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*double the performance

*up to

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Embarrassing for nvidiots

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hello darkness my old friend

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based linus

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Op is a dirty br macaco. Poor too of course

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Found the spic

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>double performance in blender
That's a sell for me.
You kids keep arguing about your bibby-bame toys.

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I'm worried lads

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AMD bros?

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Big this

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Ok dude who makes 3d anime porn for mature weebs such as yourself

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Does this mean AMD actually has a chance this time around?

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Considering that Nvidia's new gen is just the old gen, if AMD made ANY progress they are catching up.

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AMD can't even reach 1080 ti performance years later

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>unironically posting and watching this race traitor shill

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mfw RX 5700 XT couldnt even run half the workload benchmarks and or just crashed

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they refuse to since they had issue in the past, nvidia sold them defective cards

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>Why apple can't use nvidia? Can u gove me a rundown?
no support for drivers. The people who used eGPUs from nvidia, had to downgrade back to Mojavee instead of catalina.

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>he spent 95% of it being in awe

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That comment was strictly on raytracing

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/lgbt/ is /pol/? o.O

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How many times did he drop the 3080?

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>AMD's fastest card gets 22 fps

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>Mfw my card gets 12 in that.

Going from 1070 to 3080 is going to be such a ridiculous performance jump.

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>tfw I’m only buying one for minecraft rtx

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I mean, he probably makes your entire salary in a month on patreon.

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>watching linus cuck tips
stop watching this cringe lord and his opinion pieces. hardware unboxed has pure numbers and charts. theres no need for e-celebs.

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90% over rtx 2080 seems what jensen said

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Neither of the Steves covered cpu / ram temperatures in their videos.
Linus however did.


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retarded thing to "cover" considering he doesnt have an AIB card to compare the new cooler to. just goes to show you this cuck shill has no analytical mind at all. hes just another MKBHD

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>Still using an r9 290

>> No.77754175

Nvidiots on full damage control

>> No.77754184

Whats with the cuckbeard?

>> No.77754256

Stop giving this guy views.

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I've never seen this version of gigachad before wtf.

>> No.77754359

he compared it to previous gen makes sense if you're upgrading desu

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>america is the best at american football because only we play it
typical dumb mutt lmao.

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It's clickbait. He couldn't stop sucking Nvidia's dick in the actual video. OHYESYESYESYESYES

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god AMD is so dead

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LMAO amdrivers strike again

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If you aren't as incompetent as Linus Shill Tips, setting up OpenCL for rendering and shit is a thing you can do.

>> No.77754593

Holy fuck, that's an enormous amount of power wasted.

>> No.77754595

>"new yuyu hakusho season looking promising"

>> No.77754600

But we knew this from the DF review. 70% in raster, up to 2x in raytracing.
None of this is new.

>> No.77754604

It's almost twice as performant per watt as RDNA cards, while being on an inferior node.

If you call that bad power efficiency than AMD's power effiency is literally stone-age tier.

>> No.77754636

>ok it's literally the worst generation from nvidia EVER for power efficiency

You don't know how to read a graph?

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>Did not run (crash)

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The measure for power efficiency is frames per watt.

The 3080 is on top of the graph in frames per watt

Yet you state

>ok it's literally the worst generation from nvidia EVER for power efficiency

In other words.. well you're just stupid

>> No.77754745

lol. Manage to grab a 2070S for $300 thanks to the hype. Get fucked consoomers.
>But Big Navi
That'll be a disappointment to.

>> No.77754770

Digital Foundry's shill piece was claiming 100%+ in rasterization too. They used Doom Eternal to illustrate it (because Nvidia told them to). But then DF has been a literal shill channel for a good while now.

>> No.77754772

Fucking saved. Thanks.

>> No.77754799

They even said themselves in the video it was an outlier you dumb fucking cunt

>> No.77754808

in terms of generational gains
are you just pretending you can't read?

>> No.77754812


Ofc he didn't read, just like a midget in a grocery store he needs to reach

>> No.77754854

Everyone with half a brain knew that.
When Nvidia/AMD/Intel talk about double performance they always mean in isolated cases or their very specific controlled benchmarks.

>> No.77754880

They were pretty open it was 70% on average (maybe they threw around the 80% number a bit too much?) They never said, and never showed, 100% average in raster. Maybe you saw isolated jumps here or there, I can't recall.

>> No.77754895

I read exactly what you said which was

>"ok it's literally the worst generation from nvidia EVER for power efficiency"

Which it clearly isn't, in fact, its the best generation available right now in terms of power efficiency not only between Nvidia cards but between AMD and Nvidia cards.

