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fuck off shill


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i feel bad for the delusional tards who think navi will beat ampere

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not even an nvidia fanboy I just know whats gonna happen. cant wait until these meme techtubers have to eat their words.

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they have been right with the whole AMD thing

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right about what?

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Lol I got mine 2 years ago nigger u better got it cheap I only paid 900

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Who else /Maxwell/ here

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How much are you willing to spend on their new toys? I really need to upgrade, but really don't want to put more than 1500 bucks, damn.

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for the gpu only???

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Wrong. The CEOs are related. They both aim at different segments of the markets so there's no real competition, only fanboys being fanboys. Nvidia can be as anti consumer as possible by fucking up Linux drivers and making you create an account to download said drivers on Windows and people will continue sucking jensens dick.

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Wow you must be a fucking genius to figure out that a 7 nm CPU is going to beat a 14nm CPU which has been stagnating for 5 years and unironically went backwards in IPC due to security patches. Meanwhile AMD still doesn't have anything that definitely beats 3 and a half years old Nvidia card.

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Yeah, it's going to be their price ain't it?

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>personal Linux users
Irrelevant segment.

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we will see...

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>Nvidia absolutely raping AMD
>"b-but i-intel..."

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who cares, are you poor? just sell it get a new one when it's out.

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did you unironically post a mlid video

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>no GPU can even make use of PCIe3.0 bandwidth
I hope you cumsumers die in a fire circlejerking to your meaningless upgrades.

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I'm sure you said the same when AMD was the first to PCIe4.0, right anon?

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I did, aside from meme SSDs nothing makes use of it. It's a meaningless upgrade to push more expensive motherboards.

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literal toddler logic

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when PCIe lanes get reserved but the bandwidth goes unsaturated
eat shit, retard

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DG2 might get talked about Hot Chips this year. Rumor is the 6nm order from TSMC for 2021 might be for DG2. DG1 releases this year but who the fuck cares about a mobile-tier GPU.

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Is this gaymen problems thread again?
Radeon VII still best for fp64. Suck it kids.

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haha gitgud poortard

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why don't you have an instinct card

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Expensive, wanted VII PRO, but shit seems to be a paper launch. Have standing order with local AMD distributor if/whenever they arrive. Hustling WX7100 until then.

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>The CEOs are related
They're not related you fucking retard. It's been denied multiple times and in the first place it started as a meme on /g/ that they're ccp agents and evolved from there. You retards are sniffing your own farts because retarded techtubers and the pajeets at wccftech are reporting on the rumors /g/ created

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Yep, that's why there's barely any of it on the market new or used. People are just dumping them left and right.

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Like most other times, it doesn't need to beat it. It just needs to get close. If it drives prices down, we're all winners.

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Does this mean anything for the low end cards? I'm planning on buying a 1650 Super soon.

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I can finally upgrade from my GTX970 now?

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people actually buy amd "gpus"?

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We don't know. Usually NVIDIA launched the enthusiast Ti card later than the high-end x80. 980 Ti came out in 2015 while the regular 980 came out in 2014, 1080 Ti came out in 2017 while 1080 came out in 2016. They changed that up with Turing since the 2080 Ti launched together with the rest instead of being delayed.

We don't know why they've done that, but a good guess would probably be that they had to launch it because the regular 2080 wasn't really significantly faster than a 1080 Ti, as such they needed the 2080 Ti in order to have a new top-performance card for their new lineup. So will they do the same with the 3080 Ti? They could, at least all the leaks right now seem to be mentioning a card above the 3080 tier. The question really is about how much faster the regular 3080 is over a 2080 Ti and also what AMD will be doing. If the 3080 is so much faster that there's a clear difference between it and the 2080 Ti, NVIDIA may once again be inclined to sit on the 3080 Ti and leave it for later, though if this isn't the case or if they expect AMD to provide some decent competition, they'll probably release a 3080 Ti right away.

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>turing cards getting discontinued months before ampere
>no sales to clear out old stock cause there isn't any
>used market is absolute shit due to covid
just wait until ampere launches to get a discounted turing GPU bros!

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I hope so. I held out from buying a 1080ti, a 2080ti because the raytracing meme crap and 1080ti were waaay too expensive since the bitcoin meme.

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I believe it’s NVIDIA’s CEO that’s the uncle of Lisa Su, not intel’s.

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2080 Ti really isn't that bad. NVIDIA fucked it with the ridiculous price but other than that it's been a pretty long time since an enthusiast card got like 2 years in the spotlight before something faster came out. I think 980 Ti didn't even get a year before the 1080 invalidated it completely and the 1080 Ti then only had like a year until 2080 Ti came out. By the time Ampere comes out the 2080 Ti will probably have been out for like 2 years.

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I hope they will release something with 180W TDP, I don't want to go above my gtx1080. Shits loud and hot, I can't imagine how 300W monster would behave. And I don't want to test it.

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>ask for opinions about buying a new pc
>one person calls me retarded for not waiting for next gen
>another person calls me retarded for not having bought yet
So should I just get the 1660S/2060 now or will next gen have something in the same price range?

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I know, I do wish. Unfortunately, that means it'll probably be around $1500+.


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Can't refuse the price of none of them sell.
No demand, no competition.
No competition, no price drop.

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They've never released a -80ti card along with the -80 though, have they?

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>what do you think you should be doing right now?
having sex

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Then what are you doing here right now? Have sex.

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I just said that I can't buy a card more expensive than the ones from current gen, if next gen gpus wont have a model in the same price range there's no point waiting.

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The prices WILL have to go down.

PS5 has a release price of 499 usd for the complete version. And 399 usd for the version without bluray disc drive.

The rummors around the PS5 is that it has a GPU with some custom tech by sony that is far ahead of RDNA2.

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That's exactly what they've done with Turing.

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I'm almost certain the Ti model is going to come out right at the start.
That's because if AMD pushes out their flagship and actually ends up beating the 3080 for lower price, they'll instantly take the gaming crown and it'll cost Nvidia a lot of sales and mindshare.

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I believe your dad was fucked by a tranny

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>broken english
>rick and morty
>nvidia numbah wan
I smell curry.

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Next time there's a charge, Rajesh.

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fagshit website fuckoff

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this larp is still going? geez

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>We don’t know, but it should be next month!
So fake news?

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Nice link to a roadmap that's now very out of date.
No 2p cooper lake.
Ice Lake delayed to 2021
Intel 7nm in general delayed by 6-12 months taking sappire rapids with it.
Amd in probably late 2021 will have new sockets accross the board that are likely to have ddr5 and pcie5, with no performance improvement from either for us consumers.

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almost everyone did

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What does counter strike have to do with it you pathetic manchild

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Still running dual 780 ti's with 4790K @ 5 GHz, 1080p @ 60Hz for the win.

Having said that either 2021 or 2022 will be the year for an upgrade, interesting time to beging thinking about which parts to go for in terms of new GPU's, CPU's and DDR5 coming up.

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Will Ampere finally do 4K 60.

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The fuck is your English?

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self-taught third language

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Also noise, heat, driver update frequency, driver update duratation
All of which ayymd shits itself till this very day

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Alright, I can respect that you taught yourself. Sadly, I've seen native speakers do worse.

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