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freesync only matters for video games

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Does windows home premium really only support up to 16 GB of RAM and if so is there any way i can upgrade to Ultimate without needing to reinstall all my drivers and other updates.

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i want to build a small form factor pc which will be used for media streaming/torrenting and couch gaming. eg i never actually want to touch this machine directly when it comes to managing torrents. is there a way to easily manage everything remotely? Ideally i'd be running steam big picture on top, with all the media stuff happening in the background. would also obviously be using windows.

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Yes, and not anymore. There used to be a system but it involved an online component that's been killed. You should really think about upgrading anyway.

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short: yes
long: go to friendly window thread and read paste

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Im interested in networking, I have read Kurose and Ross (still need the last 2 chapters, about network security and multimedia), what can i do next? I feel like i learned a lot but also like it was all very theoretical; so what can i do for practice and what related books/resources to get? For my networking project we just had to do a project with a server in python (and we had to do something simillar last semmester but in C for operating systems so..)

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you can buy a usb ir dongle and map certain remote buttons to do certain things, like booting the machine or launching applications.
though since you want to torrent on it as wall (which is probably a bad idea, unless you don't care about noise since it's gonna be always on), there are certain clients like which have a pretty much out of the box web interface, like transmission, or you could setup a watch directory which you can share via network. when you drop a .torrent file in the watch dir it gets automatically added to the client.
biggest problem with torrent with it is probably gonna be storage though, since sff pcs typically don't have 3.5 bays, so you're probably better off using a different pc dedicated to storage, as well as running something like plex on it elsewhere.

I have only really tried it once, but you could go with the steam link or nvidia shield route. meaning, you build a normal pc and then have a little box at your tv which will connect to steam or does the nvidia streaming stuff. steamlink also allows you to stream your desktop and really do whatever remotely. I used it on a rpi3 which wasn't really that great, maybe a rpi4 (which now has gigabit ethernet + a better cpu) will work better though, so it's worth a look

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No, yes.

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ctrl + shift + del

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What's the easiest way to hook up my computer to my ancient TV so I can watch movies and play vidya on it? Pic related is my TV.

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K-Lite player with MPC-HC is bugging when I attempt to skip forward on my new pc. The video plays fine but any attempts to skip forward causes it to freeze and crash but going back is fine. VLC player work however though. Any solutions?

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problem is, dvds use a different codec/container than what you'd normally find on a pc, so you'd have to transcode it before burning.
you'll lose quality and since those programs typically use some standard transcode settings, it's gonna be even worse.
as for a good program to do this on windows? no clue

you could try creating a data disc and just burning the movie on it as is,
but your dvd player would need to be able to read from data discs (and when they can, they typically also have a usb slot, so there's no reason to put it on a disc in the first place)
another problem is the codec, though mp4 is pretty ubiquitous, so it should work if it can read data discs.

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Are Raspberry Pi's still worth it? I want one that I can use to as a media center to stream/play videos (preferably 1080p and higher). Or should I try to find an old thinkpad on ebay for ~$100 instead?

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I have an iPad 1 from like 2011. Still works but is slow as hell. Any way to speed it up (maybe downgrading to a past ios version?)

Why the fuck does it slow down over time anyway, it's not like the CPU gets slower with age. Are the apple throttling conspiracies literally true?

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What's the best client/software for streaming gameplay within the same local network? (PC to PC)

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How do I install gcc on Mac OS X Tiger? I can't install Xcode cuz I have no space and I need It for homebrew.

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Nice! Pi it is then. :)

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When I load an MKV In Handbrake for Linux it can't find the embedded SRT but when I load the same MKV in Handbrake for Windows it does. What gives?

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I want to become more tech literate, but I have no idea where to start. Where do I start learning about all the /g/ stuff?

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lurk more

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help a retard out. i have some quad core i5 with 786mb integrated graphic. will it help if i put some entry level gpu with 2gb memory on it? i mostly use it for sketchup and it's a bit laggy only with integrated graphic

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the 21 pin connector in that manual probably refers to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCART
Modern video cards only offer digital outputs, but since the signal your TV requires is analogue you can't just snip the end of an HDMI cable and solder a SCART connector on.
You need an active box which translates between them and they typically only do it in one direction, so either HDMI to SCART, or SCART to HDMI.
Luckily there are some companies who still sell those, so just look on amazon for "HDMI to SCART".

