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This is not news and has always been the case.

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AIOs are that one thing that /g/ insists LTT is an expert on because he showed one bad review where aircoolers were winning by a huge proportion. Meanwhile literally everyone else, including those who run long tests, shows AIOs kick aircooling's ass, especially when the heat has to scale up like for HEDT (threadripper)

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>a couple of degrees difference if you use the best 280mm or 360mm AIO on the market
Thanks Mr. Shekelstein, I'll definetly be putting water inside my electronics now, then buying a new AIO when it fails in a few years and new components to replace the ones it destroyed when it did.

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>*neahh* my $150 AIO makes my Computer CPU cooler by a couple degrees than a $30 fansink, despite CPUs rated to run at over 90* C 24/7 for years. My video gaems that dont make my cpu go above 60* could really benefit from this $150 AIO. I have lots of disposable income to spend on stupid shit living by my self in this $500/mo basement.

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>Comet-Lake about to launch
>intel sponsored GaymursNexus drops video shilling AiOs to keep temps in check
like a clockwork

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NH-D15 is $90 without tip

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The water absorbs the heat and makes it so the fans don't have to ramp up, even on two fan AIOs. Air has to ramp up the fans during processing spikes

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212 evo is all you need unless you are starting to overclock to the point where you are doubling power consumption to get like a couple more points in cinebench. You can get find them for $20 used no problem.

Yeah a 16 core Zen2 needs as much cooling as a 10 core intel i9.

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LMAO a AMD chip, not intel? are they too afraid to show 9900KYS drawing over 500W and burn down the studio? you can't be serious, don't make me watch their shitty content anon. theres no way they only used 3950X and claim that AIOs are superior

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>You have both fans AND pump noise. That's not better than just having fans.
What is "heat capacity"?

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vaguely impressed by the 10 degree advantage of the evga aio at 40db normalized
but i mean, nobody with a brain expected too much difference, air coolers are the preference because they're reliable, simple and 'good enough' for almost everyone

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Yeah all in ones suck. Sir cooling had always been better.

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What the fuck are you on about, I order one for $80 including shipping.

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>Air coolers are reliable
Enjoy your bent motherboard

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>fatfuck steve

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*shits on your cooling solution*

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>Here's your air cooling bro

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Care to share with the class faggot?

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>durrr spoonfeed me

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>hey you should buy this thing that doesn't exist that's better and cheaper than AIOs
>post it

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even if he did, it's just going to break again and he will have to get it RMAd and go through the pain in the ass of reinstalling it every three years. fucking idiot AIOtards

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Even if they are better (disputable) they are not needed because a properly set up air cooler can still do the job. They're also less reliable. The only use case is when there is no room for an air cooler above the CPU which is an indication of a retarded layout.

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>buys chinkshit
>breaks early

Retard. Asetek is a datacenter cooler OEM. That's how they designed the AIO, it was derived from a high efficiency cooling solution for datacenters

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I like it I just wish it didn't take up so much goddamn space, that's the only reason I'm thinking of getting an aio in a year or so.

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what the fuck is that and is there any benchmark comparing it to an nhd15 or something?

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>Even if they are better (disputable)
Physics is debatable?

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That was the siphon cooler right? How does it compare to the NH-D15?

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I didn't buy chinkshit, I bought a H100i.
>inb4 that's chinkshit
Go jump off a cliff, kike. I checked the box and it is indeed five years, but I'm not going to go through this shit again for the exact reason >>75395365 said.

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the new Threadrippers require liquid units because of that 280w TDP for sure. 7nm node really ramps up the heat because of how close everything is. I know for a fact though that old Threadrippers could be cooled on air.

Not that anon, but just saying

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I'm gonna upgrade to an AIO in a few years just for the looks desu

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NZXT kraken X60 here, had no problems but one of the fans for the past 8 years.

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>>AIOs are objectively better than air coolers
and yet he says that for his own personal machine build in the future, he prefers to use air, and that clc coolers are for the rgb crowd

>> No.75396353

What's so strange about that? I bought a NH-D15 chromax for my next build, I'll take the slightly worse thermal/noise performance for less cable clutter, no pump noise at idle and in my opinion better aesthetics. My PC is idling 95% of the time so I don't need the small performance increase of an AIO.

If you want the absolute best performance however in high usage scenarios, you should go with an AIO.

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that's where I'm at with my Ryzen chip. The Dark Rock Pro 4 just wasn't keeping up and I was seeing as much as 86C while encoding. Now I'm at pic related with a 360mm unit.

