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Trying new colors, but nothing insterestin.

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The blue is very aggressive

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I'm kinda color blind, so i need some contrast, yeah...

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>me true to the game

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how do you get the classic theme working on win10?

>> No.74077010

For me, it's WindowBlinds with the TrueClassic style

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good question not even sure if it's possible at all with chrome. Your best bet would be the Vivaldi Browser

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Upvoted for Rei.

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what if a string is 101 bytes long?

O(n) stack space usage - C does not have a TCO

kys. just kys

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is it worth to learn acme?
what can I do on it that I cant do on vim?

desktop on pic is not mine

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my eyes!

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What are you running OP? +1 for Heidegger

>> No.74078235

>screaming my eyes! when your desktop looks like it do

>> No.74078279

Debian unstable with openbox. Looks better than it sounds I guess...

>> No.74078342

>is it worth to learn acme?
by what metric?
aggressively obstinate retro-hipsterism? sure, absolutely

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Good day everyone

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sex with bocchi

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friendship ended with bspwm
herbstluftwm is my friend now

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My old desktop from 2009.

The DE is Gnome 2.
The WM is Compiz.
The taskbar is Avant Window Navigator.
The icons are Faenza.

It is showing the desktop cube with a fully functional aquarium inside it, the sharks and fishes swam freely inside it. The cube also bounced as I span it.
There were four windows opened in one desktop, the cube made the windows look like layers that grow up in size as they go outside the cube.

It is the only screenshot I have from it.

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There's nothing worse than a bald man.

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what's the point of having a setup like this? what's with all the wasted space?
Cringe and winge.

>> No.74080803

It’s really disturbing that you are competent enough to install Linux, but not enough to enable HTTPS where applicable.

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i am currently taking a shit

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give it to me straight, is my wallpaper shit?

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nice term colors
nostalgic and nice pape
it's not shit but i can't tell if your wallpaper is solid with an image open or the image is part of the wallpaper

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3d women are so gross

>> No.74082159

if you are using arch you can install the version from the aur

>> No.74082202

this is pretty cool

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File: 179 KB, 547x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f46695a5a6c774457324d7a4831513d3d2d3531303932383533322e313530323962363937393639633666353437323232343836313132332e706e67.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not ttf because it's a bitmap font. It's not supposed to be scalable just like how old terminal fonts are not scalable

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switched to alpine and decided to use a de for now

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>cumbrains be like
very nice
6/10, weeaboo cringe is -2
same but -3
i can feel the soul, excellent
bloat and spymaxxed, i dig it
the wallpaper makes it. dunno if that's good or bad

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post yours faggot

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>when me solve the problem me solve the gold star
today's was easy once I got out the paper and pencil.

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>the wallpaper makes it. dunno if that's good or bad
i'll take it as good, I'm aware everything else is rather generic. I had a pretty cool tiling wm rice for a long time and I got tired of it and decided I wanted to be more normie with a dank wallpaper

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is this the new desktop thread

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Yeah dude. I like the dock.

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Anything more than that is bloat

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I just installed Ganooh/Linux for the first time. I got xfce4 but the default window manager is ugly. What's the white man's WM of choice?

>> No.74083233 [DELETED] 

ok go to gentoo.org/downloads and select minimal
sudo dd if=gentoominimaliso of=flashdrive bs=1M && sync
cd mnt/gentoo/
links https://www.gentoo.org/downloads
tar -xvJpf stage3*
chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash
emerge linux-sources
cd /usr/src/linux/
make menuconfig
make install && make modules_install
emerge grub
grub-install /dev/sda
umount -l /mnt/gentoo

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I've given up

>> No.74083272 [DELETED] 

follow my instructions here you baby
then after that
emerge xorg dwm dmenu firefox

have fun

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>debian and debian based

>> No.74083355 [DELETED] 

says the tripfagging newfag from /v/ still using debian and steam

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Best desktop here.

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Thank you for the guidance!

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bspwm or dwm?

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Never expected to see Heidegger on /g/. Are you a philosophy student?

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What de?

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feeling tired

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>> No.74086697

>Yes, it is.
good taste anon

>> No.74087518

ok did u install it with a DE

>> No.74087630

Noob here, how do you make 4chan look like that?

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what is the deal with all the windows lusers thinking they can post in here? Do you gaymers actually think we care? Your desktops are universally shit. Wallpaper, taskbar, icon spewed all over the place. Get the fuck out. Please.

>> No.74088249

Looks great m8, what DE?

>> No.74088297


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Impressive, very nice.

