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Comfy, and patrician 4:3

>> No.77690697

it's 5:4 tho

>> No.77690734

My bad.
Even better.

>> No.77690744

OP here, it's actually 4:3, 1280:1024 desu

>> No.77690760

That's 5:4

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It looks like a grown-up's desk, OP. And I can see you're using good quality budget hardware. Well done.

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Welp, you're correct anon

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poorcel edition more like it

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>japanese drawings as desktop background
>a grown-up's desk

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Post yours then fag

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At least it's not anime

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based lainon

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Nice monitor setup and nice keyboard, didn't know that those terminal keyboards could be rigged to work with PCs.

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The drugs that make your mom horny for my peepee

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nice monitor setup btw

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Is 5:4 better than 4:3? I tried a 20" 4:3 monitor (Dell 2007FP, 1600x1200) but couldn't get used to it coming from a 20" 1600x900 monitor.

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Daily reminder that any aspect ratio that isn't 16:9 is a meme.

Just use 16:9. 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 gives all the real estate space you need. 16:9 is only bad if you are a poorfag with 768p/1080p screens.

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How about 16:10? The added vertical space seems neat.

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just took pic rel

neat, don't like the monitor layout (could be cleaner) - 8.5/10


very based aesthetic - easily 8/10

layout looks cool, but everything else feels tacky- 6/10

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>anything other than 16:9 is a meme
my 21:9 1440p monitor is really nice - gives me that extra space I craved on my old 16:9 as well as having a great experience while watching films ; no black bars
Feels allot like having two slightly bigger then avg 4:3 monitors with high res and no border

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2560x1600 monitors don't seem to be made anymore.

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What's a cheap (because student) way to move a picrel monitor without VESA up 10 centimeters, so I can put my laptop directly below it? The bottom stand sticks out quite a lot, so I can't just prop it up with a book, because then I won't be able to have laptop screen flat with monitor.

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dual 5:4 here. why would i buy new monitors when my current ones have better color?
Also """"thicc"""" 3DPD is just obese in denial

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Takstar Pros?

thinking about getting them...my M50xs suck...

>> No.77693282

lemme get that wallpaper bruh

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Widescreen monitors are a meme

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wrong subreddit

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nice case fan, what is its size?

>> No.77693596

bro, its the thermaltake core v1. fan is 200mm. that shit looks bad as fuck to me. love it

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then why are you on 4chan, anon?

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this is prime

dat fan

>> No.77693787

please unscrew that base

>> No.77693842

What monitor stand? Thinking about getting a setup similar to this, but only the middle, landscape monitors.

I really like this monitor spread.

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>>77691058 instant 0/10 for 4x background
>>77693761 0/10 no space to study there
>>77690614 its very nice but i would upgrade your stationery
>>77693910 put a window mat over your sia portrait. thin bezel modernism doesnt complement your... your vibe.

>> No.77694192

Looking cozy as usual, like the new shelves

>> No.77694221

where are the bad dragons and the hrt pills ?

>> No.77694284

>>77694238 son, you need to vacuum your room

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I've made a feel changes.

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i'll see if i can grab one tomorrow
tho i like how minimalism in pictures look
thanks, friend <3
i post one pic of me crossdressing and now people think i'm gay smdh

>> No.77694808

I cant tell if that is 2 dudes or not

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>> No.77695226

nah bro i'm a DUDE
i just crossdress every now and then sheesh

>> No.77695247

what mousepad is that? do the edges get dust and shit on them or is it clean mostly?

>> No.77695464

What do you study

>> No.77696014

and writing lisp?

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I really need to organize my stuff
>docked ivy/sandy bridge thinkpad
>5:4 monitor
>normal KB/mouse
Nice walls
Is that keyboard an F or an M? How do you like it?
This is very good. I like the HP desktop

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Garand Thumb/10

>> No.77697106


Here ya go

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Temp setup for the weekend

Nice keeb

Comfy lighting

Good luck anon

>> No.77697355

based prisonposter, where is the other guy who had the same bed and desk but with more stuff?

>> No.77697376

you must return to reddit

>> No.77697562

If you manage to make most of those cables disappear, this could be a sexy-ass station.

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>> No.77698122

Wow, the madman actually did it. Nice

>> No.77699524

cool. can we see your cock already?

>> No.77699587

Why are Windows/Mac desks so cool, while Linux ones are all anime/autistic stuff? Looks like a pattern...