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Nice, it's good when you can do a relatively minor change to your system and get that kind of performance increase. Always found it strange how hard /g/ shills air coolers, obviously since I bought a NH-D15 I still think they have their place in the sun, but the thermal performance benefit of AIOs have been known ever since H100 came to market.

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some other youtube man suggests expensive water cooler isn't much better than noctua.


>> No.75396747

Could be, it would be interesting to test. I'm not sure how much liquid can evaporate from the sealed Asetek design and how long it takes. Though it performs pretty much the same from casual observations.

Somewhat related, I saw only a 2-3 degree drop in load temperature after replacing my thermal paste for the first time in 8 years.

>> No.75396775

>If you want the absolute best performance however in high usage scenarios, you should go with an AIO.
that's for consumer range perfomance, consumer range hassle, and consumer range price
if you wanted high performance, you wouldn't go AIO, you'd go with a custom solution

>> No.75396828

>automotive coolant mixed with water
RIP your fucking pump, just use distilled water with a germicide.

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Unironically Gamers Nexus is a massive fucking Intel & Nvidia shill, fuck this jew.

>> No.75396848


Wrong, the custom loop's advantage is that you can throw in automotive-tier seals, piping and a huge-ass radiator/reservoir. You can more easily clean, repair and diagnosis issues.

>> No.75396916

>AIO goes bad and leaks, you send photos, they send you a check to replace your parts
>AIO goes bad and breaks, you send it in, they send you a new one
>custom loop goes bad

>> No.75396937

>Custom loop goes bad
>Replace the part that went bad

>Heatsink fan goes bad
>Replace the fan that went bad

>CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD/etc goes back
>Replace the part that went bad


>> No.75397129

Which is why Dell EMC and HPE equipment is mostly aircooled.

>> No.75397130

a few years back i was getting about 26c - 31c idle, that's with recently fresh thermal compound; these days i get about 35c - 45c idle with weird spikes, even with recently fresh thermal compound

currently in the process of preparing to replace this aio with a regular fan cooler

>> No.75397180

Interesting, I know my idle has always been around 30c at least so not much change there. Are you sure it's not your fans and/or dust? I know at least in theory some fans of lower quality will degrade substantially over time. I replaced the stock fans with Noctua fans as soon as I got mine.

>> No.75397273

>use bad liquid cooler
>other pc parts are damaged irreversibly
>use bad air cooler
>nothing happens to other pc parts
That would depend on what part of the liquid cooler went bad, but with an air cooler not working you are just going have thermal shutdown at worst.

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Shill some more, faggot.

>> No.75397334

AIO using Asetek patented design would be one in a million to leak. Custom loop or other type of AIO that doesn't use Asetek design is effectively the only type that will ever leak.

>> No.75397382

>/threading your own post
>posting 3dpd
you aren't exactly wrong, but you should consider suicide

>> No.75397444

The only thing that AMD GPUs have going for them is the Linux drivers and mining of some cryptocurrencies, were as Nvidia has far better drivers on Windows and the far more commercial software supports Nvidia features, With intel though they might have better single core performance, the only reason why single core speeds are relevant is because of bad code monkeys.

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Enjoy sucking on paper/pillows while I'll be sucking out fresh milk from huge juicy mommy milkers, weeaboo.

>> No.75397626

I haven't and at least I can admit I jerk off to anime tiddies 24/7, but you keep telling lies about yourself to look cool on the internet

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True. Even the U9S is within earshot of highend coolers like the D14 which is virtually the same as the D15S. You really don't need to spend more than $50 max on a cooler even for noctua quality.

>> No.75397700

Why does every shithead here think that AIOs are at some ginormous risk of failing catastrophically and bursting water to the entirety of the system? Most that could happen is the pump to break and the liquid to slowly evaporate? Calling AIOs "risky" or "more dangerous" just shows how much of a pussy you are.

>> No.75397726

Learn what a shill is, Mr. Cope.

>> No.75397729

most people on /g/ are brainlets of a significant degree, i'm not sure what else you expect

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>> No.75397784

I used my good boy points one day and mommy bought me a friend for an hour, she let me suck on her milkers.

>> No.75397926

>premium liquid cooling

>> No.75397944

>premium aio isn't a thing because there's a lot of shitty aios
>meme arrows

>> No.75397998

yes, she likes it when I do it, but I can't help feel like an infant sucking on it's mothers teet. It gets boring after a while and you just go back to masturbating the same as always.

