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don't see any ads except at the start for sponsor, just skip that shit

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Well he is Tech Jesus and Jesus was a jew...

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Not the point retard. He deliberately pads the holy fuck out of all his videos by at least 15 minutes just to get more ad shekels. It's fucking retarded. Cut out all the bullshit and give a simple 5-6 minute video.

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on one hand this is extremely jewish but on the other hand its not like you were going to be pushing the limits of performance on a B or an H board that doesn't allow you to overclock anyways. anyone that's using an intel processor in a desktop and didn't get jewed into buying a low spec board is going to be using a Z board because you can overclock

this is just enticing the people who are looking for a very particular envelope of performance to spend $30 more dollars on a higher tier of motherboard its not really going to impact anyone building a pc unless they're trying to build an absolute bottom barrel budget intel pc in 2020 (a retarded idea)

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Man, Intel is seriously holding back progress. They haven't even offered support for 2933 across the board let alone 3200 like amd have been doing since last year.
Read the fucking article then?

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look at the 0.1% lows bruh

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You can't overclock this CPU on any board, brainlet.

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Nobody gives a shit about Intel CPUs except indians.

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>deep technical analysis

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>oh no the site that changes their benchmarks to benefit intel

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>beats 3700x

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The 3700X's purpose isn't gaming

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Color me surprised. I don't like the absurd shilling by AMD but since Intel won't do anything but be stupid pieces of shit them taking a beating for the last two years is warranted.

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where can i buy these? bodypillow size available? asking for a friend

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>7nm 20??
Intel is fucking dead for good.

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>2019 tiger lake
>2020 sapphire rapids

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Intel dying is the best thing to ever happen in decades.

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And then gets crushed by 3300X.

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intelfags trying to say that they're still on top stfu and go back to r/intel where you belong

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This. Goyim Nexus is a fucking kike.

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Oy vey goy let's post some goybench

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>Go back to /pol/ you cancerous stormcuck

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So the 3300X is better than the 3700X?

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3700X came out last year bro.

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but it has twice the cores

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But not the clock and architecture improvements.

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Is it the new AMD shill strategy to call well established AMD shills Nvidia or Intel shills?

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Buy the new 3300X goy it has improved architectural performance and clock speeds just look at these gaming charts from a completely independent review channel.

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for gaming

but games dont need many cores, they need lower latency and higher cache speed, for example 10600k paired with fast ram obliterates 10900k

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you forgot that 7700k was the best gaming CPU just ~2 years ago

>> No.76146709 [DELETED] 

And it still is.

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>falseflagging intcel

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USS Liberty incident - Wikipedia

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Bluepill good.

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He doesn't want to sound too much of a blatant intel shill because people will catch on, he's not that dumb.

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Actually based and redpilled.

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>not using sponsorblock

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>Cherry-picks a single result where the 10400 on a platform that has memory and a motherboard that costs as much the CPU itself on an application that has a strong bias Intel architectures. Despite this, it barely outpaces 3900X while as if it is equipped with memory (2666/2993Mhz) and on a platform (B and H series) that it is intended be paired with. It falls behind in said favorable benchmark.

> Smoothbrain-intel-fag doesn't understand how energy efficiency works in the real world and uses a chart that doesn't properly show it. The 3900X pulls more power at full load but it gets the job much more quicker than the 10400. While the 10400 has to constantly pull power for a longer duration to complete the same computing task. The 10400 ends-up consuming more energy to complete said task and taking more time as well (Time is $$$$ for professional content creators).

To be fair, 10400 has an uphill battle on being stuck on 14mm that is pushed far beyond its power efficiency curve to keep up in the performance race.

10400 is almost a re-packaged 8700 (LGA 1200) but doesn't turbo-boost as high (8700 boosts up to 4.6Ghz while 10400 is stuck at 4.3Ghz). Being sold for $130 less.

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Sorry bruh it's just that with all the memes about housefires and such I thought that all of us here cared enormously about power consumption and efficiency but apparently not. My bad.

Carry on then.

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>hahahaha for your build to be competitive you need a decent motherboard LOL!
thanks anon I'll bear that in mind

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This, just buy a $300 motherboard, $200 cooler and delid kit and then you will finally beat Ryzen by 1 fps.

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You do realise that using your own chart the 3900x is more efficient right? Absolute power draw isn't a measurement of efficiency without a performance metric to compare it to. It is why for anything that scales to N threads the 3950x is the most power efficient cpu in the desktop space.

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>using logic and common sense against inteljeets
I appreciate the effort, but I'd rather anger them with bait.

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When was the last time AMD destroyed Intel in efficiency?

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why are you posting marketing slides from AMD bruh

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Simple as

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/g/ was CONVINCED Intel was sitting on warehouses full of super chips just ready to drop just in case AMD was competitive.

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Toppest of keks

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>intel was selling 8 cores for $1100

>> No.76150775

Zen came out of nowhere - even the likes of David Kantor in 2016 was predicting sub 3ghz clocks and sandy bridge IPC.

