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dunno anon, that sounds like mobo short/damage to me but ive never had it happen

>> No.77426877

I'm playing mortal shell with my 2600 and 5700 XT but i'm having to lower some settings to medium just to get 60-70fps at busier points - at 1440p.

Is my system bogged? or is the game unoptimised as fuck? Doesn't seem right to me.

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probs shorted something because you were working on a carpet and the mobo didnt have a ground to the PSU as that's normally done via the io shield -> case -> psu once that' all hooked up.

RMA the mobo and next time dont stand on a fucking carpet, and touch the PSU while it's plugged into the wall (but turned off) before you touch anything else.

current GPUs dont even max out gen3 x16 pci-e slot so there's no reason to use that as some pro... the only one that could possibly matter is if they start loading game content faster after PS5 SSD changes on NVMe

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checking benchmarks that seems to be right

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How's this NVMe Drive? I plan to eventually get a 4TB Samsung one when that becomes available, which I'm hoping will be within the next two years, but I think 1TB will do the job for the time being. I just don't want to get one that sucks.

>> No.77427121

Good to hear. Thanks.

>> No.77427171

It's QLC so expect lower endurance and increased slowdown as it fills up. I would save up a little more for a TLC NVMe drive or drop it down to TLC SATA. It's fine for file storage though if you just need NVMe sequential read on a budget.

DRAMless. Will have worse performance than QLC w/ DRAM. Maybe worse endurance, too, if the firmware is constantly hammering the file table. WD probably wouldn't do that though.

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>check ssd.userbenchmark
stop posting and neck yourself.

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>butthurt ryzensoi

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stop posting already, you fucking moron.

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thought i was gonna help some people with builds this thread, didnt expect to lol at vague ssd arguments and join in the shitposting

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Nice job letting yourself getting completely BTFO'd, cunt. Never did I say that only the transfer speeds matter. All your meming about the TBW endurance of QLC is pretty stupid though, as is obvious by the low IQ nature of all your posts.

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Welcome to >>>/g/pcbg

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absolute fucking imbecile

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>that greentext

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o-ok ;_;

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swap to 8gb of ram and a 1tb hdd and invest in a graphics card and then upgrade ram/storage along the way...preferably used

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>getting less RAM with an APU that takes it's memory from the RAM
that's pretty stupid.
>suggesting HDD at all
he should spend that money on a bigger SSD instead.

>> No.77427670

wait for 4000 series APUs

>> No.77427693

>Lower ram
That sounds like a terrible idea
How much bigger?

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What happened to the 212 evo?

They used to be 19 bucks often. Now they're 35?

>> No.77427867


you should get the 4000 series because all APUs use the previous gen's CPU cores.
and if you're lucky the iGPU will be better.

This. WD Blue NVMe a shit cus no DRAM.

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depends if it's something like steam library or individually installed games.
if it's a client library you just move over the files and tell the client where your shit is installed.
if not you should reinstall them to make sure the path and registry is correct.

>> No.77428379

60 but depends on graphics card performance

>> No.77428426

Yeah once you're on a decent SSD game loading will generally be bottlenecked by other parts of the system including the shitty software itself.

>> No.77428429

Whatever you can afford dude.

>> No.77428470

Assuming you're not on some really tight budget your options are basically 60 or 144 Hz. There's a few 75Hz monitors out there but frankly I wouldn't bother unless you're contemplating 60 and it's only a couple of bucks more for 75. Personally I wouldn't bother buying a new monitor unless it's 144Hz because you might as well stick with your old one until you can save up for a good one.

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SSD in RAID0 does actually make a difference over a single SSD. But it's kind of a meme for HDDs unless you want redundancy so you can lose one drive and still keep running until you can replace it.
I ran my four drives in Raid5 in my fileserver. Plus there is a smallish performance boost with Raid5 which is nice.


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It depends on the purpose. For games it's really nice with higher refresh and you shouldnt be looking at one under 120hz unless you only play farmville or something.
High refresh is especially nice in fast paced games or stuff where you look around a lot quite fast.

>> No.77428596

Yeah believe it or not a lot of games don’t even benefit from ssds since a lot of games don’t actually have killer load times and actually spend its load time waiting on the CPU and gpu aswell as however the hell they programmed the engine.
You only need ssd for open world games honestly

>> No.77428625

An SSD will make the whole system snappier no matter what you do tho, even just opening the browser or office. And the faster boot is nice.