>> No.75398025

>premium AIO
>premium liquid cooling

>> No.75398037

>aios aren't liquid cooling
okay, what are you going to pull out of your ass next time?

>> No.75398134

with a proper liquid cooling setup

>> No.75398220


The problem is that water and electronics don't mix well together.

Anybody who has dealt with water damage even from a couple of droplets can attest to this.

Shorting is the least of your concerns. The more lastly damage comes from corrosion which ends-up killing circuit requiring re-soldering and replacing components. Water is one hell of a catalyst for oxidation.

>> No.75398341

Clearly no one actually watched the video.


>> No.75398356

I watched the video retard. Steve literally says that AIO is technically the best but there are risks associated with it,

>> No.75398387

>you need to pick budget low profile RAM because your cooler fans get in the way
No matter what you do you're cucked, one of the many compromises of being a poorfag who can't afford AIOs

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>best case scenario a few degrees different

also this >>75398400

>> No.75398413

Noctua has 6 year warranties.
Corsair LPX is budget? It probably has a higher freq and better timings than whatever shitty rgb ram you got.

I'm still running my D14 and getting great temperatures, not sure how many AIOs can say that.

>> No.75398426

the only ram that's freaky tall are generally RGB garbage. high performance ram usually have sane heatsink heights. even gskill trident have zero issues fitting under something like a D15.
you're just a freaking retard subhuman garbage who can't keep their dirty mouth fucking shut because you're a freak of nature. go fucking gas yourself.

>> No.75398490

>fuckhuge brick
>can and does block RAM slots
>be careful moving that shit lmao
Giant brick air coolers are fine if you don't want liquid
Most AIO coolors with the pump in the block are Aseteks anyway cause they have the patent. My H100i went for 7 years with zero issues until I replaced it with a similar model with the newer pumps.
Bottom line is both have their niches, for better cooling in a smaller package generally go with AIOs

>> No.75398524

yeah if you want to drop $140 for a AIO. a $80 D15 is the same than most AIO in the same price range. steve admitted this in his video. its when you go into the $100 range do you find AIO's that are better by around 4c. steve also goes on a rant of ALL THE ISSUES YOU WILL FACE with an AIO and also admits even the best AIO will still have a higher failure rate than the most shittiest air cooler. and that AIO are not best for machines you want to keep for years. at the end of the video he himself said in his own personal build he prefers a air cooler because he wants a set it and forget for 8 years machine.

>> No.75398575

The D15 MSRP is $100, they pushed it down to $90 to shill their black CHROMAX which is $100 now


Also if this is purely a value proposition then there's no point in even buying the D15 when even the u12s performs within 4C

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Air Cooler Chads rise up

>> No.75398702

He forgot to mention current AIOs don't perform optimally on chiplet composed processors, especially the 7nm zen 2 processors, and especially the 3950x with 3 dies (2x core 1 14nm IO). Because the microfins on the waterblock's contact plate are reserved for a small area in the middle they won't actually cover the entire IHS, so placing the AIO naively can result in suboptimal cooling. For large aircoolers it's not a problem since there are so many copper pipes they cover most of the contact plate already. Der8auer made a bracket that can shift the AIO around for optimal placement and supposedly it can drop temps 5-10C


The x62 is also 2 gens old going by asetek's pump generations. And asetek isn't even the best performing, maybe the most reliable. Arctic's coolers kick everyone's ass

7C difference against the D15 on an overclocked 9900k

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We've known that for ages. 240mm and above have better performance than dual tower air coolers. Such wow, much surprise.

The thing is, 240/280mm AiO's cost far more, use more power, still use fans, are noisier and have more points of failure. It's a trade off with what metrics the user is aiming for. No hate, just being real.

>> No.75398771
File: 134 KB, 573x1456, 8925_26_scythe-ninja-5-cpu-cooler-review.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're going to aircool budget is really the best, maybe mid range stuff. If you NEED large dual tower cooling performance like the D15 you're wasting your money the D15 and its contemporaries. Either go with an AIO for optimal cooling, or save your money amd get the Scythe Ninja 5 for $60. Noctua's run by Jews who pay marketers like Linus Techshills to play up their fans and heatsinks when in reality they're bog standard compared to other "premium" fans, and even cheaper fans.

