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it runs at half the power of the intel part too lmao

intel is absolutely RIP, all they can do now is buy exclusivity optimization and shill sites like userbenchmark

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please delete

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I guess like the majority of people at home, due to the corona pandemic, why do you want to know that?

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>4900HS 45W
it's 35W

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Toppest of keks the absolute state of intlel

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It's actually 35W. There's the 4900H which is 45W and has even higher clocks as well.
It's like annudah shoah.

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Now I really want a new motherboard and that processor, even though I don't really need it.

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less power consumptions = less heat = better cpu boost = better performance

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haha im not poor OP, cant trust AMD

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someone tdlr me about intel and the jews meme

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I was ordering my 1950x and ROG Zenith brand new from Newegg

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>what's the noticeable difference between a 45W device and a 90W one
The difference between not throttling and throttling at 100c is the largest difference

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Reminder: Zen3 will bring power down even further and will totally embarrass intel in the mobile space

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So you know how intel's U processors have a TDP of 15w? What would be the differences between that and this 45w? 15w will just run much cooler and quieter? my intel u laptop gets pretty hot as is

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>Laptop shit
Who cares?

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top kek fuck shilltel

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nice cope lmao

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AMD's R&D department does.

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Also marketing, formerly known as /g/

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You should care.
>majority of market is mobile computing
>AMD does better in mobile of computing
>more money to make better desktop parts

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*NEW* Laptops don't matter!

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the problem with 7nm is that they degrade super fast. enjoy your laptop crapping out 1 year from now

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How long will the COVID19 quarentine last? I'm just asking because you are clearly a time traveller that has seen into the future.

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>cope cope sneed lol btfo based ayymd

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>eternal intshit copes

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It's not about power consumption, it's about thermal performance. Power consumption usually comes close to TDP, but it has no relation to it.

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>not poor
Why aren't you using the 3990X then? The fastest CPU on the market?
Give at least one reliable source that confirms any of what you said.

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gonna buy one of these ryzen 4000 laptops when they come out thin and light with no discrete gpu for low price

shits gonna be so cache

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All Zen 2 chips are expected to die within a year based on the observed rate of degradation. AMD needs to sort their QA together or stop aggressively boosting their clocks.

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>higher clocks
Bitch, I can overclock my old as fuck Pentium to 5 ghz and it'd still be shitty, niggy. So shut the fuck up about clock speeds you utter and complete fucking brainlet.

AMD for life btw

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Are you a brainlet? You're talking like a brainlet right now?

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voltage is proportional to boost clockspeed, retard.

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tdp doesn't matter
Cinebench doesn't matter
Cores don't matter
Clockspeed doesn't matter

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>AMD for life btw

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I got an R9 390 GPU
Get on my level

But AMD uses a higher base clock but a lower boost clock than Intel.
So, AMD's build would last longer than shintels build.

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Fuck, at this point it'd be easier to list what does matter.

>Shill lives Matter

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Look at this Intcel.

Look at him and laugh

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The HS SKUs are slightly better bins than the H SKUs. They have almost the exact same clocks but in a 35W TDP compared to 45w.

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Intel are crippled by their ancient architecture and being stuck on 14nm. Insane clock speeds and matching insane power draw are the only way they can remain remotely competitive.

>> No.75250560

No need to go to the future bruh. Just go to reddit and read all the threads from people complaining that their Zen 2 has shit the bed after only 5 months

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>Is turbo just a fucking meme for retards
Yes, it's a meme for intel fanboys.

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He's talking about the same architecture so clocks are relevant, moron.

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