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Is that Zuckerberg?

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mobile gaming, wew

>> No.74271036

Right now, at this moment, this day. Intel is at the top of the world, nothing will change that.

>> No.74271059

Did they seriously have two 2060's against a 2080 in a CPU comparison? Jesus christ they have lost all shred of honesty haven't they...

>> No.74271096

Unironically based.
The 3000 series BTFO the 8th gen a year ago, took Intel 8 months to release the 10th gen which was competitive with the 3000.
Now the 4000 is doing the same to the 10th gen.

>> No.74271107

the first two are mobile CPUs, the last one is for desktop.

>> No.74271295

Thanks for the context. Intel really are desperate.

>> No.74271298

Yes, this is the standard intel playbook nowadays. They will always compare completely unrelated products to showcase how they're doing so good.
See their server stuff where they're comparing their 400W fuckhouses vs a 200W part that's four times as cheap. Or when they compared 10nm with 14nm mobile parts - the 10nm was 25W and the 14nm was 15W, and they showed the 10nm as being 'almost as good'.

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T. Retard can't see that giving the ryzen system a 2080 is better for it. Also, 9980HK is a mobile chip you dumb nigger

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its suckershrout

>> No.74271690


no lol, its all laptops.

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oh nononono

>> No.74273127

>2080 vs 2060
>they think nobody will notice

>> No.74273143

9980HK is a mobile CPU, but despite the same nominal 45W TDP as 9750H it requires a way beefier cooler

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Because Intel is afraid

>> No.74273281

The point is that it says nothing about the GPU architecture. In the case of PCIe4 it didn't matter at all because none of the GPUs exceeded the PCIe3 limits anyways, but in this case the AMD GPU was heavily limited by memory, so claiming that the architecture is better makes no sense and the results will obviously not extrapolate to their Xe GPUs like Intel wanted everyone to believe.

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