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Still rocking a FX8320 in my server.

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To compete with the KaiXian KX-6780A once that launches.

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They tried to achieve the high clock speeds that Intel managed to reach with Coffee Lake

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To scam poorfags

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Based merchant poster

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My 3570K wiped the floor with your shit CPU in single-core.

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It had 8 cores but acted like 4 cores and 8 threads

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who cares, just let it die

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>"I'll never die Anon, I'll always exist as a home theater PC or server with my built in SATA 6GB/s ports that early sandy chip sets didn't have"

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No shit? The difference is the fx line aged better.

>> No.74615837

even a pile of shit will work but it doesn't mean its good

>> No.74615865

the only correct answer right here

>> No.74615880

>Cheaper than 3570K
because it was garbage
>Intel getting it's $250 destroyed on multi core by a $195 cpu
barely and only at stock. the 3570k was able to out overclock (and obviously performance) the shitty 8350 with a simple 212 evo while the 8350 needed a custom loop or living in canada with a d15.
>still gamed decently at 1080p
only in your delusional dreams
>4.2GHz happens at stock volts
clock frequency only matters if its good. which the entire faildozer product stack was pure garbage.

>> No.74615914

Used to rock an FX8350. Unironically a great cpu for the price. Back before AMD went jewish you could get 8 cores for like $120 and could overclock is well over 4Ghz

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>8350 needed a custom loop or living in canada with a d15
Not even Anon, I run 4.5GHz with 1.4V on a Hyper T4, and you can run prime super comfortably, scored really well on prime considering these CPUs were cheap.

The single core without hyperthreading on nahalem wasn't that great, FX-8350 with 4 cores 4 modules running will compete with an i7 920 while using half the energy.

>> No.74616072

Nahalem's IPC is not even anything close to haswell, why are you throwing that into the mix now? the IPC of nahalem was barely better than 45nm Wolfdale/Penryn Core 2 Duo, yes it used a Core i designation on the chips and had hyperthreading, but massive IPC gains didn't happen until Sandy Bridge, which did blow away AMD FX in per clock performance..

>> No.74616177

>cooling a 200+ watt overclocked processor barely faster than arm with a hyper t4
why do people go on the internet and lie?

>> No.74616225

They aren't the same. Autism is weaponized retardation

>> No.74616236

I don't know what more to tell you Anon, the FX-8350 was not the greatest CPU in the world, but I do run 4.5GHz on air, that's all i'm saying, it just works well

>> No.74616238

he goes off and brags about the 8350 being faster than a 3570k in multi, and only multi that actually used 100% of all of its subpar cores, by about 10-15%. ignoring the fact the 3570k with an actual autistic 7 year old screeching about the definition of rape could overclock to 4.2ghz with a 212 evo easily and match or suprass the 8350 even at 4.4ghz. while he goes off and downplays the 30% leap nehalem had over yorksfield. let alone the larger leap over conroe.
make matters worse he actually uses a t4 to cool his terrible 8350 and mounts the cooler wrong. >>74616202

>> No.74616284

>The T4 mounts sideways on AM3+ it's stupid as hell.
well if you actually thought about your purchases and understood the value of a dollar, you would have bought intel back then (and if you bought this semi recently (within the last two-three years, a used intel) you wouldn't have this issue. but hey, a pile of shit processor paired with a shit cooler is a perfect match.

>> No.74616359

Good for you for getting some use out of a decent chip, dont understand all the hate in here, its not like these are modern products competing in the current market so whhy bother shilling? I almost bought the 8350 for my last build but i ended up with a skylake i5 instead, goign to be going AMD when the 4*** comes out, provided they dont shit the bed

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you literately could have bought a used intel q9450 for dirt cheap and got the same performance. unless you absolutely needed those extra 8 threads (which be honest here, you didn't, and still don't). a q9450 would have been around ~1000-1100 in mutli score. but STILL have slightly faster single. you bought trash. i know i've been mean in this thread to you bulldozer people but really, it was a horrible buy. even three years ago you could have bought a used x5650 for around $50-$90 and been FASTER than any bulldozer in both single and multi.

>> No.74616425

You're using a 8350 which doesn't give you a complete picture of the importance of ST performance.
Just use any modern skylake system+nvme drive and you'll notice a speed difference in daily tasks

>> No.74616572

If he isnt getting the complete picture from what hes using then it isnt that important is it?

>> No.74616613

All it would mean is that he's used to the performance hiccups and deficiencies from his setup since that's all he's used to.
Now if he were to use a 2016 skylake i5 and gotten used to that, going back to the 8350 would feel like a slog. It's all relative.

>> No.74616626

I have a skylake i5 as my primary system and an amd 64x2 5600 as a spare. teh amd system takes longer to booot and is only running windows 8.1, but after its gotten to the desktop theres no noticeable difference day to day home user tasks, running office, browsing the web etc.
The only time performance is going to matter is productivity and entertainment, excluding those things decade old machines are perfectly fine.

