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I have a RX 480
I'm legit pretty upset at how often it crashes if I don't crank it up to 85%+ fan speed when playing moderately intense games, graphically speaking.

I also happen to have a FX8350. Same thing there. Bluescreens out of the ass.
When km switching over to a Radeon cpu I think I'm going team Nvidia again, with great regret, because AMD graphic drivers are the fucking worst. Drives me up the fucking wall and I'm normally a very patient person.
If only they didn't had that backdoor on the newer cpus.

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Which rx480? I've got the sapphire one and I've never had any issues with it apart from one fan that has an annoying clicking sound once it spins more than 20%.

>> No.76299090

They are competitive, in perf/$ and perf/W, they just don't have a GPU matching the top of the line from Nvidia

I have a RX580 and I can't remember a single crash, and temperature in games stays well below throttling.

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I've only ever used AMD GPUs, my only crashes have come from faulty RAM.
(Current rigs) my 470, 580, and 5700XT are all stable as can be

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After Bulldozer, AMD couldn't afford large investments in GPUs. Nvidia has several times the number of programmers assigned to things like drivers, features, cuda support, etc.

Nvidia's strategy is to come out with new features constantly and try to monopolize whatever niche the new feature is meant for. This is usually a failure and these features fade into obscurity unless it's a bombshell like cuda was. This is actually comparable to how Sony works as a corporation, you haven't heard of 99% of the things they actually spent a lot of effort creating, but you have heard of the CD.

AMD's strategy is to try to offer standardized, sometimes open features or software, while focusing on incremental improvements that are applied product line wide at the same time. They're doing this because of economy of scale, they need to invest less money to make the same amount they might otherwise, by favoring standardization. Sometimes this standardization and openness is something that helps the customer (eg Linux drivers through Mesa), but not high end customers.

AMD is faltering in their strategy because Bulldozer was a disaster and AMD had very little investment money to throw around on Radeon. This is probably being reversed now that the company is doing well again, but it'll still be years until the customer sees any tangible difference.

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the 5700 xt is the best gpu on the market right now

>> No.76299242

>They are competitive
>being this delusional

>> No.76299273

Drivers on Linux are great, too bad there aren't as many games on Linux, and AMD's machine learning stuff has a huge amount of catching up to do in terms of performance. A GTX 1080 outperforms a Radeon VII in pytorch

>> No.76299360

>Drivers on Linux are great,
>too bad there aren't as many games on Linux

I think this, here, is the explaination to "great" linux drivers. There's not enough software variety for the drivers to manifest how shit they truly are, unlike on winblows where billions of games inevitably have to make the drivers implode on at least some of them.

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AMD was never great. It's not that it's good on the CPU market, it's that Intel is fucking up big time. Nvidia had trouble in the past but nowadays if you have money... well, what the fuck are you doing buying a 5700XT?

>> No.76299389

Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody will ever want to hear it. Nobody cares. And the fact that you thought someone might care is honestly baffling to me. I've actually pulled the entire world. Here's a composite of the faces of everybody who wants you to shut the fuck up. It seems as if this is a composite of every human being on the planet. Interesting. Now for a composite of the faces that want you to keep talking: Interesting, it seems as if nothing has happened. Here's the world map. Now here's the text: Shut the fuck up. That's what you should do. But you know what? Maybe I am being a little too harsh here. I actually do have it on good authority thanks to my pulling data that there is as at least 1 person who actually wants to hear you speak. It's a little child in Mozambique and he- oh? He's dead? Well sorry man I guess nobody wants to hear you talk anymore. Please shut the fuck up.

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>5700XT costs like a 2060 Super but performs like a 2070 Super

>> No.76299399

they wouldn't need to dump as much money into their hardware if their software/driver support wasn't complete dog shit. It's a 50/50 crap shoot to see whether or not games will work completely, crash to desktop, artifact mid-game, or cause the GPU to get stuck in 3D clocks even when on loading screens. AMD GPUs are such a dog shit experience it's not even funny.

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Superb for deep learning for example.
Sadly, when incomes to any neural network task with multiple parameters the only choice is Nvidia atm.

>> No.76299404

My old 470 was a shitshow, especially on Linux.

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the only reason AMD outclassed Intel is the because of their business branch not engineering. The strategy of outsourcing building CPUs payed off.