>> No.77699663

idk anon, op's wallpapers look pretty anime to me

>> No.77699688

OP looks normal, I mean gay shit like this >>77691058

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File: 22 KB, 544x600, pol_pl_HP-Workstation-Z440-Tower-E5-1650-v3-3-5-GHz-6-rdzeni-16-GB-480-SSD-DVD-Win-10-Prof-Update-GTX-1660-Ti-8393_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm talking about the ones that look like cheap colorful toys

>> No.77699826



>> No.77699964

are you in some scandinavian prison?? wth looks really sterile

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>> No.77700421

>>>77690614 (OP)

>> No.77700471

How do you have 3 displays on t430?

>> No.77700651

It has vga and displayport

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If its like the t420, models with the nvidia gpu can do up to 4 iirc, iGPUlets can only do two.

>> No.77700740

Is that you smealum

>> No.77700767

based aha

>> No.77701179

Why do you faggots all have embarrassing backgrounds with cartoon women on them

>> No.77701467

what the fuck

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Front end here, ones linux and the other w

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>> No.77702295

Buy a shelf and mount it wherever you need it

>> No.77702373

What mental illness is this a symptom of

>> No.77702434

mi 34 monitor arrived (cbf taking a photo right now) thinking of getting a gerton desk but ikea has ugly legs. what do?

>> No.77702461

procrastination is an art
Emacs lisp. Use org mode for note-taking
thank you! Do you stay in one position when you sit on the floor, or do you change it up?
We usually have one course, and an exam at the end of each "module" so to say.

>> No.77702479

When will people stop buying shit furniture

>> No.77702491


>> No.77702972

Yeah but thing is 3rd gen intel doesn't support more than 2 displays

>> No.77703025

Maybe it has dedicated graphics

>> No.77704099

cute lips anon do u want to e-date

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orientations were last week :)

>> No.77704807

I was definitely moving a lot. Would be interesting to see how long it would take for my body to get used to that, but I'm glad I have a regular setup at home.

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What do I need

>> No.77705192

Probobly, same as that other guy said, forgot that they came with that option

>> No.77705193

Maybe your studying would actually lead to something if you weren't a coomer

>> No.77705328

Monitor arms and a better chair. Why two keyboards?

>> No.77705408

Why you do this? Spam?

>> No.77705441

you need to get some taste

>> No.77705443

i can't believe people waste their money on montir setups like this.

>> No.77705469

why not?

>> No.77705502

>i can't believe people waste their money on montir setups like this.
Im the dude with the ultrawide and I bet my single monitor costs the same amount as all 4 of his (if not slightly cheaper) ; you can get normal monitors (1080p 60hz/120hz) for about $100 so its just $400 + $50-100 for the stand

>> No.77705607

I got so much work done on my old 16:9, but after getting a 21:9 I feel like youtube is almost impossible to watch in full screen, but on the upside movies look amazing without bb

>> No.77705630

> must suck writing at the bottom part of the page
Chad aspect ratio

Nice. What keycaps are those?

I really like this

Since I can't upload images,

Pretty good by African standards : )

>> No.77705741

is it the durgod K320?

>> No.77705756

it just says that polish tech schools are shit (the warsaw one might be the only exception)

>> No.77705788

>Пpeждe oкoнчaниe тeх шкoлы
No, I was right
t. Жидo-хoхoл

>> No.77705957

I do
Yeah its not as bad as some say but I definitely wouldn't wanna have to type a whole essay on this

now some rates
everything nice except uncomfy lighting
very nice desk
based but also neckpain/10
get comfy lighting and clean your desk then good

>> No.77706025

It's all about clamping force, i've had 2 on my ikea desk for ages, and no damaged, and i don't have small monitors, as i've got a 32 inch and a 27 inch, with only enough clamping force to stop the wobble.

>> No.77706046

Pls share the pape on the right monitor anon

>> No.77706063

Super clean especially the cable management. Were you thinking of replacing the case? I remember a thread or two ago some discussion of it. A smaller/square case could really complete the clean look you have. What Samsung panel is that btw?

> Nice. Any future plans?
Going to organize a bit more, 3D printing out a tissue holder that will sit on the underside of the desk. Also considering moving my ESD mat since I think I resolved the issues I had with my mousepad putting a ton of interference into my headphones.

>> No.77706113

> get comfy lighting and clean your desk then good
Working on cleaning the desk, making a tissue holder and I'll also make something to organize the rest. Might remove the ESD mat, though the barrier I have up on the right is staying. I'm going 3D print some brackets to hold the panels up instead of the screw plates so it looks cleaner in the next week or so.