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Ok good info. I just looked up the manual for the DVD player. It can play mpeg2 files, but not mp3/wma files, which means it cannot play my mp4 file.

So the revised question is: any free Windows software to convert mp4 to mpeg2 video file? I think Nero may, but I would like freeware since this is a one-time thing.

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is this UEFI?

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Transmission bittorrent has a web gui and its free as in freedom software.

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deluge is better than transmission.

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meant 30000/1001 vs 24000/1001 fps of course

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What is that gui?

t. never launched Qemu from anywhere but terminal

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Have you tried MPC-HC without K-Lite?

If I were you I'd just use VLC. If it's not broke don't fix it.

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No idea. Have you tried extracting the subs first then loading them into handbrake?

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Check the cables to your monitor. Try a different refresh rate or resolution. Check your GPU temperate and ensure no fans have failed.

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Do I have to disable all these options in my AP if it's just a bridge to my main router? I read you generally disable DHCP server and firewall but what about the other options?

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How to backup /home folder? I mess a little bit on my HDD and I would like to do a backup on external HDD. Can I simply .tar/.zip? What about file permissions?

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I'm hosting a minecraft server on a (powerful enough) laptop connected to my home network with ethernet cable. When 2-3 players are connected the internet in my whole house starts to suck, for every device, even those on wifi. Strangely the server still runs ok. What is the cause of this? The data consuption of the server is <0.5 Mbps, and I don't see why the other devices on the home network should be affected by it. If it matters I'm using a fairly new (but nonetheless probably shitty) router that the ISP gives you

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Forgot pic

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It provides a static public facing domain name for systems with a dynamic public facing IP.

It's hard to remember an IP address that keeps changing every time the lease renews.

DDNS services provide an easy to remember and cheap domain name that always point to your current public facing IP.

If you're not running a server or hosting anything you probably don't need one.

Keep in mind under some circumstances you don't want the same public facing IP pointing toward your equipment. It's harder to hit a moving target.

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>tar -zcvf home.tar.gz /home/user

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Also read this

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>By "dynamic ip" you mean in the sense how your ISP rotates your ip sometimes? Like how you sometimes get aassigned an ip banned from 4chan.
Exactly that.
>Also, what would be an use for it for a home user like me? Not hosting a server or whatever.
Then it's of no use to you.

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Na. There's one on the updated version but this is an older model and I have to manually do everything myself

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Disable everything and avoid using the WAN port, same result.

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Thanks a lot, also checked digits

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i know this is gonna sound lazy as fuck but what can i buy to basically use as a headphone jack extender to put on my desk like a box so i dont have to get up to plug my headphones in everytime?

>> No.75827961

literally an MF aux cable?

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looking for a linux distro that can run most, if not all, windows programs. i use programs like sony vegas and ableton live. dual booting has been a consideration, however i would need to be able to access the stuff i already have on my hard drive. any suggestions?

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Your GPU is dying, brah

>> No.75828106

use a dual boot with exFAT or NTFS to be able to access content from linux or windows

>> No.75828189

Just don't even try, you'll regret it. Dual boot is the only viable way

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Speed control on youtube isn't working. The native speed control doesn't do anything, neither do speed controller extensions.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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What you want is aspect ratio.

>> No.75828440

Adjust desktop size and position > Aspect ratio and override the scaling mode set by games and programs.
Though usually monitors have this adjustment as well. Look around your monitor settings

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Try another browser firstly I guess. Also right click, select "stats for nerds" and post it here, it might be helpful.

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That was it thanks.
Though it doesn't seem to be working.
Anyway it could be because the GOG release of Severance is absolute shit.

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didn't work. might it have to do with me having 23 tabs open like a neanderthal?

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Dual booting windows sucks. I would recommend 1) using a virtual machine 2) sing WINE. Both work with most (if not all) major Gnu/Linux distributions. However, if you machine is not able to lift some heavy load, then you won't be able to easily do any of these options. If you're already able to run video editing software, then you are probably fine.

