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nice faggot case

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omg thats so meen

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it is alienware, after all

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R7 3700X and RX 5700XT owner here.

Seeing all the awesome AMD releases here. Proud of team red. Still comfy on this build, may not upgrade till a few years desu.

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When will CPUs be good enough that they can simulate the consciousness of a catboy boyfriend

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when you stop being gay

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video. i didnt think other editing was that taxing

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so /pcbg/ how many drive bays are you currently using

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honest question, why?

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try storing 24TB of video on SSD

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How safe are compressed air cans? Want to clean off the dust on my Wraith MAX heatsink without taking it off but the brush doesn't fit between the blades.

Any anon here used one before and had problems?

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are you concerned about condensation? you know you can submerge pc components in water and theyll still work most of the time as long as they dry off first.

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Dell S2721DGF

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This is the one i got on sale for 260 last black friday. it's pretty bitchin. If you have to choose between the two you posted then i like the LG one more. You're paying for the g-sync though. I've seen it on sale for 370 on black friday/holiday season.

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>most of the time
yeah that s what concerns me. What are the chances? I know that stuff that may come out evaporates quickly, I just want reassurance that it will not fuck up anything 99% of the time.

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Alright thanks anon

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I want to see how this machine runs on air cooling.

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I can't wait for the amd stock to also instantly sell out

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Good. Now scalpers will have to also buy these new cards. Eventually it'll correct itself when scalpers run out of money and can't sell as as as they can buy.

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where were you on nov 18 2020?
the day nvidia stood still?

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>sell as as as
You doin ok?

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so if I were to try and buy an r7 5800x where would I go about doing so

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Gee boss what if we filled the market with so many cards that the scalpers wouldn't be able to buy them all

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it seemed like it was a pretty big perf jump to me or did I buy into the hype
I'm new and have 0 processors or gpus to my name atm

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>im new
Please dont use that word then. That's our word.

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I can get an upgrade for my 2070 to a 2080 super for about 80 euros. Worth it? Got a pretty good offer at 400 euros for the 2080s asus card

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I will wait for biggu navi

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The 3070 is like 500? Can you math? Totally worth waiting for stock to stabilize.

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yeah but you'd make money anyway since scalpers will be forced to buy all your stock

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now the conspiracy is that selling retail requires a lot of logistics, so nvidia is just selling to system integrators like digital storm, nzxt, cyberpower ibuypower etc to sell by the pallet and that way you can cut out a lot of your cost and distribute limited to retail.
that way you have artificial scarcity, save costs on wholesale and can keep your prices high for longer especially as amd is about to shit all over their parade

but really that last thing is a bullet to nvidias own foot. amd is gonna convert a LOT of people and theyre probably gonna see that amd isnt as trash as nvidia shills make them out to be

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Right now where I live a 3070 is around 750 euros and a used 2080 Super goes for around 500.

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yeah its called amd relive
basically does the same thing

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can you record desktops with it do hardware based OBS recording with it?

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Depends on the resolution you're playing at. I honestly think 8GB will be fine for at least another 3 - 5 years at 1440p. If you want 4K then >8GB but whether 10GB or 16GB, no one can know

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I just don't want to use much CPU power, while recording the desktop, would rather use the GPU.

It's just I might get the new AMD cards in the future if they're gud.

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18 days mboio
lets gooooooooooo

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>You can always get the monitor now and upgrade the card later
Yeah but in that case I may as well wait to buy the monitor because prices are fucking retarded. Low end 1440p/144hz basically starts at $450 CAD. I'm actually worried that 120+Hz will die out sort of like 3d did, even if PS5 and XBox said they will support 120fps for some games. I feel like in half a year though we'll see some more reasonable AOC and Acer displays that will make it a bit more reasonable.

Man I don't know what the fuck happened, how does a modern mid tier GPU and monitor cost more than CPU+mobo+PSU+RAM+case?

