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it only affects windows users?

>> No.75366138

>To disable telemetry in Firefox, please follow these steps:
>Disable telemetry in Firefox
Wow, it's fucking nothing

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>only affects windows users
>if you opted out of data sharing it respects that pref
wow, it's literally nothing

>> No.75366171

Oh boy, more things to disable in this supposedly privacy respecting browser!

>> No.75366179

I thought it was impossible for Mozilla to stoop so low. Anyways, I've migrated to Brave and it is the best damn thing I did ever. It's way faster, smoother than Firefox. I'll never come back to this pozzed shit.

>> No.75366191

It's literally a part of the same settings you'd always disable to opt out of the telemetry, this isn't a new option

>> No.75366228

>don't feed the devs any data
>wonder why the program doesn't get any better

>> No.75366232

>unironically defending telemetry
The fucking state of /g/

>> No.75366253

this way mozilla thinks their userbase is 100% linux users and drops winshit support so they can get 7 layer botnetted by everything else

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>trusting tranniy leftists
use Ungoogled-Chromium or Iridium. Brave is better than Firefox, even.

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Come home. Switch to the only browser that respects your privacy right now.

>> No.75366275

Iridium is constantly out-of-date with massive unpatched vulnerabilities and Brave is just a crypto based adware scam. UG Chromium is the only option if you don't want to use Firefox.

>> No.75366290

>trusting google code
hmmm okay?

>> No.75366299

>telemetry on program
>indexes and hashes every picture movie and document on your computer
>sends information about what you use, when you used it, how you used it, where you used it
sounds like spyware to me

>> No.75366345

Still doesn't fix Chromium's shit interface, higher RAM usage compared to Firefox, and the fact that it's Blink-based.
You're literally consolidating Google's stranglehold on the internet over this "tranny" boogey man.

>> No.75366350

Their last version is based on Chromium 79 from last December, so all the vulnerabilities patched in 80 and 81. Such as this:

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just use waterfox senpai
its firefox without tranny nonsense

>> No.75366555

This, never in my life did i feel the need to actually report a problem with software. I just ditch that shit and go somewhere else or patch it out if it bothers me that much. There are more important things in live then arguing with autists on their precious issue tracker.

>> No.75366581

Why does this read like marketing?

>> No.75366653

Brave is full of telemetry tho, and it isn't even foss in the first place, so it's an even worse choice. You're better offsticking to an older version of forefox with a custom .js or compiling chromium with some patches that disable google features

>> No.75366735

Not of the Mozilla foundation.

>> No.75366738


>90s had no telemetry
>software was getting better and better
>2010s and beyond have telemetry
>software keeps getting shittier and bloated

>> No.75366746

google chrome is the best web browser botnet desu, love it

>> No.75366845

> Lays off 70 of the best engineers on planet.
> Gives herself raises of millions of dollars
Mitchell Baker everyone...

>> No.75366850

Just out of interest you got any info regarding Brave telemetry?

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>unironically defending trannyfox in the year of our lord

>> No.75366954

literal who academic with a "study" that is not peer-reviewed
only compares default configs, says nothing about how customizable a browser is

>> No.75366965

Installing scheduled tasks without an in your face notification is honestly kind of bullshit

>> No.75366986

>>To disable telemetry in Firefox, please follow these steps:
uninstall firefox

>> No.75367111

chrome shills coming in hard this week. the telemetry isn't cool but you're an absolute retard if you would trust google more than mozilla (it can easily be disabled and it has been proven over and over again that it doesn't send anything after you do). you're also not contributing to google's monopoly since you're using a browser that isn't blink based

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>implying there is any use for trannyfox in 2020
I gave up. Everything SUCKS about this piece of niggerish shit. Chromium is miles ahead in EVERYTHING. It is faster. It has better fonts. It is smoother. FUCK TRANNYFOX. Eat shit and die.

>> No.75367243

what's up with this disgusting navigation bar on 75?

>> No.75367284

How about we use the best FOSS software for the job, regardless of who contributes to its code-base? It seems like a better option than being a retarded child who relies on /pol/ and /x/-tier anti-logic to dictate their software choices.

Tldr: You're a faggot and your main OS is definitely some variant of Windows or OS X.

>> No.75367306

>sends information about your operating system and your default browser
why is this bad? is it because you're a faggot?

>> No.75367341

Peer-reviewed > Non-peer-revied > Random blog > random fucktard on 4chan

>> No.75367353

Mozilla started recruiting GNOME devs who infected them with "users are idiots, their preferences don't matter" mentality.

