels if your time is worth nothing.

You know that’s a GAYMER tag that was used ironically until it wasn’t.

>> No.78652988

anything not repairable or upgradeable is shit by definition

>> No.78653029

Well, call it a "specific purpose computer which does everything 99% of people will ever want and need to do"; does it really matter for anyone else in the end?

And just for the record, your perspective is perfectly sensible if limits is such a big issue for you; but it's not like x86 is going anywhere in the next 5 years or so. You still get what you value, while others get what they value.

Because? I literally never had to repair any computer I ever owned in decades. Even outside of the Applel world. Even if I had something dying now, the time spent on fixing shit isn't worth it, even if you delegate it.

Upgrades outside of GPU are kinda a poorfag cope either way because you didn't want to pony up on the right RAM size or SSD capacity at start, and it's not like you can upgrade a GPU on a laptop either way.

>> No.78653121

Because it's literally made to break and be obsolete? How the fuck is that acceptable?
>upgrades are a poorfag cope
Yeah because I don't want to get Jewed by the manufacturer for whatever bullshit price they want to charge. I have to max out anything I buy in terms of storage, RAM, CPU etc. at the start thanks to this bullshit. When it inevitably breaks, there's no way to recover data off of it, use the parts for anything else, or fix it. It might be okay if I bought a laptop every two fucking years, but I don't.
>not like you can upgrade gpu in a laptop
We fucking could have. Google MxM. It was an absolute failure because retards like you don't want actual good computers.
>does everything most people want to do
Everything Apple dictates is acceptable. You don't own your Macbook, you're renting it from Apple, and especially with things like T2 and the new ARM SoCs. You do everything the Apple way and you deal with it. Instead of just buying cheap RAM and upgrading or fixing it myself I have to do everything Apple's way like they somehow have a right to my hardware after I've paid them for it. This shit is absolutely unacceptable, but it's where all computers are going to be in 20 years, because of people like you, and I hope you're happy.

When Apple and Microsoft inevitably switch to thin clients and you have to rent all performance from the cloud, you are still going to be justifying this shit because it "does what most people want".

>> No.78653240

Also you're generally barking at the wrong tree. Apple gets away with their limitations because they offer a better overall experience. The "alternatives" can't even make a decent trackpad.

>> No.78653277

Nope. None of this shit will survive the horrors of capitalism. All of this bullshit will continue to be popular with normalfags, forever. There won't be an actaul market for general purpose computing in the 2040s for sure.

>> No.78653302

Free software survived harder times. There is a huge danger sub models will get even more mainstream but funny enough the shitty availability of fast internet also thanks to lack of investment due Capitalism, might save us from horrors like rented computers.

>> No.78653389

>shitty availability of fast internet
Starlink is coming.

>> No.78653420

>just $499 + tax upfront anon
>wow thanks anon credit approved
>first month due anon, $99 sign here

>> No.78653425


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Tech shrek, torvalds and maybe one other guy are the only decent one. Most of the others are just painful to watch. I personally hate pic related passionately, he's video are so ill informed and low effort.

>> No.78653534

Sounds like bullshit, starting with Apple being able to sue him over the dev kit. E-celebs aren't as dumb as they present themselves either, it's more likely he just panders to his audience.

>> No.78653542

He talks about this in his video, it was given to him by the dev he claims and he claims that it was returned to him after apple contacted them.
Unless you have any solid evidence for theft and court case.

>> No.78653647

He's a clueless label reader. People like him get confused when hardware doesn't play games. They think everything is a console. Video games are all they think about.

>> No.78653652
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He never brings any substance.

>> No.78653668

>He never brings any substance
He's been extra pithy lately imho

>> No.78654138

I'm glad I watched his video that's how I learned that the new Macs won't support eGPUs. The last little bit of interest in the platform is now dead. MAYBE I'll still get one as a travel work computer...but I already have an iPad Pro 13", do I really need a laptop version of it?

>> No.78654226

Not his fault Apple doesn't provide any meaningful data to compare it to.
And no, 2x performance of the highest selling laptop processor when bought during the midnight of the full moon on the seventh day of the seventh month is not saying anything.

>> No.78654265

>but goddamn that stupid memebar is cancer for a developer
Well, that's why it was more of a good idea in theory. In practice I don't actually know anyone who really likes it beyond the novelty aspect.
>get rid of the keyboard.
Das cray. Touch feedback from a real keyboard isn't replaceable. At best one could do something like putting mini displays into the keys for more option but it's been tried before and shit is probably just too expensive.
>“gut everything non-essential to make a <3lb computer” approach
That's literally 12" Macbook. Hence I called it peak laptop. There is nothing you can really take away from it. Now they can even revive it without performance penalties (although it was surprisingly decent even back then)
>I literally never ever used force touch.
It can serve as a third mouse button like clicking on the wheel. Besides that part is the most boring one. A trackpad you can click everywhere that doesn't move AND gives you the impression it does, is some sci fi shit that barely got any credit for its utter perfection.
>because other lowly manufacturers are nearly catching up and in some ways even handily beating them in terms of wow factor.
Which just seems given. The laptop form factor peaked. More performance/battery life, lighter/thinner and smaller bezels is all there is realistically left. Now others finally went to a respectable aspect ratio, Applel can't even excel there.

