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>> No.78508755

and an unboxing

>> No.78508784

i could get something like that for my nephew once he grows up enough.

>> No.78508785

my phone can do this tho?

>> No.78508800

>return key is labelled enter for some reason
into the trash it goes

>> No.78508836

holy fucking BASED

>> No.78508840

Hmm every keyboard I buy in germany has this key labeled with "enter", maybe it is a country thing?

>> No.78508842

Europe can go into the trash

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Full circle, huh.

>> No.78509312

I thought the Raspberry pi can barely run Linux decently for normal usage.

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>> No.78509344

>normal usage
'yes my normal usage is editing multi-terabyte video files while playing Crysis on four monitors, this device is TERRIBLE do not buy'

(the pi 4 can run desktop Ubuntu. it's not desktop-replacement hardware but it's hefty)

>> No.78509371

This, I'm literally sharting myself.

>> No.78509399

hl2, barely

>> No.78511003

have sex

>> No.78511005

Even worse, they're Broadcom blogs.

>> No.78511163

Have you considered the ZX Spectrum Next?

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>> No.78511213

lucky you, it comes out with ansi layout also, maybe you should drink less cum and do more research

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Slightly astonished to see this is an official Pi product and not one of the endless thousands of pieces of third-party merch

Also isn't Minecraft Pi an incredibly limited piece of shit, like less features than a 2010 indev alpha?

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>> No.78512076

What bus is the keyboard connected to?

>> No.78512204

Sad if true. All those gpios and pins and shit but no possibility for an AT keyboard interface.

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considering the 400 has only 3 usb ports, the kb is probably attached to the 4th usb port

>> No.78512307

There are better sbc than the pi, like the odroid n2

>> No.78512396

put does it run rasbarian?

also if I put retropi sd img in will it just werx

on arcade punks the have to be made specifcally for each version of rPi

>> No.78512453

Made for lefties

>> No.78512476

made for mozilla trannyfox

>> No.78512654

How is something like this for light office work, latex writing and online banking ? Don't want to use the same computer on which I watch porn for banking or anything sensible.

>> No.78512655

>Rip the screen off and plug it into a monitor
or you could...replace the panel

>> No.78512739

waste of time for something that's ancient and impossible to find the lcd for, retard.

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>> No.78513449

I can't wait for /hsg/ to get a hold of these. Imagine multiple keyboards stacked on top of each other with a lot of wires connecting them. Now imagine telling someone that stack of keyboard is where you keep your movies and personal documents

>> No.78513665

euroshit detected

>> No.78513699

t. european

>> No.78514926

It will run arch arm. Pi4 won't be great for modern gaming but for light internet, retro gaming, general text editing it's good enough.

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>Keyboard doesn't have the Ñ key
Not worth it

>> No.78517056

top kek

>> No.78517280

Soon. There are editions for several languages, more to be released in about a week, with translated guidebooks to boot.

>> No.78517332

>Not linking the SBC Chad

>> No.78517407

Can it run normal desktop apps, or do you mean for running shitty mobile apps in windowed mode?

>> No.78518406

You're not a typewriter operator are you?


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>> No.78518415

imagine burning yourself on your keyboard

>> No.78518421

what the fuck are you supposed to do when the keyboard breaks?

>> No.78518723

Though not necessarily a use case for everyone, options are good.
A fully contained system like this would be very good for controlling CNC machines etc. In a situation a like this a full system completely with keyboard would be pretty handy for example.

>> No.78518930

Would make an ok workbench computer, though honestly I'd probably just mount a pi4 or other small system out of the way and use my own wireless keyboard I could easily move out of the way if it wasn't needed.

>> No.78519681

just get the pi 4 4gb or even 8gb. the thing about pis is they are all really great for the price and to keep production down they do their laptop type keyboard. build quality is supposed to good too

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