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Yes, I have one computer on HDMI (actually DP output to HDMI in with an adapter) and then another computer on DP and it works nicely. Even better when you pair it with a USB switch to run the same keyboard/mouse to both machines.

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Ok, so 3400g is solid choice

>> No.78474228

I'm working off a U2715H right now and my options for upgrading budget wise are to either spend on a 6800 even though I can't really take advantage of it and buy a new monitor later or get a 5700xt or something around that price range and buy a new monitor now from the inevitable black Friday deals.
What would be the better choice?

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Need a new 2TB D drive. Which one should I buy from these 2:
>Samsung 860 QVO
>Crucial MX500

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Currently I have the following

CPU - R5 2600
GPU - Vega56
RAM - 16GB 3000MHz CL16
MOBO - B450 MSI A-Pro.
Monitor - [email protected] VA monitor.

Should I upgrade? I feel like I should go for 1440p but don't want to have a worse experience.

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MX500 if they're the same price. The 860 QVO is QLC which means slower writes and lower endurance. Usually offset by a lower price but if they're the same price there's no reason not to get the TLC MX500.

>> No.78474397

The MX500 was cheaper than the Samsung. I guess I will buy the mx thanks

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>Would a GTX1080Ti or RTX2070 used be good to buy?
If you can get a good deal on one, sure. Really depends on what the used market is like. With how much of an uplift the current gen represents I'd personally wait for the circa-3060/6700 cards to materialize if either is still selling even close to MSRP in the used market. Don't expect to max out 1440/144 with either (you'd need a 3070 for that) but these days medium/high settings, excluding RT, are basically indistinguishable from Ultra/Max.

>Also I am thinking about buying a R7 3700X CPU but not sure if the mobo can handle it.
It should handle it easily. Just make sure there's a little airflow over the VRMs. By the way, if it's purely for gaming, you'd do better to wait for the 5600X (and the accompanying BIOS). That's assuming you're willing to wait at all. Either would be fine, though.

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Definitely is when you've already got a perfectly reasonable working system. No need to consoom for the sake of it.

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I have a bios flash question. I'm going to be buying msi b550 gaming plus with upcoming 5600x which will require me to use the flash bios without CPU feature, but can I only use this if CPU actually isn't installed or can I do this after I install components on mother board already and then flash the bios while doing initial boot components test?

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Thanks friendo

>> No.78474626

Is a RTX 2060 Super good enough for 1440p144hz?

>> No.78474632

IIRC MSI recommends you do it with a bare minimum of components installed (i.e. PSU+mobo). It might work fine with the CPU in there, and there's no reason it can't, but it's best not to fuck around when you're flashing your expensive new motherboard. Just flash it on the table before you install anything and go from there.

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I'm planning on ordering next week and buy Ryzen 5 5600X and Radeon 6800XT on release instead of the placeholders. Currency is NOK/Norway but posting in usd for sake of convenience.
I have no particular budget in mind, I just want good price/performance for 1440p 144fps gaming.
What improvements can be done?
>Replace 500dx with P500A for +30$ or P400A for -20$?
>Replace LG27GL850 with Dell S2721DGF for + 70$ or LG27GL83A for -90$?
>Replace X570 with either B550 Gaming Edge or B550 Aorus Pro for -40$?

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Assuming you mean for current AAA games, yes, at medium settings with adaptive sync. If you want to max everything you'll need a 2080Ti/3070 or better.

>> No.78474652

Is a 3080/6800xt overkill for 1440p ultrawide?

>> No.78474729

You don't need a D15 to cool a 5600X. They don't have any OC headroom and don't throw out much heat in the first place. A U14S would be just as quiet and still keep it at max boost no problem.
Unless you have a need for the chipset PCIe 4 lanes you'd be just fine with B550. Basically any >$100 B550 board is capable of driving a 3950X.

Aside from that I wouldn't really change anything. You might be overpaying on some components but I can't tell without local knowledge.

>Replace 500dx with P500A for +30$ or P400A for -20$?
Any of the three would be just fine. Go with the one you prefer the looks of.