For lighting, what would you suggest? The bar I have above the 3rd monitor is an LED desk lamp, though it's mostly for some extra light at night.

>> No.77706190

>For lighting, what would you suggest?
I'd say just get a led lightstrip which makes nice and warm light (or rgb I guess but thats personal preference) and tape it behind your desk between the wall and the desk.
Should cost only a few bucks and makes a big difference in coziness. Its not meant for actual reading light like your desk lamp but rather its just ambient light. Then turn off your ceiling light and enjoy the indirect light from the led strip.

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File: 2.11 MB, 1440x3040, 124112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah bro i aint gay
Sorry, pal; i'm straight

>> No.77707097

yea, it's pretty good

>> No.77707151
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Found better. One of the last pictures, after I had the headphone stand too.

>> No.77707176

What keyboard is that?

>> No.77707362

Hey I have that exact same wallpaper

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you need to post tits or gtfo, we know you are not a tranny, you lack taste, boys are more creative, nonetheless fuck trannies and jannies

>> No.77707494

picrel is a thing, you may have heard of

a joke


>> No.77707618

> I'd probably just get one curved ultrawide and one 16:9 curved as portrait next to it
Might be a bit weird having one curved vertically next to a horizontally curved monitor. I preferred getting more monitors over an ultrawide since I want higher pixel density. The bottom ones are 2k and the top is 1080p. I might save to switch this to a quad of the same monitor but this has been really good for now as I have to WFH and I found myself needing more than 2.

> Is the interference from the mat itself or maybe gets carried over USB
The ESD mat just wires into a ground. The mousepad is USB and is what causes the interference, I think having my hand there would make my arm act as an antenna or something and cause interference as my headphone cable would touch my right side and go under my armpit.

>> No.77707625

damn student debil can't take jokes

>> No.77707891

This is gay as fuck and completely unsettling

>> No.77707907

As gay as your razor themed setup goes, I am strangely liking that case

>> No.77708199

yo bro, nice wallpaper
mind if I suck your cock ? no homo

>> No.77709287

>why not put pc on the floor and get more desk space?

dust mostly. Keeping it up on the desk cuts down on the amount of dust, and also helps prevent my chair/legs knocking it around. I'd also run into problems with some cords not being long enough.

>> No.77710623


>> No.77710691

It's good but Spindrift is better tho
I think its discontinued though
>Nice. What keycaps are those?
Godspeed mt3

>> No.77710707

Is that a light that shined on your screens?

>> No.77711814

Anne Pro 1 with blank/accent keycaps

It's showing signs of age though so I've been thinking of getting a new one :)

>> No.77712371


>> No.77712594

he's saying you are an object that must be owned by a human.

>> No.77713007

If that were my desk I would be interested in the following:
One of those fancy monitor mounts
keyboard tray (cuz I'm a sucker for keyboard trays)
wall art
laptop stand to put it's screen at the same level as the monitors

>> No.77713212

I'm an aussie, and our tech school didn't even announce that the finals were being held in a stadium in the middle of the city unti lthe day before exams.
I found out about it while going to uni that day, had to go by tram for 40 min to the city and then run around trying to find the fucking stadium for 30min @ 38 degree Celsius temp

>> No.77713423

Nice blog

>> No.77713429

looool kånter strikk

>> No.77713430

sorry, forgot to add
"thanks for reading my blog"
thanks for reading my blog

>> No.77717754
File: 3.42 MB, 2340x1332, wadawsdadawdas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

done. fuck xiaomi phones by the way, fucking crusty ass image came out at 5mb but looks like i took it with my asshair on top of the lens.

>> No.77718905

haha fett :DDD (fuck battle royale FOTM shit games)
got it super cheap many years ago.


>> No.77719447

Looks awesome anon

>> No.77719573

Using that keyboard right now. I don't know what to make of it so far but it was only $8 on clearance at Target. I honestly got really fucking tired of hearing CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK

>> No.77719654
File: 1.98 MB, 3840x2160, fuck school.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate school

>> No.77719733


>> No.77719740

Takstar Pro 82, yes
they're good for 50€, not sure if they're better than ATH-M50x

>> No.77719743
File: 3.66 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20200914_133254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Joining in, fellas

>> No.77719746


>> No.77719912

h-hot anon

>> No.77720511

love how clean it is, but I think having my speakers that close to the front of the desk would drive me mad.

