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dude just install microsoft ants and let them have a good time

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Here's after i sprayed twice but they kept coming im still shaking i can't believe i used the mouse with that shit hiding inside i had my hands on this

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unbased sane person

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bag + freezer for a night then open it

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It got worse

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those are spiders not ants
moma spider must have laid cocoon with eggs inside your mouse and they hatched
when you sprayed the mouse little guys started panicking and went everywhere

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Literally set fire to the mouse and buy a new one anon, jfc. It's like $25 everywhere. Those are spirders btw.

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Is this what it's like in countries that don't have winter?

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faggot OP alredy sprayed them with insecticide
RIP in peace little guys

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I would just set fire to my whole desk and start again if this happened to me, what in the fuck op

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it's okay spiders aren't insects

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Those are definitely ants.
Ants will sometimes colonize pre existing hollow spaces.
I've seen them occupying the inside of a small solar landscape light.

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I hope those are fireants

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that would corrode the components
only de-ionized/distilled water is safe for electronics

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Thanks OP I cum on cat she hiss at penis.

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Torch it you fucking nutter

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I’m afraid to use my mouse now

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he doesn't like computer mouse oviposition?

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that's what you get for using a brick as a mouse

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Fuck those little spaces, I swear to God. I like this mouse, but cleaning it is such a massive pain.

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dots per inch more like ants per inch

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>this thread

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>he uses a mouse

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put me in the screencap.

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For the r/edditors

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Thanks anon, brb checking my mouse and keyboard. I noticed sometimes there are small ants near my desk.

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Who the fuck makes these

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Ants on a Log(itech)

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> anaphylaxis
thats hot

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How the fuck do you get ants inside of your mouse? Don't you ever clean it? How did you not notice this? Ants go apeshit if you touch their nests.

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Uhm. I saw your gifs, it's time to get ride of the mouse bro.

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That's a good way to kill all insects and/or arachnids without unnecessary suffering.

These things are mostly dish-washer safe.

I'd guess a sweetened drink, miraculously didn't short anything but left sugar in it.

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just put it outside those are young spiders that hatched and they want to leave your mouse. If outside they should all fucking leave. Failing that just toss it in the trash and buy a new mouse.

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F poor G502 SE

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>Didn't put me in the screencap
What a fag

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This is poverty.

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I think you should just leave everything behind and move to a different continent.

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Put me in the screencap

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the only solution im sorry

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this, let my friends' kid use my xbox once, he didn't wash his hands and left chip dust all over it
came back later and it too was full of ants

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You're just few steps from becoming serial killer.

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just get some spider bros my dude, I had a spider that lived on top of my shower, I always let her live because I knew that she took care of shit like cockroaches getting into my house through the window and shit, one day tho I went to pee and saw a big ass spider that looked like that one on top of me so I killed her thinking that they were gonna reproduce, turns out that she had gone out to hunt and I killed my spider bro :(

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I don't usually come to this board. Thought you were kidding...

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based bloodletter

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Mouse is kill by based spiders

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What in the actual fuck

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What the fuck. Why?

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I bet you're using the box as a trackpad as well. Never change, third world

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Dissasemble and wash that shit, seriously, so gross.

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Send it to greta, she will help

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when will the government stop your sinful hand

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Just leave food out like scrambled eggs and potatoes in a styrofoam container.

Then once they're in the container, toss it outside.

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That's what you get for buying Logikek mice

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I chose the wrong thread to open while I eat

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No fucking way. You absolutely must have an entire colony in your house. You need to set up a trap or some way to get rid of it.

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now make a gofundme page for a new mouse

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RIP in peace, OP.

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Some people just enjoy having their blood sucked out of them. Don't kink shame. Besides it's good for you. We used to treat just about every medical issue with leeches back in the day, there's no reason not to do it now.

Best of all it's not only completely painless, it feels good.

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Obviously an egg hatched inside the mouse or a mother spider carried her young there.

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>logitech now puts whole ant colonies inside it's products

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This is why I'm grateful I live in a country where the winters regularly get below -20 C.

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You laugh now, but one day they'll come for your penis as well

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Clean your fucking shit you disgusting son of a bitch.

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That asteroid can't come soon enough.

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i dont understand, do you live outside? do you live in the sewers? how can that even possibly happen

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what the Fuck

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holy shit

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Feasting and surviving off of dead skin cells, snack food crumbs, and thumb sweat no doubt

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This is some SCP tier shit. Put me in the screencap

>> No.74865321

Just fucking throw the thing out it's too late.

>> No.74865844

That's why I spray isopropyl alcohol on my mouse regularly

>> No.74865948

OP please, we need more pics

>> No.74866731

Just spray it with compressed air and put in a freezer. So you have ants, who cares?

>> No.74866784

How does something like this even happen? Do you frequently eat at your desk?
Also, it might be a good idea to check your nearby electronics, like the keyboard and possibly your computer as well. I've heard of cases where people's computers become infested with insects, although I've never had the misfortune of coming across that in real life.

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Why are insects attracted to electronics?
Fucken nothing grow up
>$25 everywhere
You can do that ore open the muse and shape the insects out outside.

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>Why are insects attracted to electronics?
they were consoomers in a previous life

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Pretty sure hornets have legs fag

>> No.74867729

Yeah uhh... that's what I said

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Yeah, not clicking through OPs images, this is a cursed thread

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Delete this

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include me in reddit screencap

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