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bousting in epig :DDDDD

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you're the one coping, they just replaced their entire workstaff with diversity hires less than a year ago, give it a bit more time and the amazing breakthroughs and imaginative designs will follow. 3nm leapfrog is already in the work and Latisha from accounting already drew some really nice concept art, they're gonna make the CPU heart shaped. square shaped CPUs are so 2010's, besides they're gonna manufacture them as squares and then just cut the 50% defective parts to form a heart shape, also giving them a chance to hire sub 60 iq subsaharan people to cut them on the factory floor and further enhance their diversity.

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Intel COPE

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>$50 billion doesn't matter

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you're mad because AMD is boring and soulless chinese junk. let me remind you that APPLE always makes a killer profit off their weaker and cheaper overpriced chips cause they are COOL and have a SOUL.

intel is super diverse and it's gonna show on the next product. forget about data centers, I have some insider information that they're working on computers for dogs. can you imagine how quickly that shit will sell?

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they can always sell t shirt and coffee mugs, their logo is already vintage

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fellow /biz/nigger

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you're replying to satire mate.

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No matter how hard I may try, I just can't see it either. Especially with everything the Jews have been doing in order to destroy the Intel corporation. However, according to 3 different future Time travelers on >>>/x/, Intel still exists. The last one was from the year 5500. Unless they've been working on their first line of quantum CPUs. But I can't help but assume it's much too early for those.

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it is a bubble

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Meanwhile in chink land...

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amd has pushed x86 to it's theoretical limits. if you wanna invest right now buy arm/toshiba/apple.

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>Intel is crashing with no breaks.
So close for you

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market cap barely matters. i dont like intel either but
>its another 4chan tries to talk about finance and doesn't know anything episode
they did not "lose 50 billion dollars". They are not "operating at a loss". please learn what these words mean so you don't fall for intel's tricks in the future.

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>Developer Transition Kit
I never thought I'd actually see the day of Apple-branded scissors and dilation dildos

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You were doing fine until the EPS part
Imagine believing in EPS after half a decade of debt fuelled buybacks

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Thank you based jim

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>By the end of 2020 Intel will be gone dissolved and gone

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I guess this explains why Jim Keller bailed out of here a while ago. Probably had a boatload of ideas and was thrown out with the old "that's not the way we do things around here"

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He left Intel early

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Thats not what he was doing at intel though.

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He's still a consultant there, retard. With the pajeet gone, they could actually convince him to stay as lead.

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You get the point you pedant

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I dont understand why everyone here unironically wants intel to crash and burn. Hate on them and their business tactics all you want but if intel gets flushed down the toilet then amd will start being just as shitty as intel since there's no one else in the space (hell probably more so if they let the (((accountants))) take over). And even if ARM gets into the enthusiast picture then amd will be the new intel and arm the new amd. So my question is, would anything really change?
>tldr: competition is good for consumers and wanting intel to die is asking for a self inflicted wound

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Slightly off topic: I'm getting a Ryzen 5 next week, 3200mhz RAM is what you should go for, right ?

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> By the end of 2020 Intel will be gone dissolved and gone.
I'm reading. Time to buy, is what you're saying.

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Nice, love a good discount on a good company. Bought 50 shares. If it falls to 40, I'll buy 50 more.

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This is unironically their strategy for damage control

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>Market cap doesn't matter.

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Rest in piss

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Probably not gayming fast, but plenty of server throughput fast.

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Interesting choice of a wrod

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yes, but you start small, you don't bombard the market with RISC-V laptops and desktops, you start with embedded devices, wearables and shit and you move on to mobile. it's a process, it takes time but it's not unachievable.

look at ARM. it's A53 and A72 and I'm fucking tired of it. lack of competition in that space turned ARM into a bigger anti consumer monopoly than Intel and nobody seems to notice or care.

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3600mhz is the standard for Zen 2.

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Really wish I had shorted intel 6 months ago.

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Intel is a sinking ship that's only going to keep going down until they fire all the diversity hires, which is never.

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I did that with the object of selling it back and buying AMD again but I missed the dead cat bounce and now I'm stuck with shitty intel shares and I don't want to sell at a loss.

t. regret pro

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Based retard.

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If you'd bought AMD you would have about $20k now

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there ahead of schedule where it counts tho

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>shitty ARM arch
Apple has been quite successful with ARM arch. So have many others. I think it's about time for the x86 instruction set to get some real competition.

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No idea why but somehow I think this post is bullshit.

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Intlel, what absolute tools

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It's not just intel. It's all companies and organizations. Face it, we lost, diversity won. Time to suck it up and get on with life.

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you know what to do

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And therefore honorary honorary aryans

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What specific event caused it to break THAT hard?

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Taiwan is not ch*nk

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Na, it'll all crash eventually.