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why is every 2020 macbook trash?
>lowend 2020 macbook air
worst performance but ok value
>highend 2020 macbook air
heat throttles like nothing else, bad value
>lowend 2020 macbook pro
okay value but LAST YEAR'S CPU kek. also the lowend 2020 macbook air beats it in single thread performance
>highend 2020 macbook pro
expensive as fuck

I promised myself to buy a new macbook when they rid of the butterfly switches but they are all trash still

>> No.75828945

Sorry, typo.
>using WINE

>> No.75828984

You should have known better.
Apple computers are terrible, objectively speaking, for a variety of reasons. Unless you don't give a shit about computers, you don't mind getting ripped off, and you don't mind changing your PC every two years.

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Hmm, just had an idea. The reason nvidia settings arent applying to your game might be that the game's not actually running at fullscreen. W10 has some kind of feature that runs all games at borderless (so that the game bar overlay and notifications and shit work)
You turn this off by going to the game's executable, right click properties, compatibility, disable fullscreen enhancements. Or something along those lines.
If it doesn't work maybe the game doesn't support true fullscreen at all (yes this is a thing with indie games usually).

Or, are you using a laptop? Maybe your game is running on your intel gpu instead of discrete nvidia one.

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Last good macbook pro was 2015.
Others were always shit since they were overpriced garbage targeted at coffee shop normalfags.

>> No.75829194

Right. Of course they are not going to be shit. They do have great battery life, and they are well built. What I'm saying is that it's not worth it. If you take everything into account (price, Apple fucking with its customers, terrible keyboard, lack of ports, unchangeable OS, proprietary software etc), then Apple is shit. And their attitude is crap. I think every self-respecting techie should stay away from Apple.
Regarding the Apple OS, it's pretty and convenient. But it doesn't offer anything to people who know what they are doing. It's good for a guy who wants things to just werk. That's not me, and I think that's not most techies.

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I've got a situation I cant's make heads or tails of, and I don't know if I'm the idiot or there's something wrong with my setup.
I have a 1440p 60Hz monitor. I also have a 4k 60Hz TV. They're both connected to my GTX 1060, monitor - with display port, TV - with HDMI. When I set the display mode to extension, both work at their max resolution 60Hz. However, if I set them to copy the screen in 1440p, both drop refresh rate to 30Hz. What am I missing, and is there any way to have them in copying mode at 60 Hz?

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I have an interview coming up in a few weeks and they told me that they use microsoft teams.
first of all, how do I even connect to this shit?
do I send them my email or skype name?
do they send me the credentials to connect?
I installed on my phone and used the skype login option and it says that I am not connected to any team.
what do?

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whats a good program for basic editing with nice resolution and fps options? something that works similar to sony vegas for chopping and piecing things together

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I've recently got a job where I have to make videos among other things and my company provided me a program Camtasia. It's been pretty simple to use for me, but when you use it on trial period it does insert its watermark, so you'd have to pirate or buy it.
I've also used Movavi Video Editor before, it was pretty simple too. Finally, I've heard the most robust and professional tool is Adobe Premier Pro. I tried it before, and had to abandon it because there was an issue with footage I already recorded, but its interface was pretty much the same too, so it must be intuitive enough as well. Can't remember for these two whether they have a mandatory watermark on trial period, but it's likely they do.

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This is likely what you want:

>> No.75830243

With the release of the new AMD chips, you guys think it's possible to build a decent PC for less than 500 bucks?

I already have kb, mouse and monitor.

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thanks bro

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People always say "unlocking your bootloader and rooting your phone leaves it less secure than stock" but they never elaborate on why. An attacker with physical access cannot install anything without wiping the whole thing clean because I always have full-disk encryption enabled. Theoretically a remote attacker could string together a chain of vulns and install a rootkit. This is the only plausible danger.
Is there something I'm missing here? It should be alright to root, use FDE, use a boot password, and ensure all apps run with limited permissions, right?

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headphone amp?