>Replace LG27GL850 with Dell S2721DGF for + 70$ or LG27GL83A for -90$?

>Replace X570 with either B550 Gaming Edge or B550 Aorus Pro for -40$?
Yes. Or go even cheaper, without sacrificing quality, with a B550-A Pro or B550 Pro4.

>> No.78474788

Yes, it's comparable to a 2070S or 5700 XT, often a little bit ahead.

>> No.78474796

It's a way for cancerous modern cases to get some form of airflow while looking 'cool' to zoomers.

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The U14S is the same price as a Scythe Fuma 2 and both are 20$ cheaper than the D15. I've seen people showing this graph but I don't know the source of it so I couldn't tell how legit it is. Would you still recommend the U14S?
I was considering going for the B550-A-Pro but I would kinda like to have 2.5 Gbit/s ethernet connection, and wifi/bluetooth would be nice to stream on a TV and play music without cables crossing different rooms.
I don't do online competitive gaming except for some casual Halo/AoE2 with friends so I feel it would be overkill with more than 144fps.
I may be swayed to go up to 4k but I haven't seen any decent options on monitors without paying +300$ more than 1440p. Have any recs for 4k monitors?
Why P500A instead of 500dx?

>> No.78474946

If you want something from a well known brand then refurbished XV273k's can be found for around $400-450. If you don't care then you can just buy a driver board, power supply and the M270QAN02.3 panel (they're mostly ones that fell off the back of a truck these days, with production winding down). You can also go for the superior M270QAN02.2 panel but the driver board for that (since it's single port 4k144 instead of single port 4k120 or dual pork 4k144) is far more expensive. Or you can just get one of the no name brands using the same panel new for $500

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AMD Unboxed
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shut u retarded consoomer

>> No.78475092

Anyone here who recently built new PC and successfully pirated Windows 10 and got it running, can you link me to the Windows 10 torrent you got or whatever and give me some important notes on what to do after installing it (with internet unplugged naturally)?

>> No.78475190

I have no clue about calibration. Don't mind having to learn how to do it if it's an issue.
As for colour coverage, SDR is fine as long as it's a relatively big percentage of SDR (like 90%+), but HDR is a plus I wouldn't turn down.

>> No.78475255

I have a 144hz

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I had a look around but the only reasonably priced ones are non-delivery (don't ask why) which are over an hour away. Thanks for the help and feedback though!
I'll probably go for the scythe then as it's black so it won't look too retarded in the case as I'd probably end up paying an additional 20$ for a chromax black otherwise for the noctua when I think about it.
I guess I'll go for the gaming edge wifi then. Thanks for the all the feedback and help!

>> No.78475264

5700XT should let you max out [email protected]@ultra in the vast majority of games. Sapphire ones should have good cooling to avoid heat issues.

>> No.78475272

if you want AMD stay at 1080p, if you want NVIDIA move up to 1440p since there are barely any fairly priced g-sync monitors at 1080p in my experience

>> No.78475277

My current vega56 is a sapphire pulse one and its pretty shit imo :(
Had RX580 from them which was good but it died randomly so I got chance to switch to vega56 for cheap but its not really that great.
Also have heard lots of problems with the whole RX5000 series being just a hassle with driver issues and black screens. I don't want that.
I don't mind 1080p since I am not that rich to push out more money than needed.

>> No.78475296

Do those taste good?

>> No.78475300

>Also have heard lots of problems with the whole RX5000 series being just a hassle with driver issues and black screens.
Those issues have been pretty much entirely resolved by driver updates. The only few remaining blackscreens/crashes are down to people having unstable memory overclocks (verifiable by running memtest) or daisy chaining PCI power cables. Both issues are avoidable.
>My current vega56 is a sapphire pulse one and its pretty shit imo :(
Vega was generally pretty shit in terms of thermals. All Vega cards ran very hot, not much you could do about it.

>> No.78475302

Just buy a 2070 super.