Continue shifting the goalpost though.

You can't bitch about performance, cost per frame, or frame per watt, so you try and hold onto the last straw you've got, it's hilarious.

The amount of cope in your post is astronomical

>> No.77754916

Ofc but remember that bullshit amd with the 2x480 == titan or something Nvidia high end, on some benchmark nobody cared about, we shat on them for that, I don't see why we shouldnt shit on nvidia for the same shit.

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>will have to buy 3090 just to get 60 fps

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>people panic sold their 2080ti for $500
just as planned

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More like /pol/ is /lgbt/
/pol/ is filled with degenerates who get off to gay furry porn and people that would bang femboys and traps.

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>mfw bought 2080 ti from consoomurist from ebay for.
I swear to god. He still mus be shitting himself.

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I mean, attempt to buy a 3080 tomorrow. Im guessing it wont go that smooth

>> No.77755522

>the boo-urns joke
that was awful

>> No.77755547

>adds 3 minutes on top to compile opencl kernel

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>jensen says it has up to 2x the performance
>literally has up to 2x the performance

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Hey thermals are good.

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>Linus Thumbnail Bait Tips.
Every other youtuber should learn a thing or two fro this guy, he's a legit genius of the field.

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Just wait for Big Navel.

>> No.77755763

>absolute hype disappoints absolutely

>> No.77755783

I would like to lick Panty's panty

>> No.77755895

Oh no we should shit on them, i'm just surprised by how many people just blindly believed the double performance shit.

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OmegaNavi will deliver guise...
just Wait!

>> No.77756078

I mean, why not? it's just a month or two away.

>> No.77756158

Tech stocks are down today. Except for intel but they are busy doing a massive buy back so its artificial bullshit. NVDA is up this month. AMD is in the red this month. Stocks are staying true to team colors.

>> No.77756250

I can get myself a better looking girlfriend without having all the money that he has.

>> No.77756259

Enough that the heat sink paint was chipping off in the close ups. Not even a joke. Tech jesus tore his apart and it was in better shape.

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Ampere bros...

>> No.77756406

The reviews that mention it say that it isn't a problem. The cooler added less heat to the CPU and RAM than a 2080 or 2080 Ti. I forget which exactly was mentioned. Maybe it was in the linus review. Said the way the GPU moves air around the cooler makes everything slightly cooler. I imagine its because it dumps the heat straight towards the exhaust instead of dumping it on the bottom half and letting it work its way around the case.

>> No.77756407

Wait fuck are you serious?

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3070 is more powerful than the 2080 Ti.

>> No.77756475

Imagine thinking Leatherman's power point presentation was a benchmark and not just marketing speak.

>> No.77756486

At least it’ll have native vr support I guess. I’ll have to to wait for some autismo to get RTX hardware acceleration to work with the java renderer. Which hopefully won’t be too far down the line.

>> No.77756518

what the fuck did you expect? raytracing running in java?

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When do these go on sale on the nvidia website? Midnight?

>> No.77756668

who is this hairlet again?

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You just know some retard out there is gonna burn his family by running this shit on a chink 500W PSU.
And to think AMD was the housefire brand before.

>> No.77756990

That's out of context faggot

>> No.77757046

it's said "notify me" from the beginning. It's still the 16th and they release the 17th.

>> No.77757102

I checked r*ddit and apparently they go on sale at 6am PDT.

>> No.77757106

If I was namefag/tripfag I'd be worried too. Neck yourself.

>> No.77757153

FOUR (4) AMD cards, the rest nVidia.
Wow what a fantastic comparison!!!

>> No.77757189

I like FS2020, but it really neads to stop crashing on approach.
That's what happens when you release a game in alpha.

>> No.77757248

Ironically I HAVE a 1080ti and have zero interest in upgrading. That being said, nvidia is still run by greedy, lying jews, and RDNA2 is gonna be great.

>> No.77757257

30 fps in fs2020 feels like 60-70 desu

>> No.77757270

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about. 1080Ti owner, btw.
Got a 4k monitor some years ago, and it's just a nightmare trying to hold 60fps.
Got a first gen occulus rift, and it's just too experimental looking. Also resolution is absolute garbage. This new card might make me buy a new set.
Next-gen is here, guys!

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>> No.77757288

>1080ti owner
>Got a 4k monitor some years ago, and it's just a nightmare trying to hold 60fps.
My 1080ti holds 60fps on my 4k. Stop maxing out all graphics settings, dumbass. Drop some of those shadow and blur effects down or off.

>> No.77757289

3080 is +90% performance at 4K.
If you're not interested, you're playing 1080p.
Buy a 1440p display.