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They just fired their chief engineering officer, Venkata Murthy Renduchintala. Is Intel doing an anti-pajeet purge?

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>Face it, we lost, diversity won.
No, Asia won since they will keep hiring on skill, thus keep advancing in technology while the western world slows down as they hire based upon minority status (ethnicity and gender).

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Egalitarian society will always be more beneficial to the common person than an authoritarian one. Y'all would have known that had you graduated college.

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Only earnings really matter unless cap falls low enough to make equity financing difficult. It isn't the actual value of the company as much as it is a bunch of analysts and noobs opinions of the value.
Nothing ever moves straight up or down
A fool believes those prices between will never be tested

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>since 2020 intel stock high the stock went down to -27.60% (68.47 to 49.57)
Holy shit it's fucked

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>muh monopoly ending
If intel dies it will literally just be an AMD monopoly instead

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it seems like it even hasn't went back to it's lowest low yet

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Fuck off back to your coastal city.

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Look at DRYS and get back to me on how that's fucked

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Inteljeets seething

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>Egalitarian society will always be more beneficial to the common person than an authoritarian one.
The far left who have taken over the democrats are insanely authoritarian, they are enforcing the exact kind of society you pretend to oppose.

And a egalitarian society has nothing to do with hiring people based upon ethnicity or gender, that is racism and sexism.

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>they just replaced all their staff with diversity hires

In other words theyve been hiring people based on SJW shit and not on merit/qualifications.

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To be fair to the incompetent diversity hires, Intel's engineering talent rot has been >10 years in the making. So hiring incompetent people and firing the people who actually knew how to do their work is nothing new for Intel.

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wew over two years of financial growth wiped out in a couple of weeks

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Nice two year loss.

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tfw bought AMD stock about 2 years ago and it's appreciating well above average,'

Probably will continue to do so for at least one more year. I suggest buying

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Wait a second
AMD doesn't pay dividends?
wtf i hate mommy now

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>AMD is run by a WoC
>said WoC constantly pushes need for gender and racial diversity in tech
>Intel's white male CEO does a whoopsie
>fashtards on /g/ claim it's because of diversity

lol you smoothbrain alt-reich incel dipshits are hilarious

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RISC-V is literally an immature ISA. At least ARM has SVE

>> No.76969691

Asians aren't people of color

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I hate intel and kikes and will admit this is just a market correction because of their failings. Intel has a terrorist government sucking USA funds dry to rely on during times like this. Even if Intel continues to fuck up nonstop they won't be going away for years and years. AMD has no way of avoiding all significant potential issues either

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Because OP went full retard mode. Has no idea how things work in economy.

Intel didn't lose any money, they lost value, if anyone lost money were they shareholders.

Yes, Intel is going downhill.. But that's part of the cycle in tech industries.. Constant Innovation is hard to maintain.. See what happened with Apple.. They were big, they went down... Now see where they're now... (and probably going down again soon).. AMD same history... With ups and downs. Now they're doing well...

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Triple 69 speaks the truth

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Jim cucked Intel hard

>> No.76970181

>hey lost nearly $50,000,000,000 (50 BILLION DOLLARS)
Fucking economically illiterate retards. You can't lose what you didn't have.
It's the same with cryptobullshit, like kikecoin2000 losing 6 gorillion dollars. Those never existed in a first place.

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thank you based Jim

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I am so butthurt now

I bought intel after the crash to have a 1% profit, then it happened but being a daytrader, I got distracted by other things and when I went back to the trading app it was too late and it never got back there. Fucking Intel give me back my two dollars.

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Now that's EPYC

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And that's a good thing

>> No.76971384

> Stock price doesn't matter.

Add it to the list.

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x86 patent is about to go public anyway
Intel doens't own x64 patents aside from maybe Itanium (LOL). AMD is who made AMD64 which is what everyone uses.

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sorry to ruin your party, but intel continues to be dominant in the real world

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this. Happens to every tech company

You've got smart whites and asians who pull good shit together in someone's basement and go enormous. Then shortly after you go public you try to expand your workforce and have some diversity mantra bullshit force you to hire all sorts of furry otherkin trans creatures who spend their days imagining how they're oppressed.

You can handle a bit of deadweight because you still have smart people but eventually it just grows so big the company is just riding off of inertia (see Google, Facebook, Apple) or acquiring other white/asian startups

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Jim TRIED to reorg Intel to make them a better interconnect, but apparently Murthy was on a fucking power trip through and through with backstabbing politics; and it got so bad, Jim said "fuck this," and left.