>> No.75830637

> Yes, NTFS is the best.
> To be clear, you want to format external disk so that you use them as storage, right?
Yep, that's right. I have a couple 3 & 4 GB drives that I want to reformat and recopy my files from Mac file systems to Windows-readable ones.
One Follow-Up Q: Can I screw up the permissions on NTFS, or can I always re-force ownership when I am running as Admin?

>> No.75830686

I need a good external HDD, what should I buy? Probably just need 1TB, don't care much about speed or anything, can I just buy practically anything and it will work fine?

>> No.75830694

I have valorant but that's not the one causing the issue (and i think it's anti cheat uninstalled itself because its not running anymore)

>> No.75830718

>(and i think it's anti cheat uninstalled itself because its not running anymore)
That could've been the reason, unless you had the problem before installing Valorant. Try uninstalling the game itself.

>> No.75830895

i just got a new monitor (about a week ago) and now i see a stuck pixel (red when on black background) near the center of my screen
been running the meme pixel unstuck thing (udpixel) and nothings happened in the few hours that i've had it running
what do

>> No.75830964

It doesn't say how you're supposed to use that option or really even give a description of what it's supposed to do.

I've tried

tr 'x' '[x*3] # shell complains
tr 'x' [xxx] # tr runs but 'sex' doesn't become 'sexxx'

Adding single quotes around the option doesn't make it worth either.

>> No.75830997

>can I just buy practically anything and it will work fine
Not sure about that. Data is important, you don't want to deal with the aftermath because you bought some shitty garbage just to save 15 bucks.
Anyway, Western Digital is the way to go

>> No.75831089

Thanks, that helps. There's so many brands and shit to choose from but both WD and Toshiba are pretty cheap. I'm surprised how cheap HDDs are nowadays.

>> No.75831546

I have a problem on my RN8 running lineageos android 10 where when I want to run the pm command from the recovery terminal as root to delete system apps it can't find pm while if I run it from the included los terminal it executes the command but gives the permission denied error.
I tried flashing magisk & trying it again with su but it still does nothing. The pm command worked as intended on my samsung s3 in twrp. I just want to remove system apps without installing magisk & titanium backup.

>> No.75831613

You can do an infinite while loop and break when the value is 0, not good but it works.

>> No.75831911

Where do you guys get pirated software?
I'm thinking about Photoshop.

How safe is rutracker?

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I think I got it, thanks anons.
You really helped me out.

>> No.75832134

look up 4chan image downloader

>> No.75832267

Is there anything I need to do when switching to a new monitor? Will it just work when I plug it in?

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>> No.75832538

Just plugging it in has never not worked for me.

>> No.75832593

It's "less secure" in the sense that a clueless user can do more to fuck it up if they don't know what they are doing. I wouldn't say it's less secure for each individual user.

Also phones that ship with locked bootloaders are fucking cancer. Found out that shit way too late on my Galaxy S5, still using it to this day (because why not, thing still works yanno?) but feel severely crippled at this point since custom ROM ecosystem is pretty much nonexistent for me and the stock one hasn't been updated in a dog's age.

>> No.75832642

I have a pi4, can you 1080p video but not at 60fps, just be aware that it will not run 1080p or 720p at 60. If you’re happy with that then it’s all good.

>> No.75832700

Lineage OS has official builds for many variants of the S5. I think all of them are being actively maintained.

>> No.75832741

Yeah the problem is that some carriers of the S5 (I think maybe just AT&T) shipped it with a locked bootloader, while others did not. So I actually get double cucked as I watch all these guys with my same exact phone being able to do all this cool stuff that I can't because AT&T decided to fuck me over.

Though it's not as if there are no custom ROMs at all, but I think the amount of stuff they can change is way less than on a normal S5 so there's not as many of them. Though I haven't really bothered to check in a while, maybe I'll give it another look again soon.

>> No.75832782

I can't get actual questions to this anywhere else, so I guess I'll try here. Generally, how would I make a Neural Network that can generate graphs of variable size which adhere to a central style? More specifically, how can I create a GAN which can work on variable-sized inputs?

