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>> No.77787017

Realistically even if AMD brings their biggest card to be between 3070 and 3080 and with power consumption at around 270-300W.
Would you buy it?
Their ray tracing will be at least half the performance of 3080 because it is their first time implementing it and they still don't have DLSS which basically gives double the FPS

>> No.77787605

This, and imagine the new drivers

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File: 450 KB, 1292x892, 1440p Pair your cpu with appropriate gpu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 159 KB, 2004x1220, intel vs amd 10fps better at 1440p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel better by 10 fps, also better at having 10 times more security vulnerabilities

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fucking kek, OP on suicide watch fast

>> No.77788509

you could add mount and blade intel are around 30% faster too.

>> No.77788512

>posting a cherry picked, poorly made game when other charts are including up to 14 games
See the other charts posted and stop embarrassing yourself

>> No.77788548

If you want to play at 240 Hz you're going to need to play at 1080p

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>i know what im doing guys

>> No.77788579

>AMDrones: Only 4k benchmarks matter where the CPU is negligent

Also AMDrones

>1440p benchmarks don't matter until Ryzen is leading

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Yeah games that have demanding gameplay are absolutely unforgiving on AMD cpus.

>> No.77788734

Yeah but that's 1080p where the cpu plays more of a role in affecting performance. See >>77787676

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>> No.77788776

>claims he's being bottlenecked by cpu
>talks about a resolution that's not dependent on cpu
>still can't see that Intel wins at 1440p
Also IntelDrones

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AMD bottlenecks your CPU even at 4K

>> No.77788806

>3080 benchmarkers and reviewers not measuring 1080p

>> No.77788814

*your GPU

>> No.77788818

hahaha nigga we only need 24fps to see motion like haha

>> No.77788828

why you post spike why not average.

>> No.77788836

Finally a chart worth posting that's not 1080p or some dotashit. Looks like it proves what's been posted though, Intel is a couple percent better in a few games, just not the ones in >>77787753

>> No.77788852

Depends how much cheaper it is

>> No.77788854

>esports title benchmark
>averages well above 1440p 144hz monitors
>less cores and threads because he thinks redundant frames will make him a better gamer
clap clap retard

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Just buy an $800 3950X bro you'll get almost the same performance as a 9400F

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Look at the 1% mins bro. AMD won't even let you max out your monitor, let alone your graphics card.

>> No.77788873

>im gonna post a benchmark then ignore it's average fps count and go right down to 1% lows that are around 130fps
keep trying faggot.

>> No.77788910

>Sacrificing +6 cores or more for 10-30% in FPS
Still buying AMD

>> No.77788917

>Better lower the resolution!

Lowering the resolution won't help, you're bottlenecked by your CPU. You can't even game at 144 fps.

>> No.77788955

Look at the 1% lows bro.

>> No.77789081

>thinks hes noticing stuttering at 132fps
you actually know fuck all about computers do you

>> No.77789100

>kids posting cpu benchmarks when GPU is always a bottleneck for anything that's not minecraft

>> No.77789123

I don't know about your third world country, but here all gaming monitors in 2020 are 240 Hz

>> No.77789133

>can barely run games at half that

>> No.77789158

No they aren't. There are very few 240hz monitors and most are just 1080p, so only good for esports shit anyway

>> No.77789166

>posting this philipino subhuman fake benchmarks

>> No.77789192

When you play a game online and you get shit on, just remember that the guy you're playing against has a 240 Hz monitor and an Intel CPU and you won't beat him until you also get an Intel CPU and a 240 monitor.

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>> No.77789241

Or it's 700 for the FE in 2 weeks, $0 for a PSU because I didn't cheap out in the first place, taxes, tip and BLM irrelevant because I'm not an amerifat

>> No.77789247

pretty sure a pro player on a 120hz monitor will still shit on 99% of people with 240hz monitor. gaymer monitor marketing will make you think otherwise but it's true regardless of what you think.

>> No.77789279

Are there seriously this many people rocking 10700k with a 2080Ti playing Rocket League in 1080p?

The most obscure section of the gaming market.

