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L-Look goy, w-we can explain! I-It's the Apple Magic Scan™ It- It will enhance your photos for you, and... and... Goy, you seem REALLY upset, maybe a new iPhone 11 pro max will cheer you up? It's on the house, for only $1400...

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Proof that Apple doesn't respect your privacy they way they say they do.

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what idiot would save their photos in the cloud?

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i T O D D L E R S

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good thing i use loonix

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>using microsoft products

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all american data hosting firms have to compare file hases to known cp hashes, don't know about euros, probably true for that case too

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>using products

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>apple has literally seen pictures of my dick

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>taking pictures
kek they deserve everything they get

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And that's why I think using external clouds Is bad, build your own personal cloud/server.

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>patching your software is bad
That's pretty desperate even for linux cuck

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nothing to hide
nothing to fear

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Probably. It's vague but anyone who's restored an iPhone knows Apple doesn't give 2 shits about uploading any of that photo analysis.

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who do you think you're fooling inigger?

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I keep nudes and sex tapes in my iCloud, I hope they enjoy jerking off to them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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based sex haver

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Literally non of that syncs which is why every update battery life is shit and the phone turns into an oven for a few days because it has to redo all that work. They take the privacy bullshit way too damn seriously to the detriment of the product.

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Then I will just switch to BSD.

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an idiot who doesn't know it can be subpoena'd. modern iphone with self-hosting and pair locking (defeats forensics tools) is really nice. everything blackberry should have been, or the iphone for that matter.

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>They take the privacy bullshit way too damn seriously
More like they don't care about anything at all. Privacy, functionality, who cares as long as people keep buying your trash.

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oh no no no

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Ya I think I'll side with current cryptographers and security researchers over some old slide decks light on details. But that's just me.

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Possibly related.

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All "cloud" services do this. How is this surprising to any of you? The only way is to self-host, we've known this for a loooong time.

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Implying I run microsoft code anywhere (except for vs code)

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>Cloud servers.
Choose one.

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It makes sense as you need a lot of data to improve machine learning based apple applications

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normalfags will believe this technobabble means anything

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This was always know. How the fuck did people believe their photos got categorized such as "Dog" "Baby" "Car" etc?

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>current cryptographers and security researchers
Yeah, I think I'll go with this one and trust the experts rather than some retards on a tinfoil hat bulletin board.

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Apple is the biggest botnet out there, we’re going to learn stuff that makes google seem innocent and privacy conscious, and soon...

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>apple was a no name 0% marketshare meme company
>finally gets significant market share in 2011
>bends over immediately to PRISM
fixed for reality

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Literally just saw an apple advert on tv focusing on how they value your privacy :)

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What kind of reality is that?

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fuck apple = Fupple

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>still late

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