>> No.77428673

Like this? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/6yTRQq

>> No.77428679

Minimum is 144Hz

>> No.77428688

I just bought an rtx 2060 super to replace a 480 (hasn't come yet, so no comparison) but my brother has a 590 that runs well

>> No.77428768

yeah the 2060 is a cool card but hw support on gnu/linux is non-existent. I guess I'll go for the 590 or 5600 xt

>> No.77428792

Do people still use arctic silver 5?
I never see anyone mention it anymore.
Is it still being made, even?

>> No.77428849


sapphire is solid and that's a great price. just hope you dont have driver issues.

>> No.77428866

i play better on 144hz in counter strike. everything else i play on my 60hz eizo ips because the colors are much better

>> No.77428869

>all games "make use" of it
>I don't think that's how it works
I recall have issues running New Vegas and Skyrim SE above 60FPS.

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Is a 27 inch 1080p monitor like the Asus VG279Q a good idea?

>> No.77428901

Some games are locked in at a specific fps, which can be tied to gameplay, but for the most part, if you have sufficient power, a higher refresh rate is always better, and downgrading to 60Hz is silly.

>> No.77428924

FPS and refresh rate is separate things. matching your FPS with the Hz is just the optimal because of how some shooter games work. You'll still notice a difference with just a higher refresh unless you're an eye-let.
Also could just turn on freesync to get rid of the ghosting shit.

1080p on anything bigger than 24" is not a good idea unless you sit far away from it, which would negate the bigger size...

>> No.77428953

Get the 4k and scale it to 1080p

>> No.77429036

Alright. Like the other dude said wait for Zen 2 APUs if you can. Maybe get a cheaper mobo. The Tomahawk is kinda overkill for a 4-core and doesn't make up for it with features. If you were doing video editing commercially I would recommend redundant storage as well. I disagree with the guy recommending define cases - you've only got 1 HDD and a £120 case on a £600 build is just silly. There's cases on the market for half the price with the same 3.5" bay count but honestly if you're going to expand beyond 2 HDDs you should probably put them on the network instead.

>> No.77429065

did you not read a single fucking thing of what we just posted?

>> No.77429077

4k. Though for office work you might be better off with an ultrawide 1440p or even dual monitors. Then again millions of office drones get by perfectly fine with 1080p.

>> No.77429079

sorry i just got in the thread, I'm reading it right now.

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dumb here, according to thaiphoon my ram is samsung b-die right?

how come I can't even time my ram at CL16

>> No.77429123

I highly recommend three or four 24" 1080p monitors for any kind of 'office work" as I am a software tester/developer and frequently need like 8 windows open at once with interfaces, excel, etc

>> No.77429150

is this a meme motherboard? https://www.newegg.ca/asus-rog-strix-b550-f-gam-wif/p/N82E16813119311

it's $30 off right now and I was going to have to get a new wifi card anyway. looks like it has good connections and stuff

>> No.77429152

Crap B-die is still crap memory. B-die is renowned for its overclocking potential but if it's badly binned, and 2133 is a bad bin, it won't magically be a good OC kit.

>> No.77429230

144*, framelet

>> No.77429246

the minimum is still 120 since anything less is basically half that which is fucking huge gap. gap from 120 to 144 is not as important even tho i agree it's better, and it's starting to become the norm and barely any price difference over 120.

>> No.77429274

I thought Zen 2 APU was only for OEMs?

>> No.77429282

Can’t rememe but I remember it being a decent board.
Check this video
It might be the other though quick YouTube search will find it. It’s got bookmarks so you can skip to your board and the bench.

>> No.77429298

only initially, they will release to everyone later.

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I am looking to upgrade from i5 2400. I am going to re use my PSU, SSDs and RX580 so basically just looking for CPU, mobo and ram.

Since I am also poorfag I was looking at r3 3100 (3300x is not available at all) with b550 mobo to slightly future proof for upcoming Zen 3.

My dilemma is that I could pick up r5 1600 for same price however I am not sure if its worth it to pick up first gen Zen these days, as I only play esports meme games and PoE/Diablo, also I could pick up b450 instead and get r5 2600 but I am not sure how much I trust AMD to support Zen 3 on b450 chipsets

>> No.77429525

Damn I wish I watched this sooner. The MSI B550M PRO-VDH has the same vrm has the b450 tomahawk. Should handle a 3900X OC with just a little airflow.