>> No.77789289

Nobody plays Rocket League lol.

>> No.77789297

>reputable reviewers, and not paid shill sites

You mean AMD Unboxed? lol

>> No.77789301

when people think they need 700fps to win in a game you know they have no brains.

>> No.77789334

I thought HU was known as IntelUnboxed

>> No.77789335

I know. That's why I'm confused about the benchmark being used as an intel coping mechanism.

>> No.77789346

So how do we get a card now? Just sit at your computer with NowInStock open for a month or two?

>> No.77789358

OP and the 1080p 700fps poster got BTFO hard in this thread. Learn to match your hardware with your resolution, retard.

>> No.77789360

Userbenchmark is a community based website. It's the furthest possible thing from a paid shill reviewer.

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They spammed CSGO benchmarks for years, now that Intel gets beat in CSGO, do you recall seeing any CSGO benchmarks posted by Intel shills lately?

Look at them, resorting to posting shitty screencaps of fake benchmark sites like userbenchmark lmao.

Self reported? What methodology is used to gather those framerates? The systems can differ wildly, there is zero rigor to your shitty number aggregator website.

>> No.77789410

I wonder if AMD is going to manage to compete on core speed or if Zen 3 will just be moar coars. Most of the stuff I actually care about like Factorio gets nothing from additional cores.

>> No.77789412
File: 2.00 MB, 3649x3024, 4xct6vtuo7x41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That feel when if Crossfire were still supported I could get a second 5700xt and still have headroom for overclocking the shit out of it on a 750w PSU. It's only pulling 230w when I OC it.

>> No.77789417

Please post your account stats in CSGO, CODMW, BFV, Quake Champions, and any other popular FPS right now to show me how much that 240hz helps you.

>> No.77789426

Yes it does.


Better IPC, lower latency from unified CCX, more cores and better speed. All of it. They're not slowing down after Zen 2.

>> No.77789448


>> No.77789480

How new are you? Everyone knows userbenchmark fully sold out to Intel. It was so obvious it was trashed everywhere, that's why nobody links it or uses it anymore lol

>> No.77789498

I'm not seeing any facts in your post bro. Just cope.

>> No.77789499

>Better IPC
aka moar coars. It's useless for applications that don't parallelize well. I need core speed.

>> No.77789522

Really annoying how they didn't undervolt that vega 56 in the chart

>> No.77789523

>better ipc
>aka moar coars
No? Not at all you retard. Zen 3 has a new unified CCX design, where 8 cores are on a single die, as opposed to 4, cutting down latencies significantly, it also has a reworked, faster IMC that allows it to run faster memory speeds at even lower latencies, and faster cache access.
And on top of that the clock speed is also going up.

>> No.77789546

>no, but let me tell you about more cores

>> No.77789555

>Userbenchmark changes their CPU rating algorithm to push huge focus on 1T performance while nerfing nT performance because 'Ryzen is too fast'
>this is as good of a time as any to mention that no qualified journalist we know of uses Userbenchmark for any of their review coverage or testing and that is likely for a very good reason.

>UserBenchmark gets cancelled for biased component rating
>due to its inaccurate benchmark and rating system which misguided many unsuspecting readers, therefore ending not able to make the best purchase decision

Cope more, newfag

>> No.77789564

Are you stupid?
Actually, don't bother to answer.

>> No.77789577

Oh wow you linked to an article on thinkcomputers.com, I truly am btfo now.

It's a community based website, it's the only thing that should be trusted.

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>new 10700k because AMD bottlenecks even at 1440p
you don't buy that gpu for 1440p

>> No.77789605

In other words you're coping, seething and dilating.

>> No.77789638

No bro, there's no weighted algorithm, there's just framerates reported by the community.

That's it and that's all man.

>> No.77789668

Sure but did you miss the i3 beating the i9

>> No.77789694
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Intel is the one paying everyone and they can't pay enough to keep people from hiding the truth at this point.
Your jewish company is finished and bankrupt.
Hey, when is 10nm coming? 2030?

>> No.77789747

Correct, Intel btfos AMD in single core performance.

I'm not sure exactly what point you're trying to make but yeah.

