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>crying about watching free shit for years
They need to make money, anon. Just pay for Turbo or shut the fuck up.

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This isn't just for the big names, anon. If I want to watch a tiny channel that does speedruns for an old/obscure game, I can't even do that without missing arbitrary segments of the whole thing now.

How does Bezos' cock taste?

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Fuck you for using twitch
And you should be using lovestreamer with mpv for twitch to bypass ads in the stream


>> No.78483930

Anon you're not understanding me are you
Even mpv displays the ad breaks, I just told you. They seem to be baked into the broadcast.

>> No.78483946

Are you using youtube-dl or livestreamer with mpv?

>> No.78483970

Sorry, meant streamlink.


>> No.78484022

why would using streamlink/livestream make any difference? the adbreak is being served through the livestream, there's no way for either of those to bypass that. and what is even is the difference between just typing the URL into mpv and going through streamlink?

>> No.78484043

>there's no way for either of those to bypass that
That's exactly what streamlink does you fucking twitch zoomer. There are commits you could have looked up to see this. even the description mentions is since you probably wouldn't understand the code.

>> No.78484076

>what is even is the difference between just typing the URL into mpv and going through streamlink?
Fucking hell, mpv on it's own doesn't stream from sites. It uses something like youtube-dl or streamlink. And you probably have youtube-dl which doesn't bypass in stream content.

>> No.78484080

then they're fucking stupid for using twitch
even discord has better live streaming now for tiny communities

>> No.78484097

Yeah let me just get on all the private discords of all these speerunning communities to catch their livestreams there anon, that's a great solution

>> No.78484118

Just subscribe to the channel, you should be supporting your favorite streamers anyways.

>> No.78484119

no dumbass, the solution was a general video host for archiving and alternatives to viewing a livestream when you want

>> No.78484122

You should probably use your time better than watching other people play games anon.

>> No.78484135

You should probably use your time better than replying to other people's posts anon.

>> No.78484163

Yes, there's no reason. No reason whatsoever. Nope, can't think of one. Livestreams are obsolete.

>> No.78484182

a lot of dumbass contrarian boys in this thread talking about how much they hate twitch and not how twitch is doing this at a technical level so we can bypass it

maybe we need to 'trick' the twitch api into thinking that we watched it already ? but if they implement the timer mechanism correctly on their end that's impossible

>> No.78484211

This, but not sarcastically.

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>That's exactly what streamlink does you fucking twitch zoomer. There are commits you could have looked up to see this. even the description mentions is since you probably wouldn't understand the code.

Its in the fucking rtmp stream faggot. There is no way to excise them.

>> No.78484262

And yet, streamlink manages to do it. Makes you wonder if you're actually getting the story right

>> No.78484278

Just tried streamlink using mpv as player. Nope, still getting the ad breaks.

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Fuck off zoomer


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This is a good start, but completely lacks all the functionality you get on the actual website. Normies will never be using this. You would be having to jump through extra hoops to even get to the chat portion

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>> No.78484494

I didn't realize Amazon had shills on here too

>> No.78484518

it's all ogre

>> No.78484568

??? you fucking retard. been using twitch streamlink gui for over 5 years now. if you want chat, you can have a popout window open with the stream.

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>> No.78484622

just leave /g/ already, it's an echochamber of retards that want to climb on top of each other so they can shout their incorrect answer to the heavens

maybe try the irc channel for this streamlink program (if it exists)

>> No.78484625

I'm not getting any ads, tho my ublock filters are autistic asf, half of the sites I visit don't work properly.

>> No.78484662

post filters

>> No.78484665

Fuck off. Do you not understand that patches cannot always be immediate? I wish streamlink would stop developing just to spite ADHD twitch users.

>> No.78484704

anything they attempt to patch is patched by the twitch devs because its their job and they are being paid to do it

>> No.78484719

Hence, it's a neverending cat and mouse game.

>> No.78484729

then suffer it, retard

>> No.78484793

it's baked into the HLS file, the file consists of 10 second video segment URLs which makes it so easy to use it for ad delivery. it's a wonder that they didn't do this earlier only the worst slackers work in the ad business.

