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if he wasn't a cuck he would be able to OC it to 8.7, but dercuck8er is a useless tard.

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How fast would this be in games if it could be sustained?

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Not very. A Ryzen 5 1600 would likely outperform it.

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Bulldozer was designed to be an absolute clock monster at an architecture level. Unfortunately it got stuck on an outdated production process, which meant it could never run at the originally intended clocks without consuming insane amounts of power.
Zen is the polar opposite.

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Look at all of this seethe. Impressive shitpost really.

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>Seethe, cope, dilate, intlel, projecting
Go back to r/amd you retarded, faggot

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>hurr AMD just copied Broadwell lol
>REEEE don't call me dumb
>REEEE reddit!

This was significantly lower effort than your first shitpost. Swing and a miss there, fren. Apply yourself more.

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Based AMD working this simp into a seethe.

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>swing and a miss
Take your meds psycho.

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Based AMD working this simp into a seethe.

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>Based AMD
Same pajeetfarm paid posters.

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The difference between intel and ampoor is that the overclock on intel makes your cpu faster

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Seething AND rarted lmoao

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AMD stole Intel ip, then discarded it's employee that stole the ip while claiming that amd respects ip (ironic because they originally acquired x86 by stealing, and infringing on ip until receiving a license by Intel).

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>tumblr head cannon
AMDtard can't internet when it's something negative about amd.
Dial8 tranny.

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Just hire more favela monkey injeet feminist frequency engineers for your 10nm bro

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>extreme overclock
>Uses a 970 Pro Aura
Everyone knows you need a 990FX Sabertooth,Giga UD3 rev 4, or the really high end ASrock 990FX Extreme9/K1ller to do that shit.

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The hidden /g/ discord link is https://discord.gg/2hc3gS6
It has to stay hidden or (((discord))) will shut it down
We will interview Richard Stallman this week. join..

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Killer isn't super high end, you're talking about the Fatal1ty Professional.

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Fatal1ty I mean, thanks Anon.

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Same. quick little $91 on top of my trumpbux

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How is overclocking Bulldozer and its hellspawns even considered an achievment? It's like you hear of transistor developments where they can run at Terahertz speeds but have little practical use. It's the same with
Bulldozer, what does it matter if it can run at even 10GHz if it does absolutely nothing or very little in those cycles?

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I bet it's not even stable OC. Stability critieria used for extreme OC are very lenient, to the point that it shouldn't be even considered a valid result.

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It's funny looking back and telling the i7 cock goobers that Jim Keller is going to make a nice architecture for Zen that will be faster then Haswell but slower then Skylake. When it release it was exactly that with more cores but that still wasn't enough for the Intel shills.

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The fact that in late 2016 AMd was still selling a 2012 product with the tech behind it being from 2011,i knew they were working something big, Intel was asleep at the wheel releasing sandy iShit next over and over without going beyond 4c8t on mainstream boards.

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Not every "achievement" is meant to be an achievement in practical use in the very specific use case of performance/dollar processors.

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So you have to overclock it to 8Ghz to get on par single core performance with a 6 year old (?) Intel cpu.

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No you overclock it to 4.5GHz to get the performance of a 3GHz sandy bridge core and it's decent at gaming for what the 8350 cost.

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Based engineers, I continued on with my whack ass FX-8350 rig in 2017 because it wasn't bogging or anything but seeing the 95w 7700K exist at the same time as AMD's
65w 8c/16t ryzen 1700 for $329 compared to the 7700K's $300 offering which uses more energy was absolutely hilarious.

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>8.1 GHz
That's cute

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