>> No.78475334

can you find the Nitro+ maybe? thats supposed to be the best model from sapphire

>> No.78475353

Should be. You may eventually run into VRAM shortages later on if devs start using higher res textures. I use 7GB on some games at 1440p, which is why my next GPU will be 12GB or 16GB VRAM. No idea why Nvidia hates VRAM so much.

>> No.78475362

Yeah that costs 530€ 130€ more for what?

>> No.78475367

Are Intel likely to release anything new soon? I was planning a 10900k build in the next 2-3 months.
Before you shill AMD at me, I don't care about price, I'm not poor. All I need to know is if Intel are planning anything.

>> No.78475369

The difference isn't very big. Better cooling, even more overkill PCB (Pulse already has an overkill PCB), etc. But Pulse's cooling is good enough as is, so the only reason to go with Nitro+ at that much of a price difference is if you want to do some real high overclocking.

>> No.78475380

holy shit scratch that, I didnt expect such a big price difference

>> No.78475385

3070 I mean

>> No.78475393

How can you not know it? 11th gen should come out reasonably soon. Keeps the 1200 socket, drops core count to 8. Pcie 4. Otherwise not much else, same 14nm.

Next release after that should be 10 nm and a new socket.

>> No.78475395

>I'm not poor
>Buying Intel

>> No.78475398

3070 might be a bit slow for [email protected]@ultra. You'll probably have to turn down settings a bit unless you're okay with 45-50-ish FPS.
Also keep in mind that VR really wants at least 90FPS to avoid motion sickness, so you'll have to avoid too high resolutions on the headset with that GPU.

>> No.78475404

Can I play RDR2 with this?

>> No.78475410

Hardware Unboxed has a series of B550 motherboard reviews. Those are pretty good, and it helps that B550 are the only motherboards currently worth buying.

>> No.78475459

>Is there a reason for that? Or is that mentioned in that review? Because AMD lists 2 more tiers above that.
A520 lack a lot of features due to being the poorfag motherboards. X570 offer very little over B550 (only a few more PCIe4 lanes, so they're only useful in edge cases), but come with an annoying chipset fan that makes a lot of annoying noise and dies quickly, all at a higher cost.
The result is that B550 is objectively better than either for most end users unless they REALLY desperately need more PCIe4 lanes while being reasonably priced.
>Do you have anything to prove that besides (((AMD))) numbers?
AMD Zen benchmark numbers have historically been accurate, and there's been a number of third party benchmarks by now from CPU's that people managed to buy through incompetent retailers opening sales too early. This includes Zen 3 absolutely crushing Intel at Passmark, which is Intel-biased and previously adjusted their algorithms to benefit Intel, with those results being published on the Passmark website. Even 5600X is faster than 10900K in single-core while being competitive with 10900K in multi-core. And 5800X/5900X/5950X just completely wipe the floot with Intel.
>I hold a grudge against them.
Based retard.

>> No.78475464


>ATX not ITX

lol it's not 2005 any more

>> No.78475472

I went all in on 10900k build. Will skip 11th gen and upgrade into 10nm with cpu/mobo replacement once the dust settles and pcie 4 is actually worth leveraging. Got my current cpu and mobo on a firesale so that helped.

>> No.78475480

1080p, might have to a cut a couple of settings back. That game is optimized like complete shit.

>> No.78475501

>I literally couldn't give less of a shit about some autistic benchmark that means nothing to anyone besides autists.
>FPS is all that matters.
AMD beats Intel in everything right now. Gaming FPS, synthetic benchmarks, productivity workloads, you name it.
>And yet if someone said they held a grudge against Intel for past grievances I'm sure you'd be saying they were just based.
Holding grudges against corporations is retarded in general.

>> No.78475515

>right now

>> No.78475525

>AMD beats Intel in everything right now
According to AMD.
Zen 3 isn't out yet and Zen 2 absolutely does not.

>> No.78475537

>brand faggotry
What a waste of energy.