Keep in mind Ryzen'performance is almost on par Intel having the advantage of being 7nm. If they where at same node Intel would be better so its clear which architecture itself is superior.

AMD outwitted Nvidia with the TSMC fab deal too.

AMD has always been the copycat experts and with fabrication being an issue (wasnt before) they got the upper edge which is amazing for us as consumers but dont get confused, AMD has never been (or currently is) about superior R&D or innovation.

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>WOW this raytraced game looks great on 5700XT!
>...said noone, ever

>> No.76299422

how many games have raytracing again tho?

>> No.76299432

Infinitely more than can be played on AMD

>> No.76299460

I personally don't give a flying fuck about Ray Tracing titles. I just want the raw performance of the GPU and no dog shit user experience. I'd gladly take an RTX 2060 with less performance than buy a 5700XT.

>> No.76299523

in b4 someone adds
>arch doesn't matter
to the list

>> No.76299563

I get your point, integrated memory controller on the cpu, x86-64bit and dual core consumer CPUs were awful. AMD was always reverse engineering stuff, tech illiteracy to its finest.

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File: 49 KB, 696x599, D4_Semiconductors_AMD_EESC-earnings-2Q18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

APUs, that's their real moneymaker. They need radeon graphics to develop the APUs necessary to curb stomp Nvidia and intel at the same time.

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Time and capital.
AMD had no cash and the Radeon group was steadily falling apart.
Sony bankrolled the creation of RDNA in exchange for their own proprietary branch, allowing Radeon group to tread water until Zen could return a profit.

Profits are now steady and the GPU division is rebuilding with what's left over after paying debts and funding the Zen roadmap. It won't be an overnight bounce-back, but the new cards should be damn solid.

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the APU branding got ruined by being based off Bulldozer thorough most of its existence

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I've had three AMD GPUs (380X in current desktop, 7670M in old laptop, Vega 10 in the APU in current laptop) and sure I've had some shitty framerates in some games, but driver issues, crashing, or any of the things you mentioned? Literally not even once.

>> No.76299651

I don't want AMD or their APU's unless they get their shit together with Radeon software/driver support. Dedicated cards are a fucking nightmare as is. Last thing I want is AMD to shove the equivalent of an RX5600XT onto the CPU die only to have it perform like shit.

From a "that's cool" perspective, I think it would be SICK to have an APU that's basically an R5-3600 and RX 5600XT on the same die.

>> No.76299666

You need to answer his question because your claim is stupid. AMD's architecture is able to deliver 64 core CPUs easily, while Intel has to literally staple two 8 core CPUs together in order to get to 16, same retarded issue they created with the Pentium D.

>bu bu bu bu they didn't actually manufacture the CPU!
Even in this stupid argument AMD is clearly an innovator. You do know all Zen 2 CPUs are manufactured at TSMC AND Global Foundries, right? It's called chiplets, something Intel had originally promised they'd have out the door in 2017. AMD designed an arch where different parts of the chip can be manufactured by whatever manufacturing technology is best suited to whatever role.

>> No.76299705

No he's right and you're wrong. AMD's APUs don't have issues with drivers. They're basic and don't have a lot of features, sure, but aren't buggy.

This makes sense, they're a bigger money maker for AMD.

>> No.76299775

>AMD's architecture is able to deliver 64 core CPUs easily
3990x is so fucking insane to me
how does that shit not melt out of your computer

>> No.76299834

are you being stupid on purpose? You better not be. Even a cursory glance at any major tech retailer would show you the 3990X being sold for $3500. Granted, the 3990X is a bit of a halo product just for the sake of having it exist as it's constrained to only 4 memory channels

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what if it was...all a dream...

>> No.76299865

>a lady shining a pcb with few mirrors glued to it proves something

Did you actually try to buy it or just saw the name on a store's webpage?

>> No.76299904

> less performance.

RTX 2060 Super, everything looks great on my machine.

>> No.76300015

>destroy entire Nvidia midrange lineup
>h-hey goy don't you buy this GPU with faulty drivers, just get Nvidia, you just plug and play
>hurr durr why no competitive
The only sector where AMD isn't competitive is high-end, but spending more than $400 on a GPU is retarded anyway.

>> No.76300242

>Just replace this entire $15,000 unit because the $2,000 worth of CPU failed
Anon, I think you need to get diagnosed for a learning disability.

>> No.76300292

That sounds like a cooking issue.