>> No.75832895

I need an effective air conditioner/cooler for a tiny room, preferably with no heat exhaust. What's a good one to go with?

>> No.75832912

Which email provider do you guys use?

>> No.75833024

Firefox or Chrome? Which adblocker is best? Right now I'm using Chrome on my old desktop with uBlock. I just like being overly safe while browsing the hacker site known as 4channel.

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What should the average cpu temp for a laptop be at the maximum during gaming? That is, at what average temp could I be at before needing to turn settings down and look at reducing it?

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Hey a couple things, I got this cheapie external enclosure for the express purpose of formatting an ssd I had used in my now defunct thinkpad. It has linux mint installed on it & I was hoping to get some of my old files off of there. Windows explorer isnt showing any new drives when I plug the thing in. Can anyone recommend a formatting tool that could help me get this ssd ready for a fresh install in a different machine, and possibly something that can help me recover my files.

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What's some good software for peeking at what's on RFID chip cards? I have tons of bus passes, hotel keys, etc. I wanna play with.

inb4 JUST GOOGLE IT FAGGOT all I get are DoD PKI shit and other certificate management software, not readers that spit out arbitrary data or can write arbitrary data.

>> No.75834433

Thanks for the info Anon. I´ll take a look at it.

>> No.75834435

Fuck. My old ass optiplex 755 sff e8400 won't boot up anymore after a recent power outage. The PSU seems fine, since the fan is running, my gpu's fan is spinning and the mouse and keyboard lights up, but I'm only getting a flashing amber power button up front and no post beeping. I'm thinking about just buiowding a new PC from scratch, but I want to salvaged what I can before moving on.

>> No.75834498

Windows doesnt like when you go from one generation to another.
You could try to check if it works, worst case scenario you repair/reinstall windows.

Any Linux USB.

Depends in the laptop model, ideally anything under 60°C but that is only possible in some workstations, so 70°C for your average PC.
Anything above that is asking problems.

A minisplit.


>> No.75834510

Kill Yourself

>> No.75834549

does having both monitors on affect the CPU? I got a 1600 and trying to get the most out of it and wondering if I'm taking a huge hit or not by keeping my second monitor on or not.

>> No.75834550

Disable windows defender and updates in group policy.
Install Malwarebytes and uBlock Origin in Chrome/Firefox.

Look for WD HDDs, ideally anything that isn't made by Seagate.

>> No.75834589

so is kali linux used just for testing or hacking?

>> No.75834594

Depends on the airflow of your case, but if you have plenty intake and are using the top as exhaust, no difference.
The IHS in the CPU is there to help such problems.

>> No.75834770

forgot path:

>> No.75834935

the fuck kind of question is this lmao just write one yourself

>> No.75835004

I grabbed that same model and love mine. I haven't had an issue with the "unofficial" g sync.

>> No.75835089

There is also the S2716DG by Dell, but frankly I can't tell what the difference is
I have a 1080 Dell monitor that I like so I figured I'd go with them again

>> No.75835138

It's because the ADL protection racket is threatening them now.

>> No.75835161

Works on my machine. :)

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I fucked up my sound please help. Currently only my headphones only give me sound, if i unplug them and plug in my speakers it says sound is playing but i hear nothing (no they aren't broken they're fairly new and were working a little while ago, can't give a specific timeframe) Headphones are currently plugged into the front tower jacks. Unplug them and add speakers to front tower jacks? no sound? back jacks? no sound. Like my pc is only recognizing my headphones but i want to be able to switch to both on the fly and i don't know what the fuck else to do. Google didn't help it's all just secret ads for spyware shit. Please help me i'm retarded

>> No.75835338


>> No.75835407

Should I switch from Gmail to a more private email provider, and how much of a hassle would it be to switch?

>> No.75835472

I've had this happen recently on multiple devices, including full screen corrupt on mobile.