Jim had a blank check salary at Intel and he was hired to blank check build them an interconnect like the IF, and he couldn't because of Murthy. Intel's CEO is PISSED because they lost Keller. The same guy that helped AMD create Zen through talent, reorg, and interconnect (Infinity Fabric), that is thoroughly annihilating Intel in desktop space now or soon will be with Zen3, and is eating close to double digit market share in Enterprise/Server and Hyperscalar spaces.

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t. murthy renduchintala

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Streetshitting inteljeet cope

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>Market cap has nothing to do with their finances; it’s the money investors won or lost.
>This is an overcorrection
I don't know about that. They've been lying about their fab progress. Who's to say they aren't still lying, and that 6-12 months delay doesn't become "we'll get back on track with 5nm"? Who's to say Intel isn't in the exact same position AMD was when they had to get rid of Globalfoundries? Intel is barely able to compete performance-wise (and gets wrecked in efficiency) solely because their 14nm process really was that good, but will it hold up against TSMC 5nm? Will Intel drag this flaming tire full of burning money that is their fabs around their neck while buying wafers from TSMC? AMD got fucked in the ass by arabs trying to get rid of their fabs. IBM sold Glofo their fabs for -1 billion (yes, they PAID Glofo to take their fabs). Intel could very well be next. And the worst part for Intel is that if they are, if their post-14nm processes don't work feasibly and never will, these moneypits that they threw billions into are actually worth less than nothing.
They're well priced if and ONLY IF you think there are no more fab delays coming. Do you really have faith in Intel's fabs? Do you think after the shitshow that was their 10nm process that their 7nm process will only have this one delay? If they have another delay coming up, you can expect at LEAST another 16% drop. That said, you could buy it as a trade as there may be a short term opportunity.

>> No.76974405


almost no white people anywhere to be seen

>> No.76974613

But are they LGBTQPGJFDFSGJVDHHEIXATOG friendly? Then okay then, buh bye!

>> No.76974646

Diversity kills companies.
The same thing will happen to Microsoft.

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>when your company is such a fucking trainwreck even Jim fucking Keller can't save it

>> No.76974726

>The end of the CPU monopoly era is OVER.
You mean it just began

>> No.76974745


Intel isn't done yet. They are going through 1990-era IBM phase. Intel has too many asset besides CPUs and foundries to simply croak and die overnight.

What is likely going to happen is that Intel's CPU division will get margalized and it is quite possible Intel will sell off their foundry assets and give up the towel like most other former semiconductor giants.

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Yeah, pretty much everyone agrees Intel fabs will go down first.

>> No.76975790

I would love to see this happen.
I would love to see Via use the same chipset just to fuck with them even more.

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>> No.76975900

You really think theres a chance itll go all the way to 30?

>> No.76976021

whichever company goes down low and starts hiring white people en masse will win this race

>> No.76976367

Definitely not intel >>76973752

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>> No.76976420

The hope is that Intel takes a dive and ends up where AMD was a year or two ago, competitive, but decidedly the underdog. This would drive competition and maintain low prices. Intel has proven they will do anything including bribing OEMs and fucking their customers over to gain the upperhand, while I have seen nothing to make me believe AMD will do the same, though I don't doubt that if they did reach the same kind of market dominance Intel had a few years ago they would jack up prices. So it would be preferable for Intel and AMD to remain competitive, with AMD maintaining a slight lead, in my opinion.

>> No.76976503

posting in this epic thread. I like intel for arbitrary reasons only so I wont miss it dying. But in all honesty the government will bail them out. its a shame that the government regulates stuff only to protect big corporations. T. actual capitalist.
based spudro poster

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>he didnt buy AMD

>> No.76976712

Looking forward to the day you sell them all at a loss. I'm already making bank on put options :)

>> No.76976751

Ryzen's an architecture that actually benefits from faster memory though

>> No.76976757

>most users on steam have shitty 2 core laptops
checks out

>> No.76976780

intelaviv is over
gonna buy Zen 3 Ryzen 5 4600 day one

>> No.76977425

>not noticing that trend


>> No.76977487

Does anyone know the twitter handle of that old booomer ex-intel employee that literally seethes every time someone says anything good about amd? I'd love to see him seething now

>> No.76977646

> Sell the Foundries

To whom? Why would anyone buy a billion dollar per unit asset in a Blue Soviet like Oregon?

>> No.76977815

>blaming this on new hires and not old complacent bean counters.

>> No.76977866

Never follow reddit advice, shift through the spam filled shitfest that /biz/ is and make your own conclusions

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>not updating to buff Keller
not so based

>> No.76979136

AMD up another 10% after hours to above $74, on great Q2 report and Q3 guidance of expected revenue of $2.55bn, a roughly 42 per cent increase. For the full year, AMD now expects revenues to rise 32 per cent.

>> No.76979175

More from the call:

Third-generation desktop 7nm Zen from TSMC, are due to ship this year, plus third-generation Eypc Milan and CDNA GPU server parts. GPUs using the RDNA 2 architecture, to feature in the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles, are also due to arrive this year.