>> No.75367475

>we use the best FOSS...regardless of who contributes
As soon as they start excluding or express the intent to exclude they are not FOSS anymore. Political people ruin everything and you're a political person.
>/pol/ and /x/
This is right after you write that "we should...regardless of who". You're intent is frame anything you disagree with as something like nazi and mentally ill because you're a horrible person.

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>using a Chromium-based browser and contributing to Jewgle's dominance

>> No.75368178

At least it has hardware acceleration.
At least it is fast.
At least it is smooth.
At least my eyes aren't bleeding when I am reading text in the browser.
Feels good using superior software written by competent people, and not some trannies.

>> No.75368210

>everyone that installs Firefox is a retard
Everyone who installs any piece of software thinking it'll work perfectly and exactly as they (the user) want it to from the get go without any tweaking on their part in 2020 is a fucking retard, yes.

Did you actually think that was the case? Then so are you.

>> No.75368239

not him but
>At least it has hardware acceleration
it's disabled by default but can be enabled in about:config
>At least it is fast
firefox runs pretty well now
>At least it is smooth
you're repeating yourself. why?
> At least my eyes aren't bleeding when I am reading text in the browser
that's a problem on your end anon

>> No.75368242

Nobody has this problem except autistic tinkerers like you.

>> No.75368248

>too much to ask for software to just werk

>> No.75368250

Firefox has all of those features you lying shill.

>> No.75368337

>you're a political person
>tranniy leftists
holy cognitive dissonance

>> No.75368380

>And it also makes it really hard to recommend Firefox to anyone or install it for someone who's not that technology literate.

Why would I do that when Chrome has all needed functions and telemetry only matters to people like me, not the average user?

>> No.75368406

At the least it's cheap copout instead of hiring competent people to "improve" their software. We aren't getting paid to help them improve their shit product.

At worst it's a doorway for them to invade your privacy in the guise of "telemetry collection"

You are a retard and you shame Satania with that post.

>> No.75368412

I don't see any difference

>> No.75368448

chrome literally looks better lads

>> No.75368459

Shill yourself kill

>> No.75368462

What on Earth are you talking about? I have system wide installed Noto fonts. Same Noto fonts in both browsers. Firefox just renders them completely retarded. What a nonsensical cope.

>> No.75368466

>Brave is full of telemetry tho
Ok, schizo.

>> No.75368491

>telemetry only matters to people like me,
>.t deepstate pedo

>> No.75368496

this thread is pretty fun to be honest. in the middle of a war between chrome cucks and based firefox users. in my opinion, to each their own

>> No.75368524

>what's so hard?
Patent laws. Only patent holders can produce ventilators meant to be sold to the medical industry.

I'm willing to bet ventilators are so simple that you could create one with a Rpi, some hoses, pumps and air bladders.

>> No.75368551

>based firefox users
>woman CEO, fee-fee protection extensions, more telemetry, more botnet, more soros, in the pocket of google for funding, coded by trannies

Posted from MicroChad Edge

>> No.75368560

You think that makes you special? That doesn't change anything at all.

>> No.75368562

the irony

>> No.75368567

the irony

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>based firefox users

>> No.75368579

enjoy your massive telemetry infested botnet

>> No.75368582

>You think that makes you special?
Not necessarily, but it makes me someone cautious.

>That doesn't change anything at all.
You/A lot of people get problems, I don't.
I'd say that's a big and good enough change in my favor ;)

>> No.75368596

are you two implying that google and micorsoft aren't worse? mozilla is a smaller company with less power than those two

>> No.75368611

>are you two implying that google and micorsoft aren't worse? mozilla is a smaller company with less power than those two
so, being incompetent means you have more virtue?

>> No.75368618

I use Edge for Business on Windows 10 Education where all that can be disabled.
You tried tho :)

>> No.75368619

what has mozilla ever created where the source wasn't available to the public?

>> No.75368625

Let's pretend google haven't done this for years...

>> No.75368643

>can be disabled
imagine unironically believing this
You tried tho :)

>> No.75368683

Why? So they can track their dwindling userbase?

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bloat turds btfo. if you want proper font rasterizing you need to stop using Xorg kiddo.

>> No.75368780

>you're insane if you don't use this awesome browser (Brave Browser) which is only used by 0.0000003% of the population! Please use my referral code
this is some soccer mom MLM shit

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A load of people would be happy to shit on Trannyfox for free. Most of those who do were long term Trannyfox users. Think of it as an act of frustration and rage. It's just a shame it had to end like this.

