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comedy lake

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Why does Intel even bother developing new chips based on 14nm Skylake? In multithreaded workloads 10-core Comet Lake is still slower than 3900X while consuming twice the power, in single-threaded workloads and gaming it isn't any faster than 9900k.

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>let's make this thread for the 100th time
>tweets from 3 months ago
Drones at work

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At least it's not 3.9GHz

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>he's still fighting the megahurtz war

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I'd rather clean this board and have you marketing drones burn in a fire :)

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buy a bulldozer cpu that can run at 5.0ghz man, it's so fast because 5ghz!

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>Mooooom look! I called him an incel! Proud of me now?

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With that 262watt it's 3.6ghz when using a normal air cooler.

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>heh, incel, heh

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Intel is beter company just look at number ans see how many ppl in india buy intel and how many buy amd. It clear intel more popular and better.

Kindly do the needful and but intel cpu pls sirs.

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None of Intel's worthwhile processors come with stock coolers, bro

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>Heh, you angry, incel?

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The only shill burning, are the intel one from their CPU

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Heh, incel can't even face me directly anymore

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Intel India superpowering 14nm ples buy intel product

Xe sirs gpu superpower gameng 2020

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I wish every board had IDs.
That tranny probably already made 15 posts ITT

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>space shuttle heat shield.

>> No.75403695

ples sirs needfully purchase intel ples very good

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Current intel is probably the only thing preventing AMD from going full 2010's Intel

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What do Intel fanboys even do with their PCs?
>stutters in games
>have to wait forever to even do something productive
>gets pozzed and fucked by chinks and russians
>cpu burns your house down

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At least Bulldozer is not pozzed.

>> No.75403721

What's your clock speed bro?

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Intel uses the same power at 5 GHz as Ryzen at 4 Ghz

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Show us your notepad bro

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Just grab some popcorn and enjoy the fall of intel

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Anonymous Sat 11 Apr 2020 03:34:20 No.75398222
At least bulldozer is not pozzed.
Anonymous Wed 08 Apr 2020 22:25:58 No.75366389
At least Bulldozer is not pozzed.
An̴o̕͟nym͜ous͘ Wed 01 Apr 2020 19:50:13 No.75276499
At least Bulldozer is not pozzed.

Show us your notepad bro.

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>but you probably don't even pay your own bills anyway

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>Intel 6 core uses the same power at 5 GHz as Ryzen 16 cores at 4 GHz

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Intel is also bottlenecked by low IPC.

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you wish drone
intel has to use twice the power to reach 5ghz per core

>> No.75403816

Why are you comparing the power draw of CPUs that have different clock speeds bro?

>> No.75403843

> clock speeds
Yeah, I could compare them with FX which has moderate TDP compared to modern Intel lol.

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If you're mentally ill you buy intel of course

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You ok bro?

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Bruh, Intel can't even 4.3 into mobile

>> No.75403873

SIRS of 4chanel this Intel certified person Sir is corect
ples do the needful and keep buy Intel

>> No.75403899

You just do nothing with and then ask the government to bail you out by saying that you don't want AMD to have a monopoly in x86_64 processors

>> No.75403900

>can't even 4.3 into mobile
no sirs delid

>> No.75403910

*record israel fundings

>> No.75403922

202 watts at 700 mhz kek

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oy vey stop with this antisemitism you can always buy intel for the best security ;)

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is it even possible to talk about pc parts without it derailing into a /v/edditor tier thread anymore

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Nope, welcome to nu/g/

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please delid

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>for pl2 the current rumour is 262W
>more. a lot more.
i cannot wait for reviews literally shitting on this crap for half an hour

>> No.75404075

Probably gonna need two chillers to go above 4.5

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>who the fuck cares

>you worried about your power bill LOL

>> No.75404098 [DELETED] 

Shhh, the intel monkey is still shitting in the street.

>> No.75404548

Intel has made the perfect CPU for deaf people, you ableist.

>> No.75404582

Not him but it's so easy to fish (You)s in /g/ that it's embarrassing.

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>AVX disabled
>Still uses more power

>> No.75404660

almost all of them except the cheap ones,

pretty much everything someone is using in a gaming pc is suitable

>> No.75404661

Anon I don't think running a 300W CPU on Wraith Prism is a good idea.

