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As someone who upgraded to 9900k from 2600k last year, you're absolutely right. Multithreaded is a meme. You only need it if you have shitty electron applications running in background.

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If you play transport tycoon deluxe then sure. Don't upgrade.

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CPU-Z and Cinebench are a meaningless pissing contest. They don't account for anything other than raw core performance, yet when running any real-world program you run into bottlenecks elsewhere in the chip or the system (such as inter-CCX latency on Ryzen or slow dual-channel DDR3 memory).

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i7-4770s to Ryzen 3900 here. Both 65w. I chose to upgrade as I wanted to also go from ssd to nvme, increasing the size at the same time. The extra power from the 3900 is noticable in my workload.

Even so, that 4770s was great and if it wasn't for the rest of the system getting a bit dated, it would have kept going. Sold it for £85.

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u mad bro? u mad?

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I agree. McAfee is the best antivirus

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>12 cores at 65w
At idle maybe

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I'm sorry that you are too autistic to realise that a 65w 3900 exists, which is what I have.


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AMD TDP has nothing to do with power consumption actually.
I'm pretty sure it's over 100W.

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Just before Christmas, from AWD IT in the UK. You can't get it on it's own so I chose an MSI X570 Gaming Plus with it. I think after I deducted the mobo cost, the cpu came to £420, while the x version was about £490 at the time. Great pairing, powerful and stable. No problems at all.

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I am currently rocking 4690k with 1080ti, was super satisfied until last display upgrade...
bought 3440x1440 100Hz panel and sometimes it is bottlenecking on heavy cpu demanding games...

waiting for new Intel socket to come out

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>waiting for new Intel socket to come out

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Same, I don't see any reasons to upgrade

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I am completely fine to wait another 2 years anon

maybe we will get DDR5 by that time

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>not filling the void with conspicious consumption
>not using building a computer as an excuse to look like youre being industrious to your retarded normalfag gf

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What's your OC?

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Oh look, another cpu available only on paper.

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I had one. Switched to a 9900k because I was getting a massive bottleneck in Battlefield 5.

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I was running it just fine paired with an rx 580 but stopped when they turned it to absolute shit.

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Rocking a 4790k since September 2014, recently upgraded from a gtx770 to a gtx1060 I received because otherwise it would be thrown away, and the computer feels fast as it was first bought. No reason to upgrade because I'm not playing any game, and also, since I don't care about graphics, the 1060 is pretty decent, it could even run rdr2.

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That's cool, I've been running mine since Sept 2014 too :) Never had a more stable system before.
Think it's gonna take at least another couple of years until I'll feel the need to upgrade.

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Same bruh.
Gonna pair mine up with a 1660 ti in the near future.

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ITT: intcels coping with their lack of cores.

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> my arbitrary number is bigger haha
ah yes, my 1.6L 100bhp engine revs up to 9000rpm and your 5.4L 600bhp engine only revs to 7000rpm. mine is so much better

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I think you mean 1660 Super, 1660 Ti's are a rip off when compared to the super.

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3900 =/ 3900x

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/g/ isnt /o/ and even then im sure half of /o/ would unironically agree with you

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my nigga

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Still cheaper then Intel.

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Don't forget to upgrade your intel mobo as well each time fa.m

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World record clocks were achieved with FX-8370. Is that the best CPU of all time then?

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t. 60Hz and 1080p caveman

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Yeah it really is the case. Upgraded from a I7 2600K to a 3900X. I feel a definite speed increase in tasks, and compiling takes way less time, but the 2600K could still definitely be a usable experience. Only main thing I saw that got insanely better was gayming.

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>Implying you don't need to do the same with AMD
that is literally the case though, you can put new AMD CPUs into first gen motherboards

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>quad core

>> No.74730729

using 4670 right now.
Plan to upgrade it to 9100f.
worth it?

btw didnt need more than 4 core to shitposting

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I still haven't found anything in my routine that is limited by my 2500k.

>> No.74730893

Your beloved 9900KS has a TDP of 127W while actually drawing 210+W

>> No.74730936

>make thread about 4790K
>your beloved 9900KS
Ok, brainlet.

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thanks bro
I think Im gonna skip 9th gen and will wait for 10th gen.

or changes to ryzen if apple use ryzen.

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reminder that there are people who spent extra money on a 2700k instead of getting a 2600k

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Your i7 supports bootable nvme you brainlet. I literally have had a Samsung nvme in my i7 4790 system for 3 the last years using a 10 euro pcie nvme adapter

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i7-4790 from a fucking prebuild
I'd only upgrade just because I want to stream in a higher bitrate while also playing. Probably cuz of this I will remake the PC so I can have a good mobo and psu but otherwise good CPU. (Not that I heavily used it)

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>literally just shitposting on 4channel

people have to do real people work anon and need more than jewtel 4 core

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Too bad you're only an autistic poozen drone.

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Fuck me. I STILL have my 3900X build sitting unfinished in the other room because my i7 4790 is just so comfy.

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Not joking, either.

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I just upgraded to a dual Xeon 6226 workstation and I'm very happy with it. I mostly do 3D stuff and video editing.

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Let me guess, Ryzen owner? Lolll

>> No.74734393

holy fuck that 8700k

>> No.74734639

Probably a Fx8350 user.

>> No.74735168

My 3770 is old but ok

>> No.74735495

Good game desu
Better than most garbage out today

>> No.74735501

Bye-bye :)

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Sign that you have crap taste in phones that dont last more than a year

>> No.74736967

From an i7, yeah maybe not. From a 5th-gen i3 though, the improvement with Ryzen 2600 was enormous simply due to having enough cores to actually multitask. It blew my mind when I could be installing a game from Steam in the background while playing another game without having any performance impact. All of that for basically the cost of an i3 at the time.

>> No.74737563

Clearly you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

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>cope, cope, intcel, muh juice, le based maymes xDDDDD
Truly comfy, bro.
I don't need 69 cores to encode a video every couple of days, also
>everyone and their facebook-browsing grandma needs AT LEAST 8 COARZ!!!
Keep drinking the ayymd kool-aid, drone. Pic related is your typical "mUh pRoDucTiViTy!!" ayymd user

>> No.74737707

Based Ivy Bridge

I'm still running an E3-1270 v2

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