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direct splice from powerline to Computer is what youre looking for my man

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Nice self-portrait, son.

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>no u

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Make stupid post, get stupid response.

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>EdgeRouter X
I have this shit, it constantly crashes into kernel panic with hardware NAT on OpenWRT, and without hardware NAT it can't push gigabit over PPPoE. Pretty solid device otherwise, though, I like the fact that serial port is already populated.

Anyway, the best bet would be to spent about 150 bucks on Aliexpress and get one of Celeron or Core i3 based "mini PCs" with embedded 5/6 port switch, and install pfSense, OPNsense or whatever else onto it.

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how viable is this

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Brainlet Wojak pix? They seem pretty viable, judging by their spread.

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I have it right now because my Internet came with the apartment and DFW is so cucked with options
The modem itself is fine, just fine. Don't expect good enough speed to do share play on PS4 or something, but it will do

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Have you experienced anything like this? https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32265124-Speed-Issues-Ubee-e31u2v1-latency-increases

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what are you feeding it bro?

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It contains a modem.

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Only to the extent that you equate modem and transceiver.

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go back from whence you came wojacker

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