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>I use both linux and windows.
Don't lie, you are using windows 90% of the time

>> No.76771630

better mainstream support than linux while being must more compatible with linux than windows

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the only apple i personally know is a cunt so that pretty much confirms it

>> No.76771679

>better mainstream support than linux
I kekked. Marketshare =/= software support.

>> No.76771682

because there is no actual reason.
are you a programmer? linux(there are a few exceptions)
do you want to have a huge library of available software? windows
macos has no advantages reallly.

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I use both Linux and Mac OSX.

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Dual booting is the most annoying fucking thing, I don't understand anon.

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it's pretty simple
the convenience of UNIX + native proprietary garbage
Apple hardware aside, I can't find a single reason to use the hacked together nigger trash that is Windows over Mac desu

>> No.76772421

Using macos doesn't mean you pay them. Torrent the shit run it on a hackintosh.

>> No.76772428

There was reason until Windows added Linux via WSL.
Even when I had a dual boot computer I mainly stuck with Windows unfill the drive died and booted from the Linux drive forcing me to make the full switch.

>> No.76772455

If the anon lists his app on the ios store then yes, they take a cut of his money. A big cut.

>> No.76772925

Not him, but I use them all the time, but for different things. Windows for usual surfing and general usage, and linux for data storage and as a server.

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i'll switch away from mac when Linux gets actual VST support and implementation, or when Windows gets something as worthwhile as CoreAudio/JACK

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As a dev Linux and Mac OS are MUCH preferable to the garbage pile that is Wangblows.

>> No.76774171

i cant write upside down
based anyways

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Thats not using linux as an OS in the way you would typically say one uses an OS. I can say im using linux by connecting to a website hosted on a linux server by that logic.

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MacOS and Linux work almost exactly the same and both POSIX.
If you like Linix but not MacOS, the you're full of shit.

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GNU/linux is free as in freedom.
Macos is proprietary pajeetware trash.
The two are nothing alike.

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>But I can't find a single reason to use macos.
Stop looking then

>> No.76774960

Also not him, but I went Dual-Boot like 7 or 8 years ago, when Win8 hit.
Still got a parallel Win10 install, but haven't booted into it in years.

You literally don't need Windows, unless you game, and even then you don't really.

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Poo in loop.

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we got too cocky, animebros

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we got too cocky, sataniabros

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he also pays 99 dollars a year for the privilege

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>clearly a OnePlus 2 button
ok itoddler

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Argentina is white

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Same as Linux, only it actually works

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Genpoo in the Genloo

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Genpoo in the Genloo, Mr Singh

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Did he used makeup for that pic?

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we got too cocky, Singh-bro

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we got too cocky, sataniabros

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Stop posting fake news iToddler, the phones are completely different.

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>do you want to have a huge library of available software? windows
that gap has been significantly bridged over the past ten years. professional software? I can't think of any that are windows exclusive anymore. vidya? shit like steam and wine have made gaming much more widely accessible.

i used to dual boot. there's no reason anymore. windows sucks donkey balls

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WTF? How is cat doing that??

>> No.76775492

I think I read in another thread that this cat is actually part kangaroo, which gives him the intelligent of a cat but the friendliness of a kangaroo.
Cool stuff

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>Linux is no, absolutely no, no fucking way tier in terms of corporate security

>> No.76778068

>>76777799 is no, absolutely no, no fucking Enlish in terms of grammar, so eventually they gave me a .leave.

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nazi experiments

>> No.76780124

itoddlers btfo

>> No.76780270

At least Windows has gaymes, so it makes sense to boot into it at least for games that don't work well on wine. OSX offers nothing of value.

PROTIP: Use suspend to disk instead of rebooting normally, that way switching between OS's is pretty quick and you don't have to start and arrange everything every time you want to play a game.

>> No.76780288

My work computer was a mac at one point for about 3 years. There almost wasn't a single week where I didn't want to throw that useless piece of shit out of the window. Now I straight up refuse job offers that force me to work on a mac, no matter how well they pay. Fuck that shit. Whoever thought macs are good dev machines needs to get curbstomped.

>> No.76780380

>chrome os

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>> No.76780770

how ? windows at least have gayms going for it. mac doesn't even have that. it's the same botnet but without any benefit of windows

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>t. i mostly play vidya and try to install gentoo to fit in
>pic related

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That’s weird because my work laptop is a mac and my personal one runs linux. Anytime I have to use a windows machine I get extremely angry because it’s overly complicated to do anything. With macOS I can install macports for vim and other software and I use iTerm2 as my terminal emulator. This essentially works the same as linux so there’s no issue there. On windows good luck using the terminal with each command being equivalent to a short story, and the GUI is a mess.

>> No.76780922

Its not my fault that the design of windows 10 causes me physical pain to look upon. I believe that macos is going the same way, I am not upgrading this machine from High Sierra. Even windows 7 is kind of horrible, the last windows which was good was xp/2k3. Linux used to be good before Gnome3 and gtk3 came and fucked up everything. It is the natural trend of computing for everything that is good to be replaced with utter shit.

>> No.76782394

if u used mac you would only need 1 OS, windows.

>> No.76782531

clearly ios ui

>> No.76783423

You have to kinda stick to one OS. Having two unless you're using different machines, not only is a pain in the ass, but almost invalidates one of both choices when you realize that you always do most tasks on one of them and you're taking sometimes valuable space (yeah yeah, SSDs are not that expensive, but come the fuck on).

For instance as of a few days ago I had both Windows and Linux installed, and on Linux (with Cinnamon and Firefox, so it might be that factor over anything else) there was some constant, annoying delay when opening and closing tabs that was pretty noticeable and scrolling would also get a minor delay. Not happening on W10, despite it being not all that polished or fast. And I start to wonder, what's the point of using Linux then? Isn't that already an inferior experience for something I do frequently, which is web browsing?

I imagine many linux users for the most part feel the same. Why would they use Windows if they can do most shit they want to do on Linux?

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because as it stands my 5 year old macbook is still more powerful than most macbooks that came after it. And its starting to show it's age.

So for half the price i can get a really good windows based laptop, but without something akin to CoreAudio or JACK (and don't say AISO because it's pure garbage for handling multiple chains) i'm stuck.

Linux is the next best thing to OSX, but almost every VST developer refuses to update to VST3 (which has great support on Linux platforms), which means i have to run VSTs through wine AND a bridge which completely tanks any performance and introduces a shit ton of latency.

I almost exclusively use ableton, which means i could switch to Linux in a heartbeat with bitwig, but without a significant effort on the part of VST developers, i would be completely useless (especially on the engineering side of things)

>> No.76784349

I use both linux and macos.
But I can't find a single reason to use windows.

inb4 gaming. You must be 18 years or older to use this site.

>> No.76784734

really made me think

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Apple is gay.

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fruits are literally gay

>> No.76785636

Based. Linux is a macOS App.

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