>> No.78484795

Oh okay, so you're just one of the livestreams are obsolete types. Why would you even bother coming into this thread

>> No.78484825

I mean, the last resort for them is to take actual ad-breaks within the stream itself so be prepared for that

>> No.78484894

they actually did attempt this earlier
so did youtube
that initial attempt was circumvented which allowed them to work on why and how to deal with it
still took them a while but it wasnt that long actually

>> No.78484980

hence why code should be fucking obfuscated

>> No.78485009

If they were well-timed per stream and the streamers had some control, I wouldn't mind. I actually don't care much about ads.

The issue is that ads in livestreaming often block out interesting content, ESPECIALLY preroll ads. Like, who cares about onstream ads during an eSports tournament? But you'd care if those ads literally interrupted the matches themselves.

The fact that Twitch/Amazon are so slow to implement overlay ads, which I think most people would be fine with, is bizarre. Some people absolutely hate all ads, but many companies just have this incorrect approach of "people either support everything a streamer does, including running forced ads, or they hate ads too much", which is a false dichotomy. If ads don't interrupt content, most people aren't going to care. The fact that advertisers need so much attention on their bullshit videos and stunts is just frustrating.

>> No.78485021

Do you really believe there aren't people out there that are capable to deobfuscate? History would say otherwise.

>> No.78485176

Poki poki
My one and only only
She make that money money
Aw yeah she's my e-girl

>> No.78485183

Peer pressure

>> No.78485187


>> No.78485188

people with common sense?
literally stop supporting scummy websites and wondering why they're so scummy

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pay up bitches

>> No.78485197

It's like they will explode if they don't make posts like that. Or like someone has a gun to their head and they will shoot if they don't.

>> No.78485238

Watching people play videogames is just fucking sad. Plain and simple. If it's what you like than whatever. But it doesn't make it any less sad.

>> No.78485255

I feel for you, OP. I dropped Twitch because the whole site is pure garbage and I'm not talking about the content. The whole thing is too heavy and too slow and too shit.

>> No.78485335

I don't see anyone defending anything anon, all I see is people desperate for others to know they agree in the groupthink that watch gaem bad

>> No.78485382

You are defending it right now. You're saying it's not bad. Which it isn't it's just sad. You're supporting people like this >>78485321.

Like I said before, if that's what you're into then whatever. Do what you want. Just don't act surprised or offended for people saying it's sad. The reasons why it's sad to others should be obvious but I'll try and explain. Playing video games is fun and nothing wrong with it. You're the one interacting. But watching others exclusively feels like you're living vicariously through the streamer which is sad.

>> No.78485447

i just dont understand who even wants to see ads or how they are still effective at this point. everyone uses adblockers... no one wants to see this shit.

>> No.78485453


Only decent guy on twitch is Lockner and he's better on Twitter.

>> No.78485457

I exercise too

>> No.78485578

This. I can't fathom what fucking loser watches that shite.

>> No.78485659

post her autistic rant

>> No.78485687

Anon, where do you think you are
You're trying to play the "I'm the tallest kid in kindergarden" card

>> No.78485715

Don't care. Only thots and speedrunners stream.

>> No.78485735

Why do you have to enter the thread to tell us how much you don't care? Do you want a prize? A pat on the back? A handjob?

I really find this fascinating

>> No.78485767

Sponsorblock works for now but I see Google getting around this fairly easily if more people start using it to bypass ads.

>> No.78485855

just in time for me to quit watching twitch. based twitch helping me quit

>> No.78485859

People don't watch soccer to exercise either. Most soccer watchers are out of shape and they drink alcohols a lot. But it's not pathetic as long as the people aren't introverted, right? Wife-beating hooligans are far superior to us, right?

>> No.78485860

And how do you see that?

>> No.78485899

bro dont be a simp, just watch some tournaments and stuff.

>> No.78485912

Limit buffering to 10 seconds. Stop serving up more video data until the ad has been "watched".

