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They can only milk gamers for so long. Consoles will force them to drop prices

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>pay $79 for some shitty console game

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hourly intel obsession thread

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Nvidia doesn't even care about gaymers at this point. They found a more reliable and locked in market segment in professional computing in AI and rendering.
AMD can't compete in a field that uses CUDA exclusively.

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>>pay $79 for some shitty console game
Your acting like PC games prices won't increase.
You realise that PC games shouldn't even be $60 because $10 is royalty for Sony and Xbox besides the store %. We've been getting screwed for a good few years and I can't remember when it started cause PC games were always suppose to be cheaper always because of no royalty

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Yeah Nvidia has been moving on cause they know their cash cow won't last for ever but the majority of their cash comes from gaming and that cash is just funneled into AI research.
Nvidia can't milk professionals the same way they milk us because businesses actually have leverage and negotiating

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You know you can just pirate games on PC right?
If it's MP then just wait for a sale.

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Their industrial markets overtook gaming already. Q1 results showed data center alone was almost on par with gaming. 1.1B vs 1.3B iirc, out of around 3.3B

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>If it's MP then just wait for a sale.
Sales seem to be getting worse with ever year.
Though I don't mind paying full price for an MP I know I'll be playing often.
I got OW, For honour $30 total and have got 100s of hours so definitely worth it.
>But they don't even manufacture anything themselves anymore.
It's still their product. Same with if you order wood and put it together it's your property. Just the other way around.
That's because Turing didn't sell that well overall. Compared to Pascal they've only made half as much profit because people really didn't like the price tag understandably and ray tracing being a meme.
That'll probably change with Ampere. Vastly improved ray tracing coupled with dlss 3.0 really has me intersted. I wonder how AMD will try to keep up cause they definitely have no access to AI hacks

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>That's because Turing didn't sell that well overall.
Except it's not. Nvidia's entire revenue for H2 2016 when pascal launched was under 3B. Their revenue for Q1 2021 is over 2x that, in a single quarter. All segment revenues were up over last year too. Data center almost doubled to over 1.1B, which is almost their entire revenue for Q3 2016.

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CUDA is supremacy

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Amd dont make a lot of money with consoles ironically

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wish we could turn back time

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>Mkt cap 251.31B


>Mkt cap 248.15B



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The absolute state of Pozztel

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Turing sold close to 1/2 of what Pascal did.
But net profit per GPU on Turing was like 3x of Pascal.
That's why does are up a fuc ton

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>Turing sold close to 1/2 of what Pascal did.
>But net profit per GPU on Turing was like 3x of Pascal.
>That's why does are up a fuc ton
You're a fucking retard for not understanding what revenue means.

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How tho? They don't have as many server contracts as Intel and AMD has the apple contract plus the 2 major consoles
>muh switch
those were last gen tegras literally sitting in a warehouse that nvidia successfully jewed to nintendo

who is buying nvidia?

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Look at the desktop sales vs the revenue you mouth breather.
Turing sold like shit, but made a pile of money for leather jacket man.

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>who is buying nvidia?
people who want drivers that work out of the box

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>lul muh build ur own gayming pc
selling parts to end users makes these companies no money.

Intel makes its money by selling worthless celerons and pentiums to HP and Dell for them to put into office shitboxes for HR drones and diversity hires.
AMD makes money from consoles.

Nvidia has to balance its income from selling to server companies and selling to gaymers

What that means is nvidia is inflating its stock and people with a brain are counting down the days until the bubble bursts.

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Marketing and PR. That's what Tesla is

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I mean the cards.

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ProRender cards are making a massive influx. Instinct M150 cards are cheaper and faster and infinitely more scalable than market conzoomer grade cards. Shows how much you really know. Why are you so fucking stupid?

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No, because they never sold for that much adjusted for inflation.
You arn't old enough to remember

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In the server market they are unbelievably unstable, in the AI market the closed source cuda bullshit means that companies are looking to the brand new M150 and basically are switching over.
Render farms hate them because they all but killed SLI. AMD still allows X-Fire.

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Anyone who buys nvidia cards from now on is a total fucking moron.

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>This means they are 1 mistake away from destroying their business.
And that's a good thing.

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Because diversity

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Tegra takeover when?

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It was 1280x1024 for LCDs and 1600x1200 for CRTs

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You're the kind of retard who claims 1440p is the norm in 2020

>> No.76691190

>I wonder how AMD will try to keep up cause they definitely have no access to AI hacks
A free temporary AMD logo tattoo with every GPU. You can put it on while you wait for your computer to reboot after the drivers crash!

>> No.76691195

>just 9 percent of the PC gamers possessed a GPU that could match the performance of the upcoming consoles.
So that would be close to 9 million people?

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Probably true. Laptops where I live with 1080p is $500 more expensive.

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What do you call posts like these? Do you reckon yourself an artist, holding up a mirror to the internet?

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Too bad Ampere's massive die will cause all that money to catch fire.

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>Your acting like PC games prices won't increase.
just play gacha game like pricone

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Half-Life launched at $49 in 1998, and that's the same as $86 today.
Doom was a $40 game, $70 today
Majority of SNES games were between $50-60 (though due in part to the cartridge costs), reaching nearly $100 in today's money.

Games are cheap. They have been. You grew up priviledged.

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are you new? there's a common misconception that while AMD drivers are shit, they inevitably get better over time, like a fine wine as it were

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>Nvidia is just overvalued once again just like their stock 2 years ago

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This pajeet Raja Koduri is bad luck for your company AMD is fucking smart getting rid of this shit

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Samsung fab > TSMC fab any day of the week

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