>> No.75404668

Bye bruh.
I come for amd/intel threads.

>> No.75404775

>has to be quieter than gpu some reason
>kraken z73
>Noise: 21-36dBA

>asus ROG line has 300+tdps also
>can just change fans
>pump hardly an issue

>> No.75404847

>single 120mm cooler has to do 300W TDP
>why is a triple one so expensive
>implying half the cunts on here don't have a cooler over 2.5x their cpus TDP already

barely have to actually look at tdps

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>First let’s have a look at the average all-core clock speed when running the Blender Open Data benchmark. This is a heavy workload, so the clock speeds are lower than what you’ll see when gaming. Also these aren’t the peak clock speeds seen when running this benchmark, rather they’re the average.

>> No.75404982

Your video doesn't even show cooler RPM lmao, for all we know it could be running at idle RPM.

>> No.75404992 [DELETED] 

It does 3.9 GHz on Intel Burn Test bruh.


>> No.75405019

LOL now it's $100 also

keep crying you amd cuck lmao

>> No.75405044

You said only cheap coolers can't dissipate 300W, Hyper 212 is a cheap 40 dollar cooler, I'm giving you a 2.5x higher budget.

>> No.75405046


No, it is Smithfieldx2

Intel already went FX with Coffee Lake R SKUs. They are going beyond that.

Nobody wants these SKUs not even Intel fanboys and /v/tards. They have the same performance as their Coffee Lake processors at and normie/gayming-shit and still will fall behind Zen+/Zen2 at multi-threaded shit. BAKA

Whoever suggested to go for a 10-core Kaby-Lake refresh should be axed with no golden parachute attached.

>> No.75405073

yeah and 150TDP

so use your head and find them yourself with 2.5x the budget surely you can get 2x TDP

oh wait i already supplied 2 and now you're making it $100 lmao bunk bitch

you even threw in <37dB like it would be hard or anyone matches their GPU cooler

get fucked loser

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What's this fellow Intelbros :(

>> No.75405135

already posted it and it was 1 dB quieter but then you pulled $100 limit out of your ass because you're butthurt the coolers exist readily

pretty much any 240-360mm cooler will do it

>> No.75405152

>start test
>take SS instantly
>stop test

>> No.75405153

Why is core #3 doing 3.3 GHz bruh?

>> No.75405185

what the fuck do you think the task manager is displaying

>> No.75405186

lol he still posting, get over it bro

cooler was posted now you can't handle it, how's that ryzen going LOL

>> No.75405222

Very well, see >>75404871 and >>75404928

>> No.75405304


>> No.75405324

Not him I love pissing him off reminding him his shit company is dying forever

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The intel monkey is getting angrier every day ahahhaahahahahah suicide imminent

>> No.75405432

AMD: "We are launching 64core Threadripper!"

Intel: "We are launching Comet Lake that will need 64phase VRM motherboards!"

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not only it makes bulldozer to look like a perfomance/watt king
its literally 30% slower than a fucking 3900x

>> No.75405474

Pretty sure if you buy Intel you won't have a room to warm anymore.

>> No.75405477

post the picture again i lost it

>> No.75405487

This year, Intel not only asking for a new motherboard for the new processors....

They also asking a new PSU

>> No.75405501

"Nobody cares about power draw" until you melt your floor
Thanks Intel

>> No.75405508

Intel is on a roll! Going for the record I think...in most DOA parts released/obsoleted 15 seconds after the first review goes up.

Good job!

>> No.75405531

Well, blue flames are hotter than red flames.

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Intel: Our new Comet Lake chips... faithfully replicating the amount of heat generated by a comet hitting a lake

>> No.75405565

im not even sure if we should laugh or just take pitty at intel and buy a cpu from them

comedy lake was suppose to be launched back in 2015

>> No.75405596

Intel CEO : hey, don't ask me!! If you want more information regarding our Xe GPU > ask Raja Koduri
RK : uhmmmm it's a secret guys, so see you at computex 2020 or CES 2021...i dont care anymore...

>> No.75405624

It's a not a good look when your 10 core part matches a competitors 64 core part in power draw.