>> No.78485913

>How does Bezos' cock taste?
>Jeff needs MORE money or else he will be homeless

you sound like a jealous commie. Go back to your breadline you anticapitalist faggot

>> No.78485924

You're assuming devs can't figure out a way to bypass this. And history has proven they can.

>> No.78485944

Not really simping though. I am fully aware that I will never be able to end up with any of them, it's just that I enjoy knowing the fact that their bfs or ideal men are not too far from what I am. It gives me some sense of comfort, that I can pursue these type of girl too.

>> No.78485952

How does it feel to be the internet defense force for millionaires for free? You really should negotiate for some scraps, if you're gonna do this, you might as well get paid for it.

>> No.78485957

Tastier than starvation, faggot.

>> No.78485960

it keeps happening

>> No.78485966

I hope they can keep doing so. I just don't see the ad companies as having taken the adblock problem seriously yet.

>> No.78485970

>Chuds think this is an own

>> No.78486076

The only way to completely stop it is if they put content behind paywalls. Viewership would certainly decrease and people would start ripping content and uploading for others. This is how it's been for every streaming service.

>> No.78486092

>watching a stream with somebody
>I just get the preroll and nothing after
>they keep getting ads constantly
you just need someone to tank the ads for you

>> No.78486134

Still won't stop people from uploading or streaming content for others who don't wish to make an account

>> No.78486140

Based, checked and redpilled.

>> No.78486141

Refresh the page and it goes back to the stream. It's inconvenient but it's not an actual ad. Folks will have it figured out soon enough. This happens every few months.

>> No.78486146

I'm using one of the bug fixes in a repo. The ads are not baked into the stream.
There is a brief loading error stall for about 1 second every time an add is meant to be played. But the stream resumes.

>> No.78486151

It doesn't anon. You refresh the page, it rolls back the counter on the ad break.

>> No.78486160

link to repo pls

link to this too pls

>> No.78486166

True. There's always that option if it all goes to shit.

>The ads are not baked into the stream
That's great news.

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>> No.78486173

Chuds don't like it when you call them out

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Ah, the monthly lapse in ad blocking tech as the arms race between advertiser and vigilante programmers continues

>> No.78486229

I want out. Where do I sign up the Internet+ with no ads?

>> No.78486256

Anon no
The streamer isn't choosing this, this is thrust upon the livestream. Ad breaks ran by a streamer are a completely different beast.

>> No.78486270

Ah, didn't know you were a gaymer. Now we have even less sympathy for your travails.

>> No.78486271

Whoa... gives a whole new meaning to rent free.

>> No.78486285

very scientific test thanks for confirmation

>> No.78486287

Who's we? The guild of chuds? lmao fucking "us and them" mentality zoomer

>> No.78486294

go back zoom zoom

>> No.78486324

>twitch police bust into your house

>> No.78486333

I get 0 ads, and I don't use the shitty methods mentioned here.

>> No.78486410

just don't watch twitch 4head 100% success rate poggers

>> No.78486412

Oh sorry anon my bad

>> No.78486421

you are way too obsessed with roasties thats how i know youre a fucking virgin. when you fuck those chicks youll know theyre worthless.

>> No.78486446

Ho ho ho, a self goal

>> No.78486449

I bet they've already tried that on a smart tv before

>> No.78486480

Imagine still getting remnants of adverts and having to refresh for a second time lmao

>> No.78486495

You guys are thinking small. In the far future, you will have to also vocalize "I love BRAND! I will buy their products." Into a microphone before your media will continue to play. If you don't comply, you will get zapped.

>> No.78486526

Please get some taste in women and go back to the shithole you can from. She's not even above average in Moroccan standards.

>> No.78486533

>zap sponsored by BRAND

>> No.78486556

You clicking on random streams and not getting any please disable messages doesnt mean a thing, I could do the same thing right now. That doesnt mean you dont randomly get them mid-stream you dumb faggot.

>> No.78486557

>why do I have to play game? Why can't I watch it for free!?!?