>> No.75835611

I have a main router which gets Internet to its wan port. Then I had one of its lan ports connected to another router's lan. I turned off dhcp for the second and gave it a static address, and moved the dhcp range of the main router. Now when I do the same for a third router, I can get to the internet from any devices connected to either end routers.
What's going on here? I add another router and it knocks out the other one. I can't see any options to sound related and I can get to all three routers from any device

>> No.75835623

I mean "I can't get to the internet..."
My bad

>> No.75835736

Why does it take ages to pick up a prescription? Don't they just have to go grab your medicine from the back? It's not like they manufacture it at the pharmacy.

>> No.75835772

is it still possible to upgrade from win 7 to 10 by using the media creation tool?

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Someone? please?

>> No.75836614

Need recommendations for a quality zip diskette to use as a live system/recovery drive. I got a bunch of cheapo drives from Amazon and have the Arch install ISO on one of them, but even after occasional use it's starting to fail on me.

It doesn't need to be big, maybe 8-16 GB, but should have a long life and good read/write speeds.

>> No.75836657

Anyway if you don't trust it just get youtube-dl.exe from their site.
Download ffmpeg.exe
And copy/paste this Inside a text file and save it as .bat.:
TITLE Youtube-dl for retards
youtube-dl %URL%
goto loop


>> No.75836659

how do I take a 1:33 song in .ogg format and add it to a 2 second looping webm, to create a 1:33 webm where it plays the song while the visuals loop
I have ffmpeg ready

>> No.75836666

Also there is youtube-dl GUI but it lacks some features.

>> No.75836672

I can't find a fix for this, somehow my windows search got fucked. It only does local search, not web search.

Might seem like a blessing but I used web search sometimes

>> No.75836709

No, but sometimes it'll go that low.

>> No.75836725

I don't think any browser would make modern websites any better when it comes to being memory hogs, especially youtube
if shit freezes or stutters for you when watching videos just using mpv + youtube-dl to watch them in an actual video player instead of youtube's shitty one

>> No.75836745

youtube is garbage and so are all modern browsers. even on my shitrig running old stuff it would easily balloon to about 900k as soon as i got on youtub's frontpag

>> No.75836764

>i just dont see why 46% of my 16gb ram is being used with just light internet browsing
modern devs and bloat. at 46% I presume you're using win10 as well

>> No.75836765

That's your problem. Firefox was shit before version 56. Whole new deal now.

>> No.75836796

All USBs have bad write speeds, at best they get sustained 60MB/s but that is for the 128GB models.

Just use this:

>> No.75836797

In loonix, how does one measure up/down speeds for connections? I mean, conky does it somehow, that's lua. Speedtest-cli is slow, and gives max vals, rather than current.
iw, iwspy, iwpriv, and iw* don't have a speed option
ethtool shows speed only fire wired connections.

>> No.75836814

And this is the model i tested:

>> No.75836816

so people recommend FF now?

It's a huge pain in the ass to change browsers so should i really make the switch back to FF and NOTHING else?

>> No.75836867

Edge uses same pluggins as chrome. Chrome pluggins benifit from large userbase, but ff has a better selection of APIs that let you do more.

>> No.75836930

Thank you so much :) It seems to be working very smoothly. I really appreciate it

>> No.75836996

The particular housing setup that I have is very unusual. I would prefer to use ethernet otherwise, but that is not an option at this time.

>> No.75837249

At least on OnePlus phones it's settings -> system -> OTG storage. If you can't find a setting for it it probably is enabled by default.

>> No.75837489

pls respon

>> No.75837503

Not running on a laptop, I'll try that, thanks.

>> No.75837886

I have lots of tabs open on my phone and its slowing it down, is there an easy way to donwload them like the urls or some way that i can get rid of them running but have them there in some way to sort through whenver i want?

>> No.75837933


>> No.75837955

Drivers or Windows fucked up.

>> No.75837968

SDFormarter tool.

>> No.75838027

I had a recovery install a long time ago, and since then about half my drive has been missing / taken up. I assume it's my old data, but I checked the usual /user/ places and I don't find anything there, is there other places I should look, or some things to do this. I haven't cared for a while because I have a big hard drive, but now it's starting to fill up.

btw i'm not talking about documents, those transferred over, as I told it to. I think it was mostly programs and games (windows said it would delete, but it seems it didn't in terms of space) that took up the most space that I can't find.

>> No.75839808


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