>> No.77789750
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Here's your 10nm superfin power sirs

>> No.77789779
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I know, it was sarcasm

>> No.77789780
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Intel 10nm superfin advanced technology sirs

>> No.77789789

1080p is for esport faggots who wouldn't play any better if it was 1000hz.

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Intel skillful node engineering at work

>> No.77789795

Userbenchmark benchmarks are submitted by its user base. It doesn't get any less corporate than that.

Can you imagine going to Apple's websites and all the promotional performance charts were posted by random users?

>> No.77789796

Camp it and wait for additional stock or cancellations. Or try your luck again with the 3070.

>> No.77789818
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Intel engineering fabs hard at work

>> No.77789819

Like I said bro, you can still game at 240 Hz in 2020, just not at the high level.

>> No.77789836
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Excellent node quality, good job Intel engineers, i'm sure intel 7nm will be so much better

>> No.77789838

If your opponent is playing at 240 Hz but you're playing at 100 Hz (Ryzen can't maintain a constant 144 Hz), your opponent will always win assuming you're both equally skilled.

>> No.77789847

Intel is shit for laptops, shit for desktops and shit for servers. Objective fact that angers inteljeets 24/7.

>> No.77789879

What about random critical hits?

>> No.77789880

Post stats bro, I wanna have a laugh.
Show me those high level competitive gamer stats.

>> No.77789896
File: 167 KB, 924x381, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.77789924

It's bot placing mass fake bids to piss off scalpers.

>> No.77789947

Can't be trash because it's not Intel.

>> No.77789960

Enjoy your stuttering housefire gaming experience bro.

>> No.77789967

Nice 1% lows bro.
Enjoying the stutters?

>> No.77789975

>unless you are a pajeet

>> No.77789976

It belongs in a garbage can bro. Only reason why they get away with selling it at a similar price to Comet Lake is that Youtuber shills have mindfucked tech illiterates with their cherrypicked 4K benchmarks.

>> No.77789991

Keep trying intelbro, maybe one day intel will make good products worthy of buying

>> No.77789992

Hey bro.
It's ok to be coping with your 6700K housefire, but accept that the rest of the world has moved on.

>> No.77790005

The lows are still above 90 fps
On cpu that was released before ryzen was even released

>> No.77790049
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>> No.77790061

isn't ur aio rad upside down but based taichi user

>> No.77790064 [DELETED] 

>7 fps different at most
Zen 3 truly is the intel finisher.

>> No.77790127
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>graph of a German store's sales known for catering to AMD fans and compiled by a random redditor shows ~80% of their sales are AMD CPUs
Wow you got me, AMD shill. Also, can you comment on pic related?

>> No.77790146
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Keep coping third worlder, I know subhumans loves intel quite a lot

>> No.77790157


>> No.77790164

Server sales move slow and are tied into a platform. A full server overhaul means they would look at AMD as an alternative but it's down to more than just which is faster. It's the support. The compatibility with existing infrastructure. The software they run etc etc. Companies prefer something that does not move too far from what they already have in place. To change venfors entirely creates all kinds of problems no matter how much better the hardware may be. It moves much much slower than some dude on his PC or laptop.

>> No.77790165

All I know is that you get 40% less FPS in DOTA 2.

You'll always lose to people on Intel. Now I know what you're going to say. You're going to say “I beat my grandmother all the time and I'm only on 60 Hz” but my point is that you can't compete at the high level which is the whole point of gaming in the first place. If you're not competitive at a game then what the fuck even is the point?

>> No.77790175

>Gaming site (Steam survey) shows most game on laptops and 1080p monitors using shit tier GPU's
Wow you got me

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>goes on and on about saying more fps = win and then brings up Dota 2, which is not a competitive shooter
Holy fuck you are retarded

>> No.77790215

Why are shills so fond of wojack? Is it that it's "safe" and if you stick to it you're not likely to use a meme that was about Jews or niggers and get BRAND into trouble?

>> No.77790222

If this site wasn't against racism and antisemitism like some leftist shithole I'd post something else.