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i use tiling for the same reasons.
tags have replaced the need to minimize anything anymore.

>> No.74090394

girls on the right?

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you and yoshiko from love live

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dwm is uncompatible trash by idiots from suckless.

use civilized wm

>> No.74091245


>> No.74091917

If you distro-hop and OS-hop a lot that is indicative of the lack of social interaction in your life and just goes to show that you are a loser.

>> No.74091932

>mspaint desktop

>> No.74092138

No one with a social life actually talks like this.

>> No.74092419

Of all people you would know, right? I adapt according to the situation at hand, faggot

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> having a waifu

>> No.74092621

dwm users aren't ricing fags like bspwm, i3, herbslut, etc etc etc.....

You really think i rice? all i did was move the dwm bar to the bottom position and nothing else

>> No.74092646

whats the bar?
also how did you make st transparent/blurry, is it defined in the config of your compositor?

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>> No.74093027

dont hack me bro

>> No.74093094

Dude what would the sysadmins at microsoft say about that? You know the ones who wont let you turn off certain features and wont allow you to prolong updates past a certain time?
I am surprised they dont tell you off for staying up too late or not doing your homework

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only when I was 12

>> No.74093957

>boot u-
let me stop you right there. you should see my uptime, no need to boot my friend :^)

>> No.74093978

jeez have fun autist

>> No.74095411

i love ur desktop and i just saved it

>> No.74096413

(You) are using elementary. which is a great choice. i was using it, almost for 3 months. very comfy. u didnt change much exept transparent bar tho. u like it as it comes? Do u ever get the glitch where u cant change ur background?

>> No.74096438

>why is the j-man so sad?
he understands the depravity of man's sin

>> No.74096446

i literally just changed the wallpaper lmao
the bar becomes transparent automatically

and yeah im loving it as it comes, the defaults are very nice and im learning vala

i havent gotten that glitch yet but i got some crashes when changing bg, was weird

>> No.74096641

im pretty sure its a new feature

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new-ish to linux. here for productivity so for now that means an ubuntu install. always a fan of desktop threads.

>> No.74099104

pls share pape

>> No.74099418

>Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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>Hello guys! Am I too late for the party??
nah, still going on

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>> No.74101122


>> No.74101158

i need to get a better ff theme desu

>> No.74101715

good combo. tint2's the best panel. All it's missing is intellegent autohide and how to hide it completely without having a stupid one pixel line

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>when me solve the problem me solve the gold stars
>comfy day 23
does the dasktip thread even program?

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thanks. the font is montecarlo.

>> No.74102025

Hello mister Adobe, if you read this please make Photoshop indesign and illustrator native in Linux so I can switch! Thank you for reading mister Adobe

>> No.74102028

that one pixel doesn't show up if you configure tint2 correctly.

>> No.74103573

There was a guy with a custom made distro called "Amethyst". I wonder if he's still here. I wanted to try that thing but I can't find it.

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> he needs to rice his DE to get it usable

KDE master race posting

>> No.74104510

Link me that deksop ground

>> No.74104548

Did you unchecked default window border?
If yes, then I have no idea.

>> No.74105275

the pape?

>> No.74105645
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It's just some code I stole from the internet to show my color scheme.

>heidegger is trash
I don't think so at all, anon, but here, maybe you will like some Thompson.

I think the wallpaper doesn't go well with your rice. Also, play a little with the terminal colors. Everything else seems ok.

Your desktop reminded me of simpler, better times. Times when I wouldn't spend so much time on my computer. It's good. It's functional. And it's simple.

>> No.74106068

This seems like a nice place to ask
Is there any modern alternative to bblean and such?

>> No.74106137

that shit still works dont it?

>> No.74106728

looks comfy anon, pape?

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>> No.74109717

Not libertarian

>> No.74109783

sell me some strawberry

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Freshly installed, used to use i3 on KDE but I'm hearing picom (formerly compton) is kind of busted right now

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Literal botnet?


>> No.74110587
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New gentoo.
Post your best KDE desktops.

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Going deep into the meme

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Get the fuck out

>> No.74112304 [DELETED] 
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Vscode is literally botnet spyware that reports telemetry back to Microsoft. Use Vscodium at the very least. Have the decency to use the correct fork anon.

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mr roboto is done

>> No.74112908

>Since I interact with people often


>> No.74112944

Must be getting close to v 15.0?

>> No.74112968

best one I have seen for a while.

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>> No.74115951

>fell for way too many memes at the same time
I'm very easily impressed

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