>> No.75405635

Intel will soon compete with electric showers in power consumption

>> No.75405653

Well I was gonna say that AMD's 24 and 32 core have a 280W TDP so they draw around about that when I saw this headline but as "New Intel CPU draws 300W" somewhere else but for a 10 core thats f***ing hilarious the 3900X and 3950X draw around 150W, it's literally halve the power consumption.

>> No.75405667


Intel should place the cpu socket directly on the psu already

>> No.75405681


Cheap motherboards are already flexing cuz of the heat of intel cpus ... now with the 300w bullshit it might melt the board wtf intel

>> No.75405695

Intel is literally worse than Bulldozer.

>> No.75405710


>> No.75405719

Adding cores and frequency isn't the answer when you can't even control the temps.

>> No.75405755 [DELETED] 

More housefires = better


>> No.75405814

better than being stuck at 3.9 ghz

>> No.75405815

Idea for intel, replace the core word by toast:
Intel toast 10900K

And stop talking about hz but Watts
4200 watts

>> No.75405834


>> No.75405875 [DELETED] 

"Here's your $500 3.9 GHz cpu bro. It comes with a free cooler"

>> No.75405889

>can run intel burn
>on a amd wraith
>doesn burn the house down
>still is faster than anything intel

hey at least you tried

>> No.75406001

the real holocaust

>> No.75406029 [DELETED] 
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Why is Mama Lisa Poo so adamant about letting AMDrones shit in the streets? Seriously, it's fucking disgusting.

>> No.75406088

>Yeah it's slower and so hot I burned my hand touching my case but bigger gigahertz number
World first 5GHz processor is $155 on ebay right now. How much are 5GHz 2, Electric Bill Boogaloo going for used?

>> No.75406090 [DELETED] 

they rather shit on the street than being homeless because their houses got burned down

>> No.75406158

>Electric Bill Boogaloo

>> No.75406171

Sir ples delid

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Wait, so Intel DOESN'T have coolers?

>> No.75406294

It's worse and vastly more pozzed than Bulldozer.

>> No.75406348

Intel: 14nm∞

>> No.75406413


What a waste this Intel Generation. Finally going for a new laptop with A
Ryzen 4000

>> No.75406433

i just wanna know how intel plans to reach these turbo speeds in gaming with these current cooling solutions, seems a bit bogus unless some fronts in cooling have been discovered lol

>> No.75406455

Double the Nanometers! Double the heat!
Double the power consumption! Double the Price!
5% faster than the competition in specific game workloads!*

*before security patches, thermal throttling, and multi-core optimisation

>> No.75406480

Intel endeavors to go beyond TJMax.

>> No.75406505

Intel lying to people? WOW you antisemite

>> No.75406615

Is Intel retarded? Who's actually going to fall for this meme if they're not getting money or special offers for doing so? I don't think enterprises want their data centers to burn down.

>> No.75406871

4 more cores*

>> No.75406919

thanks anon. can you explain why intel cpus still get more fps in games? is it because they have higher clock speeds? also, what is preventing amd from achieving higher clock speeds on their cpus?

>> No.75406974

Basically 9590 is both cooler and less pozzed than Intel, nice

>> No.75407008

They're pretty much shit in general.

>> No.75407013
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Daily reminder that intel's current falings are ALL brian KrzANSNDIAichs fault.

This dude was more focused on banging a subordinate and keepin git hush-huh than let his engineering teams work on new desktop/server architectures.

By the end the board saw what was coming on the horizon and wanted him gone hence the affair "leaked".

>> No.75407018

Latency between CCX, will be fixed with Zen3.

>> No.75407027

Intel is the value leader in stutters per second

>> No.75407392

AMD still uses technology from the 1990s. Ryzen still has a front side bus (they called it "infinity fabric" to try and make it sound less shitty), a northbridge, disconnected cores, PGA pins, the clock speeds are from the mid 2000s. It's a bit like buying a phone with a physical keyboard.

It does okay-ish in light loads but if you try gaming on it it feels like a 10 year old PC.

>> No.75407456

What are the chances of getting 12 cores for 3700x prices come next gen? I'm on a 6700k and have been looking for excuses to upgrade for a while now.