SurfaceBook was a great idea how to break out of it but just didn't have the hardware playing along with their ambition.

>> No.78654576

dude's got the best gig. dude just gets to literally fuck around all day and get paid for it.

like let's fuck around with react-os (not that there's much great there to begin with) or ass tarded linux configs or cool linux configs,

Like who does that? niche youtubers like akbukuku and druaga1 but that's like it.

dude's like very anti-apple and anti AMD. like AMD is pretty solid rn and apple has made _some_ improvements although right to repair is a sore spot for me

>> No.78655649

He's an Intel shill.

>> No.78655743

fat guy is only one worth in linus tech tips. He should get his own show

>> No.78655757

and call it linux tech tips

>> No.78655763

Yeah it’s called The Biggest Loser

>> No.78655849


>> No.78655852

Has Anthony died yet?

>> No.78655885

Batteries are fucking mental, they have more energy in them than fully loaded revolver and they do occasionally just fail to contain.

>> No.78655919

Good lord, is there anything smaller, say around 500mb-1gb max? That thing will take ages to download.

>> No.78655931

I'm sure there's an HDR10 2 minute source out there from some company. The guy posting about how HW encoding is good is retarded though.

>> No.78656038

Can't seem to find it, or even download anything from it with iOS. Will https://4kmedia.org/life-untouched-hdr-uhd-4k-demo/ do?

>> No.78656090

it just means that iphones are really good

>> No.78656219

Linus really has no need to be a sellout.
Yeah he's a marketer that reads off a script written by his writers, but he's not gonna say things he outright disagrees with, he could be a total savage to tech companies and still get the latest tech because he's got an empire several times the size of most other tech influencer media companies.

>> No.78656306

If you're not a fucking retard you should be able to realize what is malware and what isn't without the OS baby-sitting your software installation, now the OS should protect the user from software doing something unexpected and most-likely malicious, like fucking with the memory of other processes or attempting to run at a higher privilege level than allowed, etc, but in the end of the day it's up to the user.
>tries to derail thread with muh racemixing id pol
>"no one else has even brought up politics"

>> No.78656318

To be fair, his daughter is cute.

>> No.78656328

Race mixing isn't the cringe here, it's the fact that Linus thinks he's in any sort of position to tell people who to date.

>> No.78656339

That's an interesting way to say: "I'm too ugly and beta for white women"

>> No.78656352

Why so many successful youtubers are turbomanlets?

Stephan Graham, AlphaM also come to mind. They are all just mousemaxxed, tiny bodies, high pitched voices faggots

>> No.78656561

>not anymore
yeah let me guess because geekbench shows otherwise right?

>> No.78656672

Finally something that works.

For some reason iMovies turned the HVEC sample that was 760mb mp4 into h.264 mov at 250mb. Took 49 sec. I don't get what the fuck is going on and why but it seems to look about the same unless you look closer. Given the size difference it's probably worth it. Fuck iMovies though.
Here the result: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h30k6r3wxczzp1m/IMG_0972.MOV/file

>> No.78656693

fuck off with eceleb cancer

>> No.78656705

>standing downstream of the toxic fumes, taking it all in
explains why he'd buy a crapple laptop in the first place

>> No.78656706

>He doesn’t know anything about the M1 keeps comparing it to the iPad. Why does anyone listen to him.
Do you really need hard evidence to know that a phone processor in a laptop is going to perform like shit in any task harder than opening facebook?
Not like the average apple user will ever notice the difference since all they do is browse facebook anyway

>> No.78656798

>It's still going to sell like hotcakes isn't it?
Of course. For most people who buy it, it will be exactly the product they need. What CPU-intensive tasks does the average normie even do? Video encoding is like the only one, and that's handled by hw encoding.

Sure, the objective performance on a proper benchmark is going to lower than an intel laptop that costs less than half the price. The consumers will insist that it "feels" faster. Everyone will be happy except /g/.

>> No.78657323

What you're refering to is in fact Linus plus Techtips or Techtips with Linus added. Linus is not a show himself but rather a component of a fully functioning youtube channel.

>> No.78657705

This is the real question. What is the "best selling windows laptop" they compared it against?

>> No.78657819

The only good ltt videos are the ones where they're building shit
Just like top gear episodes the only good ones are when they make shit or go on roadtrips

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