>> No.78475538

Rocket Lake isn't coming out for months yet, and will according to current leaks still be slower than Zen 3. It will take Intel until Alder lake to have a chance to catch up, and their 10nm won't be competitive with TSMC 5nm from what we know.
So it's at least until around 2023 when Intel managed to get their 7nm working.
>According to AMD.
According to AMD and independent benchmarks. A retarded French retailer begun selling Zen 3 10 or so days before release. A bunch of people benched them already. Big name reviewers are still holding their horses because they don't want to ruin their relationship with AMD, but there's a lot of benchmarks by random people already.

>> No.78475550

Use the official iso, look up massgrave for activation, go to /fwg/ if you fell for the debloat meme.

>> No.78475553

everyone knows they're going to overcharge the new processors

>> No.78475560

>it's not ok when AMDfags do it
>it's ok when Intelfags do it

>> No.78475561

AMD has the fastest, most expensive CPUs on desktop and HEDT.
Intel is the budget brand now.

>> No.78475581

I come here and say im going to build an intel, then i do it, and i give advice when i can for either brand. Ive never shat on someone for going with amd, why would i? Waste of fucking time. Get what you need/want with what you can, optimise wheee you can, play some games or do some work, be fucking happy.

>> No.78475623

Get a 5700 XT or wait for 6800 XT or 3080

>> No.78475636

>Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $639.00
Wait for Zen 3 instead. It's coming out in a week.
>NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB Founders Edition Video Card $1483.63
What the fuck? That's double the MSRP, absolutely retarded price. Wait for 6800XT instead - it will be twice the performance at half the price, and coming out in a couple weeks.

>> No.78475644

>Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Full – USB 32/64-bit $186.00
pirate the key from a key site instead

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>it's a steve defends google being a monopoly that uses its position to control the internet episode

>> No.78475653

>10900k for gaming

>> No.78475678

Nice source, shill.

>> No.78475686

I already am but mental healthcare is poorly funded here.
Feel free to send me money for a private therapist.

>> No.78475689

The data for this was pulled straight from https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/graphics-gaming-benchmarks
AMD has historically been accurate with their benchmarks in their last 2-3 years, not having lied even once in that time period.

>> No.78475701

I'm stuck buying nvidia because all deep learning/AI projects right now require nvidia gpu's.

>> No.78475705

Tensorflow has a ROCm backend in development that's becoming pretty good lately, there's also Vulkan-NCNN. There are options for deep learning on AMD nowadays.

>> No.78475708

>shows amd ahead
Wow no way!

>> No.78475721

Not with the state amdrivers are in kek

>> No.78475722

Definitely wait

>> No.78475724

Wait for 6600XT or 6500XT. AMD generally offers better price/perf.

>> No.78475729

Do you live in 2009?

>> No.78475731

get 5600xt/5700xt or wait

>> No.78475732
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>I'm a retarded brand warrior on the listing side for the last decade, but YOU got too cocky


>> No.78475762

amd cards are uncommon and arrive much much later after release
the 5500xt is more expensive than the 1660

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>1) Denial
"AMD will not even beat the 3070, they can't even make a 2080Ti competitor"

>2) Anger

>3) Bargaining <= YOU ARE HERE
"W-well it still doesn't have RTX, CUDA, DLSS and NVENC and their drivers suck!"

>4) Depression
"I really shouldn't have paid 3000$ to that scalper for this 3090, I had to buy a new PSU and my room gets really hot, I don't even use CUDA accelerated workloads because I'm just another retarded gamer, maybe it really was a bad idea to buy a 3090 before Big Navi reviews..."

>> No.78475774
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>going on two months now and you still can't actually buy an Nvidia card

>> No.78475779

I will never ever buy AMD and you can't make me.

>> No.78475823

why do people keep comparing the 3070 and the 6800 when they're not even the same price bracket?

>> No.78475841

Why did people compare the 5700XT and the 2070 Super if they weren't in the same price bracket?

>> No.78475845

Because they're the two lowest of the recent high-end offerings. Both companies have three cards, so people are comparing them in parallel.