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Should I use this avx build?
I actually don't care much about Google things (but I wouldn't sync/log in).
Just wondering if it's actually good or just feels the same

>> No.75368863

I don't even use BAT. Try again.

>> No.75368868

So this is why FF has been begging me to update.

>> No.75368881

>4chan loves trannies
No. 4chan loves traps. If you can't tell the difference you need to lurk more.

>> No.75369092

It shouldn't be there in the first place?

>> No.75369130

how can you be SO WRONG wtf

>> No.75369132

the fact that these threads are still up says that brave shilling campaign was a success

>> No.75369158

The truly based redpill

>> No.75369480

>the ends justify the means

>> No.75369687

The word 'telemetry' has been dirtied and it is completely fair to call it botnet today. They call it telemetry because the backlash won't be as bad compared to stuff like 'data mining' and other more accurate descriptions. It has grown past crash and usage reports by orders of magnitude and that's one point, the other being the slippery slope.

>> No.75369853

MOZZILA knows what version of MOZILLA FIREFOX i use
this is too far
im going to riot

>> No.75369918

I guarantee my Microsoft Edge for Business™ is more secure than your meme shit.

>> No.75370102

and you think a disgusting furry's old as shit fork of firefox with duct taped upstream patches, awful addon support and security issues is any better?

>> No.75370229


>> No.75370255


>> No.75370295

It's just a joke

>> No.75370338

>telemetry =/ datamining, botnet, tracking, etc.
Telemetry is data mining, tracking, and botnet unless it's opt-in. Firefoxs anti-tracking clearly doesn't work.

>> No.75370352

Ok, Who gives a fuck. It's not like you're getting sent to the google gulag's over some private info of which they have no use for.

>> No.75372701

Use pi-hole.

>> No.75372771

>Looking Glass

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>> No.75372959

how do i install extensions on UG chromium? is there any tutorial?

>> No.75373120

when i try this the browser freezes

>> No.75373197

Nah, I'm waiting for chromium to add containerized tabs.
I'm not using your weird closed-sourced botnet built on top of chromium.

>> No.75373895

Firefox' telemetry doesn't do that.
Browsers are much, much more complex now than 30 years ago anon.

>> No.75374909

>Chrome skin
>Everytime you make a search it tells the search engine you are using Brave through an URL parameter

>> No.75374957


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>calls Firefox pozzed
>uses Brave

>> No.75375192

>Everytime you make a search it tells the search engine you are using Brave through an URL parameter
Doesn't seem like it to me, I've tested both mobile and desktop versions on browserprint and it only ever returned the same identifiers if any as Chromium.

>> No.75375319

For me, on desktop, after a clean install brave automatically defaults on duckduckgo and upon making a search it adds the parameter &t=brave

>> No.75375638

I'm still trying to get surf to work with WebKit embedded (WPE) in order to get rid of those nasty dependencies and have one static lik time optimized binary.
No success yet.

>> No.75375741

>It is for product improvement
I'll believe it when browsers stop getting iteratively shittier.

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T. Win10 user

>> No.75376201

gotta be miles better than chrome still

>> No.75376615

You know you tell Mozilla your OS and architecture every time you download Firefox from their site, right?

>> No.75376616

So what does that have to do with jamal and being a cuck? Absolutely nothing.

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>our browser comes with no telemetry! :)
>now it comes with OPT-IN telemetry! :)
>now it comes with OPT-OUT telemetry!:)
>It's ogre. For you.

>> No.75377046

Oh look, it's another Brave aka Nazi Browser Shill episode

>> No.75377080
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>much more complex
>much worse
Really makes you think

>> No.75377112

I was gonna agree with you up until you inserted your cuck fantasy

>> No.75377169

Palemoon is maintained by an insane narcissistic furry. The whole palemoon team wouldn't know a good browser if it bit them, and they're too small to keep up with the insane pace that web standards are changing now. It will never get better.

>> No.75377336

>to engage with users at a time when they may not be actively running Firefox

Jesus fuck, Mozilla, what the shit are you doing?

>> No.75377675

>hey, im cucking out to a megaconglomerate doing everything they can to destroy the free internet, but at least the products they give me are pretty
You are a literal meme, cumsoomer.