Pic related. The Ninja 5 performs identically to the D15 for 60% of the cost. Noctua can go fuck itself. They made everyone jew up, even bequiet and deepcool are charging $90 or more for their big tower coolers now because Noctua proved you can ripoff retards when similar performing fans used to be around $70-80. The fact that Noctua nickel and dimes people with garbage like chromax, just a recolor, and their chromax covers, which just cover the exposed copper pipe ends, is proof they're the fucking worst. There's a big divide in cooling, you have aircoolers which are cost efficient and rocksteady reliable, and then you have AIOs which are pretty, space efficient, and highest performance but more dangerous. Noctua is trying to drag air cooler prices up with their overrated fans (which don't measure up to their spec in actual reviews) and good but vastly overpriced big tower coolers.

>> No.75398813

I don't know where you got that 6 years number from.

>> No.75398816

>pretty standard

>> No.75398826

>uses an AIO
>not a poorfag

>> No.75398841
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For $20 it's pretty good.

>> No.75398915

Probably about on par with a u14s, which means it's probably like 5 degrees away from matching a d15s. It's kind of a relic so hopefully they don't discontinue it and replace it with a $60 version that has a "premium" fan that's a few decibels quieter. You could buy an arctic F12 if you really need it and still come out at like $30

Fuck off kike. You fucking shills are everywhere and if I even try to point out that noctua is ripping people off and trying to prices up you faggots go into overdrive. kys. Noctua is extremely toxic for consumers. They charge $60 for the u12s getting its ass kicked >>75398841 by a $20 cooler. They're the reason midrange coolers went up in price too.

>> No.75399000 [DELETED] 

>air coolers

>> No.75399005
File: 1.61 MB, 1200x750, c203c653-5290-48aa-a515-843c46468b52[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me it's the NH-U12A. classic beige and shit brown of course. It has almost identical cooling performance as the NH-D15 but with much better ram clearance and it makes it a lot easier to work around your motherboard.

>> No.75399062

>which is part of their better performance
Not in this review. It was noise normalized. The kraken x62 fan was run at 860RPM, the D15 was run at 1020. The kraken fans max out at 1800RPMs, the D15 fans max out at 1500

>> No.75399095


Yeah, i read that they should be releasing Q4 2020, but i dont know now that the "Chinese Virus" has delayed a lot of products.

>> No.75399143

I agree with this comment. If you want a cooler that looks good and want NHD15 performance, just get BeQuiet. The NH-U12A is $209 AUD currently. Fuck that shit.

>> No.75399168

Why do retards shit upon noctua for its colour scheme?

The tan brown means quality, not some meme rgb bullshit

>> No.75399265

Rough, I bought mine for $99. The U12A is more for people who don't have a case with at least 180mm of CPU cooler clearance, or don't want to run low profile ram to solve the memory clearance issue. It has an extra couple pipes over the D15 and overall takes up a lot less space in a case while having almost exactly the same performance. Definitely go with the D15 if you can fit it, though. I went with the U12A just for convenience sake, although I'll wish I had the D15 for if I ever step up to a bigger case like the Meshify S2

>> No.75399378

>le brown means le poo poo xd
Kill yourself

>> No.75399490

>brown means quality
No, it's just an arbitrary aesthetic choice, and not even a good one. RGB is objectively better just because you can set it to a single color that isn't ugly as sin.

>> No.75399509
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this post made me feel nostalgic

>> No.75399528

Invest in a thermosyphon.

>> No.75399532

The colours don't mean better performance you dumb zoomer

>> No.75399840

You probably won't get much from a tower anyway. The RAM just becomes a blocker for airflow. If you want RAM cooling look at large top down coolers like the C14S. It'll cool your VRMs too, and probably be pretty close to a D15 if you have a vented side panel

>> No.75399918

mmm that mid 2000s orange, so much soul compared to shit brown fans.

>> No.75400352

kill yourself you fucking moron, you know what the worst part is? that they go out of their way to satisfy people like you, they go out of their way to demonstrate that they dont play favorites, just call balls and strikes etc. and you still arent convinced, break it off in your mom and then kill yourself you fucking princess

>> No.75400467

guy even says at the end of a vid hes gonna use an air cooler on his next personal build

>> No.75400604

x62 is 7c better at normalized 40dba @ 25 inches then nh-d15 faggot

>> No.75400620

That's what a lot of anons claim actually, when in reality d15 = 240mm at best

>> No.75400634

>dual heatsinks designs
That's so 2015s. We have the U12A now which is 120mm single tower that cools 99% as well as a d15.

>> No.75400670


Because, water-cooling is old hat. AIO kits are just more accessible to people who don't want to deal with the hassle of fitting/cutting a custom-loop(s).