>> No.78475901


>> No.78475916

Did you really expect anything more from the bugmen on that forum?

>> No.78475936

the psu tier list is the only good thing they did
you clearly never read it

>> No.78475946

I guess because of perf per dollar? which totally makes sense of course but the 6800 is a 15% price increase for 15%-20% better performance on average, not to mention all of the benchmarks that are published were done with the 5900x to take advantage of the SAM

>> No.78475969

The truth is that comparisons aren't always done directly on price point, the 3700X almost never gets compared to the 9900K or the 10700K.
Likewise, the 5700XT was always being compared to the 2070S, and not the direct price competitors the 2060S and 2070.

>> No.78475984

They're competing in the same performance bracket, for one

>> No.78476017

Rate my build, /pcbg/: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/rHVQqp
The GPU is a placeholder for 6800XT (which is why I set the price to 650 eddies).
Any suggestions on stuff to change?

>> No.78476022
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>perf per dollar?

>> No.78476059

is this supposed to be making fun of AMD or NVIDIA?

>> No.78476072

2x140, and positive pressure favoring intake draws more dusty air towards the front dust filter, resulting in less dust getting inside the case itself

>> No.78476096

The U12S is better than the U12A. Also Noctua coolers already come with thermal paste.

>> No.78476109


>> No.78476139

Did you miss the part where he says he's not from the US?

>> No.78476160

You're falling for memes if you really think buying some other toothpaste is gonna make that much of a difference that even matters. Some benchmark could be 2 degrees cooler because the room was 2 degrees cooler that day. Its so meaningless and a waste of money but you can if you want.

The U12A isn't really "improved" though because the wind up of the fans are actually louder than the U12S to the point its more annoying and loud. It shouldn't even be on the market. Watch this if you really want to learn about all these coolers out there:

>> No.78476165

2x140mm is quieter for the same intake airflow since a lower fan speed is needed to supply the same amount of air 3x120mm will draw

>> No.78476190

they are in the same price bracket. can you buy a 3070 for MSRP anywhere? no. because nothing is ever in stock, so you have to get AIB cards that cost 50-100 bucks more minimum, which puts it directly up against the 6800.

>> No.78476222

Yes but also no. 140mm fans, if identical in other ways to 120mm fans, will be more efficient (larger fan blades above a certain air flow minimum are more efficient and all that), however 120mm fans as a group can be found with far more efficient blade designs in low price models due to economies of scale. Shit that's hard as fuck to set up manufacturing for makes more sense if you're making 1 million fans instead of just 50k fans. So it all depends on how much airflow you're moving/what noise level you're targeting due to how the market has driven shit.

>> No.78476281

Enjoy your 400W GPU, bro.

>> No.78476285

There's not much reason for the 3070 to have supply issues like the 3080. It uses GDDR6 instead of low yield GDDR6X so any pricing is currently due to retardation involving the 3080 speculations.
Once the 6800 drops in November, pricing should have normalised.

>> No.78476286

RT isn't going to matter until Hopper/RDNA3 at the very earliest. That's when we're meant to get semi-chiplet shit with I/O die externalisation as well so it will be interesting to see how the uplift from that goes.
But the number of worthwhile games using RT now and over the next ~2 years before the next GPU gen is going to be jack fucking shit

>> No.78476290
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I find the TUF Gaming stuff so fucking ugly i'm not sure why.

Maybe it's the piss streak yellow they cover everything in.

>> No.78476346

Now that I searched on that it probably does have the better noise

>> No.78476350

AMD used TBP, and you will only do 270W on a 5700XT with an overclock.
So no.
If you think the 3080 that at stock draws 400W on AIB models is going to be more efficient than Big Navi you aren't just insane, you're retarded and delusional.

>> No.78477208

>look at my averages from selected titles
>no framegraph to be seen
ignorance is bliss

>> No.78477216

New thread

>> No.78477219
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>> No.78477813

750 minimum.

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