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This isnt windows 3.1 in your pic.

>> No.75374107

Yes it is

>> No.75374303

The start menu didnt come out until windows 95

>> No.75374319

That's Windows 95, not 3.x

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>crt memefilter

i hope you get killed by a 5g tower

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Calmira didn't come out till 96-97 or so. No one used it in Win3.1s hay day. Its an after the fact hobiest project, and its also fairly unstable (I've got a fair amount of experience with it)

>> No.75375519

It's 3.11 with Calmira - a shell made for people that wanted the functionality of 95 without switching to a 32 bit environment because some 16 bit software wouldn't work in 32 bit Windows and would give a "this is not a valid win32 application" error. Or their computer didn't meet the requirements for 95, but was still more than enough to run the software they needed. I ended up just switching to slackware instead of fucking around with alternate shells

>> No.75375695

no one's monitor actually looked like this. if your monitor had fucking scanlines, it was broken.

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>Stable release: 2008

>> No.75377649

Some crt shader, i think I got it from the pcem forum

>> No.75377731

jesus christ.
at this point they may as well go all the way and try to shove the metro/windows 10 UI onto Windows 3.11

>> No.75378412

As cool as it looks its really REALLY fucking unstabe.
I used it for a while back in 04 or so with a 486DX2 with 32MB of RAM since it was genuinely my only PC for a while. It ended up fucking up my win.ini file something fierce and I had to reinstall all of 3.1. I just stuck to 3.1 using IE4 for a while since it was snappier then loading Win95 on the machine.

>> No.75379761

It was made by a few autists who swore to never upgrade from windows 3.1
No, really.

>> No.75380314

>using Calmira
>not using Amish Launcher
For shame.

>> No.75380800

what settings did you use to run this? thats 16 bit right?

>> No.75381003

Use a CD, forget the floppies.
Or if you don't have it, use IMA file(floppy images).

Also, go for the Windows 95B you'll thank me later.

>> No.75381250

I downloaded the files from https://winworldpc.com/product/windows-98/98-second-edition

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You MUST be 18 years or older to post here.

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why not 95C (osr2.5)?

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Absolutely disgusting

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>Just give me the top of the line circa 2001 and leave me be.

>> No.75381995

Might as well just use 98

>> No.75382566

what the FUCK IS THAT

>> No.75384808

Not sure if this bait is so cheap it's good, or if it's actually good.

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Windows 2000
Windows 7
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows ME

in that order

don't know about 3.1 because im not a fukin gayass old man

>> No.75385432

Idiot detected, look closer.

>> No.75385669

Story time?

>> No.75386356

is there any chance of running this on freedos or react os?

>> No.75387960

I know this but how it is now is how I like it.

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