>> No.77429545

cool. slap a cheap alu heatsink on the top row VRM with some thermalglue and that bish should be fine

>> No.77429551

1070ti is better than 2060 and you can get it used for $250.

>> No.77429606

I want to get a GTX 2080 Super but I read the new series I coming. Should I wait for a price drop? I don't know if going for a 3080 would be worth it though.

>> No.77429645

A 2080 super isn’t even worth it since it’s got $150 extra tacked on for meme tracing and barely existent dlss whichll be obsolete with the new cards.
The 2000 series never have and never will be worth it without a 50% reduction of price.
Rather just get the new cards if your gunning for a high performer like xx80 sku

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>mfw the 1080 ti buttfucks the new cards as well

>> No.77429708


For esports games? its not really worth upgrading at all. Better off waiting till next year when people selling their mobo+cpu for a new DDR5 platform, or wait for companies to adopt ATX12VO and buy the old stuff at surplus liquidation.

>> No.77429798

IDE HDD 80GB in pa's old laptop. Want to replace it.
IDE SSDs are 6x expensive.
I researched that people are doing a combination of: adapter + compactflash.
Does that make sense? Are these very volatile?

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>liquid cooling

>> No.77429856


>> No.77429880

Thanks for the help.

>> No.77429888

Lol. What’s with the random 1 stick of ram? I’m pretty damn certain running 3 ram sticks is full retard. It’s 2 or 4.
Also liquid cooling is a meme. Why are you slapping that on your grandpa build?

>> No.77429935

Is having two 1080p monitors with different refresh rates - 75hz and 144hz heavy on the eyes? Can you lower the refresh rate on a 144hz?

>> No.77429961

Wrong link, built on the first is completely random,
Here's the one:

>> No.77429963

yes but it will be locked to whatever you set the refresh rate to. personally have a 75hz sync master from 2004 and a 144hz and I don't really notice any eye strain.

>> No.77430013

Is Intel still best for gayme and emulation?

>> No.77430043

>EDIT: thanks for the gold, you guiz!!! :sojak:

shit troll/10

dont think everyone advertises the 1600AF, and instead just lists it as R5 1600. you gotta check the SKU.

barely, but all the intel sockets are already dead so.

>> No.77430064

If you plan on building a completely new PC and want to sell your old one, are you better off selling each component individually or selling the entire thing as one package?

>> No.77430101

I'm in the same boat, probably best to sell it as one piece since your mobo, ram, and other parts may be way outdated. I might just sell my cpu and gpu and chuck the rest

>> No.77430108


Saved you €40. If I were you I'd spend it on a CPU cooler and an extra case fan. Or saucisson.

>> No.77430164

why would selling parts give more money when mostly people that know what the fuck they're doing buy only parts and idiots that cant assemble parts will pay more to not have to do it?

>> No.77430203

i'd check some youtube vids from people that have tried both before you buy something.

>> No.77430217


>> No.77430219

just advertise it locally as a FORTNITE SUPER GAMING CUSTOM PC 420 and some dumb parents are gonna buy it for their little shithead

>> No.77430223

What's the cheapest card that can achieve 4k30 with raytracing?

>> No.77430265

Because the kind of people that buy prebuilts usually don't look on Craigslist for their computer. They want Geeksquad and a smile. And New!, because New! is better. I should have prefaced that it's heavily dependent on your local used market. You can see for yourself by checking completed listings of similar parts. Obviously finding comparable used PCs is harder and, as always, you can find a sucker that'll pay way over the odds for your old tech thinking they're getting a great deal.

>> No.77430356

Would Kolink be better?

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Dying for Rdna 2 leaks aswell

>> No.77430408

kek, that's brutal

>> No.77430419

they know about facebook market tho

>> No.77430424

It seems like most seasonic models are not available for sale. All I see are some old models and a few new ones, which are a tiny sample of the full lineup on their website.
Is this normal or is it because the usual stock is sold out because of the pandemic?

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Yeah neither have good reputations. I finished that HW unboxed video and the bazooka heatsink is way better than the others.

>> No.77430569

In my experience, coil whine is pretty much never accepted as a reason for warranty. They'll always give some excuse like "that's natural, no damage to hardware, whatever" and give you the runaround.

>> No.77430594

What's the point in getting a B550/X570 mobo over a B450/X470 mobo? The main difference seems to be PCIe 4.0, but the only components that utilise the additional bandwidth are SSDs. And considering speeds for PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs aren't a massive boost compared to SATA SSDs for a lot of people's use cases, it seems like those aren't really worth it.