>> No.78486566

You can pause with mpv and then skip ahead after a few seconds to avoid the big bad ad

>> No.78486593

I dont need you to prove it because Twitch already said it is a thing on their twitter. If you have adblock enabled there is a chance for you to get those "interupted please disable" messages mid-stream

>> No.78486603

I'm sure you do. Shame you can't provide evidence of it.

>> No.78486609

Yeh me too
t. Hackerman

>> No.78486623

Can but won't. I'm not recording for 30 minutes just to prove some bug brain autists otherwise lmao enjoy your shitty ads.

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wow aren't you special

>> No.78486669

Where at any point did I say I was going to explain my method? Do you often put words in other people's mouths?

The moment I post it here is the moment Bezos and his moronic goons set about purging it.

In any event, I have another 4 methods that work just fine too; I just prefer using my primary method since it's my own.

>> No.78486673

I don't recall ever saying I was.

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based bezos fucking twitchtards in the asshole they deserve far worse

>> No.78486692

sure thing mister 5 methods

>> No.78486702

imagine being this much of a shill for someone who literally has more than 100 billion dollars
the absolute state of g

>> No.78486703

what's with chuds loving billionaires
he doesn't care about you
you will not become a billionaire

>> No.78486710

I'm proud of you bro, I really am.

>> No.78486716


>> No.78486751

for sad antisocial spergs it is. streams are friendship simulators for the emotionally retarded.

>> No.78486766
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Tried watching a certain stream without any adblocking etc when they just rolled out the automated midroll ads a while ago
don't know what the fuck was going on that time but it literally ran midroll ads what felt like every other minute it became litereally unwatchable at that point, comedic levels of shit, haven't seen it to that degree again so far
if that's a taste of what's to come it's literally DOA, twitch was more comfy pre amazon buyout/sjw fiesta 5 years ago desu
the more money involved the more jooish things become the more shit everything becomes, simple as

>stopped watching tv ages ago because shit content without demand and nonstop ads
>have come around full circle to the same shit yet again

>> No.78486775

I keep wondering, where do you think you are anon

>> No.78486800
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So where's the next cool entertainment

>> No.78486808

Twitch doesnt make amazon much profit if at all, and the with people starting to get DMCA'd and eventually banned their platform wont last long unless they work on it majorly

I dont know if you have looked into a company called ACRCLOUD from china but they have livestream content scanning so you can input livestream urls and within 3 seconds it can detect copyrighted music and video, save the section that is detected and issue a DMCA against the person

>> No.78486833


>> No.78486994

I never said it did, all I stated was how mine looked. Maybe I shouldn't have posted it if it was going to give off the wrong impression, but not a single advert hits my computer.

>> No.78487014
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Do you consider this an advert?

>> No.78487039

They probably won't touch them otherwise the creators would ramp up their own platforms like Linus' Floatplane. Even if it wouldn't take a huge chunk out of YT it'd take their audience and accompanying audiences (i.e. techtubers that are also on FP).

>> No.78487040


The mindset of someone being happy if anti adblocking software goes unchecked and will enjoy AD INVESTED browsing in the future

>> No.78487044

Why would they what? I don't get the point you're trying to make.

>> No.78487057

Responded to the wrong post >>78487006

>> No.78487102

a website which continues to serve as a useful information exchange in spite of users like you, not a venue to buy fake friendship. your notion of 4chan as a cool kids club for frustrated losers is more than a decade outmoded.

>> No.78487121

You ask that now after all the other [brand] threads /g/ is constantly subjected to?

>> No.78487161

Why use streamlink rather than youtube-dl?

>> No.78487199

If you're a twitch watching zoomer than you would want streamlink because it actively tries to bypass in-stream ads from twitch. You could have found this out yourself by comparing repos.

>> No.78487209

Yea I'm not a twitch consumer, but I wanted to be educated about this.

>> No.78487211

I can't go to Yemen, I'm an analyst.

>> No.78487226

I don't understand why you seem to assume that anyone that watches Twitch must have been born after 1997

Why do you assume this? It's just flatly false. It's not just muh Fortinte over there, you know

>> No.78487230

Then why not go to the source, github. It's been linked multiple times. >>78484427

>> No.78487254


>> No.78487259

Oh, it's the sad-poster
what are your hobbies anon?

