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hello brian

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Good fucking APU on the way and an better improvement over the existing R3 2200G, R5 2400G, R3 3200G and R5 3400G APUs.

It will likely have 8 physical cores at minimum (possibly as such as 8 cores 16 threads for the better one) as opposed to the 4 physical cores and 8 threads (SMTs) for the better offering APU.
While this has been confirmed from many sources it is only an tad too early to call.

While the curse with these APUs is that their CPU architecture is based on their prior release gen (so 2000 series APUs based on 1000 series CPUs, 3000 APUs based on 2000 series CPUs) the advantage for this is that the APUs will be based on an rather good overall Zen 2 architecture (from the current gen which is on par or better than Intel on some benchmarks) and will naturally have improved video graphics as is expected for an new release.

This will be more of an benefit for someone who wants an compact build, but ultimately it will be an greater benefit to the mobile market (laptops).

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it means nvidia will have to stop price gouging or they will go bankrupt (when the consoles get released)

anyone who buys nvidia products right now is going to regret it

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Zen 2 can already run 3.6ghz at 40W on load. The consoles will have a reduced cache and leaner 7nm (vs 14nm on desktop) IO die. It'll probably be under 30W. It leaves a lot of room for the GPU because nothing else really takes up much power. Consoles don't need a big chipset and Zen 2 mobile is shaping up to have very low platform/chipset power based on battery life claims, the NVME drive is no more than a few watts, likewise for the fan. I can see the XSEX GPU using around 220W like the 5700XT does. 5-10% savings from enhanced 7nm node and some from the new uarch. I don't believe 50% higher efficiency for a second, maybe for the best possible circumstance like raytracing on RDNA1 vs RDNA2, the latter being naturally faster at the same power due to the fixed function accelerators

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wrong board

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AMD is going after nvidia by killing PC gaming.

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>PS4 with that absolute dogshit APU clocked at 1.6ghz was still able to run very decent games.
sure, I guess, if you consider 22fps "decent"

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Hehe epic meme man! Wow. Now try to assemble the EXACT same system at the EXACT same price and get those frames on PC xD!

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No, a lot of games ran at a decent framerate, well above 30fps.
Depends on the game though. Stop being a nig

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Sure if you can consistently run 4.0 ghz 16 thread CPU in a small box without long term damage to the CPU. Sony made that mistake in PS3 with dogshit VRMs and beefy CPU. Sony doesn't aim to profit off units sold, but rather the services, licensing etc. they provide, so they naturally don't want unstable shit that breaks in 1-2 years.

So you still didn't respond me, assemble a 1.6ghz APU with crap architecture from 2012, with the exact same hardware configuration and price AND get those frame rates. Then I will apologize.

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There's absolutely nothing to be learned about zen 3 because we dont know a whole lot about it.

RDNA2 is shaping up to be a turing killer with a next gen 6700 having >2080s performance per the ps5 specs. Also Microsoft talked about how theyre getting 59TOPS from their gpu which has some decent implications for arctus which is actually being designed with ML in mind.

One thing that bothers me about the SeX is that its 52CUs. APUs always have units disabled because of yeilds so does that mean theyre spinning up 56cus and lancing off four? Having a seven or even 28CUs per compute engine is such an odd number that it seems more like the individual CUs themselves are acting as their own engines or at least in an even more segmented way.

Regardless, I want a fucking rdna2 car to replace my 580 pls n thx

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The new API enhancements and the stuff that can be taken from the consoles to PC are very interesting.

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3.5ghz capped doesn't equal to locked at 3.5ghz. cap means it can't go above 3.5ghz. that means it can downclock below 3.5ghz. press release for the ps5 for example even said "3.5ghz but variable." a 3700 never runs that low. It's always at least 4ghz. Maybe 3.8-3.9 with an awful chip in prime. One thing to note desktop Ryzen because of its boost, always uses more than the box labeled tdp. Meaning a 3700 is not 105 watts max. It's a 95watt part. Likewise a 3800x is not a 105 watt part. It's 145 watt max.

Also have to take into consideration its zen 2 BASED. Not necessarily regular desktop zen 2. After all it's running off of gddr6 rather than regular ddr4. Gddr6 has pretty bad latency compared to ddr4. We all know how zen liked low latency. We also don't know how it's configured as well with it's infinity fabric. 1:1 or 2:1. Then iirc it has less l3 cache compared to normal desktop zen 2.

Likewise the nextgen consoles where built around it's new rdna2 GPU. All the power will go to it. Don't be surprised to see the zen 2 CPU chilling around 2.5-3ghz to keep the gpu clocked high. The new consoles are targeting 4k. GPU is going to be far more important. And anyways, I think people forget it doesn't take much to have a massive upgrade over last gen console CPU performance. Even a locked Skylake 6100 i3 face fucks the shitty jaguar cores. So even a gimped 2.5ghz zen 2 with high latency will still be a massive upgrade over jaguar. But don't expect it to be better than a 3600x. It won't. But the GPU will be pretty impressive. As that's what the main focus is on for nextgen

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>It's always at least 4ghz

Hahahaha not a chance bruh. Maybe it can do 4 GHz for 1 minute just long enough so you can run Cinebench and post your score on reddit, but in gaming it does 3.9 GHz like all Ryzen chips.

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>105w, 95 watt instead
I meant the 3700 is not 65w, it's 105w.

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>7nm (vs 14nm on desktop) IO die
They're monolithic chips because external IF links waste power.

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>Zen2 desktop chips are 7nm, nnnguy.
IO dies are GF 12nm


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The Series x has the larger of the two dies, and its only 360mm2, it would have no trouble fitting on a package for socket AM4.
Die size isn't whats limiting a consumer market APU like this. Its just demand. People who buy computers and want high performance buy discrete components. AMD's APUs are primarily mobile chips, thats where they sell the most volume. They're designed around that 15-45w laptop market first and foremost.
The Zen3 APU coming next year don't have Vega IGP's any more, they'll be RDNA2, and the significant reduction in power should be used to add a couple more CU. Bandwidth limitations are still going to be an issue, though LPDDR4X is a decent upgrade compared to shitty 2400 DDR4. Memory bandwidth is going to stay severely limited until we have mainstream LPDDR5 support.

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I would be willing to wager that there are enough design changes made to the console APUs to make them incompatible with the AM4 socket. I imagine the I/O is largely reworked for the specific configurations of the respective consoles and that the memory controllers are structurally quite different in order to interface with the GDDR6 packages.

On the subject of memory controllers, based solely on the segregated memory pools at differing speeds on the Sex, I’m lead to believe at least 3 separate controllers are required to make this happen. Both consoles are also employing novel compression hardware to improve streaming performance from storage, something which could potentially lead to some considerable changes to the entire memory control scheme.

I’d love to see a white-paper on the upcoming console hardware.

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There is very little IPC uplift between Vega and Sea Islands. The mainstream APUs are horrible memory bottlenecked and have shitty graphics performance. The newest Renoir can't even equal an Nvidia MX350. Its nowhere near the PS4's IGP with 18 active CU. They're close in theoretical compute and nothing esle.

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