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>> No.77757378

and where is your girlfriend?

>> No.77757445

The new oculus go or whatever it is called is being revealed soon. The leaked video suggested that it is 2k res per eye, $300, and uses a single usb cable to play your PC games if you don't want to use the built in hardware. Pretty fucking great value when looking at the $1000 valve headset as an alternative.

>> No.77757494

Yeah, I heard I need a Facebook account, so I'd rather not.

>> No.77757570

You know, they kept going on about motion sickness, but I never threw up.
No, what really got me, even though the occulus was light as fuck, was that it was wearing out my neck.
Guess our neck muscles are calibrated to our head's weight in some way.
Hope Elon musk can have me gaming with his brain implants, I guess.

>> No.77757626

No idea why people freaked out about that news. You can make an account and never use it for shit. I made one in case anything needs a facebook account and never used the account in years. Sign into my empty account and the VR would work no problem.

>> No.77757645

I hate this clown so god-damn much.

>> No.77757665

They probably considered building for someone who isn't a light neck wage cuck

>> No.77757668

What I understand is it will spend useless CPU cycles throwing your data in there.
Pretty much the same as W10 telemetry.
And this data isn't for your 'friends'.

>> No.77757694

Well, it's not immediate. Takes like an hour to get sour.
It's just that the brain calculates how much muscle is needed, but it's actually a bit more.

>> No.77757701

If they want data on how often I pour some tequila and get down with a couple of VR she boys then what do I care?

>> No.77757827

Look, the only real question is: are 6900XT launching 28/10?
Seems likely as we got some real photos.
Whether they're better or not doesn't really matter. They can't do north of 3080's 320W and they'll probably just be 3070s like cards.
That's bad news for NVidia, because they need the low end to make burgers.

>> No.77757966

4k period.
Cyberpunk incoming.
Not gonna cut it.

>> No.77757975

Or 240hz

>> No.77757995

Are you retarded? 4K gaming is about getting 60fps.

>> No.77758026

Learn to read

>> No.77758031

I didn’t say 4K high refresh I was saying 4K or ultrawide or high refresh not combinations of said specs

>> No.77758058

I'm not. I imagine they'll bring 3070 performance at a 50$ discount or something.
That's great, and NVidia will loose money from it, but they better hurry.

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OH NO NO NO Nvidiabros. I thought the 380 would absolutely trash the 280 Ti. What happened?

>> No.77758170

What is the 3070 missing that the 3080 and 3090 have.

>> No.77758222

Since when did Linux have a beard?

>> No.77758266

haha not sure why I fucked this up, but the claim that a 3080' twice as fast as a 2080 Ti is complete bullshit. Fucking Jewvidia.

>> No.77758290

*2080 fuck me. Time to leave.

>> No.77758389

Not him but I also own a 1080 Ti. I wanna drive a 1440p 144hz monitor so bad.

>> No.77758402


>> No.77758521

Those are AMD's current best offerings. 5600XT would be around 2060 level performance. Blame them for not making a 5800XT.

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umm are u gona defend this nvidiabros?

>> No.77758691

no need to be a consoomer, just wait. especially if your current card serves your needs.

>> No.77758954


>> No.77759066

Sorry guys, not gonna waste my money on this garbage. Gonna get a 6900 XT instead.

>> No.77759099

RDNA2 will unironically beat Ampere in efficiency.

>> No.77759116

I can imagine a bunch of people had tamed their expectations for what the benchmarks would look like, I personally at least just didn't expect it to be this modest of an increase over the last generation in anything other than ray-traversal and power consumption.

>> No.77759140

Defend what?
3080 at 4k = 54fps
2080 at 4k = 33fps
3080 is 64% better than 2080 in MSFS
Did you get confused by the 1080p results? The cards are sleeping at 1080p and the CPU is bottlenecking the system to 80fps. You need to put demand on the gpus to see the difference between them.

>> No.77759144

I like how AMD is a lot more silent about both Zen3 and RDNA2, this is gonna be gud

>> No.77759179

Put me in the screencap.

>> No.77759251

ok, brainlet here.
so what ive seen in these benchmark videos, power consumption even at full load reaches around sub 400w.
so why do i need a 750w powersupply?

or are those benchmarks not taking account for other components in your system? but even so, would the other stuff even add THAT much more watt usage?

>> No.77759278
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Oh don't give me this shit. Anyone but 2080ti copers were all arguing about how it's raster performance because they specifically had a different graph where they compared DLSS+RTX perfomance between old cards and new cards. The graph they showed where they claimed the 3070 had same power as the 2080ti and 3080 had double 2080 performance doesn't even make sense when you talk about rtx, because the 1080ti was the same level as the 2070. They straight up lied.