Some might argue it makes your build more futureproof, but AMD will be moving to the AM5 socket and DDR5 RAM within a few years. So the CPU you buy now will probably be the last AM4 CPU you buy and you won't get much upgradability from a B550/X570 mobo in that regard.

>> No.77430619

who makes the best home routers?
use case: i live in an apartment with 3 other people, i'm not running wires through the walls, i need strong QoS controls to manage my roommates who saturate our line with discord screenshares

>> No.77430751

Something you can put Tomato or dd-wrt on so you can actually use QoS. Last time I fucked with custom routers was the WRT54G era. Hopefully things have improved since then.

>> No.77430798

> it will also scare away any potential intruders

>> No.77430812

A520 is going to completely obsolete b450.


>> No.77430821

>a locked chipset will obsolete one that can OC
haha no

>> No.77430874

Any volunteers with a Ryzen 3600 build that's a little recent for a little test?

Go into the bios, set a manual core clock multiplier of 40 (or core clock ratio in gigabyte boards), save, check voltage in HWiNFO, post results.

>> No.77430884

"Completely" is too strong a word IMO. A520 cuts back on software features which makes the decision murky. Additionally, and do correct me if I'm wrong, A520 will not support Zen+ APUs. That leaves a significant hole in the market, for B450, for low budget builds where graphics isn't a priority. Hopefully AMD gets their act together and makes Zen 2 APUs available as boxed units.

>> No.77430898

If you're not OCing, never.

>> No.77430928

I mean you save enough to make up half the difference between a 3600 and 3700X.

>> No.77430937

This is my reasoning:
I wanted a better build than what I had (4460). I can probably afford a budget build every year or so. I grabbed a 3600 and a B550, so my plan was to grab a decent GPU next year, and to grab a 4950x when it becomes cheap. I do not genuinely think that a budget AM5 build in 3 years will be better than that and I very much doubt DDR5 will be worth a shit by 2022 or even 23.

>> No.77431105

I have a question. I'm currently with a 1060 and I want to upgrade. I'm thinking either a 2070 S or a 2080 S, I see the 3070 will be available mid-September(?) and 3080 in October.

Is it worth to go for a 80's ? I heard 2080 S isn't worth it. Also should I wait for the 30xx? The 2080 would be quite an overkill for my needs, I barely play new games and even if going with medium setting is good (my main game is CSGO).

So if the 3080 is even better, but more expensive it's probably not worth it?

>> No.77431283
File: 2.66 MB, 2768x2656, IMG_20200827_184534~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any cable management guys have ideas for this one very long case to HD audio cable that goes across my entire motherboard?
I'm thinking of getting an extension for it then feeding it through the other side of the case so it can't be seen on the motherboard side, but that feels like a clunky solution.
Let's operate under the assumption that I want to use the case's audio jacks.

>> No.77431294

You deserve it for going SFF.
Only queers buy small cases

>> No.77431296

just put it thru the bottom hole?
also learn to rotate pictures retard

>> No.77431304

assuming it's too thick to run behind the motherboard i'd just hook the curve behind the corner of the motherboard since it looks like it's got a bit of slack and there'd be enough soft force to seat it in that corner gap without having to go completely underneath the mobo

>> No.77431313

right now i have a full size case but im moving around a lot and its a fucking pain when i could have a case that small since i dont need all that power now since ive stopped playing games

>> No.77431352

I have an inverted motherboard case.
Yeah I'll probably use the hole I just need to get an extension cable.

>> No.77431362

Alright, it's overkill for my need to go higher then. Thanks for your answer.

>> No.77431404

Uhh, I think I messed up somewhere down the line

>> No.77431408

Early MR2s were notorious for snap oversteer (the kind of thing where you give it 1% too much throttle in a corner and find yourself an unwilling arboriculturist). What I'm trying to say is that building in a 2L case might be a little too much for someone only acquainted with mid towers. There's a lot more to it than finding compatible parts and you're struggling to do that.

>> No.77431459
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nice bait retard

>> No.77431466

Its a nice and cheap case and the other bigger cases ive seen are expensive as fuck so id really rather not switch, what other problems would i have other than finding parts? and the main problem im having with the parts is that the company hasnt given a lot of detail on compatibility which basically every other case manufacterer does so its not all my fault

>> No.77431493

m8 every single review I found smelled like shill shit, that's why I'm asking here

>> No.77431495
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>Not buying mismatched sticks for the pleasure of tuning them

>> No.77431505

Why do you need X570? What particular features of the chipset itself are you looking for?

