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Well yeah, Linux is like a tool more than anything. I run Windows and Fedora in a VM when I need to do workstuff. Only because it keeps things consistent though.

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That looks like Drawterm i.e. Plan9.
That's probably not his machine and he's remoting into another one.

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>Dennis Ritchie (creator of C, co-creator of Unix):
>Attached is a (truthful) screenshot from when I read your mail.
>The underlying OS is WNT 4, as might be guessed from the desktop display on the left. Almost all the space is taken up by a super-window running the drawterm program, an (approximate) analog of X server that’s connected to a Plan 9 CPU server (over ISDN; the server is at the main Bell Labs location, and I’m at home).
>The biggest (pale yellow) window is a Plan 9 application called acme, which includes a mail utility showing your message. Smaller subwindows within the drawterm display are the mail-notifier program, and a shell window whose latest output is from our dictionary utility.


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>Brian Kernighan (Unix legend, the K in K&R and AWK):
>my desktop is pretty boring, since it consists of xterm windows to whatever unix system i am using at the moment. the machine itself is likely to be running some x-window server like exceed on some flavor of windows


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I basically do the same thing and so do a lot of OS developers.

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>dead old guy ran window on his home PC back when Linux wasn't even self-hosting and the torvalds-tannenbaum flamwar was still yet to happen
yeah that sure proves... something or other

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What the fuck how could this happen

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closest youre gonna get is trinity.

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in that picture he's actually using plan 9, connected to the network at work

windows is just his local host

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xfce with the appropriate themes

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>needing to reboot for any other reason than updates

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