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Don't worry bros, this will be fixed very soon™ with Zen 3, just wait™

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Based Tech Jesus calling out the AMDrones

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low iq steve strikes again, unfortunately steve doesn't know that inorder to measure perceived smoothness, you have to check the actual frame presentation to the user after compositing, and not the game frame-rate, so realistically he would need a camera rig or middleman device to do frame detection properly these days, back in the XP days it didn't matter so much because there was no compositor and shit would just tear with no buffering at all. basically what digital foundry does to measure console frame-rates is required.

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do you think that commenting something like; you are incompetent to test smoothness of a certain CPU architecture properly; would trigger them?

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God I wish I had a big dick like those amdchads but I'm stuck with small little Intel powered dick.

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Where you seriously expecting a guy with girly hair to be smart? C'mon now.

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