>> No.77790257

You're right bro, I apologize. I don't know what I was thinking. My bad.

Anyway, here's a chart of Rainbow Six Siege:


>> No.77790382

60 vs 240 is two leagues difference.

>> No.77790415

I never asked for a FPS benchmark just because your brain processed me saying dota2 high fps doesn't mean shit doesn't mean i want you to bring up your old FPS benchmark post where you died on a hill trying to defend 1% lows of 132 fps you absolute mongoloid.

>> No.77790457

>I never asked for a FPS benchmark

Yes you did bro. Well you or another AMDrone did which really doesn't matter because you're all on the same cope wagon and you're all stuck in a situation where you recently spent $2000 on a brand new PC and can't game competitively. That's not a good situation.

>> No.77790493
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>quotes my post
>his retard brain thinks i want him to do something when i didn't ask for it
>blames someone else after realising his retardedness
>thinks other people are fucking up their pc builds when he's already proven within the span of 3 minutes that his brain functions in a retarded manner

>> No.77790495

>Linus shill tips
>sponsored by Nvidia
Why do you guys watch ads.

>> No.77790513
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>those diminishing returns going 144 to 240
the one 240hz fag on this board btfo

>> No.77790617

why do you americans still care about how much power your computer uses? you're all retards
you wear fucking shoes in your own homes that have all carpet flooring
you have other shit to worry about, fucking retards

>> No.77790618

if its a lot cheaper: yes
if just slightly cheaper like they did with recent releases they can go fuck themselves

>> No.77790634

Every time you win by less than 10% would have been a loss.

>> No.77790657

you know there are very cheap 1440p 240hz monitors now with 99% color and 5 ms total lag.

>> No.77790658

Spoken like a true marketer.

>> No.77790686

Yeah after 5 years of AMD shills chirping about quadcores not being enough for gaming anymore the 7700k still beats the best of Rypoo in gaming.

Pretty funny.

>> No.77790718
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>Buy AMD for 1440p/4k
>buy intel for 720p/1080p

>> No.77790724

there is no perceptible difference anymore
IPS is a bit faster and thats why it used for 360hz still but thats about it

>> No.77790736
File: 2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 1597499124897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*throttles* *crashes*

>> No.77790752

>violently, repeatedly spikes between turbo oc and 2.5 ghz

>> No.77790753

>goes faster than the AMD equivalent for vidya
>AMD shill posts: *throttles* *crashes*

>> No.77790761

Intel is now officially the CPU brand of choice for poorfags.

>> No.77790771

Intel is faster, what are you talking about peasant

>> No.77790794

>poorfag resolution intjeet immediately replies with more cope
You got him mad again

>> No.77790818

I'd honestly rather have the Jews than these shills.

>> No.77790820

Intel: the premium 640x480 gaming experience.

>> No.77790897
File: 649 KB, 2560x1440, cpu scaling 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77790936

>rypoo for gaming

Yes, I do enjoy a nice cpu bottleneck how did you guess?

>> No.77790965

What's wrong anon? Can't read a graph?

>> No.77790995

No thanks I'll keep my 2080ti and 2700x and 32gb 3200 cl16 ram and 3tb ssds 750w psu
Don't even game atm there's nothing good out

>> No.77791001

The differences are marginal and you would not notice it in gameplay. Zen 3 is going to mack Intel look stupid.

>> No.77791090

The graphs are right there. A few percent at best. Older games might get you more FPS on Intel but newer games there's not a lot in it between them. Zen 3 is going to be the new gaming king anyhow.

>> No.77791173

>puts 2 old men who are presenters back onto the graph to somehow change the point
did you immediately regret hitting submit?
>5fps diff in game
>0 fps diff in game
>6 fps diff in game
>flight sim trash
>10900k $100-150 more expensive than the 3800XT
are you guys retards?

>> No.77791207
File: 387 KB, 680x708, 1590347879334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I too like paying $125 more to gain 5 fps.

>> No.77791275

>15-20% IPC gains
Heavily doubt it, given the Tiger Lake disappointment.
And have you even seen the Rocket Lake lineup?
6c/12t i5, 8c/12t i7, 8c/16t i9 is kinda pathetic when even consoles are 8c/16t.