>> No.77720611

Yeah, the desk is a bit too small for the amount of things I have on it so I kinda had to cramp it up, and somehow it worked but could be better with a bigger desk

>> No.77720652

pretty cool and personalized, pretty comfy

>> No.77720664

What do you do with the massager?

>> No.77720674

it's a 3d printed one I made that runs on an arduino nano. look up deej volume mixer or something

>> No.77721097

kek those are depression pills tho
about the mac, I got it before my brain was fully developed and I got thinkpad-pilled but selling it isn't really worth it and it does it's job so I keep it around for travel and sometimes for uni purposes

>> No.77721227
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>speaker in front of the monitor

>> No.77721287

Sound is slower than light.

>> No.77721296

are u dumb, macbook screen is miles ahead shitty thinkpad screen. and I dont even like apple

>> No.77721345
File: 742 KB, 895x671, IMG_13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.77721377
File: 964 KB, 397x658, justdoit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 132 KB, 800x900, 1510275514735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get a 5:4 or 4:3 monitor? Any model recommendations?
I tried the Dell 2007FP (1600x1200, 20.1") but I found it to be too big in addition with the poor response time

>> No.77721825

your keyboard should have a sticker on the underside. Could you take a pic of it?

>> No.77721862

Yeah true but the screen isn't everything maybe?

>> No.77721937

Wrong, pretty sure he is not a woman

>> No.77721972

If you're looking for something affordable nowadays most is going to be 5:4. the model you tried is really old, so you should look into newer ones. the 2007fp should be able to run 75 ish hz so response time might be better then. Either way, try some newer ones or look for a used image editing one. Most of this stuff is for image editing, and not games. If you want something fast at that size i'd look for a CRT.

>> No.77722188
File: 84 KB, 509x493, 1561712132558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah thanks! I'm not much of a gamer, but I'm looking for a monitor that's better suited for web browsing and various programs. I hate having to read text across a widescreen D:

>> No.77722312
File: 337 KB, 790x841, 1510728871878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only result on Amazon is an ASUS IPS monitor for $120, though I know Dell has put out a few 5:4 IPS monitors recently over the years. I think the P1917S is the latest one they put out though

>> No.77722445

Except the zero airflow case is not the same as having 1cm gap with open sides...

>> No.77722501
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>> No.77722750

if you dont have some already laying around thats kinda cringe, anon.

>> No.77722802

LG 19MB35PM has IPS panel, it works at 75Hz, has almost perfect sRGB factory settings and the led backlight is dimmed either at very high PVM frequency or with voltage drop, so it's flicker free at all brightness settings.

It's not an old model, but seems to be already discontinued.

>> No.77722878

And it has very good (three configurable settings) overdrive too.

It's AH-IPS panel (without polarizer), so there is glow.

Bought three (in white casing) three years back.

>> No.77723153 [DELETED] 

To all of you with based bs, how the fuck do you afford this shit?

>> No.77723257


Sorry, for >>77722219 and >>77721424 .

The Eizo S1934H-BK uses the same AH-IPS panel, but has surprisingly poor factory settings and the backlight is dimmed with PWM at very low (200Hz) frequency.

The LG 19MB35PM is probably the best 19" 1280x1024 LCD monitor ever released. Only gripe I have is the bright blue, blinking led in standby.

>> No.77723603


>find a way to make 1000$+ a month online
>move to a cheap country where you can live comfy on 300$-500$/mo
>save money

>> No.77723610
File: 106 KB, 389x332, 1510564657663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

16:9 doesn't appeal to me for my computer uses, can't imagine what using a 16:10 monitor is like ;△;

>> No.77723749

I mean really, do all these people have that amount of money they just spend it on fancy computers??
All I can afford is a fucking thinkpad

>> No.77723840

which one you got? im pretty poor too looking for a laptop

>> No.77723899

whats stopping you from doing more with it? the Cpu, ram or something else?

>> No.77724014


>> No.77724567

bruh I like your setup but either have a full keyboard or no numpad but not this it's like the worst combo possible

>> No.77724871


Damn those Momokas bro, awesome taste

>> No.77725044

iphones do the same thing

>> No.77726621
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>> No.77727307

a t420 could drive 4 monitors

>> No.77727436

>>77719257 what the fuck? is that left tabletop just a slab of glass?

>> No.77727582

lots of soul here. what do you use the swiss army knife for?

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