>> No.76151626 [DELETED] 

he wasn't far off

>> No.76151799

You mean an entire gigahertz short and a good 10-15% IPC short? Nyet comrade. Half of the ryzen 1xxxx bios drama is AMD didn't tell mobo manufacturers until the eleventh hour how AGESA works to avoid leaks.

Even the public information from Intel investor meetings boils down to "we didn't expect AMD to actually compete".

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Close enough for Intel eh?

>> No.76152939

no one uses that site anymore, it's owned by Intel

>> No.76152979

>"we didn't expect AMD to actually compete"
Why would they think that? It wasn't that long ago that AMD was still competing. 5 years isn't that long when you consider that both companies have been there since the 60s.

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fuck you goy

>> No.76153081

>having no attention span

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>Why would they think that?
For the last 3 or so years their lead was so huge with bleeding edge foundries (remember AMD told GLOFO to gtfo) and had climbed to well over 90% market share in all sectors from the face of it Intel was invincible. They believed with AMD's tiny revenue meant they could never put in the R&D required to fight back. Intel has always been dominant over AMD and given what bulldozer was why should they question this trend? Zen is far more monumental than /g/ likes to imagine even if it didn't (and still doesn't) hold the universal performance crown. The main goal of Zen is ultimately to be flexible in a way monolithic die design cannot be to circumvent many of the traditional manufacturing pitfalls.

Remember AMD spent most of its life being an Intel clone or just building chipsets.

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>Remember AMD spent most of its life being an Intel clone or just building chipsets.
And yet AMD almost always innovates while Intel follows.

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He's right you know. It's ok to celebrate the comeuppance of a company that willingly tries to screw over the consumer instead of competing on their product's merit alone.

>> No.76154653

Is $150 really that expensive for a motherboard?

Hell I have to spend that much just to get an Intel NIC and non-shit audio

>> No.76155684

yes, you buy z370 for 8-,9400 to beat 3600

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not a single intel shill as sof ar been able to explain how this meme metric is calculated by userbenchmark.
Surelly it's not entirelly made up? Right?

>> No.76158051 [DELETED] 

Bro why do you need to make up all these lies and what are you hoping to accomplish by doing so?

We ALL know that the “benchmarks” on Linus Tech Tips and Hardware Unboxed are complete and utter fucking bullshit and that those on userbenchmark show results that you can more realistically expect to achieve in the real world.

>> No.76158123

So the 9400F is the best cpu on the market?

>> No.76158971

>buy CPU
>buy motherboard
>put CPU in motherboard
>all limits broken by default
Blame the motherboard manufacturers. Blame Intel from not stopping this.

>> No.76158972

Holy fuck /g/ is basically /r/amd at this point. Jump off a bridge you worthless fanboys

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You're still pozzed bro.

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Most PC users don't even know what BIOS is. And good luck trying to find MCE when every manufacturer calls it differently and places it in different menus. Most "professionals" don't even know that MCE exists.
>40% slower in gaming
The cope is real.
It would be trivial for Intel to mandate it to be off by default, just like they do it for XMP. Isn't that convenient?

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get adblock and skip the in video ads with your mouse you incompetent fool

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>Most "professionals" don't even know that MCE exists.

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>Most PC users don't even know what BIOS is.

Don't worry bro one day you'll learn what a BIOS is and you'll be able to buy an Intel and play your games at decent framerates.

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Nah bro

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It's the best cpu Intel can offer.

>> No.76159249

>let's compare cpus that are 100$ apart

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Gotta love that 0 performance, thanks Intel.

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163 average is more than enough.

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Why can't Intel make 10nm cpus

>> No.76159543

Too bad you need a Z-series mobo for the Intel to even be allowed to OC memory and of course to OC the processor itself while you can use a cheap ass B450 on Ryzen and have everything unlocked. But we don't talk about this, right?

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jesus fucking christ

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They have a better 10nm,the 1065G7.a $426 quadcore.

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>$426 quadcore

>> No.76160735

You're worrying about an extra $100 expenditure on a piece of equipment you use for a large portion of your daily life? Yikes

>> No.76160750

>Locked features don't matter

>> No.76160886

I do the opposite. I watch the intro, skip the charts, then watching the overall opinion at the end.
Takes a 30 minute "deep" video into 5.

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Their overall CPU ranking is the same ranking you get if you average the fps of all gamersnexus benchmarks per CPU.
You're criticizing something you don't understand just like Steve from gamersnexus did.
User benchmark is very good if you read what each score represents and don't just glance at it and think its saying the i3 9350k will compile chrome faster than a 3990x. It won't. But at 5.2ghz with 3600cl16 it sure will smoke it in cs go and fortnite.
The guy who designs the metrics is based and acting totally absent of marketing from either company. If you knew nothing about Intel or amd you would come to the same conclusions.
Any other stance is indefensible as there is significant data at this point. AMD can't compete until they can get 6c12t in one core complex with out artificially limiting over clocking like they did in zen 2.
The 9350k is better than the 3600x.

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Lamo wtf happened here

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But i5 and nvidia 7 series is still the best for gaming as usual
10600k+the $100 3600cl16+2070s is the only thing worth buying.
You know it and as I said would agree if you only had the data and no exposure to marketing from either side.

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