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Enter Zen 3.

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There's a 10910? How many i9 SKUs does Comedy Lake have by now, anyway?

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That aside intel is only competitive against AMD when you're using high end Z motherboards and high end water cooling which make it particularly expensive for the performance advantage they offer. Even then it's only somewhat significant for some games at the stupid 1080p boomer resolution. At 1440p intel loses most of its performance advantage. Basically nill at 4K resolution.

AFAIK next gen graphics cards are supposed to be used for 4K 144Hz gaming monitors and basically waste computing resources at 1440p.

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>1% faster single core performance for twice the price

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yeah sure bro, but my 10900k does 5.4GHz, 5.2GHz AVX, with DDR4-4700 17-18-18

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What car sized radiator do you use?

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zen 3? More like zyklon 3

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It doesn't even take into account Ryzen's debilitating memory latency which is the main reason why it's shit.

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> ryzen losing single thread here too

I think you posted the wrong link

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*shots fired*

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Now post multi-thread performance

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You need to go back

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the difference between 3175 and 2794 is 12%

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>he doesn't have a 40" 4K monitor
Not gonna make it

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Mine does 5.6Ghz on air, 1.375V.. Yeah hehe talk about winning the silicon lottery, right? Still word on the street is that's not out of the ordinary for 10th generation genuine Intel. Did I mention 4900 15-15-15?

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I'll buy a ryzen 9 5900X and highend navi day one
intel and nvidia monopolies have to end and I can live without using the absolute best one or whatever gimmicky crap

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More lol

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>Nah I'm good
get a load of this cope LMAO

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There's nothing like standard /g/ hypocrisy.
>Cinebench is just a benchmark, let's make fun of it because it doesn't matter.
>Pass mark is a benchmark, scores in this matter!

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What the hell is an "amdbro" or "ryzenbro"
>dude, it's what those faggot incels say when they want to post their hourly cope threads
Yeah I know, just to say something other than "hourly incel cope thread".

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>has to buy a budget CPU and spends every waking hour on 4chan trying to convince himself and others that being poor is actually better

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>stutter-free 1440p 144hz
>can't even hit 144 in 1080p

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>hits 171 average

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why does AMD have to brute force the shit out of everything to try and make their hardware compete with intel?

with intel the high performance just comes so naturally to their arch

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>I can only gayme
3950X does the games pretty well, AND evaporates any mainstream intel chip for everything else. And doesnt have 49867398454 security flaws (and counting).
My 3950x hasnt let me down yet for anything I have asked of it, and I will be grabbing a 5950x next year to get the swansong AM4 chip.

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>imagine being so poor you can't afford 1440p 144hz with a 3700X and a 3080 for delicious 172 fps average

>> No.78015781

10900k does it better for $200 cheaper and the performance gap is even greater without a GPU bottleneck and the graph above is only the 3080 LOL

>> No.78015798

>competes at lower power draw/clocks
The only reason Intel is remotely competitive is precisely because THEY are brute-forcing their arch, pushing their chips to the limit and beyond power-draw wise to eke out the last 1-200mhz that 14++++++++++ can provide

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isn't the gap between intel and AMD effectively even greater since you can OC the shit out of intel CPUs but overclocking AMD can't really be done since they're already pushed to their limits?

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>have massively better IPC which benefits games greatly

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Absolutely. You might be able to squeeze 2 frames out of an AMD chip if you buy/return farm $400 magic RAM though

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>gets BTFO with two graphs showing 171 average and 137 minimum fps across 28 games in 1440p
>still replies without shame or humility
Your dedication to being BTFO repeatedly is admirable, goodnight, my retarded 1080poorfag friend

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>$600 Intel CPU beats $800 AMD cpu in every benchmark
I want off of this AMD train. Why did you assholes trick me into buying this garbage?

>> No.78016031

>yeah no, at 1440p a computer monitor/tv screen is already getting too damn big.
Not at all. I definitely can see a difference in sharpness between 1080p and 1440p. But I wouldn't go 4K because of diminishing returns (and it drives hardware requirements way up). Also my previous display was 1920x1200 so I definitely didn't want to downgrade to 1080p.

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Imagine being dissapointed with owning 3950x. Imagine not making informed purchasing decisions for you usecase. Imagine presenting patently incorrect information regarding pricing.
Imagine being a particularly poor shill.

>> No.78016050

What the fuck why there are so many k kf, ks, f etc shit models with similar results?

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I should have bought the 10900k but you shills tricked me. Never again.

>> No.78016067

What is the difference between these?

>> No.78016071

This is true but that said how many ryzen owners actually bother to pair it with proper 3600+ memory and set the fabric to match.

Hardware unboxed don't even do this (cos they're fucking idiots) and instead use 3200mhz ram with a gimped 1600mhz fabric clock.

The could shave off near 20nano seconds which is like 25% total latency off memory and also improve CCX latency. All new (last few months) zen2 chips can do higher than 1800 fabric too.

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This is what Intel shills have been reduced to.