>> No.77431519
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>this is just shilling guyz!

>> No.77431543

Compatibility with upcoming Zen 3, PCIe passthrough, possibility to overclock. I probably won't need PCIe 4.0. Maybe a B550 board would be enough?

>> No.77431564

poorfag here,
so i have:
an amd ryzen 5 2600 processor
a gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard
two kingston 120GB SSD
and a set of two 8GB corsair vengeance LPX DDR4's
a friend of mine is bringing his old desktop im going to cannibalize to make what i can from.
unknown graphics card but he said back in the day he maxed it out easily on source engine games.
i want to dual boot windows and linux ill run one hard drive purely windows one purely linux and use the other two hookups for HDD storage.
what distro should i use? dose this question belong in a linux thread?
is a physical power switch to keep the linux SSD segregated from the windows nesicary?

as for the linux distro I want to learn to code, already dabbled in python and power shell, i know powershells not a proper language.

>> No.77431578
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Guys, i'm looking at CPU options for an upcoming 3080 build. I want to avoid another situation where I bought an i5-6500 in 2016 and now games in 2020 MAX that CPU out ad games like Battlefield or Tarkov are stutter nightmares.

I refuse to go anything lower than the Series X CPU specs.

Ryzen 3700X, Ryzen 7 3800X, or splurge and go for the 3900x. I have a budget of $300-$400ish for the CPU.

>> No.77431584

>other than people thinking I'm pants on head retarded
Can you blame them. Having your mobo upside down is pretty similar to turning your pants upside down and put it on the wrong side of your body

>> No.77431633


>> No.77431649

For those particular features, yes, B550 would be sufficient. If you're in doubt as to the particular board it seems the "default" choice is the MSI B550-A Pro. Needless to say it's worth checking reviews, testing, and spec sheets to make sure you're getting the features you need. Overclocking Zen 2 with ambient cooling is a fool's errand, btw. If you require the additional PCIe 4 lanes on X570 then the ASrock X570 Pro4 is probably the best you can do at under $200. Maybe the Gigabyte Aurus Elite.

>> No.77431651

get faster ram.
change case, that fucking thing has literally zero airflow.
get a slightly better mobo with decent VRM. see >>77431606

>> No.77431714

Thanks. I also found the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus to be just over 200 eurobucks, and it has a PS2 port. Maybe I'll just crank out the extra 20 for that one?

>> No.77431815

Hm, I got a nice vintage keyboard that /mkg/ would kill me for, but I'm not really using it. Apparently installing win7 is less hassle with a PS2 port (for some games that are borked via wine), but it's not unsolvable. So no, I do not need it.

Fuck me, I always hate choosing a mobo the most. Too many fine details, temperature bullshit, bios fuckery, hidden traps like m2 slots not being as fast as they should. But thanks for all the advice!

>> No.77431841

if you get x570 then all m2 slots are as fast as they should be.

>> No.77431877

what if all I wanted was a pc case full of harddrives daisy chained together for the purpose of meme collecting and movies? What would I need? How long to harddrives last? I'm willing to spend a couple grand.

>> No.77432037

Is the wd black comparable for the same price?

>> No.77432055

WD black is good

>> No.77432071

cpu, mobo, ram and gpu are from micro center
ssd, case and psu are from newegg

>> No.77432116
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I'm resetting my 2600k machine for the last time. The first PC I built 8 years ago. Finally giving it to my dad so he can play MS flight sim. Fuck I hope it runs okay on a 2600k/1070 combo.

>> No.77432120

use your eyes and brain, should be fucking obvious if you have any braincells.
i'll repeat myself to give you a hint
>zero airflow

>> No.77432138

Awesome! But don't their discounts require building a full system with what they have in stock?

It's glass, terrible thermals. Most of your choices are good. Your ssd has no cache. I would recommend 3600 MHz memory. Aside from that looks great.

>> No.77432190

build a farraday cage along the edges of your room and buy a fat UPS

>> No.77432219

Wait you didn't add in shipping and tax from newegg did you? This one has a 5 year warranty.

Lowering latency is easy, just raise vdimm and lower timings.