>> No.75377828
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>> No.75378008 [DELETED] 

You can use an extension called "Chromium Web Store" that lets you install extensions straight from the Web Store in UG.

>> No.75378470

Time to upgrade to Blink, anon.
Fuck Mozilla

>> No.75378616

Fiddling with options makes you autistic

>> No.75378633

>no dev tools patch

>> No.75379060

Why are chrome shills such blathering, hysterical, morons who can't stop lying on the internet?

>> No.75379099

Try using Ungoogled Chromium for a day or two. Can't install extensions, it feels slower than Firefox. Passing URLs to MPV is impossible unless you use a third-party server. Images can't be resized unless you use a shitty extension from THE GOOGLE WEB STORE. Can't update extensions.

Firefox lets you choose to not pass on telemetry. 3-4 tick marks. Use them, fucktards, Unless you find more value in breaking your head every time for an extension update.

>> No.75379159

>Passing URLs to MPV is impossible unless you use a third-party server
Have you tried to mpv $(xclip -o -selection clipboard)

>> No.75379190

>Can't install extensions
You can easily install them from source. What issues are you facing?

>> No.75379248

>using cancertor for normal webbrowsing

>> No.75379304

palemoon is shit and so is basilisk ran by a crazy furry in a hugbox

>> No.75379310

Why the hell do I care if they send my browser and operating system, its common knowledge. Your user agent string exposes that to every single website you visit.

If they start sending my browser history and download history (without permission) then I'm going to raise some hell. I'm aware of the profiles try force you to login for "convenience".

>> No.75379413
File: 56 KB, 620x620, Monkey-Theatre-Bangkok-Thailand2 1 .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally nothing if you're not normie scum. I've had it disabled and when I checked it was still disabled. So nothing

>> No.75379516

Does this work on Windows, and does it let me press a button on the browser to spawn MPV.

>> No.75379537

So I must download crx files and drag and drop them into the extension folder. Does not work on the latest build on Windows. Unzipped files works.

How do I know they have updates? Do I repeat said exercise for every update?

>> No.75379576
File: 70 KB, 382x382, Google_Chrome_icon_(2011).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>force feed devs fuck loads of data with no opt out
>program gets slower and uglier

>> No.75379577

>1 result
look I don't like firefox either but I need a second browser and aren't retarded enough to fall for the constant update meme

>> No.75379600
File: 82 KB, 775x521, tumblr_mrekzjbxXY1qbgavho1_r1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is literally an option in the <OPTIONS> page.
Whoever is so fucking stupid and dumb not to go on the settings options of the software they use to see what is available there

Are there people who just install a software and run it without ever going to settings/options??? That is more disgusting than telemetry being enabled by default
>(which the telemetry option was always there in firefox for years)

>> No.75379612

Yes these fucktards will everything browser dev does not know what version and OS they're using, but they will login to Youtube and Gmail and Facebook on their Ungoogled Chromiums.

>> No.75379632

do they also send what i type in the searchbar too google?

>> No.75380583

Just block firefox in your firewall

>> No.75380613

>So I must download crx files and drag and drop them into the extension folder.
What .crx files? You don't use any when installing from source, you just clone the repo, do a compile step if necessary and add their folder to Chromium.
>How do I know they have updates?
You check their repos. If the update is useful/interesting to you, just git pull it.
>Do I repeat said exercise for every update?
If you want to have it update regardless of anything, yes, but that would be trivial to automate with a shell script.

>> No.75380921


So I must check on extension git pages for updates
Use git
Clone it
Install into Chromium Ungoogled
That multiplied by 15.
Feel better.

Do not have the time for it, not just to maintain latest extensions.

>> No.75381058

This. It's no wonder people are bailing out. Firefox used to be its own thing. Now they're doing their best to be a Chrome knockoff. Then again, it makes perfect sense as trannies are doing their best to be sexual knockoffs.

>> No.75381087

>Trusting that the toggle actually disables anything.
-> >>75373178

> Not using repos.

>> No.75381336

Fuck this trash.
Just in case, I added a line for the default-browser-agent.exe to be deleted in the batch file that I run after every update that removes all the ""features"" or system addons.
You never know when they will conveniently stop respecting your prefs by mistake.
No scheduled task was created for me though. Maybe it's because I have telemetry disabled in policies.

>> No.75381705

>Unless you find more value in breaking your head every time for an extension update.
Sounds almost better than "breaking your head every time" for a browser update.

Firefox used to be fucking awesome. These days it's what you use, because it's the least worst choice.

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