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>> No.75034978

>8 big core
>8 small core
Sounds awful.

>> No.75034997

why did you crop out the column with vulnerability counts?

>> No.75035000

and day 0 backdoors

>> No.75035012

I wonder how misleading marketing will be and if most people will just think they're 16 big cores.

>> No.75035062

How cute, won't this be going against Zen5 lmao? DDR5, PCie 5 and probably well over 16 corelets

>> No.75035195

Hopefully what you say is true, I'm tired of waiting.
We're 3 gens in for Ryzen and they still don't have a proper answer to the 9900K, and upcoming 10900K.

>> No.75035322

Didn't IBM try that wiith the Cell processor

>> No.75035685

How many socket does that make for the same "generation" out the same time?

>> No.75035923

This is literally two generations away still. At the current rate you'll get it in 2021 or 2022, at which point AYYMD is probably shitting out 32 core 5nm mainstream CPU's.

>> No.75035961
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>HT pozzed harder than a san francisco faggot
>'he guys, lets replace them with our totally not pozzed small atom cores!'
oh no no no no no

>> No.75036002

no we can base our assumptions on how both companies are treating their products so far..

probably housefires
fuck ton of exploits

just works

>> No.75036036

big.LITTLE for x86 sounds quite interesting. I like the idea of at least some innovation beside moar cores and over 9000GHZ!
It should probably scale nicely for desktop loads too. Wonder whether they'll drop HT if this rumor is true indeed.

>> No.75036041

>Wonder whether they'll drop HT if this rumor is true indeed
i do think so. or maybe just HT for big cores. who knows

>> No.75036719

AMD will have a 32 core desktop CPU by the time that shit comes out LMAO

>> No.75036730

What exactly does a "small core" mean?

>> No.75036732

>big.LITTLE in desktop CPUs

The absolute state of Intel

>> No.75037155
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>w-we got 1-16 core-s too...

Ayup, Intel is officially out of ideas.

>> No.75038011

>Not an argument.
Not an argument.

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