>> No.77759307

I want my games to look pretty and max out my 1080p 60hz monitor. If we're talking about needs and existential shit like that, why do you need a GPU in the first place? Why do you need a PC? Why do you need shelter and food?

>> No.77759417

low end psu dont offer all the power that it says it provides
its better to not run the psu near the cap
people might try something retarded like using one cable to bring power to the psu, causing overheating and pr problems for nvidia

>> No.77759420
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Don't you AMD shitters EVER get tired of fucking coping so hard? Your budget brand will NEVER surpass Nvidia or Intel.
Please, for the love of God, stop embarrassing yourselves.
It's really pathetic. Have some self-respect.

>> No.77759471

Remember when leaks came out that smalll navi2 is going to be faster than the 2080ti and you nvidiots mocked it because it's way too slow. Who's laughing now?

>> No.77759529

linus looks somebody whos made some bad investements, behind on bank payments, or owes monies to organized crime. hes looking worse and more unkempt by the day. he has this hurries car salesman "lets crank them out! i got bills to pay!" pace to his videos.

>> No.77759558

the beard is fine but that greasy looking hair looks fucking gross.

>> No.77759649
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what is happening to him

>> No.77759735

this is what happens when twinks hit the wall

>> No.77759744
File: 127 KB, 623x893, 0008_watch?v=AG_ZHi3tuyk&feature=youtu.be_00:00:05_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77759791

Question: When does it become available for purchase, specifically? I only see Sept 17th with no timezone, should I VPN to Japan to try and beat bots? Or is it midnight EST? GMT?

>> No.77759799


>> No.77759801

And I thought a 750W PSU wouldn't be enough for a Vega FE. This gives me hope.

>> No.77759817

is it faster than the 2080Ti?

>> No.77760074

>so why do i need a 750w powersupply?
Kinda don't. Pair it with an AMD CPU that isn't power hungry and a 650w PSU is good enough. 750w is safer it is an old PSU.

>> No.77760234

Jesus the cope on the poorfag in this thread is insane. What can a new GPU do that a 5 year old one cannot? If you need to ask that you're probably a retard beyond saving with any logic.

>> No.77760306

My system at full power shut of my 750w supply needed to buy a 850w

>> No.77760348

Lmfao why is this always the immediate cope that consoomers go to?
I have $60k in the bank but keep telling yourself that the only reason someone would ever have for not mindlessly dropping half a grand on $((CUR_GPU_MODEL +1000)) every year is not being able to afford it.

>> No.77760399
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What the hell were you running in it?

>> No.77760435

Didn't Jensen claim that it was supposed to be 20c cooler than previous gen FE cards?

>> No.77760491

Ahahaha all those retards to laughed at me for gettting 850W while they got 500-550W. Enjoy your housefires faggotz.

>> No.77761045

Linus shitting on Nvidia for free, what a shill

>> No.77761111
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How is it that Nvidia is unable to offer any significant upgrade from the 1080 ti in 2020? We've had a 2xxx series and now a 3xxx series that isn't even remotely close to the performance jumps of yore with a new arch, did we hit the GPU silicon wall faster than the CPU one? Why else would they push DLSS instead of ACTUALLY being able run native 4k acceptably?

>> No.77761174

It basically boils down to Nvidia are a bunch of cunts and Apple decided to stop working with them for being a bunch of cunts.

>> No.77761189
File: 608 KB, 1080x1070, 1600293113850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>upgrading every year
Are you retarded?

>> No.77761273

What a shitshow!

>> No.77761320

from 23 to 40 fps isn't a significant upgrade? smooth brain take but ok

>> No.77761362

The 2080 ti is already very capable of 4K/60FPS

>> No.77761364
File: 25 KB, 300x334, 85889a585974c7331b10343c98a53ee8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77761417

What? It goes live at 3pm PST tomorrow?
Why the fuck so late in the day?

>> No.77761608
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20 series owners are coping with the 30 series benchmarks about as well as Trump voters who've lost parents to COVID. I expected better from /g/, but I'm having so much more fun this way.

>> No.77761669

He's doing that "no shave" thing to show solidarity with covid-19, but i think it's totally retarded because it ruins the mask seal.

>> No.77761685

I only looked at the thumbnail and got everything I needed.

>> No.77762786

End result is it's no longer unplayable. I know math might be hard but I'd like to introduce you to the concept of percentages. It may be a small number but the relative difference is large. Stop posting on /g/ and start paying attention to your math teacher.

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