>> No.78016114

Hardware unbox are retards that use 3200mhz ram for benchmarking. AMD Processors should be run with 3600mhz minimum 4000 max with a linked fabric clock for best results

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You're better off pairing that RAM with Intel, it scales even better.

>> No.78016157

Intel and AMDs gpu 4000series can just keep going with ram frequency, but zen2 is absolutely gimped the slower you run it because it's linked to the fabric clock and has higher latency in general.

>> No.78016209

>need an industrial water chiller to maintain (((boost)))

>> No.78016224

>implying anyone on this board has workloads other than masturbating to traps and shilling for AMD

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Think about the 3950X for a moment. During gaming the average all-core frequency is only 4.1 GHz compared to the average all-core frequency of the i9-10900K running close to 5 GHz.

That's a MASSIVE 1GHz advantage intel has, it should literally be like 25% faster. Yet we don't see that even when a very high end graphics card like the RTX 3080 is used, see >>78015760

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running 4.6 on chiplet 4.4 on shitlet @ 1.375 w/ 3600 RAM and the improvement is fairly significant.

>> No.78016438


What's your fabric clock at? Made a huge difference on my 3600 setting it to 1866 and matching the ram (though the memory was more expensive that the processor). 3600 oc to 4.3 at 1.31v. going higher needs way too much voltage

>> No.78016508

>3950X does the games pretty well, AND evaporates any mainstream intel chip for everything else.
Not just mainstream either. Intel had to slash prices in half for their entire HEDT lineup because of it.

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1800, i haven't played around much trying to get my RAM to go higher. had to put it at 1.4 to hit 3600. might fucks around with it later today.

>> No.78016745

wtf I thought zen 2 wasn't supported?

>> No.78016908

#1 in Cinebench means #1 in all CPU bound games too, Osama

>> No.78016932

Go back to /v/

>> No.78016966

>V8 engine
>let's run it on one cylinder and see how it does
Why do people do this

>> No.78016983

Because certain kinds of software such as Photoshop benefits greatly from single core performance because Adobe is retarded.

>> No.78016997

bad comparison. roads don't restrict how many cylinders you can use.

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Ah the ol Computers to cars analogy

Cos Software totally scales with >>MOAR CORES

>> No.78017007

artificial benchmarks are a meme

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Mainly because all the retards in this thread still believe that games will only run on 1-2 cores for all eternity and things like DX12/Vulkan won't make it easier for devs to take advantage of multi-core performance. They also look the other way when people mention how 8c/16t processors are going to become the golden standard when it comes to coding vidya because of next gen consoles.

In their minds they're deluded enough to think a dual-core pentium running at 5 GHz will be 50% faster than a 3700X running at 4GHz and don't even know what IPC means.

>> No.78017322


Delete this blasphemy

>> No.78017425

Good thing we bought bulldozer in 2011 then. Oh wait, it was already obsolete.

>> No.78017434

>in games

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>AMD even got sued
i got my check

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I still remember the BL2 benchmarks and how "AMD is just as good as Intel" being spammed on /v/. My, drones haven't changed a bit.

>> No.78017669

>4x ryzen cpus
>20+ intel cpus
Why are intel shill charts always like this?

>> No.78018217

It would if programmers didnt suck lazy ass.

>> No.78018472

There's always something holding AMD back, isn't there?

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If you disable future frame rendering (which is what the devs recommend), BFV only uses 4 cores.

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>At 1440p intel loses most of its performance advantage

lol k

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>> No.78018611

Why use DX12 when you can use DX11 on Intel/nVidia for even better performance?

>> No.78018626


any other intel memes on the menu today?
wheres the cinebench?

>> No.78018630

99% of games are DX11

>> No.78018677

You should undervolt it asap, running all core on about 1,36+ degrades the chip very quickly

>> No.78019120

>average all-core frequency of the i9-10900K running close to 5 GHz
what are you talking about

>> No.78019696

redditors pls go

>> No.78020475


Let me know when you guys finish coding dx12 for every game while you wait around complaining about optimization.

>> No.78020595

> singlethread
What do young internet denizens call that? "Grasping for straws", I believe.

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meanwhile in multi core, which is the reason why you would buy AMD anyway

>> No.78021610

I know it has 60% more cores, but it doesn't cost 60% more money so there you go

>> No.78022572

I read on /r/AMD that it would have 25% faster single core performance than 10900k

>> No.78022587

Possibly. Just being conservative. I am talking gaming here rather than productivity.

>> No.78022787

the only things that would use that many cores is rendering and compiling gentoo.

>> No.78022883

>Sees results
>*What, is Intel back in the game?*
>Retarded Intel shill posted single threaded bench
>KEK, it's 2021 bitches, we have more than one core here.

>> No.78022993

Also cheaper

>> No.78023367


Wrong, Intel silicon have little or no overclock headroom since Kaby Lake. They have been pushing their silicon to limit ever since Zen1 dropped while 10mn is a burning trainwreck.

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