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How about fixing their drivers first?

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Why? You don't like your programs to freeze when you enable hardware acceleration?

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Big navi is going to pulverize nvidia into irrelevance.

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>low end gpu
>ray tracing
Fucking retard

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the 5700 XT btfos the original rtx 2070, so at lowest it's a mid range card

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>"in 2020"
ie, about 6 months after Ampere launches.
Maybe by then they'll have functional software to go along with their furnace of a GPU.

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>711 111 results per point of market share (90%)
>2 200 000 results per point of market share (10%)
Bottom line: you're 3.09 times more likely to have black screen issues with AyyMD than with Nvidia

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First Intel fanboys go in full denial mode, now nvidia fanboys too.

What a time to be alive.

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[higher is better]

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>Needing a 7nm shrink to be competitive with Nvidia on 16nm+
>Now trying to double the size of a 225W GPU to compete with a card that launched in 2018 drawing 270W

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>AMD is claiming that RDNA 2 will offer up to 50% better performance than RDNA 1 cards for the same power consumption

Can you imagine the asshurt if Ampere will be DOA?

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>Fabrication process TSMC 12 nm (FinFET)
The nvidiot is broken and in full damage control mode.

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>RDNA2 is going to be just like chiplets!
But it's not, so it won't be.

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So do I skip 5700XT for the new ones in hopes of good drivers? Or will they fix the 5700XT drivers and those for the new GPUs will suck?

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Some people have reported that after switching PSU's their issues were solved

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or I can get nvidia and dont waste time and money to be a QA for your poojeet gpu

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Based retard

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Yeah, that's a solution

>> No.74572863

And immediately gets demolished by ampere 6 months later.

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Install Gentoo

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amd software sucks for a year. Look at zen2

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The driver commands the GPU's power draw...come on

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Sounds like finewine to me. Meanwhile intel is pozzed forever.

>> No.74572965

what's wrong with zen2 now? I thought only the GPU drivers sucked ass

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>buy now and get experience 6 to 12 months from now, goy
>we call it finewine, it gets BETTER, be grateful, goy

>> No.74574221

Better than Intel Sour Grapes™ where your performance goes DOWN every 2 months due to security vulnerabilities.

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