Consider doing the pressure fan mod and replacing your cooling paste.

>> No.76300314

You're not even LARPing as an actual large-scale IT worker (you're just a retarded young adult) and you come off as a wannabe.

Kid, 4chan isn't full of people the same age as you, whom are all dumber than you.
You're surrounded by people who lived longer and have actually done things in real life.

Now fuck off and stop talking about 400 watt APUs with 8+ different chips, and stop saying it doesn't raise the risk of downtime.

>> No.76300326

Anything compatible with GZDoom and Steam runs great on Linux.

>> No.76300327

They make mad dosh by making both the CPU and GPU of both the Playstation and Xbox, and their midrange is on par if not better than nvidia's, and the graphics in their APUs shit on anything by intel and most mobile Nvidia gpus
Just because they don't make $2000 cards doesn't mean they don't compete

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The CPU/GPU are the most reliable part of any computer assuming they don't overheat much. The memory is not, by moving the vRAM from the APU itself you actually add another level of reliability to the whole thing since 1 HBM "card" dying could quickly be replaced for a exponentially lower cost than that of the entire system.

But yeah low latency add-in HBM is the key factor here. Without it the whole thing falls apart

>> No.76300384

the drivers are good enough to make valve use them even if you have nvidia hardware in your pc to emulate with proton

>> No.76300389


lmao no. Their arch is just better in single threaded workloads. It gets worse and worse and worse as you add more cores, which is why Intel just stayed at 8 cores for so long. There's no reasonable performance increase for almost every user if you go higher. And I am only talking about multithreaded workloads that can make use of the full CPU.

>> No.76300418

They're too busy donating to anti-police, pro-BLM foundations that bail criminals out of jail.

>> No.76300432


It's funny how Hollywood affects the average stupid person's view of how corporations work.

>> No.76300450

>intel builds their cpus in america

>> No.76300482

>I'm sure Intel during the C2Q, Nehalem and Sandybridge era wanted to wipe out AMD off the face of the planet but was held back by lawsuits. This time around they won't be as merciful.
The world isn't a Marvel movie.

>> No.76300647

correct but you dont have to sell your organs for a 5700 xt

>> No.76300806

Now take away World War Z and do the benchmarks again.

>> No.76300817

tbf nvidia curbstomps amd on doom eternal also but other than those 2 games (as far as I've seen) it's pretty much a wash

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There's like what, 100+ DX12 games right now?

>> No.76300868

+ about 50% more crashing.

>> No.76300874

works on my machine

>> No.76300924

Raja was purposely sabotaging them since Vega and fury was just poo
Rdna 2+ will be good because he has nothing to do with it fuck that curry munching turbo shitter

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nvidia backdoored cuda the same way linux backdoored itself into the server world. amd vs nvidia isn't amd vs intel, it's linux vs windows

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>> No.76301054

Why are AMD fanboys so desperate?

>> No.76301118

Bad idea, it would make the APU builds more expensive than a cheap CPU + GPU. Thus few people would buy them and the whole thing would become very unprofitable real quick.

Add in HBM makes more sense desu. Problem would be synchronizing this with the system RAM.

>> No.76301362

when will intel and nvidia change their naming scheme
or are we gonna continue with this forever and see Core i13 17981XKU+RTX 9080Ti builds one day

>> No.76301399

>faggots ignoring that navi can work on anything and can be used with mac OS for work

>> No.76302488

>How do they do that? Wouldn't an APU be a stop-gap if your budget is constrained?
Nah what I want is high end apus
But won't happen until hbm 3d stack probably late 2020s

>> No.76302864

AMD gutted the graphics division because they nearly went bankrupt. They put every dollar they had into CPU development. This paid off in the end since the Zen architecture has completely turned AMD around. They have been slowly rebuilding the GPU division so we'll finally get some proper high-end GPU's again this year but don't expect them to outperform Nvidia's.