>> No.74616630

Madman...Since the 9590 is just a well binned 8 core, I'd get a hyper 212, set the voltage to 1.45, and run prime95 till it either freezes, or the clockspeed throttles to 1.4GHz because of the 65C limit FX has, then crank the multiplier down until temperatures and clock speed are stable for hours. You may get some good frequencies on it, I wouldn't run an FX chip past 1.45 because your heat output gets crazy for how little gains you get.

>> No.74616658

>bulldozer people
thas raycis

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>>The T4 mounts sideways on AM3+ it's stupid as hell.
Also on the AM4 platform.

I have one with my 2500K but I'm affraid that I won't be able to reuse it when I buy (in the far future) an AMD Ryzen 5 + mobo.

>> No.74616672

Because my case doesn't have intakes at the top*

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It's almost like IPC is workload dependent and isn't a universal performance indicator. It really gets you thinking

>> No.74616703

Thanks for tips. Would lowering the core voltage also make the VRMs on the motherboard run cooler? Its a 970 board and not a 990, but it advertises 220W compatibility, its an ASRock

>> No.74616718

>touch decision
No. I5 3570 is better at 95% of tasks. It was an easy decision.

>> No.74616741

>970 mobo with 220w support
It's probably a pretty beefy VRM if they're boasting 220w support, and a 1.45v vcore would not be an issue at all.

>> No.74616936

The only difference between Ryzen and Bulldozer is that Ryzen is well marketed

>> No.74616950

are you mentally slow? Ryzen and FX are NOTHING alike.

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Ryzen came out at the correct time, it's not even the marketing, FX had the most hype marketing of an chip AMD ever made, the problem is the delay of FX, it should've come out in 2010 to compete with the $1000 6 core westmere chips while undercutting them significantly, because FX-8150 for $250 does make a $1000 extreme edition 6 core look silly, but by the time FX-8150 had come out, 2600K had already been out for a while for $350, used less energy than an 8150, and made $1000 westmere CPUs look silly, people would've eaten it up FX-8150 arrived on time, because it really does compete with westmere more than anything, AMD had literally nothing to respond to sandy bridge for almost 6 years and if almost ruined them.

>> No.74617017

>FX had the most hype marketing of an chip AMD ever made, the problem is the delay of FX, it should've come out in 2010 to compete with the $1000 6 core westmere chips while undercutting them significantly, because FX-8150 for $250 does make a $1000 extreme edition 6 core look silly
even if the FX series came out in 2010 it still would have looked silly. since both bulldozer and piledriver are slower clock for clock than amd's own previous phenom series. piledriver was only considered "better" because the 8 core parts in the 4ghz were slightly ahead of the phenom 6 core parts. essentially, piledriver out clocked phenom and the 8 core parts had enough threads to come out ahead. bulldozer was, and forever will be a dumpster. intel made netburst and for some odd reason amd had to turn around and tell intel to hold their beer by out retarding intel.

>> No.74617021

Doesn't get a great write-up from what I'm reading after a google search, your performance with a 9590 on that board might be spotty, you may need to follow >>74616630's advice I'd say.
Your other board would be a no go.

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I really like my 8350 and I have no regrets about buying it. I got what I paid for. It's not blazing fast, it wasn't then and it certainly isn't now. It's saving grace has been it's core count and lack of security mitigations. I'll upgrade to Ryzen when the 8350 no longer does what I need it to, until then I'm content, even if it's IPC is complete dog shit.

>> No.74617112

I've noticed the same thing. All the people I know who owned a 2500k started suffering from stuttering in games and they've upgraded to Ryzen. My 8350 handles everything I throw at it with respectable performance for an old processor. It would do better if I had a gaming card and not a midrange workstation card. I'm not a hardcore gamer so I doesn't really bother me.

>> No.74617114

I don't give a fuck about overclocking anymore.
Went Ryzen.

>> No.74617135

Nowadays it's the most powerful CPU without a hardware backdoor

>> No.74618242

cause it needs no mitigations to beat a mitigated tiger lake

>> No.74618579

No shit, late fx were faster than ps4 .

>> No.74618601

I was at university back in 2012 and needed something that could do VMs, compile/build shit, pley gaems and browse 4chan whilst not costing an arm and a leg.

It was by far the most sane choice.

>> No.74618729

0 hardware security vulnerabilities, unlike intel's 95+ and counting

>> No.74619007

>0 hardware security vulnerabilities
Most likely because nobody bothered to look for one since the FX series was irrelevant when it launched and today you'd need to be a complete madman to use one.

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>tfw bought into the 8120 meme
Replaced ASAP it with 3570k and I'm still on it. I haven't checked on the AMD, if it's not dead, what do I do with it, /g/ents? Server? Game emulation? Render machine for YT vids?