AMD is still on track to hit the market next year with a line of 5nm Zen 4 chips courtesy of TSMC.

>> No.76979334

What a fucking Chad

>> No.76979368

>They lost nearly $50,000,000,000 (50 BILLION DOLLARS) in a matter of 5 days
Learn how stock market works ffs, this is just market cap being wiped out. Intel still has the same cash balance they had before.

They are totally fucked though you're at least right about that

>> No.76979387

>Transition kit

>> No.76979427

>Latisha from accounting already drew some really nice concept art

>> No.76979989

And that is a good thing.

>> No.76980298


lmao imagine not investing at amd when they were at 0.12

>> No.76980481


>> No.76980583

I think companies like Ampere in the ARM server market (and even Amazon with Graviton2), we should see more interest in ARM beyond phones and tablets.

>> No.76981467

Death to Israel! #WhiteSamsonOption

>> No.76981486

Another great American company pumped and dumped by jews. With jews you lose

>> No.76981498

>The end of the CPU monopoly era is OVER.
You're just trading a monopoly for another monopoly, retard.

>> No.76981589

do you even dyel, bitch?

>> No.76982607

ARM is starting to royalty rape where it can


Those customers are not going to be too happy working for free for ARM. They will make sure they have alternatives.

>> No.76983267

Check S&P 500.
Intel was basically inline with the average, now they are below by some margin.

>> No.76983419

worked as

>> No.76983556


>> No.76983647


Are you stupid? Hold.

>> No.76983710

that's a double negative

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>Intel is one of TSMC’s biggest customers and has been for decades. They have many products at TSMC over the years, mainly chipsets and other things on ‘older’ processes.
>Some of this was due to capacity, some of it was due to Intel’s process lead, and some of it was because TSMC had IP or a process tuned for something Intel didn’t, think RF for starters. Intel also used outsourcing as a weapon, in the 40nm days they would buy wafer starts and use them for things they didn’t strictly need to in order to deprive the competition of cutting edge, for them, silicon.

They fucking deserve it

>> No.76983745

Mommy Su will take it all the way to the endzone. This campaign ends with a triumph in Tel Aviv and the destruction of the state of Israel with Intel's management and the government of Israel prostrating themselves before AMD shareholders. The celestial Chi Rho will appear and it will be revealed that Jim Keller is inspired by the Holy Spirit to create the Zen architecture and all non-Epyc server processors will simultaneously fail.

>> No.76983754

>The end of the CPU monopoly era is OVER.
ah yes because having only AMD as an option won't be a monopoly....

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I'll just leave this here

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jesus christ THE RIDE NEVER ENDS

>> No.76983847

Intel has enough cash to burn for the next 10 years and has a 75% market share at the moment. The reason Intel still has a 75% market share despite doing absolutely nothing for the pas 5 years show how hurtful monopolies really are. They are basically forcing laptop manufacturers to buy their housefire TM chips.

>> No.76983868

they should use that money to buy amd stock

>> No.76983903

buy the dip

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>transition kit

>> No.76984036

Never heard Lisa Su spread anti-white propaganda unlike Intel.

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>> No.76984213

whew, lad!

>> No.76984344

let me make up things so israeli may sound better

>> No.76984387
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It keeps happening

>> No.76984796

AMD isn't getting TSMC's best, Apple is.

>> No.76984821

So now that Intel will dissolve can VIA / ARM compete with AMD?

>> No.76985229
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Now that Amazon is pushing forth with ARM in AWS, there is going to be a market for ARM workstations for developers to replicate code that's in production. Apple right now is the only company that's making readily available ARM systems for consumers.

For developers that don't want to run Linux as a macOS app, there aren't many options yet, but don't be surprised if Lenovo comes out with a ARM-type workstation or ThinkPad for this market.

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>Yeah. Also buy IBM, Kodak, and Xerox - they're gonna turn it around any day now


>> No.76985453

>it's actually real

>> No.76986434

>AMD isn't getting TSMC's best, Apple is.

In other words, TSMC's second-best is enough to bully the Intel.

>> No.76986462


AMD actually has a really good thing going on right now; Apple gives TSMC tons of cash to advance their tech and AMD is downwind to reap the rewards of Apple's investments.

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>I've seen this thread a million times. Intel is not done. They will go on.

>> No.76987395

If you see him without makeup, you will meet a real creatura

>> No.76990293

Is it time to buy?

>> No.76990579


>> No.76990631

lmao blood ain't even in the streets yet and I can't wait for WW3 when you zoomers all leave behind your thots to go die for Israel.

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File: 1.14 MB, 750x998, feminist_bridge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This post in anti semite

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