>> No.78487265

Watching twitch isn't one of them. I can tell you that.

>> No.78487272

it's not my thing, but i don't think it's sad at all
you think sports players never watch others play sports?

>> No.78487274

I asked you what your hobbies are though, not what they aren't

>> No.78487289

>you think sports players never watch others play sports?
Are you comparing professional athletes to people who play video games?

>> No.78487304

I get where you're coming from; there are definitely people who do this, and yes, it's sad.

But surely you recognize that people don't only watch streamers as a parasocial friend sim. Maybe you really like the game, and want to see how others play it. Maybe the game has wildly divergent playstyles and you want to check out what one is like before committing to it. Maybe you're a dev who wants to study game design and how the average player interacts with shit. Maybe you think the streamer is a dumbass and you want to laugh at his ingame failures.

Your fellow embittered anons, whose opinions and approval you value so highly, have made your view of the world very reductive. you're more or less hacking your worldview apart to appeal to them. It looks pathetic to see someone so fake-judgemental whose opinions aren't even their own.

>> No.78487410

>Watching people play videogames is just fucking sad
better than playing them

>> No.78487430

Why is that? If playing them is bad as you suggest then watching others play would be even worse.

>> No.78487437

because you can masturbate at the same time

>> No.78487444

And there goes the discussion and any hope for twitch viewers to make a valid claim

>> No.78487454

what's wrong with that?

>> No.78487458

>jtv died for this

>> No.78487459

Still waiting anon. What are your hobbies?

>> No.78487491

Why not try using your brain and working it out for yourself.

>> No.78487575

Not as effective when you have no basis

>> No.78487579


>> No.78487702

I wish justin tv still existed so all the IRL streams could be somewhere else

>> No.78487707

i don't even mind random midroll ads that much, but the pre-rolls are so annoying if you jump around between streams a lot. half the time now i'll open up a stream but then close the tab immediately when i see i got a pre roll ad, just kills my motivation to watch

>> No.78487759

>streamers always bitch about people not donating
I uh. I think you're watching the wrong people anon.

>> No.78487968

did you exclusively watch twitch whores?

>> No.78488143

>The fact that advertisers need so much attention on their bullshit videos and stunts is just frustrating.
No attention means they don't work.

>> No.78488733


>> No.78488876

I'll give it 3 days max.

>> No.78488921

I run programming streams as background noise occasionally. Jonathan Blow is the best choice.

>> No.78488928

Why do you have to enter 4chan /g/ and make a thread about twitch, no one likes that website here.

>> No.78488931

No one. Absolutely no one. Not a single soul. Nope. No sir.

>> No.78488944

>If I want to watch a tiny channel that does speedruns for an old/obscure game
so you are telling me that you are so fucking entitled that you don't want to support a small guy doing his obscure thing by at least watching the fucking ads?
holy shit what a fucking baby you are

>> No.78488953

Anon you do realize streamers get basically zero money from ads, correct? If you want to support a streamer, you subscribe to them.

>> No.78488954

Exactly, it is a shitty sjw cesspool of a website. It does not belong on 4chan.

>> No.78488958

Oh, you're one of them /pol/ chuds, figures

>> No.78489065

Sure you don't deserve it, but damn you're an idiot for not taking free fucking money since it's so easy according to you, anon

>> No.78490021
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4-5 years ago i came to the conclusion that women should have no right to vote and not interfere in politics. women essentially should just look good and have children. i have not found 1 good proof that i were wrong for all this time and every argument against this is basically "have sex, incel".
twitch thots are a very good argument for that. imagine her only wanting to be cute, playing some cute games and chasing chad cock - but, no, i get to hear her retarded opinion and just curse anglos for giving rights to women in the beginning of the last century.

now to get back to topic: i just hope that there will be a away to remove ads when i watch twitch once in the month. i like the idea of "not using twitch at all ", but this cancer will spread if it gives twitch money. i cannot ignore this only because i do not use twitch a lot and neither should you.

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