>> No.77791288

Tiger lake already has those kinds of IPC gains over Comet lake, so why would you doubt it. It's just held back by a shitty node.

>> No.77791297
File: 771 KB, 828x1792, 1600354392603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tiger lake already has those kinds of IPC gains over Comet lake
Sure thing, bud.

>> No.77791371

>nvidia comes out with 100% paper launch and pretends its selling out instantly because of how amazing it is
>new cards literally pointless to overclock and removes control from the hands of their loyal consumers
"eh you guys just need to relax heh heh there are better things to worry about lol go take a walk or something and trust nvidia" -gaymers nexus
>amd does paper launch with no misdirections about it being a paper launch and no ulterior motives, just up front about it
>new chips nearly pointless to overclock for technical reason that the algorithm it ships with is much better at it than an end user, therefor benefiting the customer
"WOOOOOWWWWW, amd marketing dept is such a joke. i cannto reccomend u guys to buy these products because of how DECEPTIVE they are. steve out" -gaymers next us
Why does anyone post his screenshots when he is a blatant shill?

>> No.77791632

>Normies are elevated to pros level by 240hz
>Normies can't tell difference in blind test between 120 and 240 (another vid). But. In very high skill test normies double performance better 120 vs 240
This is literally "buy more skill " case for normies.

>> No.77791942
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>CPU bottleneck at 4K

>> No.77791973

No more 5Ghz brah :)

>> No.77792011

The tuf reviews just say it's exactly the same power as the FE, but much quieter.

>> No.77792046

340w from nvidiapowerup, It means real power draw is 10% higher
fuck that, I'm not buying any card that's over 250w rated.

>> No.77792101

>two 40 year old men become indistinguishable from pro gamers

ADMrones on suicide watch

>> No.77792114
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Some guys said that Zen 3 will be better at games than intel CPUs because AMD is finally doing something something intercore single ring something, which reduces delays for core to core interactions (or something) and that will make Zen 3 faster than intel.

>> No.77792164

just an evolution of IF and memory controller, it was AMD first attempt at proper memory controller with zen1, they are going intel latency this gen probably which is damn impressive considering how the arch works

>> No.77792191

Still going to use chiplets. As long as they're using the Ryzen arch it will remain trash in gaming.

>> No.77792217

>3% slower than 350w intel houserfire
I really don't understand you people.

>> No.77792224

>3% slower


>> No.77792503

>amdrone cope

>> No.77793836

>Realistically even if AMD brings their biggest card to be between 3070 and 3080 and with power consumption at around 270-300W.
>Would you buy it?
>Would I buy a card that actually has stock on launch, is cheaper and has almost the same performance as a 3080
yes, fuck nvidia.

>> No.77794104

For me the biggest thing that puts me off AMD GPUs is drivers and software, if they can get day one driver patches for AA and AAA games that don't work and within a month patches for smaller titles only then do they become an option for me.

>> No.77794727

That's basically powercolor being garbage. Every other brand is same as nvidia.

>> No.77795111

>something something intercore single ring something
The absolute state of /g/

>> No.77795695

Ignoring the possible driver bugs, they have to also improve VCN to at least turing level nvenc quality and run cuda code too to get my support.

>> No.77796006

>run cuda
I'm beginning to think that this is a shill term. Amd can't run Cuda motherfucker. It's proprietary.

>> No.77796098

Shills love to tout the nvenc encoder or cuda like everyone including their dogs do streaming or machine learning lol

>> No.77796149

Streaming on CPU > streaming on GPU

>> No.77796715

>ryzen bottlenecks on a resolution that cpu is irrelevant

is this the state of poozed intelaviv fans?

>> No.77796793

Just play games on pixelated resolutions bro

>> No.77796849

>AMD bottlenecks even at 1440p
>Literally runs only 3-6fps slower on 1440p than a 10900k
how does it feel to be a intel toddler?

>> No.77797029

Same mindset as itoddlers, intoddlers brag about overpriced shit winning by margin of error in one scenario

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