>> No.75407513
File: 1.42 MB, 1440x2960, 1537878057906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's simple.
AMD has, right now, better single-core performance than Intel. This is shown on Cinebench results and other tasks that use JUST a single core and _nothing_ more.

It also performs better at tasks that use _all_ your threads, because they have more threads than Intel CPUs at any price range.

However, there's a middle ground in-between where applications use 2 to 4 threads and Intel will perform better on those because it can sustain higher clock speeds on this kind of load.
If you put the same load on Zen 2, it won't sustain the turbo boost. However, if the application uses more threads, this will start to even out until Zen 2 comes up far ahead because it was way more threads.

Most games will use 2 to 4 threads, with one of them being way more loaded than the rest (where tha main loop of the game is running). Multithreading in game is very hard, so the approach most devs do is to have one core doing the main loop, one core for physics, one for AI, one for managing IO, and so it goes. But the main loop is usually way more intense (processing-wise) than all others together.

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Thank you for the reply. I'm currently looking for a laptop and as I understand I should pick one with an Intel CPU. Would you recommend the i5-1030G4? Specs are in the attached picture. Thanks!

>> No.75407734

none of those things are bad
you're the ghz poster and this is a pitifully sad attempt at covering it up

>> No.75407752

>accessing the data from RAM, storing it in cache and then accessing it again is faster than just accessing the RAM

ok bruh

>> No.75407758

Is it a good CPU? Looks good to me, Intel's latest 10nm process node and 4 cores (nobody needs more than that), but I wanted a second opinion before buying it.

>> No.75407833

More intermediaries that measurably increase latency between your CPU and memory in order to save money aren't a bad thing?

>> No.75407905

Open the picture and check clockspeeds.

>> No.75407908


>> No.75408093

i'm not going to explain the purpose of cache to you, you're supposed to know what it is and what it does if you're going to argue about cpus
at least you confirmed you're a fucking retard

>> No.75408127

how about showing the performance loss then? surely if latency was so important ryzen wouldn't be this close to destroying intel

>> No.75408919

because you use it exclusively for web browsing?
you can't possibly want to do anything more on a c2q in the current year

>> No.75408942

Thanks Intel for your new gaming stutter technology

>> No.75409119

Quad core CCXs, gaymes that use more than 4 cores will be limited by latency between two CCXs. Zen 3 will have octa core CCXs so it will be interesting to see how that translates to gaymen performance. The 4600 will probably match or beat the 9900k in gaymes, while the 4700x will undoubtedly leave it in the dirt

>> No.75409163

Almost none since amd is competing against themselves. They'll give you a slightly tweaked arch with some IPC improvements every 18 months or so along with any clock improvements that TSMC could manage to provide for them, and either keep prices the same or come up with excuses to raise them slightly.

>> No.75409166
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Shhh, the intel monkey is sleeping...

>> No.75409182

Unlike Intel AMD will no contest stick to decent IPC improvements, at least 10-15% unlike Intel's 2%

>> No.75409268

How can you as a human photoshop and game at the same time.

>> No.75409288

Depends on the game?

>> No.75409647

>corelet threadlet cope

>> No.75409740


>> No.75409842

the "latency" guy and the 3.9 guy are the same person

they literally have a mental breakdown at the thought of people geting 98% of intels performance for half the cost at lower thermals and power consumption

>> No.75409871
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>h*ebs btfo by streetshitters

>> No.75409886
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not bad

>> No.75409987
File: 1.25 MB, 1002x1480, JUST_krzanich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're all wrong. i have not a single doubt that JUSTnich himself 'leaked' his affair to get an easy way out cause he actually foresaw how badly AMD is gonna pound intel in the foreseeable future. he mismanaged intel, that's for sure, but he jumped out of a crashing plane with a parachute, call it malicious but it ain't THAT stupid

>> No.75410518


>> No.75410743

That means PC games need 16 cores to not slow down to a crawl. Curse Winblows to hell.

>> No.75410826

Memes actually do become reality. People didn't believe when /g/ told them about the pozzed botnet inside all Intel cpus since core2duo days that will come to bite them in the ass.

>> No.75411190

Why didn't they listen?

>> No.75411293


>> No.75411641

Try 10 microseconds

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