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My FX6300 six-core @3.5 works fine, -why do you ask? Can we get back to the client's Java software needs? They're waiting, and so is my wife and kids.

*pic- had a just slightly mod'd Tandy TRS-80 CPU. Your CPU stays indoors at home watching the reruns and reading about it. 'It's not the guitar, it's how you play it." -related

>> No.74619593

Mods did a number on this thread. I knew they were all Intel shills.

>> No.74619918

>if it's not dead, what do I do with it
Sell it to drones for quickbucks

>> No.74621049

>4.7 @ 1.45v
Based 8350, that chip's not even being touched at that voltage.

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I never minded it, Yo Anon you should drop a used 8350 in that thing for cheap, double your CPU power for less than 100 bucks if you see one used.

>> No.74622506

Imagine patting yourself on the back for buying a shitty FX chip. His i5 is still better than yours.

>> No.74622637

Why has only 1 CPU?

>> No.74622660

Because AMD is based and the 6386 is a moar cores CPU.

>> No.74622663

>The difference is the fx line aged better.
No, it didn't.

>> No.74622882

y tho

>> No.74622920

Bulldozer is vulnerable to Spectre.
Moreover, security patches haven't closed the performance gap with Bulldozer.

>> No.74623004


It was a server-first architecture that a cash-straped AMD was forced to use for desktop/laptop environment.

Bulldozer was a kick-ass server/VM CPU for its heyday. Nothing on the Intel could compete against it at its price point in server/VM related stuff.

>> No.74623083

>the one thing that stops me is the toxic amd community
>don't want to associate myself with such a self delusion, toxic community.
>people believe them only to find out its shit and then turn around and HATE amd
Based. Exactly my case. Still, I don't hate AMD as much as I hate their mouth foaming army of consoomerist drones.

>> No.74623160

All FX were faster than PS4 because PS4 uses an architecture meant for low-power applications.

Nextgen CPU performance uplift is going to be massive because current gen CPUs are even worse than Bulldozer

>> No.74623295

Well it could act as 8 cores if you had a pure integer load but AMD forgot it's 2010s and not late 80s

>> No.74623389

>I guess that's why Bulldozer did nothing to help Opteron.
Probably because of it's power consumption. Intel's Xeons at the time were much more efficient.

>As you said, the performance mitigations towards Intel have had minimal impact
I said it had minimal impact on Bulldozer/Piledriver.

>they received the benefit of a better chip for the 6 years
Sure if they bought Sandy Bridge, not so much if someone bought Skylake.

>Nobody will be running a Bulldozer CPU in 2024, and those that do will have a chip barely worth using.
Considering that there are people using Core 2 Duos and Phenoms in 2020, I don't see why people will suddenly stop using FX processors. It's more than adequate for web browsing and office tasks. It's also the last mainstream CPU without a built in botnet.

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>> No.74623493

It's time to upgrade, old man

>> No.74623545

Depends on the game. Games like GTA V and pubg I can run at medium with +60 fps almost all the time. It's a budget build so I see no reason to be such a bitch about it. Whole pc cost me like 500$ for everything 6 years ago.

>> No.74623864

$100 US for the CPU, MoBo, and 32GB RAM
Kinda had to do it, right?

>> No.74624467

why not?

>> No.74624636

How about the phenom ii x 4 965 BE i stockpiled?

>> No.74624739


Intel was somewhat faster at time, but you had to paid through the nose to get it. They were also more energy efficient. Intel still was riding on its "nobody got fired from buying Intel" mantra.

Intel gimped the shit out of their mainstream SKUs on server/VM-related stuff. This was rectify until Skylake.

>> No.74625261

>How to use google
Literally "G34 oc", c'mon at least pretend to have a frontal lobe

>> No.74627497

>AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor
>Cores: 2
Really makes you think

>> No.74629263

AMD used modules AKA clustered multi threading, because it was cost effective and scaled very well under multicore server workloads, AMD even made 16 core, 8 module Opterons based on bulldozer that were 115w 2.4GHz, should've released G34 socket to the desktop like Intel HEDT for crazy motherfuckers to overclock the 16 core to over 200 watts, they released the 9590 so who cares and it would perform well on cinebench.

>> No.74629565

have fun needing a 1300w psu for a cpu slower than a c2q and gpu to match

>> No.74629697
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>download and install RTSS
>cap fps to 30
>8350 just werks
The 8350 is a hugely underrated processor. It seems i'll be sticking with mine for at least the next 5 years as there's no processors on the market are a large enough upgrade.

>> No.74631817

my old Fx8320 & 280x combo went strong from 2013 - 2017 and now stays running literally 24x7 since 2017 in my garage as a media center/surveillance system box through all the extreme heat and cold.
No ragrats

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