>> No.76303462

i mean we learned that amd can scale now up to 90CUs while being on the same power package as before(300watts)

that means that the card we saw on Open VR benchmark which had 40CUs is probably a mid card and this card was 20% faster than a 2080ti
if i was nvidia i would have concluded the same thing that there is a high possibility that the actual rdna 2.0 monstrocity will actually buttfuck their current lineup so they need to actually give more than 15% increase and stop kvetching around with perfomance

>> No.76303554

AMDrones aren't very bright and actually believe AMD made bank by themselves instead of being saved by TSMC - who was funded by Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm and Nvidia

>> No.76303630

Nice bait. The RX480/580 is probably the only series of cards by AMD (currently) that demonstrably has none of the issues.
Pretty sure you're just retarded

>> No.76303686

>AMD copycat
U wut? If anything, AMD is the only company actually innovating. The mistake they make is that they always open source everything and give it to their competition for free or that they push certain things too early (HBM).
Intel performance is only good because they have been on 14nm for ages. If they went to 7nm now, they would be far far behind AMD, as AMD already has experience on that node now.
Now Nvidia is better than intel, but they hardly innovate, they are just really good at optimizing their processes. The few times they innovated either failed or are yet to be seen (proprietary PhysX, RTX)

>> No.76303712

To be fair, no one said that on Nvidia either

>> No.76303724

>That sounds like a cooking issue.
? GCN is the best cooking utensil since thermi

>> No.76303825

i got black screen flicker from my 580 about a dozen times a day, minimum

>> No.76303884

Doing neural network stuff on a 2080 ti is a completely retarded idea... better buy something with a third of the 2080 it’s CUDA and tensor Cores or worse support for every deep learning framework that is actually used.

>> No.76304704

this is something we know for decades now the increased density wont allow for MHU 5GHZ meme anymore
and speed is the only thing intel has and had thats their way to increase IPC just crank the frequency
they cant do this on 10nm or 7nm with their current tech not to mention the fact that keller child's wont appear till 2023-24 at least

>> No.76304714

And now try it in older dx games. It's an okay card if you only gonna play this generation games exclusively. No rtx means no futureproofing and it's shit performance in older titles makes it bad.

>> No.76304774

>no dxr support
>no RT
>dx12 features are nvidia only
>cant do hw acc cause its cuda only
>no potential for deep learning
>no memory compression

this is the typical /g/ tech user
my god this is hilarious

>> No.76305146

My RX 580 on MSI A320M-A Pro has no sound from HDMI, must use the 3.5mm port, bye bye 5.1. I had to buy a USB soundcard arriving tomorrow

Like a retard 30 minutes ago I found out how to force the Vega 3 iGPU to be used alongside my GPU but had to leave for work ATM. I hope the Vega 3 will have sound output to my TV so I can use its Toslink output for 5.1
On my Mac Pro 2,1 I have sound on both W10 and Linux with my RX 580

Fucking AMD, unable to make good drivers on Windows but flawless MESA drivers on GNU/Linux


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>> No.76305280

>no RTX no futureproofing
>implying Turing won't age like absolute dog shit for rayracing
Can't wait for Ampere to BTFO Turing in RT so much even the 2080Ti will be considered dog tier, and all the "futureproof" retards who bought first gen garbage will get cucked.

>> No.76305441

This, Turing will become the Kepler of our time.

>> No.76305483

>∞ * 0 = 0

>> No.76305850

>TMSC managed to do so because Apple and other smartphone companies were funding them
What your point? Intel was funding Intel, do you think they had some kind of cash shortage for process development with those billions in profit each year?

>> No.76306746

Wasn't Intel making a discrete graphics card or something?

>> No.76306840

They can and they have. Wait for RDNA2.
Yes, and it's dogshit as expected.

>> No.76307295

How so if it's cheaper than 2070?

>> No.76307341

Coz it has no rtx and will be dropped as soon as rdna2 rolls out. They can barely support their current cards.

>> No.76307510

Gonna be based when ddr5 comes along it's 3x as fast and should give gddr4 cards trouble

>> No.76307715

>If they where at same node Intel would be better so its clear which architecture itself is superior.
First gen Ryzen was basically on par with Kaby Lake in IPC, only held back by low frequencies and high intercore latency. And that was on nominally equivalent 14nm node, with a brand new architecture that hadn't been refined for the past ten years.

>> No.76307740

MSI stands for MicroStar International. They were the joke of the PC industry. They used MSI to con people into not making that connection, but their quality hasn't improved. Do not buy MSI.
Sapphire stuff costs more but because it's the flagship brand for AMD there's more onus on both companies to make sure the shit works.

