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Why buy a weak ass APU with integrated graphics when you know you're gonna have a dedicated graphics card, you fucking muppet?

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Stop being poor

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>he bought something without looking at reviews

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benchmarks say intel is bad value
your post says, i dunno, i didn't bother to read it, it seemed poorly composed and like you had something else on your mind that you couldn't deal with so you needed to vent online about something, but if you'd vent about the problem you'd be shot down for being an idiot
though you're still an idiot

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I use a i7 9700, love it. Paid 200 for it and been comfy ever since.
>Muh hyperthreading
>Muh ryzen

I cant hear you over my benchmarks

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Weak bait

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What's your mobo?

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A junior-sized crappy thing they sold with the whole rig to lower the price, the main selling point was the 1060. The rest of the PC is shit. I already ramped up the RAM to 16GB but this doesn't do much to performance, as we all know. (Unless you are playing RAM heavy games, whatever, fuck you)

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How the fuck does a 2400g bottleneck a 1060?! I was running a 1060 on a I7 3770k at stock clocks AND not ONCE did I encounter bottlenecking problems while playing games. It was this HTPC I put together, dont own it anymore

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amazing blog post anon, i will now purchase AMD.

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This was when parts were on short supply and minors slurped up all the GPUs right? Nobody who claims any amount of tech know how should be okay with this otherwise.

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i have an 8700k and i know at this point AMD is better than intel and theyre ++++++++++++++++ dies

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> Userbenchmark


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>It's a moderately good GPU and it should run my games on high just fine but the FACKING ryzen 5 2400g BOTTLENECKS it.

That is your fuck up. The onboard graphics from your APU consumes some of the PCI-E lanes so any graphics card will run slower as long as that APU is installed.

The way in-built graphics work on Intel CPUs and AMD APUs are very different.
On Intel CPU the graphics hardware is a minor feature (on account of being weak due to the design) but the AMD APU their graphics are powerful and intended for actually being used as main graphics output (due to the graphics hardware consuming PCI-E lanes as a part of it).

Only options are rely on APU graphics alone (remove graphics card) or upgrade to a CPU if you want to remove the bottleneck from your graphics card.
APUs (when used alone) are generally intended for games where the resolution is set to either 1080p or sometimes 1440p (on low/ medium settings), or other tasks where video graphics isn't the main priority (generic uses of web browsing, playing videos, music, basic office work, etc).

This is known to those who understand different AMD systems (their CPUs and APUs in this case).

You should get an good boost just by replacing the Ryzen 5 2400G APU with any Ryzen 5 CPU from any of the 3000 series.
A Ryzen 5 3600 is generally a good choice and might be going cheap since the 5000 series have just came out.

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let me guess, you paired it up with some shitty psu, budget motherboard and slow RAM too

pic related

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Do you retard even know what the 2400g is?

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>buying a fucking low-end, 1st gen Ryzen APU to use as a CPU only together with a dedicated GPU in a gaming PC

That's a pretty fucking huge performance increase on Zen 3, very nice.

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Wait for the 3600 to drop in price (assuming V2 rocket lake isn't a disaster), that won't bottleneck up to an RTX 2070/RX 5700. Also stop being such a penny pinching piece of shit, in the end you end up with garbage and the money you save won't be worth it long term.

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go back to /v/

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>Wait for the 3600 to drop
3600 is getting sold out all over the place. Probably it's getting fully replaced by 3600XT.

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How the fuck do these "people" even stumble upon this board?

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Hit a soft spot with this one.

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>Ryzen 5 2400g
Dude that is first gen zen, so compatable a ryzen 1000 series. The integrated graphics versions of amd cpus are all a gen behind the others...
Your friend is blabbering about ryzen 3000series or above so zen2 or newer, those are nice. First gen zen was only great in the sense of putting amd back on the radar, but everyon agreed that it was/is buggy.

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Noo you must feel bad for not purchasing [amd] right away it's forbidden to not feel like spending money on new products that are perhaps slightly better

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>YouTube comment meme

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the apu won't take up enough lanes to matter

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>$10 has been deposited to your Intel account

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Yeah I use them but almost every weird issue I have with ASUS boards comes down to a stock shit bios

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Dunno not all B550 mobo's support 2000 series CPU's, you did check the compatibility before hand right?

There is a good chance just updating the bios, drivers, and making sure XMP is enabled for ram will fix your problems listed in the OP. As well as checking for dust

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>It's a moderately good GPU and it should run my games on high just fine but the FACKING ryzen 5 2400g BOTTLENECKS it.
2400G will not bottleneck a 1060, dust out your case

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>buys graphics card
you know what the "g" stands for, right?

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AMDfag Conditioning Experiment
Day 3179:
>Posted bait thread variant #219 today
We shall now observe as AMDfags seethe for 300+ posts instead of ignoring or reporting.

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Not OP

4c/8t is pretty good if you can get it for cheap, I got a 2400G/512GB nvme/16GB ram HP system for practically free. Just popped in my GPU and have a decent gaming system right now, would have gone better but the market is wacky and my old 4700 series machine bit the dust and I needed something with my WFH.

The single threaded performance by intel is generally faster for things by a debatable margin depending what R5 you mean. Daily tasks for sure, most notably web browsing response, will seen a large bit faster

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My 5600x seems to be doing fine

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Why the absolute fuck would you use an APU with a GPU?

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fucking retard, lol

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Found a pic of OP

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shit mobo
shit cpu
shit memory
probably spinning rust storage
>why pc not go fast, hurrrrr

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zen1 and 2 kicked the shit out of the 7700k and 8700k memelake
zen3 shits over 9900k 10900k and whatever intel shits out next year

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It is also a prebuild, probably with shitty single channel RAM. And it probably still doesn't bottleneck 1060 but OP is simply clueless and can't figure it out.

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The absolute state of this faggot

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>ryzen 5 2400g

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>not buying a 3600x or 3700x
better luck next time fag

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>owning an intel cpu in 2020

lmao fuckin tech illiterate retard.

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>I’m a retard
yep. didn't read the rest of your post but it was probably redundant to that one sentence

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A Ryzen 2400g would not bottleneck a GTX1060. In no world does it run out of PCIe lanes, or keep it back with clockspeeds. The 1060 is simply too slow.

There are three things that could be the case as I see it:
>A) You're a complete moron, running it on the built-in iGPU.
You're not hooking any display cables up to the motherboard, right? Make sure to disable it in the BIOS for testing purposes
>B) Slow RAM with bad timings.
Even with that, it should manage well over 100 FPS in many games, it depends on how well they use many threads. ~144Hz in e-sports entirely achievable. Google for good kits, probably two dual rank sticks if I were to guess.
>C) You're expecting 144Hz+ in non e-sports games

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>AMD CPUs are absolute shite

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The 2400g is a laptop chip. 8 pci-e lanes. 8MB cache. It's crap compared to desktop ryzen. I had one and it was slow.

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