Water-cooling has always had superior noise/performance ratio than air-cooling but comes at a cost. There more points of failure (some of them catastrophic) and it requires more preventive TLC.

>> No.75400936

I did find this review interesting largely because of how it showed liquid was more performant at not just temps, and not just load noise, but also _IDLE NOISE_ at least once you hit 2x140mm. That being said you really can't beat the reliability of a hunk of metal even if as the video said liquid coolers really don't fail THAT much which is part of the reason why air is still king in datacenter.

I don't think the review showed at all that 2x120mm was actually better than air but it is more or less trading blows and considering the unnecessary complexity and additional failure modes of the coolers I don't really see any reason to go for them other than aesthetics or the form factor. Aesthetically my build is black/silver with THICC heatsinks and I think my big AIO works thematically anyhow. Anyways a solid tech Jesus video and he's one of the youtubers I actually pay attention to because of how often he's fucking right and his general obsession with quality data.

How is wanting to avoid unnecessary complexity "irrational fear"?

AMD's software engineering is shit and hot chips trend towards failing more all over things being equal.

Price jump is more than exchange rate in some countries for cheap custom parts.

Yeah I dunno computer parts have temperature sensors as safeties it's not THAT dangerous

>> No.75400998
File: 31 KB, 570x336, il_570xN.1477828198_2ktn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Putting performance over aesthetics may have been the intention, but a lot of people do buy stuff like the Noctua fans simply for their aesthetics rather than just the performance, because it has a retro appearance. You'll often see something similar with enthusiast keyboards.

>> No.75401291

My prebuilt PC has been running fine with an AIO for almost 7 years now. Then again, I have no idea how to tell if the pump is broken or not.

>> No.75401406

If you hit thermal throttling at uefi

>> No.75401806

>25 cents for a piece of caramelized sugar

>> No.75402111

You do realise that automotive coolant has slightly worse heat transfer ability than just distilled water? The reason you use it in a car is to lower the freezing temps and raise the boiling points and to provide a rust inhibitor. Why the fuck would you use it in a god damn computer?

>> No.75402229

>this post is brought to you by Intel and Nvidia
you're a faggot cause every single AMD part i bought runs like a champ. werks on my maschine :^)
stop falling for other companys FUD

>> No.75402275

140mm sterrox fans NEVER EVER

>> No.75402288

Ive just recently got into folding at home.

On medium settings it pretty much warms up the corner of my room.

Ive ordered two fans to go into my computer. Should I push air into the case or out? I feel like theres never been a concensus on this.

>> No.75402380

And just like he mentioned, here's some faggot trying to start shit.

>> No.75403521

but AvE is the biggest bullshitter on youtube

>> No.75403601

The only reason I bought a cheap AIO was it so it could fit in the SG13

There is very little reason to buy an AIO except in niche circumstances.

>> No.75404418

Well yeah, I thought the only reason to buy AIO's was for RAM clearance issues. I love me an air cooler like anyone but I always end up loosing a DIMM slot or two.

>> No.75404448

His actual reason is that he hates RGB and all AIO's, especially the good ones, are coming with RGB tacked on everywhere. A good air cooler will come with good enough fans without the rainbow throwup.

>> No.75406931

>He uses conductive electrolyte in his loops
And they called me a madman

>> No.75407033

post again they will be used in servers

>> No.75407086

Gamers "the highs and lows reflect badly on intel so lets adjust the averages to what we want" Nexus

>> No.75407276

classic ryzen

>> No.75408249

>without tip

>> No.75408773

he used the evga aio as an example of a good cooler without rgb, his only problem with it are the fans which you can replace

>> No.75409981

>what is water

>> No.75409997

Don't care what this faggot says

>> No.75412418

>MSRP $149.99
>Pre-Sale Price $119.99!
>$19.99 Reservation Deposit

it's not too bad if it actually works, it's fucking huge though

>> No.75412621
File: 560 KB, 1429x705, 253281bc2ed0ba7316bee299c4a95723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait to see how this turns out.
If the final product improves from this at all, then it basically obsoletes all air coolers and AIOs in performance and trades blows with custom loops.
Though somehow I have a feeling it won't live up to the hype.

>> No.75412729
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>EK Phoenix
The Phoenix was a shitty AIO cobbled together using EK's SPC pump and modified versions of their low end rad and block. Not exactly representative of a custom loop.

>> No.75413651

>It would be great if Asetek just made copper radiators,

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