>> No.77432252

I didn't add those in
i have a 10 dollar off code for newegg

>> No.77432265
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Where should I make some trimming for this build to shave off like $30-$50 for this upcoming GTX 3080 build. I'm coming from an I5-6500 (really old dinosaur CPU at this point) x 1060 6GB combo.


>> No.77432267

Well you can use that on the memory then.

>> No.77432282

I thought they were confirmed to be Q4 this year? Or have i heard wrong.
It's gonna be a fresh build as my last one is 7 years old.

>> No.77432290

Swap 3800x for 3700x unless the price difference is $20 or less. IIRC its literally less than 10% gains in performance and not worth the money. Everything else looks fine to me, I would skip the HDD and try to save a bit more and get 2tb in flash storage, but obviously thats up to you and wont affect perf much considerings its just a storage drive presumably.

>> No.77432298

That's what I'm doing. His internet is fine in theory, though if the game doesn't have the ability to cache areas it may be an issue because he wants to put it in a property out in kinda the middle of nowhere. It does have internet but I suspect that it sucks (relative to good internet in the area, it still may be plenty fast).I'll see when I get the PC setup with it.
If not I'll just try and get him addicted to doom or some shit.

>> No.77432310

AMD confirmed that they would be releasing something but used intentionally vague language and as far as I know, haven't specified if they meant ryzen desktop chips or epyc server chips or any of their other products. This was at least 2 months ago if memory serves. Maybe I missed where they specified

>> No.77432327

3700 and 3800 is exactly the same cept one has higher boost from factory.... you can easily close the gap with some minor tweaking of the BIOS.

>> No.77432349

Should I buy a real SSD like a 970 evo instead of sticking with a WD Green 1TB SSD?

>> No.77432361

desu if I were you and wanting to do a build before the year was up, i'd look into a ryzen 3300x or a used 2600, and just sell that chip off when ryzen4k is actually released. Used 2600 should run you less than $100 and itsn't going to be a major enough bottleneck to care about if you're only using it for the next few months.

>> No.77432375

if that's your main OS drive and you have the money to spare, i would. I would only use a DRAM-less drive with low endurance as secondary storage that i never rewrite such as steam game library and such.

>> No.77432384

For sure pass on that WD green. If your budget is strict, the HP EX920 1tb is a better choice at roughly the same cost.

>> No.77432446

If someone's buying A520 they're probably going to get a zen3 APU if they're going the APU route. If not, the 3100 provides such a nice budget entry level option that someone can then upgrade to a 6 or 8 core zen3 in the future. B450 still has a market, but the currently fucked prices for the 2600 and 1600af are fucking it.

>> No.77432471

Get a sata mx500 or a m.2 sp p34A80

>> No.77432497

I'm only familiar with B-die, do cjr and rev.e have trouble with timings?

>> No.77432508

probably more like they were designed to go faster as that's where the trends are going, sacrificing timings.

>> No.77432523

aaaaaaaahhhh fucking jew taxes making those drives $60+ more expensive where i live for the 1TB versions of those....

>> No.77432525

Looking for answers from people who aren't gaming, windows using faggots.

Is ryzen actually worth it? I see that people always side step the problem that ryzen is not always stable, I am guessing this is because gamers are used to w10 fucking them over and dont' care. Especially amd users

I'm looking for perspectives from people who call their pc a workstation, who do actual work with huge loads on their system, whether it be compiling C or virtual machines.

I am building a new machine and I plan to run a type 1 hypervisor

>> No.77432572


>> No.77432581

Would you recommend it for most builds now?

>> No.77432588

Damn, thats a fucking harsh difference.
This is a pretty comprehensive breakdown of most consumer SSDs. I'd say find one that fits your budget and refer to the spreadsheet and go from there.

>> No.77432600

why would anyone do that when only one game benefits from it?

dont need one, already got a 500GB mp510 and that was like $150 back in november. it's $100 now with discount.... fucking 1TB drives are all $150 and up, even the trash ones with 200TBW QLC....

>> No.77432640

What brand of Multi-IO card is good these days?

>> No.77432643


How is this build, I'm trying to spend less than 1800 CDN after taxes and shipping.

1080p/1440p/VR gaming machine.

>> No.77432661

get faster ram, wait for nvidia 3000 series

>> No.77432687

anything 3600 cl16.
then you're an idiot throwing money in the toilet

>> No.77432698


>> No.77433273

do ppl actually buy intel?

>> No.77433378

how popular are thin mini itx boards? are there ones that are gonna support the next gen of cpus?

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