>> No.76307851

>They were the joke of the PC industry
Why? Also I have a MSI mobo and it's never had any issues

>> No.76307855

2700x here it's slow as balls
The 3800xt needs to htfu

>> No.76307893

I have 1600. The single-core performance isn't quite where I'd like it to be, but it's otherwise good(especially considering that the alternative would've been something like 7600k).

>> No.76307976

>I have 1600. The single-core performance isn't quite where I'd like it to be, but it's otherwise good(especially considering that the alternative would've been something like 7600k).
Por thing just can't keep up in pubg or bfv
Oh well there's fuck all vidya worth playing anyway
I had a 1600x it sucked

>> No.76308051

I have 1060 with 1600 and never had a problem with PUBG

>> No.76308061

You deserve a (you). Top notch post.

>> No.76308087

>I have 1060 with 1600 and never had a problem with PUBG
Try hitting 100fps minimum

>> No.76308090

>tfw no drivers for 8.1

Am I gonna have to go to 10 eventually? Rather not because of all of the shit I've seen since it was revealed

>> No.76308166

The only way to future proof is to not buy anything

>> No.76308178

woah, apparently you can play Dark Souls 3 on Linux with Proton? I'm going to give that a try. Thanks anon. I just hope the Nvidia drivers aren't that much of a hindrance.

>> No.76308282

Gigabyte ab450
Corsair 2666 16gb
Nope no issues at all rock solid
If your having instability it'd your memory
I had issues with shit memory in both my Zen

>> No.76308430

> radeon
> not competitive
so you have no idea what competitive means, thanks for playing.

>> No.76308442

>Keep in mind Ryzen'performance is almost on par Intel having the advantage of being 7nm. If they where at same node Intel would be better so its clear which architecture itself is superior.
Intel's mobile CPUs on a comparable node are still slower than amds, also I'm pretty sure you are talking about gaming in which case is barely dependent on CPU performance

>> No.76308443

Why are the AMD APUs still using Vega? Not BIG NAVI

>> No.76308610


>> No.76308786

good post

also their GPU division is competetive, they just don't bother with the high end because they know they can't compete there. i bought an rx 590 like six months ago and i chose it over a 1660 ti because it was in my price range and the 1660 ti didnt seem like it was worth spending more money on. i dont care about max framez i just needed a card to replace a dying 6950 and surprise surprise, amd was the choice again.

>> No.76308862

My worst experience with my R9 280 is updating the driver after like 2 years and it destroying my stability with my OC. Outside of that, no issues

>> No.76308869

i got a 380x because it seemed superior to the 960 and the 970 was too expensive, don't regret it one bit
i don't really have a use for an ultra high end $2000 card anyway, it's impressive hardware but I wouldnt know what to do with it

>> No.76309046

I've been buying AMD GPUs for ten years, the main reason is because AMD doesn't gimp their cards with a low amount of VRAM. For the work I do AMD cards have more than adequate compute power and they have the VRAM I need. To get a nvidia card with 8GB you need to at least a GTX 1070. AMD have been releasing 8GB cards since the R9 390 and today it's possible to buy a RX 570 with 8GB of VRAM for $130.

>> No.76309188

I have RX 580 and the only time I got blue screen - when playing some shitty flash games in firefox.

>> No.76309190

TSMC and Intel use different ways to measure process size. TSMC 7nm is basically Intel 10nm. Intel 7nm would be significantly better than TSMC 7nm. There is no universal measurement standard that all companies abide by. In other words, Intel 14nm isn't "twice as big" as TSMC 7nm, they are much closer to each other than people realize. Intel 10nm+ is better than the best 7nm node from TSMC, the problem is that Intel hasn't yet released any desktop chips on that node.

People think Intel is ages behind TSMC when in reality they really aren't. They will make a comeback by 2021 / 2022. Don't forget that Intel is a massive company, three times bigger than AMD / Nvidia combined.

>> No.76309647

>AMD have been releasing 8GB cards since the R9 390
There were variants of the 290X with 8GB of VRAM but they are hard to come by.

>> No.76310602
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brand loyalty is for faggots

>> No.76310609

Get your shit done for your needs.
Only faggots will ignore progress for brands who don't give a fuck if they live or die.

>> No.76310875
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>> No.76311820

because it literally depends on a small group of engineers.
gpu engineering industry is extremely tiny and in general must be below average in terms of quality, because there is no way to actually share knowledge, learn and improve skills.
it can all depends on just a single smart guy.

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